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  • This show is so dry and slow I don't see how they put it on the air to start with. Who wants to watch some nut who is nuts

    This show is for the dogs. I can't stand it when he starts into his little act when something is not to his liking. He acts like he is insecure to deal with the problem of life and things that are going on around him. The way he acts I don't see how he makes it to the bath room, if he was in a coma from an accident then they should rein duce it and put him in a room all by his self. The program is so back I can't write the min. words for the review. Know what I mean Vern
  • It would have gotten a 10 out of 10 if this review was one and a half years old...

    Monk is in theory a brilliant show. The characters are quirky and fun and the mysteries are complex and well thought out. Sadly things have slowly been declining. The mysteries have begun to get very predictable and vets of the Monk TV show may even start to notice that the "how it happens" in the newer episodes sometimes are almost repeats of older episodes. They also stopped the search for Trudy's murderer which was frustrating and pointless considering there was no reason for doing so. Monk could improve if they put more effort into making really original mysteries like they used to...
  • A great crime show with a little bit of comedy.

    Monk is an awesome show that I have always found to be really entertaining.
    Mr. Monk a widower and a former Detective, who still helps the S.F.P.D solve cases when he is needed. Mr. Monk is a highly skilled detective with OCD, which gives us most of the comedy in this show, as he has to interact with others while solving crimes, and having this distracting condition. He is helped out by his assistant, who must carry around wipes for his hands. We also see various scenes with Mr. Monk and his therapist. In the end Monk always gets his man, and usually has to get dirty doing it.
  • Monk lost his wife Trudy and can't stop thinking who is responsible for her murder so now he solves other people's cases so that one day he can solve his own case.

    Monk is a good show with a lot of drama and comedy thrown together. Monk has a lot of phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorder which makes watching monk hilarious trying to solve a crime while not touching anything and always needing a wipe when he shakes someones hand. Monk has a photographic memory and putting together little bits of information, his solving crimes makes him a cool detective even though he is not on the force. With his assistant Natalie they open a private detective agency and can work for the police department when they are not on any other cases. Monk may be a nervous wreck all the time but is a very caring man who wants to keep his wife's memory alive by not dating anymore. Too bad since he needs a woman in his life who can help him conquer his fears and maybe make him happy again.
  • Monk rocks.Been watching for awhile now.Enjoy it everything it's one of the best series out there!

    I look at Monk and say-yeh you rock.I like Monk for the facts that the story in it appealed to me in a certain way especially what happened to Mrs.Monk that's sad,but Monk is still in the race.I also enjoy how he handles the cases,how he doe's it.Well Monk will alway's be one of my top favoriate show's(right next to Seinfeld)It comes to me also that Monk is the best dective there is better then Sherlock Holmes most likley.Still have to get all the season's too though,and in the word's of Adrian Monk would say.WIPE,WIPE,WIPE!!!It Rocks the whole entire House !!!!
  • Considering "Monk," or, If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!

    When "Monk" premiered in 2002, it was (pardon the cliche) a breath of fresh air in the TV world. For what seemed the first time in ages, we had an intelligent mystery series that was genuinely funny (not in the groaner sense of whodunits like "Diagnosis Murder"), and perhaps most importantly it boasted a lead performance by an actor equally adept at comedy and drama and who understood the balance between the two. Give him solid scripts and a standout supporting cast, and you have "Monk."

    The first two seasons of this show were perfection. The stories were tight and well-constructed and there was a precise balance of the comedic and dramatic elements of the series. Adrian Monk was depicted as an heir to Columbo and Sherlock Holmes (though the phobic Monk has more in common with Holmes' brother Mycroft); he was a detective underestimated by his peers and especially by his prey. There was great satisfaction in watching smarmy murderers (Gary Cole, Billy Burke, Andrew McCarthy, among others) see that they had been caught by this little man they regarded with contempt and pity. "Monk" was also able to mix up its formula, doing "who" and "howdunits," and even an episode with no murder at all.

    Season 3 for me was the point where the show began a downward spiral. Not all of the blame can be laid on Traylor Howard and the Natalie character, because this show was producing stinkers before Bitty Schram left ("Takes Manhattan," "Panic Room," and "Blackout" were abysmal.) Captain Stottlemeyer barely has any screen time now, and when he does it's with his awful new gal pal (why oh why did they drop Glenne Hedley??). Randy is now a full-blown moron. And Monk...well, Monk is dumb. Before, he was a brilliant man fighting valiantly against his disability. Now, he's a boob. The slightest thing sets him off; he is immature and irrational.

    Therein lies the problem. The writers have steered the show more towards comedy than mystery. Seasons 4 and 5 had a few strong episodes that seemed to temporarily recapture the magic of the show's early days ("Astronaut" and "On the Air" spring to mind) but now the show is a shell of itself. Tony Shalhoub has hinted that this current season may be the show's last, and I would not be heartbroken to see it go at this point. I love watching the Season 1 and 2 episodes on DVD and hope that the subsequent seasons do not tarnish the memory of the show.
  • very good but past its prime.

    this programme focuses on aformer homicide investigator called adrian monk who was sent from the policre depratment after his wife died. he has (OCD) which gives him a fine attention to detail, he has had 2 nurses since being on the tv. shaorna flemmingnd natalie teeger. he is also accompained by captain leland stottlemeyer and lieftennant randall disher. each case gets better amd better and we findd out more about his phobias in each episodes. i think it went down hill seaspn 3-4 but then 5 and 6 were good. a personal fave and would reccomend it to anyone. x x
  • Tony Shalhoub as Monk is amazing.

    I have watched this hilariously funny show since season 2. I first saw it during the episode of Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus. I thought episode was very intruiging, so I continued to watch. Over the years, I've grown to find his quirks both funny and a little much to handle. One of my favorite scenes of all was during Mr. Monk and the Kid during the 911 call. That was just too funny. Another scene I loved was during Mr. Monk and the Election where Monk and Harold are arguing over how to arrange the donut box and then Stottlemeyer squishes it and turns it into one big donut. So many hilarious moments, and dramatic ones. Excellent show. I'll keep watching.
  • Monk is wonderful!!!! He is the man you can laugh at, feel sorry and embarassed for, want to take home to your parents. I hope he stays on the air for a very long time....

    There is nothing to change about the show as far as characters, except I would love to see Ambrose become a regular character or at least be in more episodes....
    All the other characters are wonderful and should stay....I also would like to see a regular channel pick him up, so those of you who don't have cabel tv, can see this wonderful man,character,actor visit your home every week....Even my granddaughters, 3 and 6 years old love him. This is the perfect show for all ages. I give this a 100.... Love it! Love it! Love it! :) :) :)
  • A detective with OCD named Adrian Monk has to solve some mysteries, and keep himself in check.

    Monk used to be a very competent cop. Then, his wife died. This gave him a rather bad case of OCD, as he has a fear of literally everything. With his secretary Natalie, he comes back and tries to resume his duties as a detective. He meets odd faces like annoying kids looking to get some money, disgruntled men out for revenge, and even a creepy fangirl. It's also a little family-friendly, so the kids can enjoy. There's also Randy Newman, the guy who wrote the songs for Toy Story. Monk's strange phobias will make you laugh. There are a few action scenes. There's a little drama in there too. So, enjoy.
  • After the death of his wife,this detective develops Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. His obsessive attention to detail causes him to become useful again in his police work though he needs the assistance of his wise-cracking and ever-present nurse.

    As someone who has OCD, I found this a welcome,lighthearted release. It is very oversimplified script-wise,which is unfortunate and to be honest sometimes it is completely boring in its predictability. I do like the actors though.
    Given the right scripts this could of become a real groundbreaker.
    Good to watch if OCD is getting you down, or you prefer watching other people solving mysteries you have already guessed the outcome of. Light,entertaining and often funny.
    The lead actors are quirky and fun, they really do make the best of poor scripting. The comedic guestures depicting the OCD are brilliantly done too.It is a nice show.
  • Monk is a detective with a slight disfunction. He doesn't like heights, doesn't like milk, neat freak, hates anything out of place... let's just say he has a long list of dislikes, yet at the end of the day he still catches the bad guy lol.

    this should is really good. I can't get over that Mr. Monk is a detective with all of these problems and yet he can find the bad guy without getting his hand 'dirty'. On most shows like Burn Notice you always see the detective run and chase down the bad guy,shooting and rolling around on the ground and yelling profanity but not Mr. Monk. It's really cool and I enjoy watching his antics when it comes to him not wanting to be touched by germs and getting a napkin and counting things to make sure it's evena and not odd. He is hilarious. LOL.
  • Poor Poor Monk

    Monk is about a over complseve detective coping with his wifes death(car bomb) was it his job or was it hers that is what he can not find the anwsers to. He drives everyone crazy like for exp. after he sakes someones hand he wipes his hand with a moiste towel. He is trying to get back on the force. Right now he is a private detective. With a nurse SHERONA FLEMING and he drives he crazy and therts to quit alot but never does. The caption Leylon Statomire is the only friend MOnk has bt the friendship is based on business and he only calls him when there is a case. Poor Monk...
  • Poor Monk

    Monk is about a over complseve detective coping with his wifes death(car bomb) was it his job or was it hers that is what he can not find the anwsers to. He drives everyone crazy like for exp. after he sakes someones hand he wipes his hand with a moiste towel. He is trying to get back on the force. Right now he is a private detective. With a nurse SHERONA FLEMING and he drives he crazy and therts to quit alot but never does. The caption Leylon Statomire is the only friend MOnk has bt the friendship is based on business and he only calls him when there is a case. Poor Monk...
  • Rocks My Socks every time...

    Monk is about a over complseve detective coping with his wifes death(car bomb) was it his job or was it hers that is what he can not find the anwsers to. He drives everyone crazy like for exp. after he sakes someones hand he wipes his hand with a moiste towel. He is trying to get back on the force. Right now he is a private detective. With a nurse SHERONA FLEMING and he drives he crazy and therts to quit alot but never does. The caption Leylon Statomire is the only friend MOnk has bt the friendship is based on business and he only calls him when there is a case. Poor Monk...
  • I used to love the show, but this last season was just not funny.

    I've loved Monk for years, I buy the DVDs, root for Tony Shaloub for awards, and have spent more Friday nights at home watching it then I'll admit to most people. This last season, it seemed a little stale to me. Nothing seemed really fresh and it just wasn't as much bun to watch it. I actually got to the point where I was watching it for Psych vs the other way round like the previous season. I don't know if I'm even going to bother with that next season. I can't really put my finger on what's changed, but its not funny anymore. I still watch the older episodes, but maybe Monk has had its time and needs to die gracefully? I don't know, maybe it'll get better.
  • monk rocks

    best show in usa( the channel) monk is about a man named adrian monk who is really smart but has ridiculous phobias, over the edge hygiene, and wants everything to be even monk is a detective that and the finest in the bay area however all the phobias ans etc. can complicate solving it ( for example monk blamed a nudist for a murder because he does not like to see anything nude) however eventually solves the case.... anyways my review monk is a mix of csi for the action and drama and the other half a mixture of comedy that's straight out original monk is a must see
  • this follows a genius Investigator named Adrian Monk and his phobias and obssessions of order and cleanliness.

    this show is pure classic. the minute i saw this i thought to myself "where has this been all my life?" this is one of the best shows on tv, blending comedy and drama absolutely seamlessly with incredible stories and cases that keep you on the edge of your seat. probably my favorite part is how if your really smart enough you can figure out the case, and then when monk figures it out you just slap your forehead and scream "HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT?!?!" the comedy and the drama as i said before blend more seamlessly than i have ever seen another show do. this show is pure entertainment.
  • The People that made this were AWESOME People They rock Thank You Writer!

    Monk, Adrian Monk(Tony Shaloub) is a OCD effected person... his parter Natalie Teeger(Traylor Howard) is a pair of detectives that find out crimes and solve them! Captain Leland Stotllemeyer (Ted Levine) and Lieutaneant Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford) solve all kind of mysterys.
    Natalie has a daughter named Julie Teeger (Emmy Clarke), but althought Monk (widowed: Trudy died of a car accident) has no children. Monk makes everything clean and if it's out-of-place get monk lol! Stottlemeyer has a girlfreind (unknown). So now you know Monk has OCD and in a crime-fighting police detective!! And has great friends. Thanks for reading!
    Rocko5820 It took a long time to write this!
  • The story of Adrian Monk and his many phobias

    This show follows the story of detective Adrian Monk whose wife was murdered in a car bombing years ago. In the beginning, he starts of with Shirona as his nurse, but time moves on adn she remarries her ex husband and moves to New Jersey. Then Natalie comes along. She thinks he's like the most psychotic person in the universe, but she sticks by him. When I first starting watching this, I wanted Natalie and Randy to end up together (Underappreciated side kicks unite!), but now as I watch this, Natalie seems more compatable with Monk. I also feel sorry for Stottlemeyer because he went out with a murderer.....
  • How can you go wrong with an obsessive-compulsive detective named Monk?

    How can you go wrong with an obsessive-compulsive detectives named Monk?
    Well, Adrian Monk actually. but they call him monk.
    Monk is about a O.C.D. detective named Adrian Monk, who's wife was killed in a car bomb explosion.
    Because of her death, he has become a detective so that
    he can find out who put the bomb on her car
    He has had two assistants throughout the show, Their names are Sharona (who came first) and Natalie Teeger (second)
    So far, he hasn't solved her murder
    But has solved many cool murders
    and other mysteries
    If you wanna watch an awesome
    show on USA Network, watch Monk (and The Dead Zone and the 4400)
  • ...

    i like a lot this show.. i first watched it a couple of years ago because there wasn't anything good on tv.. and after seeing some episodes i started to really appreciate it.. i mean it's a really good show. it's something new and absolutely original.. . Mr monk is a widower who lost his job because of all of his hundreds compulsive obsessions.. (he became such a compulsive-obsessed person after his wife murder
    but the police departement still needs his help to resolve complicate cases. even though he is weird about a lot of stuff he is a very intuitive and smart detective..
  • One of the best

    Monk was one of the first shows on USA that really put this network on the map, and set the trend for other great shows such as Psych and Burn Notice. Tony Shalhoub gives a driven and charasmatic preformance as the main character, and every episode suprises me and keeps me watching until the credits. No doubt a talented actor, Shalhoub is surely one of the best actors to come onto the big screen, and the winner of 3 Emmys! But anyway, if you have not yet caught this show, you are deffinetly missing out on a great story and a wonderful preformance.
  • Phobias were never so hilarious

    Nowadays TV Prime Time is dominated by Three things: Cops, Doctors, Investigators and whatever turns out from their combination. Monk would seem to be just one more, but his very, VERY peculiar main character is far from being your average detective. "Monk" truly entertains; it is hilarious, smart and each one of the cases are well rounded and have a good closure.

    The acting is superb and refreshing and the peculiar situations in which Monk finds himself every episode guarantee a very entertaining show every week.

    Those who surround Monk and understand his obsessions have a very well developed personality as well, giving the series a great balance.

    I just can say that Monk is a Highly recommendable, amusing option when one's got enough angst and still wants to see some case being solved.
  • I'm glad I started watching again.

    I stoped watching after Sharona left because I hate when they replace the main characters. But I started watching season 5 because I was going to watch Psych afterwards. It turns out that I like Natalie better than Sharona. I know a lot of people like Sharona but I like Natalie better. I think she is funnier. I also like the Captain and Randy they make a funny duo. Mr. Monk has a lot more fears now then when he started the show. I am so glad that I started watching again. I love this show and I can't wait to watch the next episode.
  • I love Monk, BUT! I was really disappointed with tonights episode. It was not funny nor cute. I don't understand why they had to show so much nudity; really disgusting.

    The episode for Fri. July 27th was disgusting. The show has been pretty good until tonight. I don't understand why television has gotten so disgusting. Why does there have to be so much sex and nudity. I thought that it was a family show, but not anymore! Won't be watching it anymore. There is so little decency in television anymore. There are also so many shows that are really stupid and shouldn't even be on tv. I have really enjoyed watching Monk until this epsiode and I was really disappointed that it was so disgusting. I can remember when you would never see a mans butt on tv, very little of a woman's, but never ever a man unless it was R rated or above. I think that it is disgusting that there could be kids watching Monk and they are subjecting to the nudity that was on this episode. I won't be watching it anymore.
  • I Think Monk could just keep going to be the longest running tv show because its so good. Every episode gives you a good laugh. I recommend it to everyone.

    Well i started watching monk you could say by accident when i was off college because i was in hospital. Then i just got addicted to Monk i have all the boxsets on dvd to season 4. It is a very funny tv show with lot of lovable charachers. If i heard about this show i wouldn't watch it you just need to watch an episode and see what you think. Its the best comedy and detective show on tv!

    If you want to watch something on tv watch MONK.
  • Bring back SHARONA!!!!!

    impresive season 1, and even more amusing for season 2...Monk with all the quirks and all his weirdness... sharona with her witty, offensive and tease comment about monk made the show more interesting... then there's season 3 when all of sudden... sharona disappear with reason that really really not make any sense for me... and here come natalie trigger that much less "funny" in so many ways....the show is still good but it will be much more perfect if sharona still the assistant.... make an episode that bring sharona back... maybe compete with natalie for monk.... or throw monk to each other so he won't be her responsibility.... i don't care.... just BRING BACK SHARONA!!!
  • This show rocks! The plot is original and hillarious. Monk is the perfect detective...almost.

    Monk is a great show. Tony Shalhoub does as good of a job in this show as he did in Wings. Unlike in Wings, Tony is transformed into a detective with obsessive compulsive disorder. Though he does have this illness, he also has a photographic memory that allowes him to figure out and eventually solve different crimes. The plot is original and conducted in such a way that it is funny. Tony Shalhoub does a great job with his character. With every situation, there is something germy, disorderly and unorganized for Monk to get paranoid and freaked out about. The way that Tony Shalhoub does this is very funny. Think about a detective that cannot even leave a crime scene as is. Or who remembers seeing the date on a security system!! It's amazing the way that this show is done and the creator is pure genius!
  • a perfectly good show about a mentally ill detective!

    This is a great show, it is manely about Adrian Monk, a detective with obsesive compulsive disorder. It is really funny when he has to do things like, say, go into the sewer and its filled with rats, or when he shakes someones and and makes natally give him a "wipe" this show is all around great it has drama, suspense, and comedy!!!! And Tony Shalhoub was the perfect person to play monk too! it may not of worked as well if John Travolta or Eddie Murphy was Monk, who would want to watch that!!!! (maybe some one who is obsessed with them) but, yeah, monk must be one of the greatest shows of all time!!!!
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