Season 7 Episode 7

Mr. Monk's 100th Case

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 05, 2008 on USA

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  • The reason why I classified this episode of Monk as the "Series Finale" is because I am starting to think it ought to be. As much as I hate saying so because I am a huge fan of Monk the series seems to have stalled especially in the last two episodes.

    I was really looking forward to this 100th episode given the fact that I have been a Monk fanatic since the show first aired and because I was hoping for a quality episode given that it would be the 100th. Though it was nice to catch up with some of Monk's more remarkable collars, Harold and Marcy it was by far the high point of the episode (except of course that they forgot to interview Sharona). Otherwise, the episode was of average quality, certainly one of the better Monk episodes of this season but definitely not one the best. The murderer was evident from the beginning and despite being funny at times there were moments that seemed really stale and what is more everyone knows Monk has solved more than a hundred cases after all, in "Mr. Monk and the Paper Boy" he solved at least three cases in one episode. More than anything I hope the writers manage to get their act together so Monk can in fact do "99 more cases" and they can each be of the quality that I am accustomed from Monk.
  • About kissing Monk's ass with a dumb show within a show idea.

    This episode was simply terrible. It came across as fake and a way for the show to kiss their own ass. It didn't came across as authentic and was so dumbed down it's an insult to the viewers. If a show wants to start going down the road to cancellation, Monk did a good job with this episode. I used to like Monk in the beginning first couple of seasons but I think its lost its luster lately and think Psych is clearly the better show. It's not even close. I think Monk's in it's last go around. That's just my take.
  • Too much fanfare for a mediocre episode.

    I was expecting so much more. There was little of the real Monk, not much of the humor that we have all come to love. I was also disappointed with the 10 best episodes, only 1 of those made my top ten.
    I do love this show, but too much anticipation probably did this one in for me. With all the flashbacks it had very little Monk and a lot of nostalgia. We did not need this one, we needed something entirely different, like a two part episode that keeps Monk off his game. I think the next one with all the humor will be better for me.
  • Lots of prior guest stars appear which is nice, but it's still not worthy of a 100th episode special. It has already been stated that Monk has solved over 100 cases long before this ep, and the unknown murder in this ep is almost blindingly obvious.

    The writers of the show are making a habit out of forgetting facts established in prior episodes. In episode 98, Monk states for at least the second time that he could not swim but took lessons on paper. The first time he stated such he was later seen swimming proving his training was valid, so there was no reason for him to restate the he could not swim.

    Now, this episode celebrates his 100th case, but it was already stated in a prior episode that he had solved 103 cases, a number far surpassed by now. These cases had been validated in some sense by the police department, so they should all count towards his final number. As for the unknown murderer, it's blindingly obvious who it is from the very start of the episode. The reveal is still interesting as always, but overall this episode only stands out for its errors and not for superior content.
  • Congratulations Mr. Monk!

    First of all, I think the writers may have miscounted the number of cases Monk has solved. Technically, this was the 100th episode, but 4 of those episodes were 2-parters. The pilot episode was a 2-parter, and the season 6 finale was also a 2-part episode. So, I calculated and Monk is still at 99 cases. Another mistake I found was there was an "interview" with Marcie Maven, played by Sarah Silverman. At the end of the season 6 opener where her dog was suspected of murder, she realizes she doesn't want to be Monk's biggest fan and returns all of her Monk goods, including his old clothes. However, in the interview she still wears his old pants and has paintings of him on her wall. This episode was also special because it was in a different format. Monk is featured on a "Dateline" type of show, which follows him on his latest case. It was also cool to see some of the past "villains": Angela Kinsey, Andy Richter, and Howie Mandel, although, I thought they would have had a bigger role in the episode.
  • Very fine episode: funny, clever, different.

    I liked it a lot. Oddly, the humor didn't come so much from the regular cast as it did from the guest stars. Funny were: the recollections of the jailed criminals Monk put away, the stewardess from the "Airplane" ep who couldn't fly anymore after encountering Monk, and Randy's actress girlfriend. The best part was how they interwove the documentary making (Eric McCormack was very good) and the production party together into the clever way Monk finished solving the case by viewing the documentary. The crime plot and detection were clever. There was no way to know beforehand McCormack's involvement.... .... It is terrific the way the show successfully takes chance with new approaches and never "jumps the shark." Bravo!

    The title of the episode is " Mr. Monk's 100th Case," and IMHO it is a good title. It's the series 100th episode, which is a big deal in TV-land. It's a special show, and they wanted to trumpet it. But they didn't want to call it "Mr Monk and the 100th Episode" because all the titles of the episodes refer to the story -- some crime or dramatic incident in the episode; none of the titles refer to production issues. I have to laugh at the earlier reviews where they harp on the number 100 being incorrect. Not that it is important, but it happens that it could very well be his 100th case as they present it. It is his 100th case, counting, as McCormack states in the documentary narration:
    ¶ only consultant cases (after Trudy died).
    ¶ only those cases he worked on for the San Francisco P.D (presumably in an official contract capacity).
    ¶ only cases he solved.
    Thus you can eliminate all the freebie cases he solved outside of San Francisco, like while on Vacation or in a Traffic Jam, for example. Also the show is not in "real time" -- there could be numerous cases that have not made their way to episodes.
  • Quintessential Monk.

    This episode is triumph for the series. The wit, the pace, the crossover with "The office" - really sums up all the great things about the show. My pulse skipped a beat when Monk said he was going to quit, because it's an even case number...Yeah, the makers planned on it. This subtle (or not so...) tease is another testament to their mastery. They cracked me up more than twice during this episode... The mockery of the mainstream media was also hilarious. By the way, I never thought of Monk as a "mystery show", if this is really what you are after, it will really suck for you. What I like about it it is that it doesn't insult the viewer with pretentious crap, like more "serious" detective shows. The plot is just a staging ground for the humor, and for Monk's shenanigans.

    Special applause for John Turturro - what a great actor he role is too small for him, he always gives 100%.
  • A hilarious episode honoring Monk where the secondary characters and guest stars shine!

    The 100th is brilliant as a clever, cute, and funny episode. The episode was loaded with very talented guest stars that made it funnier than usual. The idea was a great, different way to celebrate. Plus it was nice to hear a lot of back-story, even just as a refresher since the show has been running so many seasons. The show this week was subtly smart. The character of Marci Maven was President of the Adrian Monk Fan Club. How great was that? Marci was played by Sarah Silverman, who was very funny with her photo-shopped pictures of Monk working on a case with her. I usually don't like Sarah, but I thought she did really really well in this episode. I love reoccurring roles, especially all back in one fabulous episode. Howie Mandel!!! It was nice to see him back on a television on something other than a game show, MNiE excluded. The soap-opera type directing of In-Focus was a really nice idea. And there is no news show better than one named In-Focus. But the parts with Trudy were really sad. The violin in the background had me close to tears. If all these big stars return to the show then it must be a nice, welcoming setting to film with a great cast and crew. And that's nice to know.
  • Monk's 100th case and Monk's 100th episode!!

    This episode was great!! Very funny episode. This episode was about Monk solving his 100th case and being covered both on him and his life and his 100th episode!! So everybody comes to a viewing party for Monk to watch the show. But after a while when there at the party, Monk starts to have second thoughts about his serial killer case even though they thought it was a closed case. I liked this episode a lot. It was very funny and different especially with having some of the criminals that Monk put behind bars in other episodes on the show everybody was watching and all of the other interviews. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as it could have been. I wish it was sooooooo good that I would be able to sit at this computer and give it a 10 but I can't. Still a very good and special Monk episode. I mean watch it, it's the 100th case!!
  • Hate to say it but for a 100th episode special this episode wasn't very special.

    Practically nothing happened, we just saw Monk crack another case but I guess the big twist was that it was a case in a case just like it was an episode in an episode, did anybody get that? I think it would have been better if they just wrote a really interesting case and let Monk be Monk as he is on a daily basis. Okay sure this episode had some funny moments but still it just wasn't… I'm sorry to say this episode really didn't live up to all the hype; I actually had more fun re-watching the first 99 episodes.
  • Monk solves his 100th case.

    Monk has entertained fans for seven seasons but never was there an episode as special as this. The unique, entertaining show featured Tony Shaloub in a possibly Emmy-worthy performance. The main cast also contributed outstanding efforts such as Traylor Howard being both witty and charming, Stanley Kamel being as grumpy and as humorous as ever and of course the goofy Jason Gray-Stanford took complete control of the screen.

    Monk is known for its brilliant casting and this special episode featured nothing short of that. Emmy nominee Kathryn Joosten was funny as Monk's babysitter. Sarah Silverman returned to the show to give a performance nothing short of genius in her role as Adrian Monk's number one fan. Character actor John Turturro was not particularly amusing, but his effort was still sensational. Howie Mandel was great, but the Andy Richter, David Koechner, Ricardo Chavira was as entertaining as they come from three very funny actors. Monk may have been passed by other hour long shows in terms of pure comedy or writing, but episodes like this show that with the right script this is one of those programs that you simply cannot pass on during your TV week. From the smart dry wit, to the fresh storylines Monk has entertained viewers for over half a decade. In my opinion on September 5, 2008 they produced one of their strongest episodes yet.

    And that VHS thing was hilarious.