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  • Monk matches wits with a super brain chestmaster. Who relishes keeping his rivals off balance and frustrated. He knows your next move; so Monk has to think like him; to defeat him.

    It is great that this episode has someone who is super brillant; and can test the mental toughness of Monk. Would be nice to see this character back in a future episode; where Monk has a problem with a case, and is thinking about going to see the grand chestmaster in prison; so he can talk to him about this very difficult case he is currently working on. But the chestmaster wants to know whats in it for him, if he helps out Monk. I hope the producers of this terrific show, think about my idea for a future show. Keep watching Monk; you will learn alot about life.

    i have been watching monk for alot of years , and was excited for the new season to start .. and it has been great .. and i like the direction the show is going .and i think the idea to bring back a new shrink was good. it wouldn't have been the same . monk is a great show and i love the web site . i hope monk will be on for alot more years . it seems like there just isn't to much good tv any more . thank you usa net work for keeping a great show going .
  • His OCD improves with every case he solves.He still mourns his wife after six years, and after a few episodes you mourn her passing as if she were your only friend. His progression through the show is a hopeful and inspiring aspect to his amazing show.

    I love this show. This might just be my favourite show as of now, and I am not one to be known to watch TV at all. My heart blongs to Mr. Monk now, and I plan my day around his shows. I wish he were real, I honestly do. This show has begun a spark in me that a television show has not induced in a very long time. I love every character. Even mr. rubs-the-lotion-on-it's-skin guy from Hannibal Lector. I love it. All of it. My heart beats for Monk. The best detective show I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot.
  • I love Monk!!! It's my family's favourite detective show. Even my eight year old brother likes it!

    Monk has to be one of the best detective shows on television. Monk is a wonderful obesessive compulsive detective and Tony Shalhoub plays him awesomely! my favourite ep. has to be the one with Sean Astin playing the murderer. if you don't know who sean Astin is he was Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings. I like both natalie and Sharona but I do miss Sharona as Monk's assistant. I forget why she was gone. If it was the actress and she left for personal reasons, at least the writers didn't get a new girl and give her the smae character name. this show is awesome and anyone who says otherwise is crazy!
  • Monk is a great show that takes place in San Francisco. A diverse assortment of characters along with talented writing make a great combination with this one. Adrian Monk is a former police officer and was discharged becasuse of his ocd behaviors.

    This has got to be the greatest detective show to ever come along. It is also in my opinion the best thing on cable, maybe even TV! The show involves comedy along with drama keep audiences in a unique mood. It is always fun to try to figure out who a murderer was, or how they did it, and in some episodes ( Mr. monk gets stuck in Traffic), you know exactly who did it and how but you watch as Adrian trys to solve it or prove it to authority. Overall the show is great and very fun to watch.
  • I think this show is great!! One of the best shows on TV!!

    this show is about Adrian Monk who has obsessive compulsive disorder and used to be a cop. His wife died years before of a car bomb and he dedicates his life to finding killers especially his wife's (Trudy) killer. he then became a homicide detective with the San Fransisco police department with captian stottlemeyer. Captian Stottlemeyer has a lietutenent called Randy Disher who helps him out a lot. Adrian Monk, who people just regurally call "Monk" had an assistant in the first few seasons called Sharona but currently has a new assistant called Natalie. Monk can also easily solve all of these murders because he can find out all of the seemingly insignificant stuff about the case. He has this because of his disorder, even though it soemtimes causes problems. This show is such a great show with amazingly portrayed and funny characters, great humor and drama and mysterious cases in each episode. Great show!! See it!!
  • Wonderful show! Very humorous ! I think it should stay on the air for a very long time. You get the "drama" and the laughs!

    Although Monk can be a little over the top with his OCD habits, keep in mind that there are other "OC's" in the real world who have a difficult time coping with their condition. I think there's a little "Monk" in all of us from time to time. I love that in this show, you get part drama and part comedy. Monk can be funny- seemingly without any effort at all. Don't ever take away the phrase "it's a blessing... and a curse". I do however wish that he could be put back on the force somehow, he deserves it. Maybe he could be "Top Detective"
  • I give it a 10 just the way Monk would like it. What more is there to say?

    This a really great show. I only started watching about a few weeks ago, and I already love it!! It's about a guy who's like totally phobic of everything, solving crimes. His assistant, Natalie, is so cool too. She's like independent. GREAT!! SHOW!!! Monk is funny, with a few touches of drama and to top it all of are homicidal crimes. It certainly is great. I sure hope it keeps going on for more seasons to come. It really is a good show. Well, my point is that MONK is really a good show. You should really watch it. Because IT IS A REALLY GREAT SHOW!!!!
  • A very good show.

    This is a very good mind tesing show. I like how in each episode there's like a mystery to slove and you have to trace yourself through each episode to solve the case. The first episode I watched of this show was the Christmas Special and it was awesome. My eyes were glued to the TV the whole time. It's a very intresting show and in each episode you never really get bored in the storyline because it's so good and original. The show also has good actors. They have very good expression and thier good at doind what they do.
  • Great show, scared wife actress especially!

    It was my first time watching this show and I was liked it a lot. Especially this Elena Evangelo, the woman playing the scared wife, impressed me very much. She was incredibly believable and one couldn't help but to fear for her life. I was sad she died so soon, would have loved to have seen her and David Strathairn together. He was great too, but thats to be expected so it was nice to see such a talented fresh face! Mr. Monk was naturally excellent. Very cool Columbo'ish concept and I liked the arc and challenge of this particular story-line with the chess playing.
  • Tony Shaloub is wonderful in Monk, as he is also the Excecutive Producer of the show.

    MONK revolves around Adrian Monk, (Shalhoub) who is a brilliant detective for the San Francisco police force. One downside, Monk is plagued with an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it's this disorder that costs him his position as a legendary homicide detective. The unsolved and tragic murder of his wife has lead Monk to develop an abnormal fear of germs, crowds, heights, and basically everything else. This not only presents a challenge in living everyday life, but also in solving the murder of his wife.

    This season we will see Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-nominated character actor Hector Elizondo as Dr. Neven Bell who will be Monk's much-needed therapist. Additional guest stars that you can look forward to seeing this season include: David Strathairn ("The Bourne Ultimatum," "Good Night and Good Luck"), Emmy winner Brad Garrett ("Everybody Love Raymond," "Til Death"), Academy Award and Emmy-nominated Robert Loggia ("The Sopranos"), James Lesure, ("Vegas," "Studio 60"), Casper Van Dien ("Starship Troopers," "Titans"), William Atherton ("Desperate Housewives," "The Practice") and Malcolm Barrett ("The Ghost Whisperer," "PSYCH").

    As we kick off season seven, Monk is fed up with a noisy neighbor and decides to move into a new house, where - in addition to the usual pitfalls of home ownership that introduces him to empathetic handyman (Brad Garrett) - he encounters a murder; after the untimely death of his beloved Dr. Kroger, Monk reluctantly tries out a new therapist (Elizondo); when a television lottery hostess is murdered, Natalie takes her place and becomes a local celebrity, while Monk pursues the killer; a famous boxer's (James Lesure) life is threatened so Monk takes the case and finds himself in the middle of a big championship fight... well, actually, in the corner with his manager (Robert Loggia); Monk finds himself on a submarine... five hundred feet underwater... enough said; Monk meets his match in a brilliant chess master (David Strathairn) who is suspected of having murdered his wife; Monk develops a crush on a model who is accused of murder and despite the overwhelming evidence - including her confession - he is determined to prove her innocence; after Monk seeks a new form of therapy (hypnosis), he finds himself reverting to his 9-year old personality; and then Monk solves his 100th case while being profiled by a news magazine show.

    Bottom-line, this is a brilliantly written series and is without question worth checking out.
  • hilarious, laugh out loud humor. great show to watch.

    Monk is the greatest detective show ever. The plot is genius and the writing is even better than the plot. Tony Shalueb (not so sure on how to spell his name) is one of the greatest and most under-appreciated actor. After watching this show i think that everyone can pick up small traits of O C D in themselves. This is a must see show for all detective/comedy lovers. Monk is Humorous and ahead of its time.I give it two sanitized and straitened thumbs way up. Oops, forgot to mention that the shows murders are creative and monk solves them like a mad genius.
  • Why Monk is the best show currently being aired.

    I've read and watched my share of mystery stories; reading Sherlock Holmes novels, Agatha Christie novels and watching things like Cadfael and Murder She Wrote. But I'm not usually into police dramas, at least not any one I had seen before, but Monk is one of the best shows I have ever seen and certainly the best show currently on the air. Adrian Monk is one of the funniest and most interesting characters ever, he is alternately making you laugh and making you pity him and everything that has happened to him. The cases he has to solve are mostly murders, but often they don't appear that way, or don't happen the way they appear. Mr. Monk always sees what everyone else misses and helps catch the murderer. If you are looking for an exciting, innovative show that has characters that you can care about then Monk is the show for you, even if you have never watched a police drama or crime show before, and if you have then Monk is the best of the best.
  • An obsessive-compulsive detective whose knack of seeing the smallest details at a crime scene have made him a world renown expert crime solver.

    Monk is about an obsessive compulsive detective. Monk is so funny with all of his little quirks and phobias and although I am not obsessive like he is, but I can relate to him. All of the characters on the show are so funny and I love each one of them, Monk, Natalie, Randy, and Stottlemeyer. I also love how the show really seems like a police force solving crimes in real life. Yes, sometimes the senarios are a little farfetched, but it seems that the cast and crew work hard to make sure that the show is funny and interesting while still trying to make the crimes and mysteries that Monk solves pretty realistic.
  • Monk is the coolest detective ever.

    I love Monk. It has every good quality a show can have. Every episode has it's own story so you're never really out of the loop if you happen to miss an episode, but there's also an underlying story that starts from the first episode and grows throughout the seasons. That's the story of Monk and Trudy, and her death. It's a very serious and intense show being about death and all, but it's also hilarious. My favorite episode (I forget what it's called =/) is when Monk goes on a date with some chick that works at the power plant and he makes her climb the stairs all the way to the top, and then after missing their reservation they take the elevator back down and the power goes out. So Monk, the chick, and some overweight woman is stuck in the elevator and Monk is panicking.. but in his own way. He's sitting there hitting the Lobby button over and over and over and over again saying "Lobby lobby lobby lobby lobby etc." The funniest part though is when he sees the sign that says something about only being able to hold 600 pounds, and he looks over at the overweight woman and turns right back to the Lobby button even more afraid than he was before. (Clearly I'm not very good at explaining, it's much better than I just made it sound..) I was telling my dad about that part of the show once and he was crying from laughing so hard. One of my favorite parts about the show is how there's always a twist at the end, and even after you've seen a lot of episodes, you still can't guess who the killer was or why they did it, it's always a surprise. The only reason why I don't give the show a perfect 10 is because they got rid of Sharona. I hate Natalie.
  • Great show. Just a great show.

    Monk is rocking the world with it's mixture of comedy, drama, and action! This is one of the best shows I've ever seen. When I look for new shows to watch, I no longer have to explain what I'm looking for, because Monk explains it for me. This show is so good that really all I can say is that it's amazing. In fact, right now, I can't think of any downsides to this show. It's just so good.
    The story is fantastic:
    Monk, an ex-cop, is back with the government serving as a detective. With the help of his assistant, he can solve any murder case. However, the only case that he couldn't solve, was the murder of his wife, which is the cause of his never-ending misery. While his therapist tries desperately to assure him of eternal happiness, Monk refuses to be patient enough to understand.
    Now tell me, how could that not be a good show?
  • A detective with OCD.

    This is a very quirky crime show that is quite funny. Mr. Monk is great as the detective who was fired, but is constantly brought back to solve crimes because of his stark attention to detail because of his OCD. Tony Shaloub plays this character perfectly and only on occasion does it get to be too much. The supporting cast also adds a lot of good humor to the show. Sharona his first assistant was really funny and her reactions to Mr. Monk were great. I personally prefer Natalie who has a really nice chemistry with Mr. Monk and often helps solve crimes with him and her daughter is another good character.
    An overall good show.
  • i really like this show. ITs always on, so when Im bored, or sick, i can watch it. SO FUNNY (at times)

    good show, good show. I really like it. I watch it when i get to. Some friends of mine like it. (SOME) I watch it with my mom. IT is about a GREAT detective, who ends up getting severs OCD, and becoming a private investigater. HE only lost his "job" as a detective becasue his wife died in a CAR BOMB! (i would be messed up to if someone close to me died, too.) But, that doesn't stop him.. completely. I LOVE THIS SHOW! it really has good acting and funny scripts, and it jsut looks like that the whole cast has a great time! EVERYONE should WATCH this SHOW!
  • I love this show!!

    When i first heard about this show i honestly only heard the name and was wickedly thrown off about what it was about... big mistake on my part.... i walked in on my mom watching an episode and i got hooked...completely!!! I always love a good mystery having fun solving em!!! Randy is so funny i love watching him.... well i guess i just flat out love the cast they have good chemestry. I love natilie shes cool... not that sharona wasnt but i just like natilie better. this is one of my fave shows its funny its got mystery Its Great!!!
  • A breath of fresh air among the same old detective shows.

    Having Monk be this overly smart guy with all these problems was a great idea. It makes for a more enjoyable show, instead of just having another detective show that has the sterotypical cops. The writers and actors make the show really great. Tony plays Monk perfectly and no one could do it better. His cast mates also do a great job with their characters. Overall Monk is a really good show. Some of the constructive ways the writers use to pull off the crimes are very good. Everything about this show is pretty original and aside from the odd so-so episode here and there, Monk remains a great show.
  • Who thought of this? Cause it is freakin awesome.

    Who thought of this? Cause it is freakin awesome. Dead serious. This show reminds me of... me. OCD sucks. I just started watching this show on USA in the afternoon. And i can't get enough of it. Great plots, great characters, who you can fall for. if you hate this show, then you probably hate most, show in general... i recommend not watching any tv at all. Just give it up entirely. The show is in its sixth season, and i have only seen maybe a third of the episodes. I need to buy all the seasons. At least i have 30 new episodes to watch.
  • An excellent show with a mature cast, but usually easy to figure out who "the guy" is.

    Let me start out by saying that I like this show. All the characters are well developed and have now have enough history so that regular viewers can pick up on nuances in their favorite character. The show started out it's first season on uneven footing with the Captain and Lieutenant sometimes making a bit too much fun of Monk's idiosyncrasies, but once they all got to know each other, it became quite good. A lot of the humor is bases on the the good natured and accepting interplay between the cast, which is nice to see. Monk's first assistant, Sharona, was sometimes a bit rough around the edges, but, as I said, so was the show during the first two seasons. Natalee, used a much more softer and motherly approach that seems to work better with Monk. I was glad to see Stottlemeyer and Disher come around to working with Mr. Monk as well. The mystery part of the show is usually too easy to solve. I would put is somewhere above Matlock but far below Murder She Wrote on the difficulty to solve spectrum.
  • Monk is a great show. Its Comedy and Drama all in a bunch. With Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) Monk is a detective or private consultant with SFPD. He deals with tricky crimes and has a terrible case of OCD.

    Monk is a great show. One of the best that there is. Its comedy and drama. Seeing such a brilliant detective dealing with such a bad case of OCD. Tony Shalhoub is a great actor. But the show is also terrific because of the humor. Especially with Randy Disher. (Jason Gray Standford) Monk can solve any case except for the one that matters most to him. His wives car bomb murder. Monk has many phobias but I don't think any of them would stop him from finding his wives killer. Once you watch one episode of Monk you can't quit. Trust me.
  • This is a review that I originally had to write as an Evaluative Essay for my English Class: Monk is a show that mixes the murder mystery elements of Law & Order: Criminal Intent with the sophisticated comedy of Frasier.

    The Next Generation of Comedy

    You're flipping through the channels and all you can find are the dozens of Law and Order clones and the typical sitcoms starring a fat guy inexplicably married to a skinny and attractive wife. Just when you're about to toss the remote aside and go complain that there is nothing original on TV anymore, you find something different. You find a murder mystery show that can make you laugh and a comedy that can capture your imagination and appeal to your analytical mind. No longer do you have to ponder whether you feel like laughing at Homer Simpson's antics or want to be swept into a mystery with Detective Brisco. You have found Monk: a show where you can get the best of both worlds.

    Monk, created by Andy Breckman, follows a consultant to the San Francisco police department named Adrian Monk; played by the brilliant yet understated former Wings star Tony Shaloub, who has the ability to solve any mystery with his super-heightened sense of awareness for the details of a scene. His ability to notice small clues and make accurate conclusions is unmatched by anyone in the police department. Monk once solved a case where the reason for a burgler's entry into a home was to steal a small valuable stone that had been accidentally placed at the bottom of a fish tank. That is why Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, played by Ted Levine, calls Monk in for the most difficult of cases. Although Stottlemeyer isn't a bad detective himself, he simply does not have the skills of Adrian Monk. One might ask why the greatest detective in San Francisco is only a consultant and not a full time detective. The answer to that is complex; Mr. Monk has a psychological disorder known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which was magnified when tragedy struck and his wife was killed in a car bomb. The mystery of who killed Trudy Monk remains to be the single mystery that Adrian Monk cannot solve. The event is so significant that it is referenced to in almost every other episode. But why is Monk funny? Although OCD is a serious mental disorder, it causes him to do funny and odd things and to worry about matters that not too many people would ever think to worry about. In the episode "Mr. Monk and the Other Detective" he is completely distracted by the presence of dog poop at the crime scene. His assistant asks "Did you step in it?" and Monk replies with a pained expression on his face "If I stepped in it I'd be in that ambulance right now, on my way to the emergency room praying for the sweet release that only death can bring". And when he is asked about his thoughts on the case by the Captain he replies "Ah, I'd say it's a terrier, a Yorkie, maybe a Chihuahua. Probably miles away by now. We'll never catch him" despite the fact that the captain wishes for his opinion about who killed the owner of a jewelry store, whose body is lying not ten feet away from him. Monk's OCD makes him fear a variety of different things, germs most prominently, and this is the source of many amusing moments such as when he reveals that he takes five showers a day and that he once washed his hands 100 times in one day. In "Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa" he was touched when he received a dust pan and brush for Christmas. His disorder also causes him to need things to be even and in order and in the episode, In "Mr. Monk and the Fashion Show" a fashion mogul was about to hire a model until Monk pointed out that one of her eye brows was slightly lower than the other. This would not have been noticed if it wasn't for Monk, so the model was plainly annoyed. Later in the episode Monk was so distracted by a model having only one mole on her back, that while she was turned around he tries to draw another mole onto her back (to make it even) but fails but tries again when her dead body is found latter in the episode.

    Adrian Monk is a character that we both sympathize and admire, and despite his often comical difficulties, he still solves any and all murders that he is asked to take part in. Unlike such impersonal shows like CSI, Monk allows us to view the mysteries from a distinctly personal point of view. CSI gives us such an objective experience; the two-dimensional characters collect the scientific evidence and throw the bad guy in jail. Rarely do we get to see a true genius at work such as a character like Monk, who's past and struggles we know. How he can look at a crime scene and come to conclusions would take CSI half the episode to find in the lab. Unlike shows like Two and a Half Men whose most complex plot involves the slightly dorky Alan trying to get a very attractive girl and the humor of it lying in his fumbling and eventual lack of success; the plots of Monk weaves witty deadpan humor with suspenseful murder mysteries. Almost as if the writers of Frasier and Law and Order: Criminal Intent got together to write a sophisticated and funny murder mystery show, by which Adrian Monk is the lovechild of the comically persnickety and pretentious Dr. Niles Crane and the Holmes-like and slightly disturbed Detective Robert Goren.

    Despite Monk being more interesting than shows like Law & Order and CSI, more smartly comical than Two and a Half Men and Friends, and having the best and funniest detective on television Monk airs on the USA network a channel that only cable subscribers get. The reason for this must be that Monk was the first show Andy Breckman ever created. I'm sure this show would have had a much larger venue if it had been pitched by more noted creators or producers like Dick Wolf or David E. Kelley who have had many shows on the larger networks like Fox and NBC. Fortunately Tony Shalhoub took the role of Adrian Monk, and won two Emmys, a Golden Globe and an SAG award for his role, the consensus is that no one could have played the role better than Mr. Shalhoub and his talent draws further attention to this underrated masterpiece of a television show.
  • The best detective around!!!

    Adrian Monk is the best detective ever, but he has a downside, he cannot stand filth. When I say he cannot stand filth, he cannot even stand a speck. If there is something asymetrical, he puts it in the proper spot. If there is dust on someone eles' jacket, he wipes it off with his sleeve. If someone shakes his hand, he has to have wipes right after. These qualities never distract him from solving the case though. He is always hired to help the police with cases that are too complex for them and he always gets the job done. He requires the best assistant around, which I belive is Natalie Teeger. She helps him, and had become one of his very good friends. I love this show and I will continue to watch it.
  • This show redefines "the new mystery show." Sure there's Law & Order, but can you watch it with your family? This is one for the record books, setting the trend for mysteries of the 21st century.

    This show redefines "the new mystery show." Sure there's Law & Order, but can you watch it with your family? This is one for the record books, setting the trend for mysteries of the 21st century. Monk is about a clean-freak detective, Adrian Monk, who's wife, Trudy, was murdered with a car bomb. Monk was completely devistated by the incident, altering his mind and making him obsessive compulsive. After years of depression, Monk decides to use his incredible skills as a detective again to try and save as many people as possible, to hopefully one day find peace in himself. Along with his old friend SFPD captain Leland Stottlemyer, Lieutenant Randy Disher, and his assistant Natalie Teeger, the "private consultant" solves homocide cases like there's no tomorrow. This clever mix of mystery and comedy is one that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Monk is an American TV show that revolves around the obsessive compulsive detective Adrian Monk as he solves cases brilliantly under the employment and sometimes expense of Captain Stottlemeyer.

    In the first season Monk was seen as clinically insane but as the series progressed his antics now classify him as extremely agitated and annoying. The first season also had a real old – fashioned "Diagnosis Murder" look to it, it's not until the second season does it become a more light – hearted affair and by the fourth season the entire show is dedicated to comedy and doesn't make an effort to be creative or mysterious. His long – suffering assistant Sharona was replaced in the middle of season 3 after the actress who played her (Bitty Schram) virtually vanished and is given a weak reason for leaving, she was replaced by the ever – smiling Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard), Natalie and Adrian are more of a comedy duo rather than Adrian and Sharona who were more of a team. Personally I partly think the shafting of Sharona was a blessing because her nasally New Jersey voice that permeated almost forty episodes was unbearable however she did have more acting range; her performance in "Mr. Monk and the Girl who cried Wolf" is nothing short of Oscar – worthy but Natalie's idea of serious acting gives the resemblance of a dog who was left out in the rain. Sharona's chemistry with Monk was very natural but there was something vacuous about the chemistry with her son Benjy, Natalie however has excellent chemistry with her daughter Julie but her and Monk never quite click. Tony Shaloub never disappoints as the defective detective using subtle physical humour and deadpan wit that makes Monk a legendary character but due to the underlying sense of seriousness about his condition and lonely life he's also a tragic figure too. Ted Levine ("it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again" from Silence of the Lambs) gets down the role of the gruff and by – the – book Captain and is a great diversion to all the creeps he usually portrays, in the early episodes there was a lot of disdain between Monk and the Captain; he was hostile and was often forced into hiring Monk but since then the two have grown into close and loyal comrades despite often getting on each others nerves. Lieutenant Disher has changed the most over the course of the series; in the pilot episode he was seen as a serious yet ambitious cop who (like his Captain) was disbelieving and resentful to Monk, he has since evolved into a goofy and immature but loyal second banana; he also seems to have taken an intellectual downward spiral as his theories are often absurd and acts as the village idiot of the team. The writing for the show up until the fourth season was brilliantly clever like in Sherlock Holmes and would surprise the viewers however from the fourth season it has gone steadily downhill making the plots a lot more predictable and slightly dumber. As the scripts lose tone so does Monk's detective skills with his impressive methods of noticing impossibly subtle clues to the viewers sometimes calling the shots before he does. I think Monk is a very mixed bag; on one hand there're good performances all around with mostly well – written episodes and genuine hilarity on Shaloub's part but on the other hand the show is filled with failed and unknown American actors and the show's editing and continuity is quite primitive but on the whole it's a very good show.
  • A breath of fresh air

    I started watching Monk after the first season which since I have gotten the DVD to watch. Monk is a very funny show with great potential. There are not to many shows out there with the character of Monk. He is brillant in his acting. He totally makes you think he is obbsessive and compulsive. The episode with the monkey was totally off the wall funny. Sharonna's departure was unfortunate. She worked well with Monk. I think if they find somebody else who is compatible with Monk the show will start to pick up again. Even without her the show is still very funny.
  • Crime drama at its most! Monk also adds some comedy in the midst of solving crimes!

    Adrian Monk. He has tons of phobias but thats not stopping him from solving all kinds of crimes. Monk adds a twist though. Monk not only has to solve murders and mysteries, but has to deal with his own problems too. With the help of his partner, he manages to deal with all of this. Funny show, and a great show for newcomers to the series. You don't have to watch them in order for a story. I watch whatever comes up, and it's my new best friend!

    I give Monk a 10/10. Thanks to USA for putting this original series on!
  • This show is so dry and slow I don't see how they put it on the air to start with. Who wants to watch some nut who is nuts

    This show is for the dogs. I can't stand it when he starts into his little act when something is not to his liking. He acts like he is insecure to deal with the problem of life and things that are going on around him. The way he acts I don't see how he makes it to the bath room, if he was in a coma from an accident then they should rein duce it and put him in a room all by his self. The program is so back I can't write the min. words for the review. Know what I mean Vern
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