Season 7 Episode 10

Mr. Monk's Other Brother

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2009 on USA

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  • Monk's long lost brother escapes from prison and is accused of murder.

    This episode was awesome!!! I absolutely love the guy that played Monk's younger brother. He did an excellent job. Anywho, Monk's younger brother escapes from prison. When he escapes, he comes across the body of a woman who worked at the prison. Naturally, he is accused of murder. He flees to Monk's house and demands him to help him. Monk can't decide whether he should help him or not, and has conflicts such as this running through his head the entire episode. The relationship between Monk and his brother alters from good to bad due to their bonding and constant lies. When Monk solves the case, he ends up putting his brother, Natalie, and himself in danger of getting shot. Will he be able to rely on his lying cheating brother to save them? You bet he can!!! His brother steals the car, then drives it through a fence and runs down the bad guy XD It was great. The ending was good too. Monk's younger brother goes back to jail, but he manages to steal the handcuff keys. Will he escape again? We may never know XD
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