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  • this series is excellent

    this is definitley one of my favourites.

    Monk is such an unique character that u can't help but loving him.

    His habits make him such a funny and interesting character, you would think that he isn't very witty, but he is indeed. The stories are awesome too, because each ones fits with Monk and makes him even funnier.

    I also love Tony's performance is just awesome. He knows how to show every characteristic of Monk.

    Monk's way of solving cases is very similar to Holmes way of solving them, which makes me love this show even more.

    I think that if you love detective shows and comic shows this is the show for you
  • I will try to share with you my opinion about this fabulous show...

    MONK...comedy, detective, great TV show...
    It\'s very funny...I laughed so many times when I was wathing this show...
    The main character Adrian Monk is a little bit strange...but I loved it after I have seen few episodes if MONK.
    Adrian Monk is not a hero...he has so many problems...He needs help...but for me is better hero than big man with huge muscles and without brain.
    After I started watch MONK I have liked cleanness everywhere...Just like MONK but not in such degree.
    It is one of the best shows ever...Everybody should like Adrian Monk...strange detective with a lot of problems...
    be happy and watch this show...
  • The life of a Obsessive Compulsive detective is an excellent idea of an immensely funny television show!

    I like Monk a lot, it a fantastic show to watch if you have problems of your own. Monk's ability to solve crimes that are seemingly impossible to solve. I like the fact that Monk's disorder nearly always gets in the way of a case. Out of the two nurses that Monk had my personal favorite was Sharona, her readiness to always be there for Monk and at the same time be a single parent looking after her son is what really drew her to me. I always like the fact that Monk always has to wash his hands after shaking hands with someone and his nurse having to explain why. It is full of good hearted laughs and the fact that I always feel sorry for his mentally stressed out psychiatrist who sometimes tries to run away from him. All in all a fantastic show.
  • This is a show about a germophobic detective who sees the smallest details in every case and peices them together solving the case.

    This is a funny, entertaining, and educational show about adrian monk, a germaphobic dectective solves homicides wherever he goes. He has a very keen eye that picks up all the smallest details (such as in another USA TV show pysch which I also enjoy watching) and at the end of the show peices a bunch of random information into a story about how the crime happened. I like the way the storylines are thought out and how the ideas for crimes are made up. If USA keeps coming up with these great TV shows like monk and pysch, they have a secured future in television.
  • It's a nice change to see a character that's not perfect.

    I've been watching this show since the very first episode and have been enjoying it ever since. At first I really really missed Sharona because I thought she worked so well with Shaloub, but I'm slowly forgetting what she looked like.
    I think Monk is such a great character because he can identify with just about everyone at least a little. Now, whenever I straighten up a picture from or even out my knick knacks, I think of Monk. I'm not saying I'm crazy about cleaning as he is on the show, but I think everyone has a little Monk in him.
    The only problem that I find with the show is that it doesn't last long enough.
  • Monk: the best show on usa

    Monk is a very funny show. It is not always meant to be funny but it is and there is no complaining coming from me. When I heard that "Sharona" was leaving I thought the show was over but I was wrong and I am happy I was. They amde "Natalie" fit right in. And she is a good actor I dare say. The only thing I think is needed now is a love interest on the show. Monk will hopefully last a lot more seasons and continue to brighten my day:) I would definently mention this show for anyone to watch who has a sense of humor.
  • Best

    This show is the best detective show out there. It's funny and has drama, it mixes. I one of my top favorites. I first seen this show when I was about ten and have watched it ever since, now I'm fifteen. It has a great cast. With Tony Shaloub, he makes the show best, what they should do is have an episode where Sherona visits and meets Natalia, now that would be a show. I hope this show stays on for a long time. When you think that they done it all, they surprise you with a nice one, Best Show
  • Obsessive Compulsive to a fault, yet profficient, detective Adrian Monk manages to use his OCD to his advantage to solve cases that nobody else can solve, often with the help of his assistant Sharona, and later Natalie, and other allies of his.

    This is my first review, and, as you can tell, based on my comments and my rating, I\'m unbeliveably generous when giving ratiings to programs. For a program to recieve anything lower than a 4, it has to be as awful, if not more, than that godawful HeadOn (apply directly to the forehead!) commercial. The review might look a bit ameteurish and cliched, so bear with me, it\'s my first.

    Anyways, getting to the review. Tony Shalloub wonderfully and accurately portrays the characther of Adrian Monk, who is a loveable, sometimes bumbling detective with OCD. Ever since his wife, Trudy, died in a car crash, his OCD has kicked in rendering him in some ways almost helpless. He has a hard time living life since everything needs to be exact and ordered, and not to mention CLEAN, 100% germ free, for Monk, often distracting him from being able to solve the case. Infact one time during a garbage strike, he went so insnae that he suggested that Alice Cooper was the culprit in the case (which was humurously absurd). He hires assistants to help him cope with his life and OCD, first Sharona (Bitty Schram), and then Natalie (Traylor Howard). Ted Levine plays Captain Leland Stottlemeier, who is another one of Monk\'s friends, but at times has a hard time being patient with Monk\'s quirks. Jason Gray-Stanford is the humorously irritating and immature Lt. Randall Disher.

    A nice touch in the series is that continuity is preserved heavily, as an example one time Natalie recieved a call for Sharona. However, the minor flaws are the gross exaggeration of Monk\'s OCD, to the point that the first episode I saw almost turned me off until I saw the humor/parody aspect of it. I\'m by no means suggesting an elimination of humor or Monk\'s quirkiness, but sometimes it\'s portrayed in a way that it makes OCD sufferers appear to be childlike, very rarely is that true. However, the humor is balanced enough with Monk\'s cleverness to form a perfect blend creating an entertaining detective show with comedy elements. A nice touch is that the humor is there without the laugh track. My other minor complaint is that the series mostly runs new shows during the summer, forcing one to break out the VCR and TiVo since normally summer is spent outdoors rather than by the TV. Those are my only two complaints, and they are minor.

    The way Monk solves the cases is often clever and creative, unlike many detective shows, sometimes you DON\'T see the right answer coming. Sometimes Monk comes to a wrong conclusion once or even two or more times, but he always solves it in the end. He had a near miss in one episode, but in the last two minutes he managed to win. Monk\'s perfect record as a detective is not unlike Perry Mason\'s perfect record as a defense attorney, there is bound to be one case that Monk won\'t solve in the future. But the question is, when will that be? In this day and age, it\'s often hard to shock the audience, but a case that Monk doesn\'t solve will do it, the question is if and when.

    Bonus!: There are no morally offensive leanings of this program, despite its setting in San Francisco. Often, the moralality is on the positive side, and if not, neutral.

    Note for future reference: If a program has positive moral content I have a \"Bonus!:\" bit at the end, followed by a comment, if it has neutral moral leaning instead I have \"Nobonus:\", if it promotes immorality I have \"Immorality factor:\", followed by an explanation. A \"Bonus!\" gains one or two whole points on the ratings scale, up to 10.0, a \"Nobonus\" doesn\'t affect it either way, and an \"Immorality factor\" can lower the score from one to six whole points, all the way down to 0 if need be, but that is unlikely to happen, since, as I said, I am a VERY generous grader. Once in awhile I\'ll leave notes if there\'s something I say that needs an explanation about it.
  • Adrian Monk is an unlikely hero. He solves murders and battles with severe OCD all the time.

    Monk is a very educational show. I have learned a lot from it and I personally have OCD, so I understand a little what it is like, though in my case it is not nearly as severe. He notices every thing that is out of place at a crime scene and remembers everything that happens, no matter how subtle and unnoticable it might be. With Natalie by his side, he is working to make the world a better (and cleaner) place to live. The only crime he has never solved is the closest to him, the murder of his beloved wife, Trudy.
  • Monk is a show for everyone.

    Monk is intriging and hilarious at times. it is about a obseeive- compulsive private detective solving crimes or mysteries the Seatle police need help on. the show has humor, inteligence, and great guest stars at times. Tony Shaloub(Monk) has been in a couple of movies, quick change for one, but this so far is his best work. i have been watching this series since the beginning and havent gotten tired of it yet. the show keeps coming up with great story lines and you are almost completely baffled every episode. this show has many great writers. this is one of the few great TV shows on cable. hopefully, this show will last. i still wish though that the show could have held onto the first assitant that monk had. que lastima!
  • I love MONK! its the best show ever!!! Mr.Monk is sooo funny! he never know whats hes gonna due next cause everything has to be perfect and even.. i just love this show.. i love watching it and it becomes better every season!! its such an amazing show!!!!

    I love MONK! its the best show ever!!! Mr.Monk is sooo funny! he never know whats hes gonna due next cause everything has to be perfect and even.. i just love this show.. i love watching it and it becomes better every season!! its such an amazing show!!!! this show is so cutting edge and i love how they all firgure out the cases.. monk is soo good.. i love his hands thing too! its soo amazing!! I love MONK! its the best show ever!!! Mr.Monk is sooo funny! he never know whats hes gonna due next cause everything has to be perfect and even.. i just love this show.. i love watching it and it becomes better every season!! its such an amazing show!!!!
  • One of the most origional on tv

    I didn't get into Monk until the second season on the recommendation of a friend. After watching just one episode I was completely hooked. I was amazed that a character, who for all intents and purposes should be horribly annoying, could be so enjoyable to watch. With so many crime shows severely lacking in humor, it is great that there is one out there that can mix drama with comedy so successfully. I will say that I miss Sharona a great deal, but the new girl has gotten better over time. My favorite moment of the show is Monk's wife's last words when she died "Bread and butter". So excited for the new season tonight!
  • This Show is Great its funny to see all of his phoebias and also its intresting to see how he solves crime.

    This Show is very good, and very original. This is the first show that has a detective with OCD and Its hilarious. This show never gets boreing and with the new season starting on July 10, Its going to get even better. Tony S. Plays the detective Adrian Monk very well and his supporting actors are good as well. This Show is sure to last a long time. The re-runs never get old, theyre always as funny as it was the first time. This Show is Great and will not be cancelled any time in the near future. Very Good!!!
  • This show is about Adrian Monk. Monk is an obsessive compulsive police detective who solves various cases for the San Francisco Police Department while constantly thinking about his wife's unsolved murder.

    This show is about Adrian Monk. Monk is an obsessive compulsive police detective who solves various cases for the San Francisco Police Department while constantly thinking about his wife's unsolved murder. It's a great show. It's filled with drama while integrating comedy, and at times, it's truly touching. Tony Shalhoub does an amazing job playing Monk, and fellow co-stars, Traylor Howard, Ted Levine, and Jason-Gray Stanford are wonderful as well. Howard plays Natalie, Monk's assistant; Levine plays Captain Stottlemeyer, the head of the Police Deptartment; and Standford plays Lieutenant Randall Disher. Altogether, it's an interesting show. Very well-done. Definitely worth watching.
  • Masterpiece!

    This show is just amazing. Not only does Tony ( the man who plays monk ) play out the role of a detective with obsessive compulsive disorder great, but each new crime has such a complex solution to it sometimes you cant even figure it out yourself. Also Monks \\\"disorder\\\" is hilarious and all the things he does make you laugh out load. One of the best shows out there!
  • this is a sweet show,i only wished it was on a better network cuz then they would make more shows in a season, but the USA network, they only show like 14 episodes in a season.I hope they keep it going 4 a long time

    THIS is the bong, no other show is as good as this, they don\'t cut people up, there is killing, but real enough not to make u sick,the actors are really great,I liked sharona cuz she was HOTT!!!Monk deserved his Emmy Award cuz he acts the part really well. i only hope they don\'t cancel the show. captain stottlemeyer is really good as well,he has a big funny mustache. I like the fact that the newer episodes are filmed in san francisco, they stories he gets into are hilarious. This show would be even more popular if it was advertised more
  • Its Not On Nearly Enough

    Here in the UK Monk is not on nearly enough. But when it is i must say it is one of the most entertaining shows to watch.
    The scripts are so well written and unlike most police based TV shows it envoles the viewer in the investigations, which i love, being able to figure out what happened without the show correcting you every 5 miniutes with zany plots you dont understand is annoying. But this show steers away from this and this is why i love it so much.
  • Monk is so incredibly funny.

    I love this show so much. Tony Shalhoub is perfect as Monk. Originally, they had cast Michael Richards of "Seinfeld" fame as Monk. I cannot imagine anyone but Tony Shalhoub playing Adrian Monk. I am also obsessive compulsive and I think the show is very true to the disorder. It helps me to laugh at myself.
  • I love Monk. You feel like a detective in the show. When you make your first real life discrete observation, while not watching the show, it makes you feel good. You start to observe little clues daily, even if it’s not murder. Monk is inspiring, even if

    I’m in college and I learn things that Monk talks about on his shows all the time. The show feels more real and factual than many other popular shows, and I think that’s what people want. Monk seems more real than Survivor and more factual than Law and Order, which are many people’s favorites. Monk gives these many types of people what they want in shows. Plus the awesome comedy that ties things together, this is a must when a show has such serious matters involved, like murder. I do not like TV these days and I think that it is just going off into the deep end. I do not own cable; I wait for the DVDs to come out. Monk is the only reason I would even consider paying for cable, and possibly the history and wildlife shows too, but other wise I despise T.V., with Monk and a few other shows are the exception. I still have hope with shows like Monk out there. I hope Monk never ends, but I guess he has to find his wife’s killer some time.
  • Probably the most original show on television. Hilarious at all times!

    Okay, let's see. Adrian Monk is a former detective who lost his wife (to murder) seven years ago. He has such great attention to detail that he solves nearly every case - but it seems the only one he can't solve is the murder of Trudy, his wife. Oh wait - he also had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. How great is that? It's so unbelievably original, and illustrated perfectly by Tony Shalhoub. There are many characters that even out a perfect cast as well, featuring the talented Ted Levine as Captain Stottlemeyer, Jason Gray-Stanford as Lt. Disher, and new recruit Traylor Howard as Monk's faithful assistant, Natalie.
    Now, before Howard, Bitty Schram played the part of Sharona, Monk's first assistant. I'm not going to lie to you - I much preferred Sharona (Schram) to Natalie (Howard). But either way the show is a must see. Watch it if you haven't, you'll like it for sure.
  • You have to watch this show! "You'll thank me later."

    How can anyone not love Adrian Monk? Who of us doesn't have our own idiosyncrasies ... at least who will admit they do?

    Adrian Monk has more hang-ups than some one getting crank phone calls from a fraternity pledge drive. He has more baggage than Grand Central Station's Lost and Found. Monk can take claim to more phobias that ever crossed the desk of Sigmund Freud. All in all, Adrian Monk is one messed up guy.

    But messed up or not, Monk is a lovable, loyal and honest (to a fault most of the time). While you can't be sure you can depend on him in your hour of need, as a phobia may crop up at the most inopportune time, you can be assured that he will devote himself to you as much as he possibly can. He will always be willing to give 110% of himself, even if that really equals about 25% for the average person. It's all genuine and sincere.

    The show takes us through the cases that the San Francisco police department can't seem to get a handle on ... on several occasions, it seems they don't even try since they know that a few hours, or at most a few days, with Monk on the case will solve it with no lose strings left hanging. Adrian will take a few moments to look over the crime scene, holding his hands near his face as if he's running through a Tai Chi exercise, and pick out nuances that several police squads would have overlooked.

    But the most fun of how Mr. Monk solves his cases is in the way that they seem to just "come" to him. Overhearing someone say a word, seeing a misplaced object, a photo or any other obscure and non-related tidbit will suddenly cause the missing piece to fall into place and he will utter one of his catch phrases, "I think I just solved the case."

    Friday nights would not be the same if Monk were cancelled. It's a show that has heart and a main character, along with a wonderful collection of supporting characters, that feel as real as the people we know in our every day lives. If you haven't seen it ... by all means do so. And as Mr. Monk would say, "You'll thank me later."
  • Best show

    Love this show as he is true to the character.I know.He probably could teach Dr's as they haven't got a clue.I relate so way to go Tony.It is entertaining and funny good cast although I miss Sharona but nat caught up.Excellent acting on behalf of all actor's.Please don't ever go off.
  • When I first saw the previews of the show...I had questions....I guess it was because I say myself in Mr. Monk. and though...with my could this be is GREAT

    Tonight I watched Mr. Monk and the Kid... I thought I had other favorites...but..this is MINE... He loved that boy.... but he saw something.... If you ever saw the Phantom of the Opera.... there is no greater love than to let go of the person you love....because you know it would be the best for the one you love, no matter HOW much it HURT you...that is what Mr. Monk did with that little boy... Kudo to the writer of this episode, and to the wonderful acting of Tony Shalhoub!! I won't forget this one.
    One took me over an hour just to write this.....because of all the website stuff, sign on...long on.... be simple.... Monk is a great show... it is so much better than all the other.... murder,.ect....ect... real life, real personalities working at making it in life.....and there being humor.....We have no more humor in life, on entertainment....all kill, ect. Thank you Mr. Monk...I relate to you, and can FINIALLY laugh at myself.......that is important.. and Tony, you are great at your acting... I just hope you get to read this....with all it took to finially write deserve to read it... Cheryl Anne Greere, partly Ms. Monk.... Great show tonight...will never forget it.....watching you play on the ground with that little boy.... Keep up the great work.....all of you.... figured you'd never know where this came from.... HA! And I clean my keyboard everyday..... ah...just joking....every other day!!
  • Didn't give this show a chance at first but now I love it.

    The show stars Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk a former police dective who suffers from intensified obsessive-compulsive disorder. He has to have everything perfect, he only drinks one type of water and he can solve any case. Tony Shalhoub is perfect for the part I liked him on wings, and this part is great for him, I also like who they replaced Bitty Schram with, Traylor Howard is a great choice, alot of people don't like her, I do. This show is funny, well-written, and has a great cast, I'm hooked on Monk.
  • What's not to like!

    Humor at its best with just the right mix of drama. The perfect cap for a Friday night. I can't believe that the commercial channels gave this one up.

    The cast is great, and just when you think the premise of an obsessive-compulsive detective has been done to death, the writers and cast are able to come up with a fresh take that is just the episode just as cool as the first episode.
  • fantastic program, charactors are well developed, and Monk is portrayed perfectly.

    What a refreshing program on cable! The plot is always interesting, and keeps the viewer guessing as to the final outcome of the case. How will Mr Monk solve the case? You can be assured that Tony Shalhoub's protrayal of the obsessive compulsive detective will be perfect. Tony seems to be perfect for the part of Adrian Monk, and has done his homework well. The body language is as entertaining as the program itself.
    The other charactors in the Monk series are also well developed, and the viewer soon begins to know the charactors, and how they will react to certain developments in the show.
    Great show, hope it runs for another 10-15 years!!
  • Probably the only show on prime-time television that doesn't rely on sex, violence, foul language or eye candy to attract viewers. I love this show, it makes me laugh so hard and manages to break my heart all within the same hour.

    Probably the only show on prime-time television that doesn't rely on sex, violence, foul language or eye candy to attract viewers. I love this show, it makes me laugh so hard and manages to break my heart all within the same hour.

    Tony Shalhoub is adorable in his torment. He walks the fine line between Monk's comical mishaps, strategic brilliance, stoic attempts to get on with his life and those wrenching moments when he gives up on the world and retreats into his dreams with Trudy. The cases are often brilliant, although they were better in the first season. But after that, the amazing characters carried the show on. Captain Stottlemeyer is also a broken man, gruff in asserting his authority but as he said in one episode "Who am I? I'm the guy that knows how to call you." Randy is often comic relief, and they could flesh him out a little more. I miss Sharona a little, but Natalie is really spunky and I like her too.
  • my family and friends love \"monk\"! tony Shalhoub is the most talented star i have enjoyed in a long time.NO OTHER ACTOR COULD PLAY the part of monk as great as he does!We make no plays to go anywhere on friday nights except to watch monk! PLEASE never c

    All my family and friends love \"Monk\"! Tony Shalhoub is the most talented star i have enjoyed in a long time.No other actor could play the part of monk as great as he does!! We never make any plans for friday nights except to stay home and watch monk.PLEASE never cancel this wonderful show that a whole family can enjoy together!Its so wonderful to watch such a refreshing show. THANK YOU for airing monk!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show is very quirky and makes you think and guess what Adrian is thinking. This character is adorable and very human. You have to be a thinker to truly love this show. A very funny and entertaining series.

    I find myself upset when the season ends on this show. I look foward to the next Monk mystery. He is totally orginal and even if you can second guess his next clean fix will come from, you don't always catch on to how he is thinking regarding the case he is solving. This makes for a better surprise at the end. Monk is great-Go Adrian!! How often can you laugh and use your mind while watching just one show? The others are right, it is a clean show that I would let children watch which is great for families. You have my vote Mr. Monk.
  • Tony Shaloub plays a detective whose keen sense of observation brought on by his mental condition helps him to solve the subtlest of murders yet plays havoc with his personal life. I love him and he has well earned the awards he won.

    Monk, to me, is the best thing on tv by far. Tony Shaloub is adorable as the obsessive compulsive/phobic detective who notices everything. I would hate to live that way, he is so uptight, but it is fun watching him. The show has great writing, intelligent plots and humor. What can I say, it is absolutely flawless there is nothing I don't like about the show, except that it is not on often enough.

    rona riley
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