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  • I love this show!

    I really love this show because it is serious but at the same time it is funny. I love how he will be talking to a suspect but take time to fix somthing on his shirt or how he will notice if somthing is missing. I also like how he will only drink one kind of water or his gut feeling is always right. This show is just so original and it makes me laugh just watching him. On the other hand they have really intresting cases on the show to so i like watching it for that part too.
  • Everyone's favorite OCD detective!

    Im new to the show, but I recently saw the Season Premire and a few other episodes and Im already addicted. The show is a mix between a cop show and I may be wrong, but comedy. It deffiently is a different cop show and Im glad 'cause all the other ones are getting annoyed. The show is about a former cop named Adrian Monk who suffers from OCD. He has helped a police department solve crimes since the murder of his wife. I think many people will enjoy the show.
  • really clever and original

    this show has some really original cases that could only be solvd by someone who pays attention to everything.The bad guys are super genuises that make such complex cases that the police are completely confused, and unable to solved them. i really like Monk characer. Tony really play the Monk well, and formed his character. At first, i thought that Tony really had OCD. He moves slowly, and looks so ponderous when he is solving the case. i like this show a lot, and anticipate the fourth season even though i am not done watching the rest of the other episodes.
  • Monk is an obsesive private detective who used to work for the force.

    Monk is special person, primarily because he obsesses over every little thing. His wife, Trudy, was killed in a freak bomb accident, and this is one of the reasons why he acts so weird. Even though this character trait drives most people up the wall, it is very useful in his job. He is a private detective that helps the San Francisco Police Department solve cases. Monk catches the little details that help solve countless cases. He has had two assistants, Sherona, and Natalie. This show is great, especially if you like shows that solve crime. i would recomend this show to anyone
  • You have an obsessive compulsive dective figuring out crimes in the craziest ways. Tons of laugh but also suspense. What's not to love?

    This show is great. The way Monk has the ability to figure these crimes with his obsessive compulsive ways are amazing. This is one of my personal favorite show. It's probably one of the funniest dective show you can watch out there. This show always have something that can make you laugh but sit wondering who did it. I think it's hilarious how Monk acts but yet he is such a genius and has such an opened yet closed mind. One of the best drama / comedy out there. I recommend this show for anyone looking for drama but a little laugh added.
  • Not Bad!!

    This show is OK. I love it. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • this show is about a detective whos wife was killed and he helps the san fransico police solve murders.

    monk is halarious because he is a neat freak, he needs everything to be perfect, and he is afraid of germs and has many phobias the way he solves the cases is pretty funny because he is doing something and suddenly he just solves the case. monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk monk.
  • A good and worthy show.

    What is so good about Monk is, after 5 seasons it is still fresh. I love this show, I personally thought that it wouldn't make it this far. It was only because the first seasons were so good. Still after 5 seasons, Monk still has the energy. The characters are round with life, monk's eye for detail remains strong; so far I hadn't seen an episode I didn't like. The plot and ideas are still creatively. That's it . . . the word I was looking for. Teeger adds life to the script, so do Randy. His character is rich. The captain is classic. This is a show worth watching. I don't watch much tv, but when I do, this is one. I'm thinking about buying a season, and whenever I do that, I know it is good.
  • Finally my singing Bitty Sharam's praises is in no way shape or form is an attack on Traylor Howard who recently joined the show as Adrian's new girl Friday Natalie Teeger. When someone deserves the Dick Sergeant award I will say so.

    In my opinion Tony Shalhoub is one of the best actors on television playing one of the best characters on television. It takes a special talent to make Adrian Monk's obsessive compulsive behavior (caused by the tragic murder of his wife) funny. Can you imagine what the pitch meeting was like? Still the episode was missing something I had always enjoyed Monk's sidekick/nurse Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram). I feel that it is too early in the show's run for it to Jump the Shark. Early on I had feared that the show might Jump the Shark by exploring a romantic relationship between Sharona and Adrian, or Sharona and Lieutenant Randy Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford). I know I am not the only one who wants Sharona to return, in fact I found an online petition to Bring Sharona Back To "Monk!" And people say that I have too much free time.

    I know, "People who live in glass houses".

    I have a great affection for characters who say what you are thinking or have the guts to say what you want to say but can't. The best part is that these characters can get away with it like we wish we could. We tend to forget that there is a team of talented writers who spend many hours creating these spontaneous lines for them to say. I wrote a spec script for Monk last year and my favorite part was writing Sharona's wisecracks. My wife told me that it was because I am Sharona. I think she meant to say, "I am a wisecracking sidekick trapped in a leading man’s body"

    Finally my singing Bitty Sharam's praises is in no way shape or form is an attack on Traylor Howard who recently joined the show as Adrian's new girl Friday Natalie Teeger. When someone deserves the Dick Sergeant award I will say so. It can be a very risky career move to replace a beloved character on a show, especially a character with very big pumps to fill.

    To quote Monk & Sharona,

    MONK:Do you register to vote?
    SHARONA: I never vote. It only encourages them.

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • I like it.

    I like Monk. I love the characters and the show itself. Monk suffers from very extreme OCD and so many phobias it's insane. It's hard to believe that he can even function at all. But that is part of what makes this show so good.He'll be faced with a murderer or an extreme situation and if a sticker is crooked he'll have to fix it. I have OCD and if you lessen his phobias and things by 20 times than he is me. Monk is so gifted at what he does that it is uncanny. he is without a doubt one of the finest detectives on television. lol. You shouldn't pass this show up. I used to refuse to watch it because I thought it looked stupid, but I caught a marathon one day and then I was hooked. Now if Monk is on I am in front of the TV. So give it a chance!
  • Just smart!

    Seriously, what shows have been that great in the past few years, that could appeal to just about any person? Monk delivers laughs and mysteries to a wide range of audiences. Experts on O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) say that the show does a credit to all patients in this field, instead of insulting and making fun of them, as many shows and movies do.

    I'm so glad I discovered this show for my whole family. Now we refer to Friday night as "Monk Night", just because we love this show so much. Everyone should give this show a chance because it deserves at least that much. I almost felt sorry for it, seeing how ABC canceled it and all. But then, luckily, USA saw the promise in it and picked it straight up. Now most people feel sorry for ABC! Of course, if they weren't so quick to, as I say, "Judge and Cancel" all new shows, maybe they could have some decent programs on. 2 episodes just isn't enough.

    This isn't one of those shows where I'll say "Well, if you have some extra time one Friday night and you're feeling bored..." No, trust me, this is a show you want to MAKE time for. Let me include a brief overview:

    Adrien Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is a Detective with O.C.D. (see above), whose wife died 6 years ago when a car bomb killed her. Monk believed that the bomb was meant for him, and blames himself for her death. For the main part, Monk is going around solving crimes of all shapes and sizes (although they are all homicide), although every once in a while Monk, on one of his cases, will uncover something about the murder of his wife, which is a top goal for him. He is accompanied by his nurse/assistant Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram), and just about every episode has the police captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) and Lt. Randal Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford), who is an absolute riot at times, because he has a heroic sense. In other words, he's watched too many episodes of "Cops" and likes to imitate major police films. He also seems to have a "thing" for Sharona, even though they act like they hate each other. One last character that finishes off a great cast is Doctor Charles Kroger, Monk's Psychiatrist.

    Overall, this is a must see for all, and if you miss this show, you're missing out on a great entertainment opportunity.
  • My favourite show!

    Monk is an Obsessive show about an Obsessive guy Dealing with Obsessive problems.

    Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub)is a former detective but still works in the Force! he gets so obsessed with every crime that comes up that he can't get his mind off it.
    but of course with such a great bloke in a great show there has to be a twist.

    Monk suffers from Obsessive compulsion, everything, everywhere has to be perfect.
    He has to use a wipe every 5 seconds because he has touched something dirty or he has shaken somebodys hand or done something that we would do everyday.

    But that just makes the show interesting.

  • A good detectibe show.

    Thisis a decent show, it's even slightly funny at times. I don't quite understand his obsession with everything being clean though, very strange to be a copper and have that obsession. This is one of the many shows I enjoyed watching when I was little, a good programme for sitting down with your family to watch.

    I don't watch this show anymore as it is never on, but i'll remember the good old television programmes I used to watch, this being one of them. A fairly decent detective show which will be in my childhood television memories.
  • an absolutely fantastic show! keeps me laughing and entertained throughout! Monks insane character gets my vote every time!

    I absolutely love this show - it is completely unique! How many shows are revolved around an insane and extremely lovable detective who is obsessed with the oddest of thigs. I Think it is great how it is due to Monk's obsessive compulsiveness that he can figure out cases, and i think that the show has an interesting twist that few shows have!

    Monk is always a good show to watch when you need to be cheered up, as Monks character can keep you laughing all the way through with his random urges to iron out the creases in a napkin. What a legend! I recomment it to all!
  • The ever so eccentric, funny, charming character "Monk" played by actor Tony Shalhoub has made the show titled Monk a treat to watch. Watching this genius vulnerable detective solve murder cases can be both humorous and intriguing viewing.

    What I like about Monk is that its much more than a who did it Columbo style detective type of show. There is something about bringing a phobic into all sorts of terrifying situations forcing him to face his worse fears that makes it all work into funny interesting story lines. The writers have also managed to include tender human moments that will make you want to grab that hankie.
  • It's a detective show with a twist.

    Monk isn't one of those smart cleverly plotted crime shows but it's sure wittier then CSI etc. I've only begun officially watching in Season 5 but from the Marathon's I've seen of old episodes you can really tell that the Writer's are beginning to feel the stress of an old show running out of ideas. Sure I still think it's good and I want it to continue, but in reality I want it to end while it's still wanted by fans. Hopefully Season 6 will be better and they can end it properly for the people that have been with it since the beginning.
  • Disher quits the force when a task force raid goes sour. So he decides to run his grandpa's farm after he comitted sucide. Disher decideds to call out monk because all isn't right. We get a monkish episode, Lt. Disher subliminay solves the case.

    I feel that it was a classic episode but this is at least the second episode where the use Lt. Disher's family in an episode. I feel that the writing has been a little stale in the origin where the cases are originating from. All little creativity will go a long way. But I did like how they used a different element, the farm. As well, they took a different view of having only Disher and Monk. The writers seem to be focusing on different type of stories. I'm torn on how much I like the episode but overall I have to give a good score because it's an awesome show.
  • This show is freakin' sweet

    Monk has got to be one of the geratest detectives on tv. It is sad, what happened to his wife to make him turn that way. But think of all the good it had done for him. Think of all the good it has done for others in the long run. This show is funny and entertaining. Every time I hear the theme song I can't help but smile because I Know what it means. I mean that I am in for one full hour of Monks OCD. I hope this show never stops airing. This show will be a classic for years to come.
  • Mysteries meet OCD's. Very funny.

    What do you do if you are one of the sharpest detectives on the San Francisco Police Force and the death of your wife brings out the worst of your obsessive compulsive disorders?Yes,that's right, to the the point of not being able to function in your job. You become a consultant. Still unable to solve his greatest murder case, the death of his beloved wife Trudy, Monk works hand in hand (after first using a wipe to eliminate germs)with the police to solve murders which often first look to be accidents. The cast remains strong even with the replacement of his assistant Shirona, with Natalie.
  • Why didn't I watch this from the begining? Monk is the best character on tv in along time.

    I first stated watching Monk this past summer and I was hooked. Before then I had heard about it but never really watched it. It's about a former detective named Adrian Monk who is obsessive compulsive. He was a detective for the San Francisco Police Department before he had a breakdown. In 1997, he lost his beloved wife Trudy. The show mostly revolves around him finding out who killed his wife, but also deals with his disorder and the people around him it affects. Tony Shalhoub gives an unbelievable performance as the defective detective and one that shouldn't be forgotten. The show also stars Traylor Howard as Monks's assistant Natalie Teeger, who tires to comfort him at his most vulnerable but also makes him fend for himslef. There is also Ted Levine who plays Captain Leland Stottlemyer of Monk's former prectinct. He is the man who is responsible for the firing of Monk. Stottlemyer still calls on him whenever there is a case that he cannot solve though. He is aware of Monk's tendencies, which is why he was fired in the first place. In the beginning of the show the captain did not like calling on Monk and thought he didn't need his help. Overtime though, he has shown his appreciation for Monk(on more than one occaasion) and even thinks of him as a friend not just a colleague. This is one the few shows that I need to watch all the time just to be satisfied. I have never come across a show like this where each episode brings a great deal of emotion and laughter out of me. I hope this show stays around for awhile and goes down as one the best shows of this decade, or any decade for that matter.
  • This show was about a complesive detective Named Adrian Monk.

    I love this show . Like i try to guess what the crime is going to be like but i am never close and then ur like wow how did he see that . Imagine if he was a real detective he'd be the best in the world . I wish he would of ended up with someone though like when the season ends he ends up with like someone special and also Natalie . My favorite episode would be the one where he goes to jail . Hehe i was suprised he survived i thought " oh no there killind the show " when i saw the commercial to that episode.
  • my favorite comedy

    this is awesome comedy show.
    mr. monk and his assitant is just like Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson,but they are not in UK and they are funny.if monk is a normal guy,this show must be a normal detective show.
    all people like friends here,they like to buy all DVDs of it,and watch it at nite,just for learning english,most of them don't even know there is another nice comedy called monk.i just have the so so feeling about friends,i only watched 10 episodes at most,but i watched monk all,maybe this is just different taste,i have rare taste with most of people from here.
  • In this episode mr Monk is battling with his loyalties as far as career choices go.Is detective work actually good for him because he has to deal with things that are against his neurotic impulses?

    Funny how they keep covering Natalies stomach. Reminded me of similar efforts in other shows. And the pillow joke in the end was funny! I love Taylor Howard, she is such a fresh face in this show. Without her things might be too repetetive. In this episode the whole murder mystery was very much the usual but there were a lot of details that kept it all interesting. I was surprised that Monk was so ok with the shotgun. Also seeing him so nervous about the duties as a buttler seemed a bit far from his current state, he seems to be taking things easier in many ways. Loved seeing a hobbit as a nasty guys btw :D
  • Mr. Monk At Your Service was a funny and happy episode all rolled into one.

    Mr. Monk At Your Service was a funny and happy episode all rolled into one. I thought Monk had found a new calling when he became the "house director" at the guy Natalie went to school with. There is no way anyone could keep up with his cleaning methods and how perfect everything has to be.
    I really enjoyed seeing Adrian Monk in a "new role" just to see what he would do if he was not a consultant for the police. I did feel sorry for him when his shrink told him maybe that was not the right job and maybe he should move on to something else when the issued the hiring freeze. As usual Monk solved the case and his assistant/friend Natalie and as a bonus will be getting his badge back. A truly great episode.
  • Monk!

    This is one of the few shows that can make me laugh every time I watch it. The Character Monk is so original and I love the storylines. It is a nice break from the seriousness that you see on such police shows as Law and Order and Law and Order: SVU. I love watching the show. I have to say that the promotional commercials that they have for Monk are just as good as the show, and definitely attract you to watching the show!
  • Solving crimes with OCD, is very funny concept to me.

    I sit and watch this show and think 'Wow he's kind of a germ freak detective, who solves crimes'. This show would not be as great if Adrian Monk didn't have obsessive-compulsive disorder. I have been told I have some obsessive-compulsive disorder tendencies with may be part of the reason that I find Monk such an interesting show. I just love to see what he's frightened by because of his obsessive-compulsive disorder, his ways of keeping clean and his 'germ-free' state of mind. The idea for the protagonist to be suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder was a brilliant one, making for a very humours show.
  • OCD comedy!

    Monk is a comedy on USA about a OCD detective. He does work for the cops and tries to find killers. Monk has an assistant Natalie which does every thing for him. What is funny about the show is that Monk can't really touch anything at the risk of gettin dirty. This adds some comedy to the show because you can see that his reactions are funny. Now for the review: The show is funny and never getting boring at all. The show isn't that graphic other that the ocanional blood. But other than that the show is pretty much perfect in my opinion.
  • It's funny there's mysteries that you can't expect and it's great.

    tony shauloub is perfect for monk, it's very great comedy show where there's alot of crazyness to it and you'll never expect how the mysteries end. His OCD habbats make it very fun to watch and every episode can have a good mystery. why the show is popular and hasn't been canceled yet is because it has comedy and mystery which not many mystery shows have. It's a great show with because of the actors, the writers, directors, and producers combined is one of the many reasons that make it a great show, and which I hope never gets canceled.
  • Wow! What a wonderful show!

    My dad is a huge fan of this show and we bought him a couple seasons on DVD for him to enjoy. Well, I don't really trust his taste in movies and other stuff so I was really skeptical about this show. I was taping it for him one night and watched it and wow! it was fabulous! Adrian Monk is such a great character. It was the one where he loses his memory and the actress that plays Jackie from Roseanne tells him he's her husband. I laughed my butt off! If he hasn't won atleast five awards for playing that character he's been robbed. This show and Nashville Star put USA Network on the map for me. Now I'm committed to watching every new show that they come out with just to see if it's as brilliant. I tried Psych too and found that it was just as good. I love you USA and Monk!
  • A fantastic detective show

    This is the best of the detective shows that i watch and i think this because of the characters. unlike with most tv shows where there are characters who have great strengths and also characters with great weaknesses you have this character, Monk who has this fantastic power of noticing everything and never forgetting anything but who also has this huge weakness of being afraid of everything and having all these compultions. it's very interesting to explore the character. The characters other than Monk himself are also truly brilliant such as his assistants who have to look after him and stop him when he goes too far with his compultions but who also have a story of their own. A fantastic show with great characters and stories.
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