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  • It's funny there's mysteries that you can't expect and it's great.

    tony shauloub is perfect for monk, it's very great comedy show where there's alot of crazyness to it and you'll never expect how the mysteries end. His OCD habbats make it very fun to watch and every episode can have a good mystery. why the show is popular and hasn't been canceled yet is because it has comedy and mystery which not many mystery shows have. It's a great show with because of the actors, the writers, directors, and producers combined is one of the many reasons that make it a great show, and which I hope never gets canceled.
  • OK i admit i thought it would be not that great of a show but i guess i'm wrong. It's ok i guess.

    The show is about Monk a cop that got suspended from being a cop because of his candition he has OCD. Its where you have to do stuff perfect.It's a show that just isn't your favorite but when you see it on you have to watch it. The is funny I was so surprised. I was elated when it got signed for a new season it has comedy that isn't stupid like some shows. I just hope they aren't larthgic when they make the new episodes. Sometimes the plot line can get tanget but its an overall good show. Some of the stuff he does is so perilous and that keeps it good. I'm always estatic when it comes on. I hope it has a great new season it has won many emmys but i just hope they stay on track.
  • It's original, funny and has great mystery in every episode.

    I still remember the first time I saw this. It was an instant classic.

    The very fact that he has OCD, which causes him to notice everything at crime scenes, is very funny . . . and yes a little sad.

    Monk knows he’s odd, sad and a bit pathetic and he just doesn’t care . . . or can’t do anything about it.

    I really like how the story has developed over the past few years, with him getting better then worse, Sharona leaving then Natalie coming in, along with the continuing unfolding mystery behind Trudy’s death. It’s a great show that so far has not gotten old.

    I watch this show every week and I’m always entertained by the Defective Detective
  • Cut back on TV. this was my sacrifice

    It is a hilarious show. Watched it on and off for last couple of years, but now I just do not have enough time to watch. Anyone with a sense of humor will enjoy this show thoroughly. Good story lines along with good actors. On to bigger and better things now.
  • Monk, once a cop, has a severe case of OCD, but without it he wouldn't be the great detective he is!

    A funny way to spend an hour. I am probably a rarity, but I have to say this show got better with Traylor Howard. Not that I didn't like the previous actress, but I like the fact that the current nurse is not as mouthy as the other one. It's still a fun show and I think this last season was the best.
  • It would have gotten a 10 out of 10 if this review was one and a half years old...

    Monk is in theory a brilliant show. The characters are quirky and fun and the mysteries are complex and well thought out. Sadly things have slowly been declining. The mysteries have begun to get very predictable and vets of the Monk TV show may even start to notice that the "how it happens" in the newer episodes sometimes are almost repeats of older episodes. They also stopped the search for Trudy's murderer which was frustrating and pointless considering there was no reason for doing so. Monk could improve if they put more effort into making really original mysteries like they used to...
  • I like it

    it\'s very funny but start is always so spooky and bloody.And im a bit like him.its so strange how cn someone be like this. He can\'t hold even an iron pole(or how to say it i cant speak english very well)with bare hands. He is just so funny. But he can do his job very well.
  • Monk is a clever cop show

    I really like Monk a lot. Its not anywhere near as serious as other cop shows, its more light-hearted.

    Its a lot like a feel good cop show. Monk is an obsessive compulsive cop. He became like that after his wife died.

    Even though everything has to be a certain way for him, he still has an uncanny knack for solving crimes. He solves them in very original ways.

    Tony Shaloub is simply superb as Monk. Its no wonder that he is always up for the biggest awards. There are other regular characters but they all seem to revolve around Monk who is well and truly the centre of this show. (as the name suggests!)
  • Monk is a great show and a true classic.

    Monk is a great show and a true classic. After Detective Adrian Monk's wife died, Monk was torn. Now, years later, Monk works as a detective for the police department. He's a great detective and solves cases in a way that few people could ever imagine. He's considered the best there is. There's only one problem, and that is that Monk is a little...different. He's obsessive compulsive and has germophobia along with a few other phobias. But as long as Monk has his nurse by his side (currently a young woman named Natalie) then he continues to solve his cases. Monk's character is truly unique and fun to watch. The show if both a comedy and a drama. I watch it all the time and encourage it to everyone. This is a show that everyone can watch no matter what their age.
  • A detective with OCD named Adrian Monk has to solve some mysteries, and keep himself in check.

    Monk used to be a very competent cop. Then, his wife died. This gave him a rather bad case of OCD, as he has a fear of literally everything. With his secretary Natalie, he comes back and tries to resume his duties as a detective. He meets odd faces like annoying kids looking to get some money, disgruntled men out for revenge, and even a creepy fangirl. It's also a little family-friendly, so the kids can enjoy. There's also Randy Newman, the guy who wrote the songs for Toy Story. Monk's strange phobias will make you laugh. There are a few action scenes. There's a little drama in there too. So, enjoy.
  • One of the better detective shows that has ever come onto the small screen. Tony has given us a very different and entertaining performance in the lead role of the Monk.

    Monk is going to end up a legend in the small screen detective role. Right up there with Mannix, Columbo, Rockford Files and Magnum as a
    unique detective. What's surprising about the Monk is - that he did this on a non major broadcast channel. The USA channel has one and
    one only true long running series on the air - that being Monk. If the Monk show continues to
    be made and aired on USA (and it should, given its ratings) the Monk will be known as the second
    most famous detective never to have carried a gun. One can only wonder what the ratings would be like if had the Monk first appearred on one of the major commercial channels.
  • A new take on the dozens of cop dramas seen on tv right now

    The third season was a time of transition for Adrian Monk (superbly played by Tony Shalhoub), an obsessive-compulsive ex-detective who works as a consultant with the San Francisco Police Department. Natalie (the new assistant) isn’t a nurse, so she’s a little less sympathetic and a little more ornery with Mr. Monk, but her teasing and sarcasm are more funny than mean, so the character’s presence only serves to improve an already fine show.

    “Monk” is one of those shows that is always good but rarely great, and that makes it a terrific candidate for summer viewing. These days, shows about homicide detectives are usually a dime a dozen, but with the main character’s quirks, the original mysteries, and the fine acting by a good cast (especially Shalhoub), make “Monk” one of the best cop dramas currently running.
  • One of the best detective shows of all time! It was well written, funny and very enjoyable. A true classic.

    What made this show such a hit was the main fact it was about a detective who has OCD and has alot of bizarre quirks. I mean, who didn't love watching Monk getting all bent out of shape at times due to his phobias and speaking his lingo. It was just a riot!

    The supporting characters were top notch as well. From Sharona Fleming, Captain Stottlemeyer, Randy Disher, Natalie Teager and Trudy Monk.

    The show sadly never was the same after Sharona was replaced by Natalie. While Natalie did a decent job, she just didn't have that spunk and attitude as Monk's first assistant that you just couldn't help but love.

    Stottlemeyer to me is what you would think of when trying to describe a cop. Tough and all business. Randy Disher on the other hand is what you call a suck up, trying to impress the Captain by any means necessary. His crazy theories for how a murder was committed was just hilarious.

    Anyway, as for the stories, I for one thought they were very well written. The writers were very creative on how to show the "who done it" theory. Just about every episode I watched the first time had enough intrigue and mystery to keep you interested and try to figure it out.

    All in all, this show is definitely worth watching if you need a good laugh and mystery.
  • this was a really good detective show that brought me back to the days of watching columbo

    this was a really show .its called monk who was a cop in the city but when his wife was murderd he became more excessive compolive and had alot of anixity and then had to be removed from the force till his phycy doctor said he could go back on the force. so he still works for the police just as the person that helps solves the crimes its a good show and iloved it from the beging it has alot of funny moments and like he hates shaking peoples hand and some thoguht he was racsit which was funny. and he is afraid of alot of things like hights which is funny he some times lets people get away. all in all its a really good showand its a must watch show i think if you lked columbo.
  • Monk is an original series with a great cast of characters and fresh stories ever episode.

    Monk is a very original series, even though it is follows the standard archetype of crime detective shows. it successfully establishes its characters and ties in the main story with that of the stories episodes and keeps the series fresh episode to episode. Adrian monk is well played and the guest characters are also well played and kept fresh often. The crimes are kept fresh and all involve being solved using the special traits of the main character, which contributes to keeping them interesting. Ads for the show are well placed and well done. As far as the characters being well developed, the show makes small steps every episode towards the end of the main story, or developing the main character.
  • Monk is a crime investigator show with a wierd twist.

    Monk is about a man named Adrian Monk who was dismissed from the force. Adrian traumitized from his wife's murder he became a private detective. With the help of his friends Natalie Teager his nurse, loutinant Randy Disher, and Captain Leeland Stauturlmire Monk tries to find his wife's killer. Monk is an outstanding show to go up against these other crime tv shows. Monk has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder). Monk is one of the best crime investigation tv shows out there. This show is comical and sad at the same time. Monk can be serious one moment then go to the comedy side another.
  • A fantastic show, you don't even need to watch it in order! :)

    Monk is a show about a middle aged man living in San Fransisco and his wife was murdered. So he became a detective, but he has the obsessive compolsive disease were he is a ''clean freak'' he always is cautious about things not being even or him getting dirty or anything of that nature. The show is a fantastic piece of work even though it is continuous you don't really have to watch it in order. I haven't actually seen all of the show but i like it! He also has his assistant with him at all times when he's on the job and sometimes when he's off the job. There has been 2 different ones. The show is wonderful and if you like a great funny murder mystery show, than you'll love this.
  • A great show is ending in Summer of 09. Why?

    This was a great show to watch, and very challenging to figure out whodunit. Monk having OCD just made the show better. "Oh my gosh, get that harmonica away from me!" "Ah! There is a ladybug on my finger!" "Look there is milk!" I will most likely miss this great show and wished I started watching this years earlier when it was better. I guess 8 seasons was good enough anyways. This was a show within a show itself and I found it funny and heartwarming at the same time. People don't watch this because they say it is hard to understand. My 9 year old son can understand it.
  • If you like your Detective plots to have a personal touch then you'll love this show. If you're more interested in forensics... move on.

    Maybe touch is the wrong word as Monk seems unable to touch most things. LOL. This show deals with a man trying to establish a functioning life as a detective and attempting to overcome the mental health problems which escalated after the death of his wife in a car bomb event. (That isn't a spoiler, Monk talks about this from the start.) Despite accurately portraying the kinds of obstacles someone suffering from extreme and multiple OCD's can face in daily life, it adds the element of hope that sometimes this minute attention to details can lead to a functional, if not exactly happy, life.
    The bottom line is that Monk notices things which other people don't and that is the point which the show uses as it's central core for detective purposes. More often than not the writers manage to keep track of Monk's varying OCD's and pre-occupations, coupled with a solid cast and some really interesting plots makes this show a solid 9 vote for me. If you've ever enjoyed Angela's Eyes, The Mentalist, or even Psych you will probably find something to enjoy here. If you're interested in mental health issues you might also find this interesting. If you like good solid detection work without the blood and gore then this is a show for you and your family. It even has some comedy in there too. An entertaining programme that I hope will continue for quite a while.
  • OCD and crime solving never looked so easy.

    Monk's crime solving capabilities never cease to amaze me. Despite being handicapped by obsessive compulsive disorder Monk continues to find condemning evidence against both the opportunistic as well as the intellectually superior. Monk's disorder has both prevented and helped in his quest to solve each case that comes his way. Comedy mixes in with drama as each case comes to life and is solved before you. The increasingly confusing case that Monk has yet to solve is one which affects Monk at a deeply emotional level. His wife. His wife was murdered and he has yet solved the case but case by case he sometimes gets a little hint as to who murdered her and until that case is solved I will continue to watch and wait.
  • Great show, scared wife actress especially!

    It was my first time watching this show and I was liked it a lot. Especially this Elena Evangelo, the woman playing the scared wife, impressed me very much. She was incredibly believable and one couldn't help but to fear for her life. I was sad she died so soon, would have loved to have seen her and David Strathairn together. He was great too, but thats to be expected so it was nice to see such a talented fresh face! Mr. Monk was naturally excellent. Very cool Columbo'ish concept and I liked the arc and challenge of this particular story-line with the chess playing.
  • Phobias were never so hilarious

    Nowadays TV Prime Time is dominated by Three things: Cops, Doctors, Investigators and whatever turns out from their combination. Monk would seem to be just one more, but his very, VERY peculiar main character is far from being your average detective. "Monk" truly entertains; it is hilarious, smart and each one of the cases are well rounded and have a good closure.

    The acting is superb and refreshing and the peculiar situations in which Monk finds himself every episode guarantee a very entertaining show every week.

    Those who surround Monk and understand his obsessions have a very well developed personality as well, giving the series a great balance.

    I just can say that Monk is a Highly recommendable, amusing option when one's got enough angst and still wants to see some case being solved.
  • The ever so eccentric, funny, charming character "Monk" played by actor Tony Shalhoub has made the show titled Monk a treat to watch. Watching this genius vulnerable detective solve murder cases can be both humorous and intriguing viewing.

    What I like about Monk is that its much more than a who did it Columbo style detective type of show. There is something about bringing a phobic into all sorts of terrifying situations forcing him to face his worse fears that makes it all work into funny interesting story lines. The writers have also managed to include tender human moments that will make you want to grab that hankie.
  • It's a detective show with a twist.

    Monk isn't one of those smart cleverly plotted crime shows but it's sure wittier then CSI etc. I've only begun officially watching in Season 5 but from the Marathon's I've seen of old episodes you can really tell that the Writer's are beginning to feel the stress of an old show running out of ideas. Sure I still think it's good and I want it to continue, but in reality I want it to end while it's still wanted by fans. Hopefully Season 6 will be better and they can end it properly for the people that have been with it since the beginning.
  • Monk!

    This is one of the few shows that can make me laugh every time I watch it. The Character Monk is so original and I love the storylines. It is a nice break from the seriousness that you see on such police shows as Law and Order and Law and Order: SVU. I love watching the show. I have to say that the promotional commercials that they have for Monk are just as good as the show, and definitely attract you to watching the show!
  • As far as comedy crime shows go, it\'s the best.

    I love Monk. I always watch the new episodes on Friday nights because there is no telling what new phobias will be revealed this week. Monk, simply put, is about a \"consultant\" to the police with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This man\'s name is Adrian Monk, a widower who is just trying to keep his life together. The combination of crime, murderers, and OCD makes for some very hilarious situations. And between Tony Shaloub\'s brilliant acting, hilarious supporting characters, and crimes that are original every week no matter what, Monk has everything AND MORE than a successful comedy should. Don\'t ask me to pick a favorite episode. I can\'t do it.
  • A funny procedural show.

    This is a cool show, it's sort of like murder she wrote. Adrian Monk is a cool detective, he might be a germaphobe but his a cool guy. Tony Shalob's acting makes this detective a really lovable character. It's a procedural show just like murder she wrote with a funny plotline. Monk's quirky behavior and unique detective talents are shown giving this show an entertaining pace. It never bores you, the pace picks up in an average speed but it doesn't have to be so fast since comedia scenes help tell the episode's story. This show is really entertaining but also funny.
  • An obsessive compulsive detective uses his cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitary issues to catch the bad guy. What's not to love?

    I don't know why this isn't as popular as CSI or something. This show is brilliant! Very funny. Tony Shaloub is the perfect guy for the role of Adrian Monk. Each episode is unique and facetious. Seldom do we see mystery/detective shows that are in the comedy genre, and Monk seems effortlessly clever, whimsical, sharp, slick, and thrilling. Touching too sometimes, but mostly brainy humor and surprising turns of events.
  • One of the best shows on television!

    Monk is a series about a detective with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD]. He is deathly afraid of heights, the dentist, and even milk. Using his various disorders to his advantage, he is able to solve crimes other top detectives cannot solves in a matter of seconds! He tags along with his assistant Natalie [or in seasons 1 - 1 1/2, Sharona] where he constantly gets them in financial troubles and is consistantly bugging them about wipes to wipe his hands down after he's been some place dirty or shook someones hand.

    There is absolutely nothing not to like about this series - it provides a Colombo-like atmosphere where no one has any idea how he solves it until he explains. Unfortunately for me, this series runs on USA which is a cable channed and I don't have cable, so I have to buy the DVD's when they come out. Another downside which I know many of you will disagree on is the switch from Sharona to Natalie. Sharona is such a more pronounced and passionate character than Natalie and my opinion.

    Keep up the great work, guys!
  • Monk is about an obsessive-compulsive detective who has an uncanny ability to solve crime. It may seem duh he is a detective he better be able to solve crime, if you thought that you have never seen Monk. Monk has too many problems to describe including a

    I can't wait to see what this detective is afraid of next, it is unbelievable that he is still able to fight crime with all of his problems. Compared to Monk everyone else (including Randy) seems normal. This show is pretty good although it has the same time slot as Numb3rs I never miss an episode. This obsessive-compulsive detective is more than obsessive-compulsive, he can’t drink milk, has to organize his trash (he throws out dirty liquids), and he hates going to the dentist (although this is a pretty common fear). These are just a few of the many things that Monk doesn’t like, I can’t wait to see what they think of next for Mr. Monk. This show is a must see for everyone.
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