Season 7 Episode 10

Mr. Monk's Other Brother

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2009 on USA

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  • Another Monk on the scene.

    This episode of Monk didn't leave a special taste on my mouth.One would thing that the revelation that Adrian has another brother would have been more exiting.By the time the episode ended,and even though there was the hint a Jack Jr would return someday,you sensed that it was just another day for Adrian.It shouldn't have.The appearance of Jack should have startled him a little bit.Steve Zahn did a very good job.I have seen him in some movies and i think that he was in his usual element.Unfortunately we didn't see much from the rest of the cast so we can't say much there.Tony Shalhoub was good as Monk once again,just not special.I am not knocking him or anything.I just wish that sometimes he could have better material to work with.Emotional scenes especially bring the best out of him.I hope that Monk picks up a gear as it turns the final corner before the end of the season.
  • Adrian has a half-brother who escapes from prison seeks his help to clear his name. Jack Monk Jr. is a rogue, a liar and a grifter, but not a murderer. Adrian and Jack are as different as two people can be, except they are both equally quirky.

    Steve Zahn did a masterful job in this episode. The addition of his quirky character made this a truly different "Monk". Zahn's portrayal of Jack Monk Jr. was a terrific counterpoint to Adrian's character. This episode had the whole package, but comedy was primary, and the timing between Shalloub and Zahn was spot on.
    My only complaint is that the prison guard had horrible marksmanship - not just once, but twice. Also, when Jack was shooting back, his gun was out of bullets, and without benefit of more ammo he was shooting again. Otherwise, this would have been a 10.
    I know that Jack Jr. probably won't return since he went to jail and there are only a few episodes remaining, but I hope that the producers figure some way to bring him back.
  • Monk's long lost brother escapes from prison and is accused of murder.

    This episode was awesome!!! I absolutely love the guy that played Monk's younger brother. He did an excellent job. Anywho, Monk's younger brother escapes from prison. When he escapes, he comes across the body of a woman who worked at the prison. Naturally, he is accused of murder. He flees to Monk's house and demands him to help him. Monk can't decide whether he should help him or not, and has conflicts such as this running through his head the entire episode. The relationship between Monk and his brother alters from good to bad due to their bonding and constant lies. When Monk solves the case, he ends up putting his brother, Natalie, and himself in danger of getting shot. Will he be able to rely on his lying cheating brother to save them? You bet he can!!! His brother steals the car, then drives it through a fence and runs down the bad guy XD It was great. The ending was good too. Monk's younger brother goes back to jail, but he manages to steal the handcuff keys. Will he escape again? We may never know XD
  • Monk discovers that he has a half-brother.

    Monk has had over 100 episodes so you might think that it would be hard to come up with new ideas. Well, you'd be wrong because the USA Network original series gave us another fresh story with Adrian's half brother Jack showing up. Played brilliantly by Steve Zahn, this was definitely one of the better guest spots this season. I loved the recurring "hand to God" bit, as it's little quirks like this that make the show so fun to watch.

    I wished Stottlemeyer and Nattalie got a little more screen time, but that's just nitpicking as this was one of the better installments of the season.
  • This is not my favorite episode, not much of Natalie or the rest of the crew, it was almost a 2 person show with Monk and his half brother. Not well done at all.

    I do not know what is going on, the Christmas special and now this episode seem to below average. They are not as funny or Monk as quirky. Are the writers running out of new material? Come on guys, get it together and give us a good one for a change. I want to be sitting at work the next day and chuckle about a scene or line from the night before. Today I cannot remember anything special and that is sad.
    If the episodes continue like this I feel they will lose a lot of their audience. Maybe it is just a mid season rut, let us hope for better episodes ahead.