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  • Excellent episode: clever, funny, different, consistent with Monk's character and style.

    I liked it a lot. Oddly, the humor didn't come so much from the regular cast as it did from the guest stars. Funny were: the recollections of the jailed criminals Monk put away, the stewardess from the "Airplane" ep who couldn't fly anymore after encountering Monk, and Randy's actress girlfriend. The best part was how they interwove the documentary making (Eric McCormack was very good) and the production party together -- the clever way Monk finished solving the case by viewing the documentary. The crime plot and detection were clever. There was no way to know beforehand McCormack's involvement.... .... It is terrific the way the show successfully takes chance with new approaches and never "jumps the shark." Bravo!

    The title of the episode is " Mr. Monk's 100th Case," and IMHO it is a good title. It's the series 100th episode, which is a big deal in TV-land. It's a special show, and they wanted to trumpet it. But they didn't want to call it "Mr Monk and the 100th Episode" because all the titles of the episodes refer to the story -- some crime or dramatic incident in the episode; none of the titles refer to production issues. I have to laugh at the earlier reviews where they harp on the number 100 being incorrect. Not that it is important, but it happens that it could very well be his 100th case as they present it. It is his 100th case, counting, as McCormack states in the documentary narration:
    ¶ only consultant cases (after Trudy died).
    ¶ only those cases he worked on for the San Francisco P.D (presumably in an official contract capacity).
    ¶ only cases he solved.
    Thus you can eliminate all the freebie cases he solved outside of San Francisco, like while on Vacation or in a Traffic Jam, for example. Also the show is not in "real time" -- there could be numerous cases that have not made their way to episodes.
  • It's sad to see this show end.

    I can only think of one word to say about this episode: Wow.

    Adrian Monk finally learns who killed his wife, and we see him beat up the killer in a courtroom - a priceless scene! I'm very certain many men who lost their wives to a murderer would have done the same thing.

    It was very touchiing to see, and I was amazed at the end of this concluding episode.

    Monk was a very good show to watch - but, I would have liked to see Monk and Natalie talk about stepping their relationship a notch after the Trudy murder case was solved. After Monk gets better, he is clearly happy, and NOT miserable - I think that Monk and Natalie would have been such a great match. But, we do see them going to a crime scene together, so I hope they've become a couple!

    All in all, this show was great to watch. I'll miss it, though. Thanks!
  • One of the best shows to ever air on television. The actors were top class and Monk will go down in history as a unique, funny, and classic show.

    Well I am a newcomer and just started watching the series earlier this year, I caught up on DVD for the first six seasons and easily grew attached to Monk. Monk is the perfect t.v. character and I like the idea of how is OCD interferes with his detective work and daily life and of course the story behind his life. This show has had its outstanding episodes, Mr. Monk is on the Run, Mr. Monk stays up all night, and Mr. Monk take a punch, as well as its lows with Mr. Monk and the U.F.O., Mr. Monk takes group therapy, and Mr. Monk and the rapper?. The series started to feel rushed and less original near the end, but the final episodes do conclude almost everything we've waited to see. Monk's assistants both are very well rounded and easy to like, and the captain and Disher bring extra humor to Monk. All the characters fit perfectly into the show and most of the murder cases are cleverly set up and Monk has brought forth some clever script writting as well as character development. I'm glad to have seen every episode and enjoyed it while it lasted. I'm glad it ended while it was still good and won't forget many of the best moments of the series, I just wish the ending wasn't as rushed in certain aspects and we could have found out what happened to certain characters like Ambrose Monk, Monk's Dad, Monk's old detective partner?
  • A delightfully quirky cop show.

    The plot centres around Adrian Monk a former San Fransisco police officer with obsessive compulsive disorder who now works as a mprivate investigator helping to solve crimes that baffle his former colleagues.

    The main character is brilliantly portrayed Tony Shalhoub who manages to make a totally unbelievable character very real indeed. The supporting cast are always excellent and in my opinion some of the best episodes are those that cncentrate almost exclusively on them. The plot lines are also good with interesting cases and often very intriguing motives and on more than one occassion a very well thought out killer.

    All in all this is a great show and one of my personal favourites.
  • I do agree that Monk is one of the greatest shows of our time. I can't even go to sleep without Monk being on in the background.

    I enjoy Adrian Monks perfectionate attitude and his awesome memory to be able to recall everything he sees in order to put together the puzzle of who's the guy and how it was done by saying, "Here's what happened." I enjoyed both Natalie and Sharona as his assistants. I'm not sure which one I would call my favorite. Sharona was great in the episodes she was in, but, Natalie did finish it off with some great episodes of her own. I do wish I had seen what happened to some of the other favorites like Monks brother and his dad, as well as Dale the Whale. I'm truly going to miss waiting for new episodes to come out, but, it will be years before I slow down from watching it over and over.
  • aw man... Im going to miss this show.

    picture this. the main character suffers from a severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder, where he cant stand to have things dirty or out of line, constantly cleaning and sanitising things. he also has a fear of almost anything ranging from dirt to stepping on cracks in the pavement. this is only exacerbated by the fact his wife was brutally murdered 12 years before the story. however, he has one of the greatest detective minds this side of the SanFran PD. soving cases from obsure angles and piecing scenarios together in an unparalleled way, mixing humor and intelligence to produce one of the best shows this decade.
  • You better enjoy it while you can

    I have reviewed this show before, but it is worthy of another one. The writers on this production have been heavily coached to come up with a great last season. So far I would give it a 7 out of 10. A few weird episodes, like 'Mr. Monk and the UFO' aside, the general quality has been outstanding. And we can only imagine they are saving the best for last. At the end of last season, we were treated to 'Mr Monk is on the run', and that was heaven. Clearly, the producers are gearing up, (and I think Tony Shalhoub is gearing up), for some really special tv moments to come in the next twelve weeks or so. It is going to be hard to accept Tony in any other show in the future, but he will be welcome in any role.
  • Monk is an original series with a great cast of characters and fresh stories ever episode.

    Monk is a very original series, even though it is follows the standard archetype of crime detective shows. it successfully establishes its characters and ties in the main story with that of the stories episodes and keeps the series fresh episode to episode. Adrian monk is well played and the guest characters are also well played and kept fresh often. The crimes are kept fresh and all involve being solved using the special traits of the main character, which contributes to keeping them interesting. Ads for the show are well placed and well done. As far as the characters being well developed, the show makes small steps every episode towards the end of the main story, or developing the main character.
  • Good show.

    One of the few live action shows I enjoy. It is a good idea for a show: an OCE detective tries to solve his wife's murder in a car bomb while solving murders. The show has a perfect mix of comedy with Monk and the people he meets, tragedy with dealing with Monk's loss and how sad his friends and brother act, and of course myster with gow he always solves murders. I do like most of the few episodes, but those few ones where they reveal the killer in the first scene are a bit stupid. I'll be sad when this season ends.
  • Monk is a crime investigator show with a wierd twist.

    Monk is about a man named Adrian Monk who was dismissed from the force. Adrian traumitized from his wife's murder he became a private detective. With the help of his friends Natalie Teager his nurse, loutinant Randy Disher, and Captain Leeland Stauturlmire Monk tries to find his wife's killer. Monk is an outstanding show to go up against these other crime tv shows. Monk has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder). Monk is one of the best crime investigation tv shows out there. This show is comical and sad at the same time. Monk can be serious one moment then go to the comedy side another.
  • Monk is a great show I love it. (Sorry about my other review it was meant to be about Mr Monk and the Garbage Strike but I actually had it on the wrong web page when I pressed write review and I didn't realise until now so here is my review of the

    Monk is entertaining with all the allergies and Adrian Monk's fears including a fear of germs that makes the show as good as it is because the show is only as good as the characters and the way the actors or actresses portray them so a cheer for Tony Shalhoub who makes Monk the loved character that he is today.Also we can't forget the rest of the cast and their characters it was a shame that they couldn't Brad Pitt to play Randy (Mr.Monk and the Actor if you don't get it).

    So overall this show is awesome not only does it have great sometimes quirky characters but it also has mysteries so what's not to love about Monk and remember it's a jungle out there.
  • Monk is, was, and always will be one of the best shows out there. Tony Shaloub's awesome performance, combined with great stories and a killer-- yet very unknown-- back story, make this show stand above the rest. It's just awesome.

    Over the past several seasons, Monk, as a series, has evolved from being a dark, mysterious, and sometimes funny show to being a funny, dark, and sometimes mysterious show. Monk, as a character, however, has not evolved much. His obsessive-compulsive personality and saddening past have made him stone cold, and he continues to solve crimes as the only way to console himself in his shadowy, fear-filled world. It still remains fun to watch Adrian solve crimes, murders, and mysteries with extreme dedication, even after so many seasons of episodes. Over the series run, Monk has lost an assistant and gained one, lost a shrink and found a new one, found rivals, enemies, friends, and even occasionally a clue that may eventually help solve his one true, final goal: to find the man who took his wife's life with a car bomb. Of course, we won't know until the final season comes and goes this summer. I just hope the writers make this a show to remember, and are able to bow out with pride.
  • Awkward.

    I have to say this show has some decent acting, but at times can be a bit on the awkward. The drama on the show is good, but I find myself a bit bored at times. Watching Monk is a trip in its own right. I think it is rather unique in the fact that you don't see as many quarky characters like Monk. The storylines are a little out there, but for the most part, it is fun. The one thing I do not like at all is the fact that it can be compelling one week and then really slow the next. Oh well. Thank you.
  • A fantastic show, you don't even need to watch it in order! :)

    Monk is a show about a middle aged man living in San Fransisco and his wife was murdered. So he became a detective, but he has the obsessive compolsive disease were he is a ''clean freak'' he always is cautious about things not being even or him getting dirty or anything of that nature. The show is a fantastic piece of work even though it is continuous you don't really have to watch it in order. I haven't actually seen all of the show but i like it! He also has his assistant with him at all times when he's on the job and sometimes when he's off the job. There has been 2 different ones. The show is wonderful and if you like a great funny murder mystery show, than you'll love this.
  • The "Defective Detective" is on the case. Adrian Monk is an unusual detective with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who solves crimes that baffle the ordinary detective. Nothing escapes his gaze.

    Tony Shalhoub plays Adrian Monk a former detective for the San Francisco Police Department now turned a consultant. This show's debut was phenomenal with power support from co-stars Bitty Schram who played a nurse that helped monk solve these unusual crimes. The storylines and character chemistry was believable and pleasurable to watch. With Schram's departure the series plot and storylines took a little hit as faithful viewers adjusted to the new character of Natalie Teeger played by Traylor Howard. The powerful character support of Ted Levine as Cpt. Stottlemyer and Jason Gray-Stanford who plays Lt. Disher helped these viewers through the transition. The untimely death of Stanley Kamel who played Dr. Kroger, Monk's overworked psychiatrist, was another blow that shocked the fans. Monk has survived these setbacks to culminate to its 8th and final season. This show is truly a classic that will be missed.
  • A great show is ending in Summer of 09. Why?

    This was a great show to watch, and very challenging to figure out whodunit. Monk having OCD just made the show better. "Oh my gosh, get that harmonica away from me!" "Ah! There is a ladybug on my finger!" "Look there is milk!" I will most likely miss this great show and wished I started watching this years earlier when it was better. I guess 8 seasons was good enough anyways. This was a show within a show itself and I found it funny and heartwarming at the same time. People don't watch this because they say it is hard to understand. My 9 year old son can understand it.
  • A disappointing plotline

    Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Monk. That said. . .
    An evil twin? An evil TWIN? Please!!! Is this daytime TV or an emmy-award-winning show?
    As always, the quality of the acting was superb. But I had some problems with aspects of the plot. First, of course, the basic premise. Second, do you really think that a husband could be tricked also? I would think that there would be something that would strike a person as strange if someone else were impersonating his wife. Third, why did the good twin just sit there in the tub and allow the evil twin to drown her? Finally, who would wear high, spiked heels to drag a drugged woman into a bathroom and then haul her into a tub? Your sensible murderess wears flats!
  • What?!

    Personally, I'm pissed. But, in truth, the blame lies with USA. I haven't been a regular Monk viewer since Sharona left but I was really amped by the idea that progress would be made in Trudy's case. And that is what every commercial I saaw for this episode led me to believe would happen. Yes, the murder cases were interesting enough but, come on! Give us something! And since when is Harold that much of a dick. No, I never liked him, but having him act as if he'd dance on Trudy's grave just to aggravate Monk is damn near ridiculous.
  • This episode deals with Monk attempting to save the parking garage where his wife was murdered years earlier.

    I am guessing the uncritical reviews are due to the fact that only the hard core fans are left watching the show. It pains me to watch this once great show abandon the qualities that had made it what it was, character development, quality plots, and the abilities of its actors. The show now relies on cheap jokes and 5 minute scenes of Monk's OCD. The Stottlemeyer and Disher characters are basically props and add nothing to the episodes. I only watch Monk because I am waiting for Psych which has more character development, funny lines, and creativity in 15 mins than Monk has for a whole episode.
  • As with all shows Monk comes with ups and downs, but it is a well thought out-dramedy like no other. Monk is one of the best TV Shows ever.

    Monk is great TV show with many more ups then downs. Although it appeals to limited groups of people it has gotten attention worldwide for its great Cable performance on USA Network. However, Monk is meant to stay on cable as it has tested poorly on NBC broadcasts. This show will only appeal to you if: you have patience, you laugh at aspects of the show that are funny not JOKES that are made and can relate/or connect with Adrian Monk. Personally, this is my favorite TV Show and unlike other I do not believe this show is 'going down hill' whatsoever. Sometimes ideas are overlapped but all in all this is a fantastic show! The only negative i've encountered while watching this show is that the episodes are lengthy and can be hard to watch again without getting a little bored. Other then that, good job USA, good job NBC and good job MONK!
  • A great detective show , good comedy and fun - exciting for sure.

    I love watching Mr.Monk ... we don't have that many good detective stories nowadays ... what we have is all hi-tech crime busting , forensics and / or fantasy based shows. Mr.Monk is very much down to earth and human character - even though with extreme oddities. The characters do not have any glamor - nor the main character , neither the supporting ones - the heroes, villains or the episodes and yet , we get to watch some nice detective work enacted by a great actor and comdedian - Tony Shaloub. I have not followed all the seasons / episodes dedicatedly , but I have watched many of them. Most certainly i like watching the curious habits the character has, as well the episode wise plots as well the longer storyline. Definitely watchable and lovable show .
  • If you like your Detective plots to have a personal touch then you'll love this show. If you're more interested in forensics... move on.

    Maybe touch is the wrong word as Monk seems unable to touch most things. LOL. This show deals with a man trying to establish a functioning life as a detective and attempting to overcome the mental health problems which escalated after the death of his wife in a car bomb event. (That isn't a spoiler, Monk talks about this from the start.) Despite accurately portraying the kinds of obstacles someone suffering from extreme and multiple OCD's can face in daily life, it adds the element of hope that sometimes this minute attention to details can lead to a functional, if not exactly happy, life.
    The bottom line is that Monk notices things which other people don't and that is the point which the show uses as it's central core for detective purposes. More often than not the writers manage to keep track of Monk's varying OCD's and pre-occupations, coupled with a solid cast and some really interesting plots makes this show a solid 9 vote for me. If you've ever enjoyed Angela's Eyes, The Mentalist, or even Psych you will probably find something to enjoy here. If you're interested in mental health issues you might also find this interesting. If you like good solid detection work without the blood and gore then this is a show for you and your family. It even has some comedy in there too. An entertaining programme that I hope will continue for quite a while.
  • probably the best show in a while!

    Amazing, I watch this show every week and own all of the Dvds. I watch monk for many reasons. One is because I also suffer from OCD and i watch it knowing although tony shaloub is only an actor, a fabulous one at that, but there are other people in thee world that have it. It's also an amazing show. I've only solved about 3 out of the 100 and more episodes but just watching it makes me amazed at the writing the acting and everything about it. Although I am deeply saddened that the show will be ending after it's eight season, I will continue watching my dvds and reruns.
  • OCD and crime solving never looked so easy.

    Monk's crime solving capabilities never cease to amaze me. Despite being handicapped by obsessive compulsive disorder Monk continues to find condemning evidence against both the opportunistic as well as the intellectually superior. Monk's disorder has both prevented and helped in his quest to solve each case that comes his way. Comedy mixes in with drama as each case comes to life and is solved before you. The increasingly confusing case that Monk has yet to solve is one which affects Monk at a deeply emotional level. His wife. His wife was murdered and he has yet solved the case but case by case he sometimes gets a little hint as to who murdered her and until that case is solved I will continue to watch and wait.
  • A show about a guy who has OCD and how this man uses his OCD to solve cases that local police can't solve. Watch him as he investigates and discovers the murderer and the motive behind the murder!

    I love Monk. It's definitely one of the greatest shows around. I like the fact that the show is lighthearted and funny. And Tony portrays the character well. I love Lieutenant Disher as well, that guy is a hoot! A great show. None of the episodes have ever disappoint me. I hope that Monk will keep on running for a long time around! I used to like the old nurse, but Natalie is great in her own way. This show always make me laugh like a crazy banshee. I also like the fact that they don't show how the police forensic team tries to examine pieces of evidence, but focuses on Monk investigation instead.
  • Monk bumps his head while trying to get more evidence pertaining to his late wifes trudys murder. He than wakes up a day later in a small town in wyoming and can not remember who he is and how he got there.

    This episode was truely disappointing and is a fine example as to why i can not stand Natalie. First of all why would natalie even leave him alone in tne first place? shes suppose to be his assistant and with him every second no matter what he says or does. Remember in the season 2 episode mr monk and the missing granny how when Monk was suppose to meet someone alone in the library sharona showed up and told him that was as alone as he was gonna get? Thats what Natalie should have done, and to make it worse she tried and failed miserable to try to make it seem as if she was terrible ahsamed at the fact that she left Monk alone but yet freaked out when the cpt. wouldnt tell her it was not her fault....of course it was her fault she should not have left him alone....The episode on a whole was bland...i mean why would cora pretend to be his wife out of nowhere....and wouldnt people be suspicious of the fact that cora is not wearing a ring yet monk is(his wedding band he always wears)?The end was just thrown at you and made no sense! Bottom Line bring back sharona(Bitty)and save the show.
  • I think there is a little Adrian Monk in every one of us-this show just brings it out!

    The first time I watched the show, I was nearly rolling in the floor laughing at this man who clearly is brillant but has a psychological problem. Tony S. is the perfect actor to play this part. So many people I have discussed the show with ask me "Do you think he really IS like that because if he isnt, he plays it very well."

    We have 2 saying in our house..."Its a Monk thing, you wouldnt understand" and " WWMD" (What Would Monk Do?). Watching this show has made me more aware of my own sloppiness, making me want to make sure things are lined up correctly, size wise, color sorted, etc. That is why I say, if you watch the program regularly, you will agree when I say "There is a little Adrian Monk in every one of us-this show just brings it out!"
  • Adrian Monk is an obsessive compulsive detective. he solves crimes, but the show also deals with him dealing with his OCD, which is often hilarious.

    Adrian Monk is one of the most hilarious detectives of all time. he can't look at certain things, and he can't touch anything, but he notices more than everyone else. he has a certain way of solving most crimes, and that often involves some hand motions that are pretty hilarious. some of the stuff he says is also hilaroius, especially when he's talking to his psychologist, or when he's talking to his clients. he can't let other people use his eating utensils and when he doesn't like something he starts rocking back and forth and making faces. needless to say it's great and a favorite of mine - i would gladly recommend watching it.
  • I loved this show ever since I started watching it!....

    I've loved this show ever since I started watching it! I randomly turn to USA Network Channel and I saw a show coming on so I decided to watch it! And it turned out to be one of my favorite shows ever. :D

    The shows really really funny and I like how its about crimes since I like watching crime shows.(:.

    Tony is absolutely fabulous at playing Adrian Monk. I would never be able to act like that at all! To sum it all up, this show is absolutely my favoritee! Its very funny and entertaining! Believe me! xoxoxoxo, miharu hatake :]
  • Fear of hand-shakes; Fear of milk; Fear of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING...

    What can I say? Those of you who have watched Monk have probably found yourself laughing at His many insane phobias; found yourself "boo-ing" at the less than graphic, and sometimes just plain generic murder scenes; and almost 100% of the time found yourself yelling at the t.v. screen. Monk is Monk, it's as simple as that; he's cheap, selfish, and Psychotic. But you gotta love him. He truly is one hilarious detective who hasn't failed to solve a crime yet (except his wife Trudy's murder of course) and always rises to the ocassion. Well, almost always - we'll give him a break considering his condition, and the fact that he is, and always will be, MONK.
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