Season 5 Episode 14

Mr. Monk Visits a Farm

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2007 on USA

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  • I like this episode but I have to say that they made a mistake in this episode. I remember a episode called "Monk gets cabin fever" and lt. disher said that he didn't have an uncle. Two aunts but no uncle. But yet he instantly got one and his uncle died.

    I Like this episode, I got a chance to see Tony shaloub's real life wife. But in this episode they made a mistake. I remember in the episode of "Monk gets cabin fever" it mentions that lt. disher didn't have an uncle so how did he get one all of a sudden.
  • Vgood Disher / low ley Monk episode

    A change of setting sees Disher become the vehicle driving this episode. The crime is again just a well constructed platform to show off the amazing characters of this great show and it works well. On this occasion Randy resigns when he assaults an old man, mistakenly believing him to be the target of his drugs raid.
    Dragged down by yet another failure he decides to quit the force. Coincidently back where he grew up an uncle dies along with his prize pig under what can only be described as mysterious circumstances and wills Randy his farm.

    Cue hackneyed plot, but with the entertaining self-created barriers to success - Mr. Monk.

    This episode has an above average pacey screenplay, with the main focus on Monk and Randy's relationship and their approach to solving the crime. Several scenes do a great job of varying the emotions felt by the two characters, bring the viewer closer to them and their plights. As for the crime, well the perp. is distinctly average, though his motive is unexpected and will give you the giggles (and possibly the munchies ;). Though the crime solving seems to play second fiddle, to Randy's personal predicament of self-doubt.

    An enjoyable episode that should be watched, but just short of the level of the best episodes this season.
  • Great Episode! I LOVE RANDY DISHER! Hysterically funny!

    I was very happy to hear this episode was about Randy who I love so much but this episode exceded all expectations. I laughed so hard when Monk thought he was high i fell off the sofa. I DID! My husband who does not watch Monk every week decided to never miss an episode again. Both of us lost it when monk was feeding the chickens, It has to be one of the funniest scene EVER! Tony is the best actor and this episode proved it again. I thought the story was very clever and engaging, the acing superb, I loved seeing Carlos from Desperate Housewives but most of all I loved to see Randy Disher and Monk's generosity toward him. Jason is a wonderful actor ,his story moved me to tears and at the same timehe was very funny. This episode is my favorite Monk! MORE RANDY PLEASE!
  • Mr. Monk on a farm! Hilarious!

    I thought this was such a cute episode. First of all Poor Disher! He is so sweet, but such a goofball. It was nice to see Brooke Adams again too. I like when you have to wonder how it was done, instead of how Monk will catch the killer.

    It was sweet to let Disher think he solved it on his own, but that was also an episode of Psych a couple weeks back. I just love Tony Shaloub. Especially in this role. When he was in the chicken house I nearly lost it. But when he thought he has inhaled to marijuanna, I was in hysterics. That was so funny!
  • Monk on a farm...Who would believe it!

    I really liked this episode inspite of the fact that Adrian was able to overcome some of his phobias without really trying. I mean let's get real, does anyone believe that Monk would even enter a hen house without a clean suit! I thought the reefer madness was done great. I was able to believe that Monk would react this way to even the tought of getting stoned. I really enjoyed the part where Monk couches Randy in his sleep and then latter Randy tries to solve some crimes by taking a nap. Even though the plot was uneven, and there were so glaring holes in the story, as with all Monk episodes it was enjoyable and good enough to overlook all of the problems.
  • A more compassionate Monk was seen in this episode.

    This episode appears to be a step away from the usual ones. For one thing Natalie isn't with him, and he seems ok with that. For another - he's on a farm! Hmmm That one took a big leap of faith for me. I liked this episode, generally, as it showed a much more compassionate side to Monk, in that he was willing to step out of his comfort zone in order to help out someone else and he lost his sense of always having to say things as they are (to him anyway). He stepped aside and let someone else take the credit for his own crime solving capabilities. It didn't get a 10 because I couldn't quite rest easily with the fact that he managed to work on a farm and to dance with others (if somewhat awkwardly) all without a wipe in sight! At one point he even dusted down his jeans with his hands without a trace of his usual OCD. It almost felt like he was able to act out a part in order to be able to achieve the best things for his colleague.