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  • I love this show, but the removal of Bitty Schram's Sharona character is a big loss.

    This is the kind of show that I can watch over and over and over again, making it actually worthy of buying DVDs.

    As I just mentiioned, it's not the same since Sharona left. The character of Natalie is just annoying, she is always criticizing Adrian and not doing her job as well. Sharona was able to keep Monk in check, without being mean. And even when Sharona got angry with him, it was always clear that she genuinly cared for him.

    I still love to watch it, but it's just not the same.
  • Obessive Complusive Detective.

    This show is great for many reasons i can't name all of them. I'll give you three reasons why this show is great. First, it is the murders and the mystery unfolds, this show is very clever in putting shows together. Second, Monk is the type of show that is very low tech and not gory that your children can watch this show and not get traumatized by it.
    Final reason is Tony Shalhoub himself. He portrays Monk perfectly he gives Monk all rounded personality that you can feel what Monk is feeling. I think this is what this show is about, getting the viewers to understand how a person with Obessive Compulsive Disorder deals and feels on a daily basis.
  • I got to say this show is unintentionally funny.

    Monk is unintentionally funny alot of the time. It is fun to watch Monk get scared over dumb stuff, like milk or shareing a plate a of cheese nachos with people. I know that there people like that in real life, but I would never laugh at someone who has them problems in life.
  • Great show

    It doesn't have the impact that many dramatic series have that make you really feel for the characters, but it's very light-hearted and fun. The only thing that may have hurted the show was the loss of main character, Sharona Fleming. Not that, the new character, Natalie Teeger, is bad, in fact - in some ways she is better. I guess time will tell if the show will remain good.
  • i love this show

    this show is great. i dont know how somebody could come up with this show but i think whoever did is amazing. i would have never thought of doing something like this. its really witty and hilariously funny. i cant wait until the new season starts so that i can watch new episodes!
  • A mystery show that always has a twist...

    Monk, simple guy with lots of needs. What could you say about him... well he is sweet, great detective, never gives up, and oh... a little crazy. But you gotta love him. This show leaves you hanging every time it goes to commercials. Once you think you know who has done it another curve ball is thrown your way. It is a very well thought out show and makes you crave for more. Everytime you finish you go throught the day petending you yourself are a detective, even if you don't notice. It's to funny and drama/action packed to just see one. If you like tjis show I suggest to see more! This show itself has it's own catagory.
  • Sherlock Holmes, and OCD all mixed up into one character.

    I've got to say this show is a fresh change of pace for all of those reality shows out there. I would never choose plot and character developement over watching comlpete loosers show off in front of the camera, and making the most frustrating types of drama where there is none. That's where Monk steps in and saves my eyes from jumping out of my skull and beating me four senses less. Monk is a Sherlock Holmes whom everyone can relate to on one level or another. How can you not like a person who is afraid of Milk!?! That's some frightning stuff. All kidding aside Monk breaks my heart, makes me laugh, but in the end I'm always pulling for him to come out on top. His character opened my eyes to observation and empathy. Usually I'm feel like crap after learning something from a TV show, but with Monk I learn in such subtle ways that it is impossible not to be changed by his ultimate wisdom. Take a look at this show, you won't regret it.
  • The writing is clever

    I find this show very addictive and intersting at the same time. I like the fac that the central character has some major flaws. His attempts to try to get his job back. Most people can identify with. The captain of the police force does not mind using his unique talents but is unable to help his friend to get his job back.
  • Yes folks, Mr. Monk is my new best friend. The only way to believe it is to watch the show.

    This show is a classic, hilarious, and yet serious. Mr. Monk is an obsessive-compulsive detective, which should give anyone a chuckle who is familiar with OCD, and by watching the show you get a pretty realistic idea, but you must remember this is a comedy show, but well represented.
  • The best show on USA without a doubt.

    It is my personal opinion that Monk is the best show the USA network has ever put on the air. Monk is an upbeat dramedy that follows around obsessive Compulsive detective Adrianne Monk. He condition worsened as his wife was killed. In this series you can’t see great writing with the scripts that they have to come up with to keep you guessing but the parts they write form Monk and how he solves the case are always extremely clever. Tony Shalub is the man who plays detective Adrianne Monk. Shalub is brilliant and was recently just nominated again for best actor in a comedic series. This show is a fresh and new take on all the CSI shows on TV right now and while it is a little more lighthearted Tony Shalub in his role as Monk is not to be missed.
  • The Obsessive-Compulsive Detective strikes again!

    The best dramedy ever! Adrian Monk is a detective who, after losing his wife, has the ability to pick out details that are invisible to the untrained mind. But as he often says, it's a gift and a curse. You see, Monk often suffers from his runs of phobias and quirks, and these often annoy his friends, yet make viewers smile.
  • Sharona, come back!

    I liked Sharona because she was no nonsense. You never thought that there was a chance she and Monk were going to hook up, so where they would torment eachother, they each gave as good as they got. With this Natalie person, you see where this is going and it seems needlessly cruel when Monk behaves selfishly. Also, Stottlemeyer and Randy used to be more than just Monk's stooges. Now neither of them have much of a personality. Whenever anything happens, they don't try to do anything themselves, they just call Monk. I know the show is all about him (His name is the title, for goodness sakes!), but he is much less interesting because the people around him are not interacting with him and forcing him into uncomfortable situations. I really don't like the show anymore. At least Sharona provided some kick.
  • Totally kicks butt!

    Whether Monk's hiding away from someone that wants to kill him, babysitting a monkey, or digging up dirt, he's making us use a part of our brain that we don't use in everyday life. Even though people don't realize it, everybody is trying to solve the case before Monk does. But does anybody? Hardly ever. How people behind Monk think of all of these cases, I don't know, but I'm glad that they do. Monk Rocks!
  • This has to the best show of the 2000's. I liked "Stark Raving Mad", but if it wasn't for NBC pulling the plug, we would not have "Monk". Tony Shalhoub is the best actor ALIVE!!! All the reality garbage and crude, mean-spirited shows couldn't pack Mo

    I discovered "Monk" in late 2002, and have never looked back. I knew who Tony Shalhoub was, but I didn't know all that much about him until I got hooked on "Monk". Ditto for the rest of the co-stars. Such a great show, and a muckraker for USA Network. Chow!!!
  • Monk is a detective who has an obessive-compulsive disorder (amongst other conditions), which actually helps him solve murders.

    I enjoy Monk, and watch it when I can. The best thing about this show is that the writers don't spend all their time trying to make it cutting edge with blood and gore. For those who aren't familiar with the show, Monk's wife died in a car bombing, and he spends his trying to solve her death and solving mysteries.

    It does get a little tiring sometimes when Monk's oh so many phobias come into play, but it doesn't take away from the show very much, and in the end, it's a very enjoyable show.

    The episodes are great, and not very far-fetched.
  • Adrian Monk is an odd, somewhat quirky super crime solver.

    The Monk character may be strange and have an extra load of “issues” to deal with but what makes him great is that all of us have a few of these same issues. (maybe less severe, maybe more under control) so when something that bugs you inflicts Adrian, you can really relate. I, for one, am afraid of heights. I just enjoy seeing this represented on TV.

    Tony Shaloub is excellent and his performance is always first rate. Ted Levine as Capt. Stottlemeyer is a perfect counterpoint to Monk. Levine portrays Stottlemeyer’s anger, frustration, admiration and friendship felt toward Monk without obvious shifting of gears from one emotion to another.
  • 'Monk' is a show about a dectective 'Mr. Monk' who's wife dies when someone plants a car in her cellphone. Afer that 'Monk' turns compulsive, but still remains a detective. As he solves many cases, he also tries to solve his wife's . Monk is a

    This is a very funny show! It shows how 'Monk' has a compulsive disorder and has to have everything straight and perfect. (Natalie is always the one to give him his distinfectant wipes, because he needs to have everything clean) 'Monk' is always the one to solve the really hard cases using his amazing ability to put things together! His photographic memory and his new assistant, Natalie, also help him find what he needs to solve the cases.
  • A good mystery with the most lovable crazy person.

    Adrian Monk is so well written as well as well acted. I buy every one of his phobias. The element of having lost the love of his life balances out the show with a tenderness that often gives me a lump in my throat. Monk is so well meaning and for that he is truly lovable. Not to mention his attention to detail is both believable and hillarious. Monk's relationship with detective Stoddermyer (sp?) is one of the show's best. And to top it all off a satisfying mystery that doesn't insult the intelligence of the viewer.
  • wow, monk i must say its one clean comedy

    I'm so glad I discovered this show for my whole family. Now we refer to Friday night as "Monk Night", just because we love this show so much. Everyone should give this show a chance because it deserves at least that much. I almost felt sorry for it, seeing how ABC canceled it and all. But then, luckily, USA saw the promise in it and picked it straight up. Now most people feel sorry for ABC! Of course, if they weren't so quick to, as I say, "Judge and Cancel" all new shows, maybe they could have some decent programs on. 2 episodes just isn't enough.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive detective sees things that everyone else misses and solves crimes

    Adrian Monk would be a hard man to live with, but if I was ever in need of a detective, he\'s one I\'d call. I love how he can look at something and see things that no one else has seen. I love to see if I can solve the \"mystery\" by the time he does. The more the watch the show, the more \"keen\" to details I become. I hope this shows lasts a few more years.
  • i love monk its very entertaining .what i like best is i cant figure out the plot. the only problem i have with monk is the new girl doesnt have the presence of the first one nor does she have the same chemistry with monk either.

    the subject matter is varied . there is a surprising twist to every show . the title character monk is so neurotic as to be absolutely adorable.i also love the relationship and comic interaction between monk his boss and the junior officer whos name i can never remember lol to me personally thats what makes him a good supporting actor .hes supposed to blend into the wood work yet manage to achieve a frame or at time a canvas for monks comic genius
  • One of the greatest and most addictive shows on TV, with a mix of police drama and hilarious moments.

    Tony Shalhoub, who plays Adrian Monk, makes Monk what it is. Monk is an Obsessive Compulsive Detective who has to have everything in its perfect order and germ free. He has many other phobias but his assistant Sherona (Bitty Schram) facilitates it all. Monk helps police Captain Stottlemeyer solve the unsolvable cases using his greater intellect with a small ‘handicap’. Even though Monk has its dramatic and action-packed moments, the comedy of the show is one of its greatest attributes. Monk has a ‘gift’ and a ‘curse’ at the same exact time. I actually watch it for its comedy, but at the same time love the ways that cases are solved. Towards the end of the third season, Bitty Schram (Sherona) left the show and was replaced by Traylor Howard who plays Monk’s new assistant Natalie. I do not like one better than the other, there are both great in their own ways. Besides Adrian bringing all the laughs, the rest of the cast brings comedy. I would recommend the show to anyone who likes a good comedy and a drama occasionally. Tony Shalhoub plays the part to perfection. It is one of my absolute favorites.
  • Monk is a show for all detective fans out their. It is also a show for all thoughs ocd ppl out their and for ppl that like drama and comedies.

    Adrian Monk is a brilliant charactor and Tony Shaloobs(is that how u spell it?) best portrail Monk is an almost perfect show and it combines drama and comedy which are 2 of my favorite genres. Monk the neat phanatic ocd case that is the best detective. I gave this a 9.5. It would have been a 10 if the beginnings of each episode didn't slove the case already, I would rather keep gueesing in suspence.But furthermore a Fantastic show.
  • Tony Shaloub plays the part so perfectly.

    Tony Shaloub plays the part so well. There couldn't be any body better to play "Monk". Monk combines comedy and drama to make a great show for everyone to sit together,watch and relax. I give the show an 9.9 for that. Hopefully this show will keep go strong.Keep doing it.Thanks
  • How could anyone not love a show like this one? The humor and story behide ever episode is wonderful.

    How could anyone not love a show like this one? The humor and story behide ever episode is wonderful. Who ever came up with the concept for a clean freak cop is very creative. I love this show!

    I am confident that this show will deliver high in the upcoming seasons. Monk has a great storyline and interesting characters. Tony Shalhoub is brilliant as Adrian Monk. I do not see anyone else could bring this character to life. The script is amazing;

    I could not believe some of the things that happened on the show. I have watched every single episode and it is without a doubt one of the funniest shows on television.
  • Very, VERY well written

    This is one of those fun shows that the whole family can watch. The acting is decent (Shalob is Excellent). The writing is fantastic. It's funny, witty, sometimes dramatic, and leaves you wanting more. You can pick the show up anytime (It's not one of those where missing one episode will mean you can't watch it anymore - ala 24 anyone)
  • bound to be classic

    this year on the 4 of July I came down with strip throat, lucky for my sanity USA was running a all day monk marathon.

    monk is a smart comedy that I could spend hour watching, and did. I don't want to give to much praise but I think that might be my generations mattock or murder she wrote, except for the excessive compulsive disorder.

    this is one of the best smart comedies that I’ve seen in a long time.
  • A show about a compulsive detective... brilliant!

    Every once in a while, I will tune in to watch Monk for the heck of it, and I must tell you, this is a great show. Tony Shaloub gives a great performance as detective Adrian Monk. The supporting cast is pretty strong, especially with the seasoned Ted Levine. I've got to give the writers credit for their intriguing stories. The show is also has plenty of humor, which is one of my favorite aspects of the show. Not many detective type shows have this type of humor that is found in this show, and yet still be credible as a pretty intelligent show. This is a great show to just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

    Despite the recent changes the show has made that some people don't seem to like very much, I still believe this show is still very strong and a joy to watch.
  • I can never get enough Monk!

    One of my favorite shows on television! Tony Shaloub is a freaking genius and I would watch anything he was in. I miss Sharona, but Natalie is doing okay. I love watching to see how Monk is going to solve the next crime and what phobia is going to mess him up. And I love that they know that his disorder is not easily cured. That he will have his good days and his bad days. And I love the realistic portrayal of his disorder (I'm a psychology major), although sometimes they let somethings pass for the sake of the plot. I hope Monk continues for a really long time.
  • Maniac but so funny

    I hate maniac men, but I must recognize this one makes me laugh. He's not only maniac, is also a compulsive disordered person who just sees mud, dust and microbs everywhere he goes. It's so delightful to see how frustrated he can be, having everyone do what he wants them to just to satisfy him. A pleasure!!! Just wish I'll never meet someone like that!
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