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  • After the death of his wife,this detective develops Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. His obsessive attention to detail causes him to become useful again in his police work though he needs the assistance of his wise-cracking and ever-present nurse.

    As someone who has OCD, I found this a welcome,lighthearted release. It is very oversimplified script-wise,which is unfortunate and to be honest sometimes it is completely boring in its predictability. I do like the actors though.
    Given the right scripts this could of become a real groundbreaker.
    Good to watch if OCD is getting you down, or you prefer watching other people solving mysteries you have already guessed the outcome of. Light,entertaining and often funny.
    The lead actors are quirky and fun, they really do make the best of poor scripting. The comedic guestures depicting the OCD are brilliantly done too.It is a nice show.
  • Monk is quite a good show, it has a good mixture of comedy, suspense (at times)and depth.

    I don't believe that they got rid of Sharona, I can't imagine the show without her, she played her role admirably, and the chemistry between her and Monk made the show pretty special. Tony Shalhoub played Monk well, although I don't remember that many challenging episodes for Monk, he rarely seemed challenged by the part, there are of course episodes where he was challenged, but not that many.
    The show was good at building backstory for the characters, although at one point I thought that they had used the same backstory for two different characters, not so sure now but anyway.
  • Monk First Aired: ******* Monk is about a detective whose wife recently died, so he has obbsesive compulsive disorder. It's a gift... and a curse

    Monk is ahead of its time. No crime shows these days have a detective who is weird. While the stories can get a bit preditcbale after 4 seasons it's wtill fun to tune in and watch Monk deal with his disorder. It seems amazing that the Police still don't trust Monk when he says he hasd solved a case. The show is dramatic, exiciting, but above all it is hilarious. When his assistant left in Season 3, it was a very sad time for the show, but I am starting to like Natalie now. Well Done, Tony Shalhoup- the funiest detective ever!!!!!!!!
  • Save "Monk!"

    Monk was the most brilliant show of its time. The mysteries were well documented, and the characters were wonderful. Mr. Monk continues to shock me with his unintentional whit and mindblowing expertise. Actor Tony Shalhoub (Monk) does an outstanding job at bringing Monk to life. Monk's former assistand Sharona was the perfect balance to Monk. She had a sexy spunk which was needed for Monk. Bitty Schram (Sharona) and Shalhoub had perfect chemistry, making the show addictive. However, once Sharona disappeared and Monk hired his new assistant, the show was eaten alive. The chemistry between the two characters is non-existant, and the viewers miss Sharona's charm. The first 2 seasons are pure genius, but stay away from the current episodes!
  • i was "Monked"

    I was waiting to take a couple of doctors to the laboratory to do research. While waiting, I casually aligned the verticle file of papers on the admin assistants desk and aligned the box of tissues, then used my palm to adjust the alignment of the two. Suddenly, the secretary laughed, "You should watch Monk! you'll have to see it on NetFlix, though, cause it's been Yep, i'm hooked!
  • Monk was a great show, but it lost much of its original charm with time.

    Monk was a great show, but it lost much of its original charm with time.
    Monk is a policial show with some touches of comedy. I don´t think drama as a show quality as presented in the summary. That said I have to say that Monk started as a great show, but nowadays it´s just a good and fun show.
    It has good acting and the acting didn't change at all. What changed for worst was the episode plot. It was extemely fun and imaginative before, but now it only gets the job done. Nothing really memorable now which is a real pity.
    In the past, Monk was one of my favorite shows. Today I still watch it but I prefer watching other shows instead.
  • A delightfully quirky cop show.

    The plot centres around Adrian Monk a former San Fransisco police officer with obsessive compulsive disorder who now works as a mprivate investigator helping to solve crimes that baffle his former colleagues.

    The main character is brilliantly portrayed Tony Shalhoub who manages to make a totally unbelievable character very real indeed. The supporting cast are always excellent and in my opinion some of the best episodes are those that cncentrate almost exclusively on them. The plot lines are also good with interesting cases and often very intriguing motives and on more than one occassion a very well thought out killer.

    All in all this is a great show and one of my personal favourites.
  • Good show.

    One of the few live action shows I enjoy. It is a good idea for a show: an OCE detective tries to solve his wife's murder in a car bomb while solving murders. The show has a perfect mix of comedy with Monk and the people he meets, tragedy with dealing with Monk's loss and how sad his friends and brother act, and of course myster with gow he always solves murders. I do like most of the few episodes, but those few ones where they reveal the killer in the first scene are a bit stupid. I'll be sad when this season ends.
  • A breath of fresh air

    I started watching Monk after the first season which since I have gotten the DVD to watch. Monk is a very funny show with great potential. There are not to many shows out there with the character of Monk. He is brillant in his acting. He totally makes you think he is obbsessive and compulsive. The episode with the monkey was totally off the wall funny. Sharonna's departure was unfortunate. She worked well with Monk. I think if they find somebody else who is compatible with Monk the show will start to pick up again. Even without her the show is still very funny.
  • I know I'm not supposed to laugh at people with problems, but I can't help it, LOL.

    After Tony Shalhoub won an Emmy for best lead actor in a comedy series again, I told myself I had to watch his show. After the pilot I was hooked, it was funny, Tony Shalhoub was THE MAN for Mr Monk, and the storyline was pretty good too, one clue led to another, the story went smoothly, and unlike other crime drama, this show put a hilarious spin on it. But after the pilot, the whodunits and howdunits were pretty obvious, and in most episodes, I already knew the whodunits and howdunits half way through the show, I was a little disappointed, however, I still liked it, especially the bizarre behaviors that Tony Shalhoub brought to his character, and of course Lt. Randall Disher and Captain Leland Stottlemeyer were fantastic too, their dumb detecting skills spiced up the story, and last but not least, Sharona Fleming, she and Mr Monk had a great thing going on, and she and Lt. Randall Disher had a thing going on too, a chemical thing, too bad they took Bitty Schram off the show, I really liked her, she was a badass with a good heart, and her son Benji was adorable, but now Natalie and her daughter seemed detached from other characters, it was just not the same without Bitty Schram.
  • .

    I used to watch Murder She Wrote with my parents, but I never really got into the stories. Mysteries just weren't my thing back then. Then, a few weeks ago, my parents introduced me to this show on USA network about a neurotic detective. So I watched it and after one episode I had a new favorite show.

    Adrian Monk is a detective with an obsessive compulsive disorder that apparently enhances his perception skills. Most of his friends at the station think he's just weird.

    Tony Shalhoub portrays the nutty sleuth. Before this, I did not know that Tony could act...well. I had only ever seen him in Men in Black as Jeeves. But a role like Monk proves to me that Tony can carry a story.

    But it's the humor in the show that keeps makes the show entertaining. If the jokes and zingers weren't there, Monk would probably be just another boring mystery where I'm trying, futilely, to solve the case before the hero. So, thank you Tony Shalhoub for making mysteries fun.

    If you're a mystery fan, a comedy fan, or a combination of the two, you will love Adrian Monk.
  • It started slipping before Sharona left.

    I started watching Monk in 2003. I'm not usually the type to watch detective shows, but this one was special. Tony Shaloub is great as Monk (even now) and he was one of the reasons I was drawn into the show. The supporting characters - Sharona, Stottlemeyer and Disher were always fun to watch as well. The other reason was obvious - the writing was good. The show was consistently better on into 2004. The episode with John Turturro as Monk's brother Ambrose really stood out for me, and I consider the second season to be the show's peak.

    It was around the third season that some of the plots started becoming predictable and I began losing interest. By the time Sharona left, I had already tuned out. Occasionally I'll come back and watch a newer episode, only to be disappointed by the outcome. I don't dislike Natalie - the new assistant, it's the stories that are nowhere near as good. It's a shame, because for a period of time Monk was a show I made sure not to miss every Friday night, but that's in the past now.

    I give the show an 8 for its first two seasons, but don't let my rating mislead you - the quality is not what it once was.
  • A new and fresh show.

    I love Monk one of a new and fresh show. But theres one thing I must say bring back Sherona!!!! The show is not as funny without Sherona. Natalie is just Blah. She is not funny and dresses too plain. Just pay what Sheronas want and bring her back PLEASE!
  • Very entertaining and Sherlock Holmes' ish...

    This show has consitently been one of my favorites. I enjoy trying to catch the clues or storyline before Monk goes... and I don't always. The introduction of Traylor brings a fresh, young point of view to the series. Although I enjoyed Bitty, I like the interaction with Traylor much better. More west coast (the setting) than east coast.

    Tony Shalhoub is the perfect actor for this series; much like Dennis Haysbert is for The Unit. After watching him through several shows; it would be hard to picture anyone else in that part.

    Great show.
  • Why are there no gay people in this show?

    I like Monk, it is better than most network shows. I don't understand why there are never any gay characters. I think I've seen every episode and don't think I've ever seen a gay character. This is located in San Francisco? Not only should gay characters be commonplace, they should be on the police department. This really stood out to me in the recent episode where the Office Party had no gay couples or characters dancing together -- I have been to San Francisco a lot and believe me there'd have been some same sex dancing at that party.

    The show itself is above average. I just don't understand why it is located in San Francisco and doesn't reflect San Francisco to me at all.
  • Mr. Monk is good, but getting a little old

    I like Monk, its a great show in the first couple of seasons. Its original, funny and creative but later on it gets bad. Mr. Monk first took a step down when they got rid of Sharona and replaced her with Natalie. I wouldn't mind it if Natalie had a different personality but she acts exactly like Sharona. The fact is, that later on the episodes become more predictable. Also, none of the characters have changed or grown, its all still the same. Its just going downhill. I believe that they need to pick this show up again, and why is it always murder can you be a little creative
  • Bring back SHARONA!!!!!

    impresive season 1, and even more amusing for season 2...Monk with all the quirks and all his weirdness... sharona with her witty, offensive and tease comment about monk made the show more interesting... then there's season 3 when all of sudden... sharona disappear with reason that really really not make any sense for me... and here come natalie trigger that much less "funny" in so many ways....the show is still good but it will be much more perfect if sharona still the assistant.... make an episode that bring sharona back... maybe compete with natalie for monk.... or throw monk to each other so he won't be her responsibility.... i don't care.... just BRING BACK SHARONA!!!
  • I like it.

    I like Monk. I love the characters and the show itself. Monk suffers from very extreme OCD and so many phobias it's insane. It's hard to believe that he can even function at all. But that is part of what makes this show so good.He'll be faced with a murderer or an extreme situation and if a sticker is crooked he'll have to fix it. I have OCD and if you lessen his phobias and things by 20 times than he is me. Monk is so gifted at what he does that it is uncanny. he is without a doubt one of the finest detectives on television. lol. You shouldn't pass this show up. I used to refuse to watch it because I thought it looked stupid, but I caught a marathon one day and then I was hooked. Now if Monk is on I am in front of the TV. So give it a chance!
  • Nice show but.. it still missing elements.

    This show is great. I saw it for the first time on the BBC. And it was funn.

    How ever with time it was getting anoing. The weard tendesies of Monk only grew altouch the crimes were great to se and how he found cleu's bc of his little qwerks was great. Somone cant stay like that for long.

    I sadly have to say I only seen season 1 bc the rest never aired here in the Neterlands. And I am hoping that season 2 is a lot better. And has better character develpment that this first season.
  • Interesting concept

    Who would\'ve ever thought theyd make a show about a guy with OCD solving crimes? Now that innovative. I love the plot, and Tony Shaloub pulls this character off really well. He basically steals the show, which is a good thing. They need to make Monk a detective again in in the show.
  • A show about a compulsive detective... brilliant!

    Every once in a while, I will tune in to watch Monk for the heck of it, and I must tell you, this is a great show. Tony Shaloub gives a great performance as detective Adrian Monk. The supporting cast is pretty strong, especially with the seasoned Ted Levine. I've got to give the writers credit for their intriguing stories. The show is also has plenty of humor, which is one of my favorite aspects of the show. Not many detective type shows have this type of humor that is found in this show, and yet still be credible as a pretty intelligent show. This is a great show to just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

    Despite the recent changes the show has made that some people don't seem to like very much, I still believe this show is still very strong and a joy to watch.
  • Sharona and Natalie

    I love Monk, however the episodes feature Natalie much more than Sharona. Please equal the episodes----------------
  • Not Bad!!

    This show is OK. I love it. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • Monk is a detective show about a former Police officer Adrian Monk and his idiocincracies obout the world we live in. His condition was enhanced after the death of his wife in the first episode He specializes in the tiniest of details and uses them to sol

    I like this show alot. You dont see skin. There are a few sexual comments insuated but not explointed.Yet it can keep your attention
    It moves along well and you cant get lost in the storyline.
    I love the crime scenes as they always are different.
    How ever much I like it they need it to evolve
    quickly as as it is starting to have flashes of Murder she wrote.
    Which also was a good show but most of the time Ive got it figured out half way through and then its time to upgrade and explore new additions
  • Well it's a jungle out's a jungle's a jungle out there!!!!

    It's Monk!!!!! My most favourite show in the world....well make that one of my favourites. It's a crime show full of comedy that I wouldn't miss one episode of. With his assintant and his bosss, Monk ius one of the greatest detectives in the world. He solves all types of crimes from murders to robberys. He uses all his skills and many unusual talents to solve all the crimes.
  • Yes folks, Mr. Monk is my new best friend. The only way to believe it is to watch the show.

    This show is a classic, hilarious, and yet serious. Mr. Monk is an obsessive-compulsive detective, which should give anyone a chuckle who is familiar with OCD, and by watching the show you get a pretty realistic idea, but you must remember this is a comedy show, but well represented.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive detective sees things that everyone else misses and solves crimes

    Adrian Monk would be a hard man to live with, but if I was ever in need of a detective, he\'s one I\'d call. I love how he can look at something and see things that no one else has seen. I love to see if I can solve the \"mystery\" by the time he does. The more the watch the show, the more \"keen\" to details I become. I hope this shows lasts a few more years.
  • Just smart!

    Seriously, what shows have been that great in the past few years, that could appeal to just about any person? Monk delivers laughs and mysteries to a wide range of audiences. Experts on O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) say that the show does a credit to all patients in this field, instead of insulting and making fun of them, as many shows and movies do.

    I'm so glad I discovered this show for my whole family. Now we refer to Friday night as "Monk Night", just because we love this show so much. Everyone should give this show a chance because it deserves at least that much. I almost felt sorry for it, seeing how ABC canceled it and all. But then, luckily, USA saw the promise in it and picked it straight up. Now most people feel sorry for ABC! Of course, if they weren't so quick to, as I say, "Judge and Cancel" all new shows, maybe they could have some decent programs on. 2 episodes just isn't enough.

    This isn't one of those shows where I'll say "Well, if you have some extra time one Friday night and you're feeling bored..." No, trust me, this is a show you want to MAKE time for. Let me include a brief overview:

    Adrien Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is a Detective with O.C.D. (see above), whose wife died 6 years ago when a car bomb killed her. Monk believed that the bomb was meant for him, and blames himself for her death. For the main part, Monk is going around solving crimes of all shapes and sizes (although they are all homicide), although every once in a while Monk, on one of his cases, will uncover something about the murder of his wife, which is a top goal for him. He is accompanied by his nurse/assistant Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram), and just about every episode has the police captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) and Lt. Randal Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford), who is an absolute riot at times, because he has a heroic sense. In other words, he's watched too many episodes of "Cops" and likes to imitate major police films. He also seems to have a "thing" for Sharona, even though they act like they hate each other. One last character that finishes off a great cast is Doctor Charles Kroger, Monk's Psychiatrist.

    Overall, this is a must see for all, and if you miss this show, you're missing out on a great entertainment opportunity.
  • Disher quits the force when a task force raid goes sour. So he decides to run his grandpa's farm after he comitted sucide. Disher decideds to call out monk because all isn't right. We get a monkish episode, Lt. Disher subliminay solves the case.

    I feel that it was a classic episode but this is at least the second episode where the use Lt. Disher's family in an episode. I feel that the writing has been a little stale in the origin where the cases are originating from. All little creativity will go a long way. But I did like how they used a different element, the farm. As well, they took a different view of having only Disher and Monk. The writers seem to be focusing on different type of stories. I'm torn on how much I like the episode but overall I have to give a good score because it's an awesome show.
  • In this episode mr Monk is battling with his loyalties as far as career choices go.Is detective work actually good for him because he has to deal with things that are against his neurotic impulses?

    Funny how they keep covering Natalies stomach. Reminded me of similar efforts in other shows. And the pillow joke in the end was funny! I love Taylor Howard, she is such a fresh face in this show. Without her things might be too repetetive. In this episode the whole murder mystery was very much the usual but there were a lot of details that kept it all interesting. I was surprised that Monk was so ok with the shotgun. Also seeing him so nervous about the duties as a buttler seemed a bit far from his current state, he seems to be taking things easier in many ways. Loved seeing a hobbit as a nasty guys btw :D
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