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  • Comedy and drama is a good mix.

    Comedy and drama is a good mix.Monk is funny and a great detective.I love the theme song.My faverit episode is monk gets stuck in traffic.All the episodes are great.I like Natalie better then sherowna.I also like the episode Monk gets cabin fever.its goodthey play it on should watch it.
  • Funny, interesting, and not at all boring. One of my favorites.

    Monk is deffinatly my favorite investigative-type shows right now. It has all the great elements of a drama, including humor, an interesting story plot, unique and non-predictible episodes, and an obessesive compulsive detective ;)

    Highly recomended. One of the few shows on USA I'll actually way on a regular basis.
  • A good reason to look forward to Friday nights and January!!!!

    A fantastic classic!!! Tony Shalhoub plays an obsessive compulsive Monk. Who, for many years, has been vigorously trying to find the person who killed his wife, Trudy. There are so many interesting episodes, and my personal favorites are Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk, Mr. Monk vs. the Cobra, Mr. Monk and the 12th Man, and many more. Something that I really love about this series is what the characters other then the main characters bring to it. Stottlemeyer always keeps you laughing, Natalie is the sweet assistant who always has a little bit of sarcasm to add, and Disher well, he’s just Disher. All the irresistible laughs, clever mysteries and fantastic characters all add up to one thing- One great show!
  • Brillant

    This show is so cool and well writen. I never like Tony Shalob, but after watching this show i am a fan of his. I hope they model crime shows after this one. I hate how they have 10 seriously crime shows. This one is pure genius. I hope it will be on fort a long time.
  • This show is pure genious.

    I cannot even express how much I love this show. The premise of the show always intrigued me, but I didn't even watch an episode until the second season was out on DVD. So I picked it up (along with first Season) and couldn't stop watching until I was finished with both seasons.

    This show is truley original. It does remind of of Encyclopedia Brown (the books) just in the way he is able to solve cases on minute details, but the addition of the OCD just adds an enormous amount of hilarity. Just his interactions with people and their reactions to him are hilarious. They are able to come up with different cases and situations every episode and the show only seems to get funnier as it goes along. Plus, with the back story of him trying to find out who killed his wife, it has never failed to keep me interested. One of the best shows to exist... ever.
  • Not only is this the most original series in years, but it's episodes are always fresh, hillarious, and heart-warming. Tony Shaloub is brilliant; the best television actor ever. I don't mourn the loss of Sharonna at all. The show hasn't lost steam, and Na

    Not only is this the most original series in years, but it's episodes are always fresh, hillarious, and heart-warming. Tony Shaloub is brilliant; the best television actor ever. I don't mourn the loss of Sharonna at all. The show hasn't lost steam, and Natalie is not only a better match for Adrian, but a better character. I can't wait until they let him solve his wife's murder and move on in his life with Natalie. If the two of them don't get together sometime during the course of the series I'll be so disappionted.
  • Its a jungle out there!

    It most deffinetly is a jungle out there if you are Adrian Monk! This show is fantastic, the comedy is unique and the actions are hilarious. Monk stars as the former San Francisco uniformed cop now private detective with Sharrona Fleming. One thing stands in the way of getting re-instated though...his obsessive compulsive disorder.

    I wouldn't exactly describe it as a personality disorder, but overly-hygenic...which well really nothing is wrong with that is there? Its a good thing, Monk deffinetly shows us that!

    The music in the show is brilliant and the casting is excellent, brilliant performances from all round the cast. Including Sharrona, she plays a big part of the show.

    I recommend highly! Or "Highly recommend" as Monk would say lol!
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    This show is absolutely SUPERB. Tony Schaloub is a great comedy actor even in his days on the show called ' WINGS '. He is halarious, along with a great cast makes this show one for the books. You will want to watch it again, If you have not seen this show, and love to laugh, this show is for you.

    Anthony Schaneberger
    Allentown,Pa. 18109
  • One of the greatest shows ever!

    The writers and creators of this show know how to keep fans happy. Every episode they develop each character in a more interesting and comical way. The humor is not the greatest part of the show, though. The cases get better and better. They are addictive as one needs to know the end of the plot. The underlying case, Trudy's murder, is also great. I like to find out little by little about her and her death. The whole structure of the show is awesome making it my personal favorite.
  • Monk is terrific. Tony Shalhoub is brilliant and endearing as an obsessive-compulsive former cop turned private investigator. The characters are funny and have depth. The stories are engaging and the casting is inspired.

    I did not begin watching this series until after it had completed its first season. My father suggested I would like it. I doubted it, because I had made a point of not watching any TV series for several years. One day shortly afterward, there was a Monk marathon on USA, and I saw several episodes. It grew on me very quickly. I was impressed with the concept, the writing, the directing, and especially with Tony Shalhoub\'s acting. I don\'t miss an episode now, and can\'t wait for the new season.
  • Pretty darn funny!!!

    Monk is one of the funniest series ever made!! Every Friday night I make sure I'm in front of the tv 9.50pm!! Just so I don't miss a minute of Monk!! Monk is obsessive- compulsive!! Which makes it a lot funnier!! When he's walking down the street and there are phone poles or parking meters, he HAS to touch all of them!! When he misses one or touches one 2 times, he WILL start all over again!! hahaha!! Weirdo! But really funny! When he shakes some-one's hand he needs a wipe to clean his hand... My favorite episode is " Mr Monk and the other Detective"!! Very decent and funny show!!!
  • My new favorite show ever since my cousin introduced me to it. Just plain Great!!!!!

    Well It's nothing like WWE, my real favorite show is WWE RAW, but Monk is close. Tony Shaoulube is a great actor and you see his face he looks like an obbsessive combullsive person. Then the episodes are great so the writers really do there job right. And the actors and acresses are perfect for eachother. When I first heard of it, I thought no way would I watch it, but when I saw it, I got hooked. It's just ammazing how he can peice together such small peices of the puzzels, and how he makes sure everything is spotless and straight. Just like me lol. Great Show
  • It's a jungle out there! And I love watching Monk in it!

    It's a jungle out there! And I love watching Monk in it!
    Who would have thought that I'd find a crime series even wittier than Columbo - which I absolutely adore (the show that is...).
    Don't you just love to watch Monk be 'Monk' while getting behind the weirdest crimes?
    I hope he'll get his badge back soon, and maybe even find a new love.
    And I hope that Girona and that clumsy detective get together in the end. :)
  • Almost perfect... A detective series with class, and comedy that doesn't overpower the writing - but it's in the writing that Monk has it's one flaw.

    Monk is a classic - part Sherlock holmes, part Perry Mason, and part complete nutcase - it is a delightful programme about a detective with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

    The programme pokes fun at Mr. Monk's OCD in small doses, but most of the time Monk is portrayed very sympathetically - and while the comedy elements of his OCD are played up - that is what gives the show its unique charm.

    He solves crimes because of his unique brain, his attention to detail and his ability to visualise in a "Zen" way the criminals actions - and he does it in a manner that Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes would have been proud.

    But Monk as a series has one failing - when it is good it is superb, but there are episodes where I've watched almost on fast forward. Season 1 is a complete joy from start to finish - but seemingly each season is doomed to have one episode where I just couldn't sit through all the way without getting bored or just wanting it to end.

    A nearly perfect 10 though for all the other episodes - and even the transition between Monk's Nurse in seasons 1, 2 and half of season three Sharona to his assistant in season 3 and season 4 Natalie was done fairly seamlessly.

    My recommendations for episodes to watch if you're coming into the world of Adrian Monk

    Season 1 - Mr Monk and the Candidate : The pilot episode brings you into the world of Monk, showing his unique abilities and his unique problems

    Season 2 - Mr Monk and the Three Pies : Meet Ambrose Monk, Mr. Monk's even stranger brother in an episodes that's less mystery and more family - but shows a whole new side to Monk

    Season 3 - Mr. Monk goes to Vegas : Bright Lights Big City... Monk helps the Captain solve a murder in Las Vegas, it's difficult to point out what makes this a good episode - until the absolutely brilliant summation at the end.

    Season 4 - Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk : Is Monk's dead wife really still alive? The episode takes you from start to finish making you wonder.
  • One of the best programs ever made!

    The only negative about this show is they got rid of Sherona. She was great,the chemistry was perfect between her and Monk her and Disher even Benji and Monk!! The show is still a great one but I think it lost alot with this change. Traylor Howard is good but it's just not the same. I would have rather seen another actor in the Sherona role. At least it's still open for her to come back, maybe we'll get lucky! Overall it has a range of emotions, from laughter to sadness to trying to figure out whodunit. For me it has everything in a program that I love!
  • A new take on the dozens of cop dramas seen on tv right now

    The third season was a time of transition for Adrian Monk (superbly played by Tony Shalhoub), an obsessive-compulsive ex-detective who works as a consultant with the San Francisco Police Department. Natalie (the new assistant) isn’t a nurse, so she’s a little less sympathetic and a little more ornery with Mr. Monk, but her teasing and sarcasm are more funny than mean, so the character’s presence only serves to improve an already fine show.

    “Monk” is one of those shows that is always good but rarely great, and that makes it a terrific candidate for summer viewing. These days, shows about homicide detectives are usually a dime a dozen, but with the main character’s quirks, the original mysteries, and the fine acting by a good cast (especially Shalhoub), make “Monk” one of the best cop dramas currently running.
  • Monk, once a cop, has a severe case of OCD, but without it he wouldn't be the great detective he is!

    A funny way to spend an hour. I am probably a rarity, but I have to say this show got better with Traylor Howard. Not that I didn't like the previous actress, but I like the fact that the current nurse is not as mouthy as the other one. It's still a fun show and I think this last season was the best.
  • Nice show but.. it still missing elements.

    This show is great. I saw it for the first time on the BBC. And it was funn.

    How ever with time it was getting anoing. The weard tendesies of Monk only grew altouch the crimes were great to se and how he found cleu's bc of his little qwerks was great. Somone cant stay like that for long.

    I sadly have to say I only seen season 1 bc the rest never aired here in the Neterlands. And I am hoping that season 2 is a lot better. And has better character develpment that this first season.
  • Save "Monk!"

    Monk was the most brilliant show of its time. The mysteries were well documented, and the characters were wonderful. Mr. Monk continues to shock me with his unintentional whit and mindblowing expertise. Actor Tony Shalhoub (Monk) does an outstanding job at bringing Monk to life. Monk's former assistand Sharona was the perfect balance to Monk. She had a sexy spunk which was needed for Monk. Bitty Schram (Sharona) and Shalhoub had perfect chemistry, making the show addictive. However, once Sharona disappeared and Monk hired his new assistant, the show was eaten alive. The chemistry between the two characters is non-existant, and the viewers miss Sharona's charm. The first 2 seasons are pure genius, but stay away from the current episodes!
  • "Best show ever created! Absolutely Funny And it's for the family"

    Tony plays the best part for Monk. and the cast is great. The best episode is when monk goes to Dale the Whale;and the best line in that episode is "Is that a bagel"(Dale)"ya want some"(Lt.Disher)"No im on a low carb dite"(Dale).And Tony is the best actor to play Monk.
  • one of the most enjoyable hours on tv.i have been a fan from the start.normally do not like comedy but monk is so funny!!!yet has very serious moments.thought i would miss bitty shram but not so traylor howard has added so muc to the series.i am glad she

    tony shalhoub and traylor howard are so great together.she has add so much to monk this season.this is such a great series i'm already dreading the upcoming break for the season.keep up the good work monk and nat looking forward to next season!!!the casting is the best. hurry back monk!!
  • I love this show it's soo funny.

    I have loved this show since it's first season. This show is extremly funny. I think Tony Shalub does a fantastic job playing Adrian Monk, the obsessive compulsive detective who solves crimes in his own funny way. I am sad however that Sharona left. Yes Natalie does a good job but shes not as funny as Sharona. She doesn't have that edge to her or anything. I thought last weeks episode was good but it was also kind of weird because it made you think that trudy was still alive. I love the fact that Adrian always thinks that he's better when he's not. I think this show will be going for a while.
  • This is the drama that I like to watch. Crime and humor together.

    I just recently started watching this show on the USA network during my summer break from college. I beleive that I have missed three seasons of the show since it started. My sister had often told me how good this show was, but I did not beleive her at the time. I thought that it was just another stupid drama on the network. Boy was I wrong! Now I can't get enough of the show, and I want to see all of the episodes that I missed. I can't wait until the show comes out on DVD. It is my new favorite.
  • An entertaining, lovable show about a San Francisco ex-detective with OCD.

    Tony Shalhoub shines in this lovable drama. Adrian Monk is an ex-detective with obsessive compulsive disorder, developed after his wife's murder. He and his nurse, Natalie Teeger, work together to solve crimes while maintaining a ridiculously clean atmosphere.

    Mr. Monk has many quirks for Natalie to try to keep up with, including allergies, phobias (he's afraid of clowns and milk!), etc. He is able to solve the cases that stump the police by his uncontrollable attention to even the most minute detail. He prides himself in always being able to piece the whole story together.

    Don't miss this great show!
  • Meet Adrian Monk, a detective with obsessive compulsive desorder. He's condition reached high levels after the murder of his wife Trudy. Afterwards he was thrown out of the police force. His OCD helps him, in a way, solve every case. A very original show.

    I have been hooked to this series all the way from season 1. The first episode I watched was the murder of the very, very old man. The show is such a perfect combination of drama, comedy, mystery, along with superb acting from everyone.

    Adrian Monk, is an obssesive compulsive detective. He is afraid of many things, although he worked on his phobia/allergy towards milk. He was a member of the police force, now they call him as a private consultant cause of the genius he is.

    Sharona Fleming was his nurse/assistat from Seasons 1-3. She helped Monk with his OCD. She has a son named Benjy, divorced from Trevor, but remarried him later half-way through season 3. (In story explanation) In real life however she abandoned her role cause of some argument with producers.

    Trudy Ann Monk was his wife. She was killed in car bombing while looking for some medicine for Monk's brother Ambrose. Her murder is the only case Monk hasn't been able to solve cause his feelings block out his intelligence.

    Cpt. Stottlemeyer and Lt. Disher are from the police force. They call monk to help them with baffling cases.

    Natalie Teeger turned into his new assistance after Sharona re-married Trevor.

    With the combination of all this caracters, the wonderful plot, the amazing story lines they come up with, and the amazing acting, the show is a masterpiece. I highly recommend this show to everyone who hasn't seen it yet. It's fun for the whole family.

    Overall: 10/10
  • Monk is a new classic that keeps improving with each season.

    Monk is the story of an obsessive compulsive man (Adrian Monk) who lost his place on the police force when his wife, Trudy was murdered by a car bomb. When Adrian was on the police force he was the best they had and could solve even the most difficult case. When his wife was murdered Adrian spent the next 7 years inside his house trying to think of who could have done such a terrible thing to his wife.

    Monk eventually meets a woman named Sherona and with her guidance he is once again able to leave his house. His obsessive behavior continues but helps him solve cases for the police for which he is now working as a guy they call in when they get stumped. When Sherona leaves the show it happens so quickly and Monk gets very upset. But a soon as she leaves a new assistant (Natalie Teeger) with character flaws of her own shows up on the scene.

    Though this brief summary may make you think this show is a drama, it is not. Monk does many funny things during the epidsodes and most of them cause me to laugh out loud. Sometimes his obsessive compulsive disorder gets in the way but sometimes it is very useful. This is a great show to watch but you really have to see it to understand what it is.
  • I believe that is the first program of T.V. that my father and I we enjoyed seeing together, and we despaired us for knowing the conclusions.

    I believe that is the first program of T.V. that my father and I we enjoyed seeing together, and we despaired us for knowing the conclusions. It's an amazing program. I love the phobias of Monk, they make him special, and very very funny. I love monk and my father too!
  • Imagionative, inventive, a new twist to todays shows. It's the best show around and I don't watch tv anymore because there is nothing good on but this is the best ever.

    It is deffenitally getting better as the show goes along. There is only one thing that bugs me and that is when Sharona left the show being replaced by Natalie.

    The character of Natalie is quite annoying but the writers of the show continue to come up with so many great Ideas not to mention the great acting of Tony Shalhoub continue to keep me and my friends laughing, enjoying the show.

    Thanks for a great show.
  • "If you haven’t already seen the show you need to watch it as soon as possible." "Adrian Monk is an obsessive-compulsive private detective."

    Monk is just a great show. This will be a classic in no time. If you haven’t already seen the show you need to watch it as soon as possible.

    Adrian Monk is an obsessive-compulsive private detective. He is the best in the business thanks to his disorder. Because of his disorder he has to have everything perfect, this helps him notice small detailed most would look over.

    The idea is just genius, it really is a one in a kind show. If you aren’t a fan of this show chances are if you give it a chance you will be. This is as good as TV gets people!
  • Monk is one of my favorite shows! I just miss Sharona!

    I love Monk! The idea of making him a neat freak is genius! But the only problem is: The new girl stinks. I miss Sharona. She needs to come back. I'm hoping I'll continue liking it, but the last few episodes were So-so. My favorite one has to be "Mr.Monk Goes ON Vacation"! With Sharona, of course!
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