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  • Monk a great show about a detective

    This show is just so great. Monk is just a great detective with all the funny stuff he does most of which he doesnt do on purpose but it is just so funny. This is one of my favourite shows that are airing at the moment as it is a cross between comedy and drama i hope monk goes well through the shows 4th season and continues to make the auidence laugh.
  • Go Monk!

    Monk is one of the smartest shows in a long time. Tony Shalhoub has found gold after his days on wings. Just like Seinfeld, the people on Wings have never succeeded on other shows except for Tony. Monk is like many people all over the place, and I know a few people who are like him. This show is one of USA's finest.
  • Obsessive-compulsive detective

    I am basically in LOVE with this show. My friends make fun of me because when they watch it, they dont have the kind of humor you need for this i guess, because they dont laugh and it leaves me stumped because i think it's hilarious. But i really dont care because i am in LOVE with the show myself...its hilarious!!

    Now and the Sharona-Natalie thing...i absolutly adore sharona, i thought she was gorgeous, hilarious, and most of all she looked out for monk and i really liked that about her. Then all of a sudden she left and it really left me bummed! Then Natalie came and I am still not over the Sharona leaving, but i know she wont come back so I gave Natalie a chance i really like her, i mean i love sharona and i am a die-hard sharona fan but she isn't coming back and i want to love the show as much as i did so i gave natalie a chance.I mean she doesn't really do the things that sharona did but she has her own style and its alright.

    Now the Natalie and Monk relationship that they are talking about, i wouldn't like it, but that is just my opinion!...unless the case about trudy is solved...ten maybe it would be alright but for now, lets just leave the monk single.

  • The show without Sharona Fleming is not as good. I like Traylor Howard, but not the Natalie character. I watched every episode & gave her a chance. The show is just not as good.

    Monk is one of my favorite shows, but the show has declined since the exit of Bitty Schram.
    Mr. Monk and the kid is a prime example.
    The lovable character of Adrian Monk would NEVER roll around in the grass with a child. The writers seemed to forget the main character has OCD.
    Without Bitty, the writers are going to great lenghts to make the show "different", and ruining it in the process.
    Once a show i'd stay home for, it's just not anymore.
    Sorry Tony Shaloub, when you lost Bitty, the dynamics of the show suffered.
  • Monk is Monk what else can you say.

    I started watching Monk after the first season which since I have gotten the DVD to watch. Monk is a very funny show with great potential. There are not to many shows out there with the character of Monk. He is brillant in his acting. He totally makes you think he is obbsessive and compulsive. The episode with the monkey was totally off the wall funny. Sharonna's departure was unfortunate. She worked well with Monk. I think if they find somebody else who is compatible with Monk the show will start to pick up again. Even without her the show is still very funny.
  • Monk!! The title itself makes you laugh. Its hilarious to see a detective show that doesn’t “harp” on the bad stuff. The drama and comedy play off each other so well , at times it doesn’t even seem like a police drama. I would let my children watch.

    There couldn't be any body better to play "Monk" than Tony Shaloub. he plays the part so well. Hopefully this show will keep go strong. Monk combines drama and comedy to make a great show for an entire family to sit together and watch. I give the show an A+ for that.
  • It is simultaneously the most unique crime drama and comedy on TV today, and my personal favorite.

    This is the one show that when it is out of season I can't wait for the season to start, and when it is in season I can't wait for Friday night to come so that I can see the latest episode. Monk has the incredible ability to keep you edge of your seat and laughing yourself off of it at the same time. It is simultaneously the most unique crime drama and comedy on TV today, and my personal favorite.
  • Great Show

    One of the best shows on tv.It is hilarious.Tony Shaloub is great.Other than the lady that replaced Sharona it is perfect.No other show on tv does such a good job of mixing comedy, drama, action, and mystery.Definetly will be a classic.It already has won emmys and many more will be coming.This show is one of the 100 of all time and the best show on USA.
  • One of the greatest shows on tv. The writing is superb and the acting is incredibly. Only sad that it lost a main character so fast.

    Monk is my favorite tv show. No matter what changes to the cast, and no matter how long his wife's murder mystery goes on, nothing can beat the quick wit and fantastic drama that is Monk. Star, Tony Shalhoub, does such a fantastic job acting out a man whose mental problems, no person on this earth would ever want. I have loved this show from the beginning and even when Sharona was lost, I never doubted that the show would lose it's gold. And it has not. Monk will be with us for as long as the USA decides to keep it. No doubt in my mind that the viewers will keep with it as well.
  • I wouldn't miss it!

    This is one of the best shows that I have seen on tv in a long time! The unique idea of a former detective that had a tragedy still getting to work with his old coworkers as a contracted Private Detective is a great one. The humor that goes into the everyday life of Monk is light hearted and safe for family viewing.

    The writing is excellent. It lets the audience share sympathy for Adrian Monk and his fight for overcoming his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder so that he can get back on the force like the old days. This appears to be his goal in life.

    I'm still not attached to the new nurse in Mr. Monk's life, but I'm willing to give her another try this season.

    I'm very excited for Tony Shalloub in his awards that he has won for this character that he plays very well.
  • Obsessive.Compulsive.Detective. Adrian Monk fights his fears to solve the murders that no one else can.

    Monk is one of the best shows on television. It takes a format that has been done a million times and reinvents it.

    Solving murders has long been a popular plot for television. Whether it is Law & Order or Murder,She Wrote, solving murders is something that interests all of us.

    Monk has taken this format and made it its own. The obsessive compulsive Adrian Monk is one of the most intriguing characters on television today. Adrian is played to perfection by Tony Shaloub. Shaloub is incredible in each and every episode of Monk.

    Murder, mystery, comedy? Monk has it all.
  • One of the best detective shows.

    Monk is one of the best detective shows on tv today. It has Drama, and comedy and a few action seqeunces. It is in my top ten. The trade between his assitants was a highlight of season three. Nat took Monk and comforted him (not much)but she was a really good change.
  • A perfect combonation of Police Drama and Comedy. Now heading into it's fourth season, the Emmy and Golden Globe winning Monk is riding high due to good DVD sales and stellar cable ratings.

    I have liked this show ever since it premiered in 2002. I thought that a replacement actress for a leading character would hurt the series, but it really didn't. This show is doing great and I hope it stays that way. The fourth season premieres on July 8th at 10/9c on USA.
  • Cute show, but not a steady diet

    I can watch this show occasionally, but not seriously for every episode. If you need a filler show that's not too heavy, and might tickly your funny bone, then this is a nice diversion. The first season seemed to be the best, but it's pretty good, still. Try it, you might like it.
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