Season 3 Episode 1

Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 18, 2004 on USA

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  • I was embarrassed...

    It didn't even take long into the episode before it happened. Episode one of a new season, I get the "reestablish where we left off," but what they didn't explain is what exactly happened to Monk in between episodes which caused him to become a simple minded child. For me the two big ones, the cringe moments were the "I guess and dirty monk Monk "FORNICATOR!!!" I love this show, but felt that this episode was startlingly bad. I immediately jumped online to see if the writers had changed, which I don't think happened. Maybe set up a two season series and figured if they got the clearance they'ed figure something out.

  • Introductions are in order...a third time.

    More so then the second season premiere, but much like the first, "...Takes Manhattan" kind of sets out to introduce the character of Adrian Monk again, this time by putting him in a new setting where Stottlemeyer and Sharona have to introduce him to the New York City cops, and thus to any new audience members tuning in attracted by the awards, USA hype, etc. As such, the OCD gets played up a bit, and in some ways Monk seems to be regressing a bit. Of course, NYC brings out the worst in him, so maybe it makes sense for him to be a bit overboard.

    Tony Shalhoub gets a bit of variety to play with - the last scene with Tennyson is impressive from an acting standpoint. On the other hand, the bit with the street preacher and Monk's sudden religious fervor seems over the top and out of character - a "let's give the actor a 'moment'" moment rather then something spontaneous out of the character.

    Sharona seems in her element in NYC, even if she doesn't get a lot to do this episode. Stottlemeyer has his "tough cop/devoted friend" moments, and he gets to act professional but quirky. He takes charge as soon as he hears the shooting at the hotel, but is equally capable of "defending" San Francisco vs. "Frisco." But...they go with the slapstick a little much, particularly in the scene where he and Disher break into Gage's office.

    And Disher...well, he doesn't get any breaks this episode, in what for Jason Gray-Stanford must have been a thankless role. Like Monk, he seems rather clueless on the whole "crime" thing - he doesn't understand street corner "salesman," and Monk's never heard of a three-card monte scam. One wonders why the character even came to New York with the rest.

    The mystery itself is mildly engaging - it's not particularly challenging (we're not really given a lot of suspects), but it is an actual Monk/Holmes-style mystery. And we get the whole "Who killed Trudy?" arc-mystery, which moves along another step. Unfortunately it seems like it seems like another step that will just...stop, until the next season or semi-season break, or maybe Monk thumbing through a few photos as a tossaway during another episode.

    Overall, it was...okay. there seemed to be a few scenes when they were playing the main characters for buffoons, which is a thin line they have to walk or we lose sympathy for them. Stottlemeyer handcuffing Monk at the end just so he can get a taxi is another good example. They kind of "redeem" Monk with his scene at the end with Trudy's killer, but they came very close to satire here a time or two too many to make this a really good episode.
  • bad detective plot, lack of humor and the many gratuitous insults to New York City

    This has to one of the worst Monk episodes ever. *** Spoilers ***** "Monk" is basically a comedy show, and we have to give big doses of "suspension of disbelief" and expect farfetched plots. The one here seemed too far gone. I still can't believe how stupid it was. A guy kills his wife, puts the jewelry she was wearing into his coat pocket and stages it as a street robbery-killing. The problem is that he goes to get a drink at a bar where he gives his coat to the hat check girl, who mixes up his coat with a similar one. So the murderer runs after the guy who mistakenly has the murderer's coat (with the incriminating jewels in the pocket). It would be too easy for him to do what anyone in that situation would do -- tap the guy on the shoulder, explain the mix-up and exchange coats. Instead the wife-killer shoots three men in broad daylight with plenty of witnesses about -- to retrieve his coat!!! **end of spoilers***

    Every possible negative stereotype about New York was dumped into this episode -- public urination, crooks selling tourists counterfeit and junk merchandise, dishonest street 3-card monte card game swindles, belligerent cabbies and others, rabid street preachers, uncooperative-lying cops. One thing they got right was good filming of the noises and crowds of the city.
  • Mr. Monk in Manhattan This Episode has Adrian going out to Manhattan to speak to a man who might have some knowledge regarding his wife’s death.

    Okay it seem as though we only get bits and pieces when it comes to information regarding the death of Monk’s wife. So I really liked this episode because Monk was actually going to speak to the man who made the bomb that killed Trudy. (Monk’s Wife) I don’t want to give too much away, but I found one of the problems with this show was how difficult it was for Monk to get assistance from the Manhattan police. I was under the impression that they were not welcome in Manhattan. I don’t think this was the intention of the writers though. You take a look it and tell us what you think. The show is still worth seeing in its third season. I see they are doing more traveling to change the scenery from San Francisco. Enjoy!