Season 7 Episode 10

Mr. Monk's Other Brother

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2009 on USA



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    • Jack Jr.: I've never hurt anybody
      Monk: Uh-huh,
      Jack Jr.: Ever. I'm a con man. I'm a grifter. A lovable rogue.
      Monk: A lovable rogue? People don't call themselves lovable rogues.
      Jack Jr.: Lovable rogues do.

    • Jack Jr.: Just one phone call. For old time's sake.
      Monk: We don't have any old times.
      Jack Jr.: Sure we do. Come on, remember... oh, remember in the hallway, when you hit me over the head with that metal box.
      Monk: That was a half hour ago.
      Jack Jr.: Yeah, well it's something. It's a start.

    • Monk: I can't help noticing your fake crying looks a lot like your real crying.
      Jack Jr.: Thank you.

    • Jack Jr.: Did I wake you up?
      Monk: No, no, it wasn't you, it was all the noise you were making.

    • Monk: Jack?
      Jack Jr.: Yeah?
      Monk: Was he... a good father?
      Jack Jr.: Look at us, what do you think?
      Monk: Was he... terrible?
      Jack Jr.: Look at us, what do you think?

    • Jack Jr.: I'm on my knees. Your brother is in your kitchen and he's on his knees.
      Monk: Don't scuff up the floor.

    • Jack Jr.: You send me back there, you'd be killing your own brother.
      Monk: Half-brother.
      Jack Jr.: Can you live with that?
      Monk: I live with worse.

    • Natalie: Mr. Monk, here he comes. Now what do we do?
      Monk: Okay, okay. I'm going to count to three.
      Natalie: All right, okay.
      Monk: On three... you come up with a great idea.

    • Monk: And I'm proud you're my brother.
      Jack Jr.: You mean half-brother.
      Monk: I'm rounding up.

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