Season 7 Episode 10

Mr. Monk's Other Brother

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2009 on USA

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  • Adrian has a half-brother who escapes from prison seeks his help to clear his name. Jack Monk Jr. is a rogue, a liar and a grifter, but not a murderer. Adrian and Jack are as different as two people can be, except they are both equally quirky.

    Steve Zahn did a masterful job in this episode. The addition of his quirky character made this a truly different "Monk". Zahn's portrayal of Jack Monk Jr. was a terrific counterpoint to Adrian's character. This episode had the whole package, but comedy was primary, and the timing between Shalloub and Zahn was spot on.
    My only complaint is that the prison guard had horrible marksmanship - not just once, but twice. Also, when Jack was shooting back, his gun was out of bullets, and without benefit of more ammo he was shooting again. Otherwise, this would have been a 10.
    I know that Jack Jr. probably won't return since he went to jail and there are only a few episodes remaining, but I hope that the producers figure some way to bring him back.