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  • As far as comedy crime shows go, it\'s the best.

    I love Monk. I always watch the new episodes on Friday nights because there is no telling what new phobias will be revealed this week. Monk, simply put, is about a \"consultant\" to the police with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This man\'s name is Adrian Monk, a widower who is just trying to keep his life together. The combination of crime, murderers, and OCD makes for some very hilarious situations. And between Tony Shaloub\'s brilliant acting, hilarious supporting characters, and crimes that are original every week no matter what, Monk has everything AND MORE than a successful comedy should. Don\'t ask me to pick a favorite episode. I can\'t do it.
  • great show

    It's a real pleasure watching MONK. Tony Shalhoub is absolutely perfect, he plays Adrian Monk perfectly and the show is totally excellent. Bitty Schram make a great nurse, a good "Watson", Ted Levine is also as great as he is ironic in that kind of role. The mysteries are really well done, and the suspense is always keep until the last minute. The others characters are not some little characters, all are important in this show and that's really cool. Some called it the successor of Columbo, I wish this show will continue as long as Columbo.Every years there's a lot of news TV Shows, some are good, others are bad but there is only a few which are excellent as Monk. And there's only a few episode a year and that help the show to be always constant. So keep on it Adrian Monk.
  • Adrian Monk is one of greatest characters as well as one of the greatest detectives of all time on TV.

    I only started watching Monk a month ago, but i have quickly come to enjoy the show. Adrian Monk is one of the best character of all time. Tony Shaloub portrays monk perfectly with his compulsive disorders. Monk is also one of the best detective shows around on tv today. The episodes are interesting as well as the mysteries that Monk tries to solve. The ways that Monk solves the mysteries is amazing and he sees things that i never pick up on. Also what makes the show great is that not only is it a great mystery series, it is also very funny at the same time. Monk has everything, great stories, great characters, it has humour and is overall compelling. I am just dissipointed that i did not discover Monk sooner.
  • Monk is quite a good show, it has a good mixture of comedy, suspense (at times)and depth.

    I don't believe that they got rid of Sharona, I can't imagine the show without her, she played her role admirably, and the chemistry between her and Monk made the show pretty special. Tony Shalhoub played Monk well, although I don't remember that many challenging episodes for Monk, he rarely seemed challenged by the part, there are of course episodes where he was challenged, but not that many.
    The show was good at building backstory for the characters, although at one point I thought that they had used the same backstory for two different characters, not so sure now but anyway.
  • Story of a detective named Monk who has an obsesive compulsive disorder.

    I love this show! My family talked me into watching it with them a few years ago and I have loved it ever since. I mainly like this show because it is sooooooo funny! Monk has to have everything perfect and he will stop at nothing to ensure that it is perfect. This show has been getting better with every passing season and I can't wait until the new season comes on. My favorite characters are: Monk and Randy. There isn't a single episode I don't like. I can't wait to see more! I don't really know what else to say.
  • 110% off the wall and heading for greatness...

    I just adore Monk. USA hit the jack pot with this oringal series from day one. It is off the wall so crazy that you love it. I love the story lines as a great mystery show but that is not all. It is a great comedy with a little bit of drama but not too much that it over takes the fun out of crazy!! What a wonderful series and to still keep coming on after season one and after having one main chacetor leaving. That is a great sign of a great show when a main chacetor can leave and be replaced and the show continues greatness and doesn't lose it's core. Rock on Monk! And the best part is people should probably be as worried as Monk regarding somethings like germs etc! He has some points and hey I hate public bathrooms so I can kind of see Monk's point LOL!!!
  • Wounderful

    I really like Monk He is smart and witty. I think he has more brains than any cop on the show. He is smarter than the csi show and they are really smart. . I like when he uses he's witty look to outsmart bad guy, and I know they do not like that .But the sad thing is he had lose his best friend Trudy. I thought that was a sad thing to put in there. I wanted Monk to have a wife around the house. But I think the storyline is great, and I think they will make good , and witty show in the future. Keep me posted!!!!
  • Another cop show that is more brains that bullets with a good dose of humor tossed in.

    Last couple of seasons the network seems to have been messing with this show and I wish they would just leave it alone and keep giving us a steady fix of new episodes. Think it\'s time for Mr. Monk to start taking an interest in romance again. This is another one of those shows that is pretty much perfect and you just can\'t get enough of it.
  • Lovely show

    Monk is different from all other crime/mystery shows in the way that he\'s a good detective and that it\'s funny (real funny, not MacGyver funny).

    Tony Shaloub plays Monk brilliantly, and i cannot think of anyone better to play him.

    Even though Monk always gets his man (except for the killer of his wife, Trudy), the show is not very predictable, with the path getting to the man filled with complications.

    Not enough people love this show. I hope that will change.
  • A great show, Tony Shalhoub has the best part for it. I could not think of anyone else for the role.

    Love the show, it is a pretty funny series and will always watch the new episodes in the future seasons. I liked "Mr. Monk and the Actor" because it was funny watching one guy turn into Monk and how they are fighting at the end. The family and I always have a fun time watching it and it is better with all of the Monk items that we have as well. We have the shirts, hats, cups and more. I am looking forward to the holiday special with his long-lost dad and the new season that starts in January of 2007.
  • An ex-detective as a consultant working with the SFPD has a bad case of OCD- Worsend by the death of his wife.

    SHOW DESCRIPTION:After the unsolved murder of his wife, Adrian Monk developed obsessive-compulsive disorder -- a terrifying and irrational fear of germs and contamination. His condition cost him his job as a prominent homicide detective on the San Francisco police force. He continues to solve crimes with the help of his new nurse, Natalie, and his former boss, Leland Stottlemeyer.

    BRIEF HISTORY:Show creators David Hoberman ("Raising Helen," "Bringing Down the House," "The Negotiator, "George of the Jungle") and Andy Breckman ("Saturday Night Live," "Letterman," "Rat Race") executive produce, along with Tony Shalhoub and Randy Zisk ("Gideon's Crossing," "NYPD Blue"). Fern Field ("Kane & Abel," "Heartsounds") serves as co-executive producer and Tom Scharpling as supervising producer.
    STARS: * Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk * Ted Levine as Leland Stottlemeyer * Traylor Howard as Natalie * Jason Gray-Stanford as Randall Disher
  • The Great Detectiv Mr Monk!

    Mr Monk is an ex-police detective suffering from manias. His condition got more severe after the murder of his beloved wife Trudy. He is in therapy and free-lances consulting for the police department. He is a genius and his illness permits him to see things no body else does. He solves complicated murder cases and as Stottlemeyer says: "Monk is never wrong!". In his everlasting quest after the murderer of his wife, Mr Monk is confronteid wth one of his nightmares. A sloppy wife, he does not love, makes him do chores he does not bare to do! While his memory is temporarily lost - his sub-conscience guides him in solving a weird case involving bees... Tony Shalhoob is magnificent as always. Very believable and seems so desperate you want to console him and right away give him a wipe...
  • Monk: the show about a geek thats cool.

    When i first heard of the show called monk, i thought,what kind of a stupid show is this? something about a buddist monk that wins alot of awards? but when i watched the first show i laughed out loud. and then i watched the shoe that i got in the cereal box about a kid finding a finger when he was at the park and monk came and later adopted the boy and connected the finger to another muder and found out that it was the kids \'nanny\'. i\'m not sure what happened to kid now but i think monk gave up. this is a great show.later.
  • Hilarious show

    I really don't even know where to begin.I think this show is genius with how it carefully blends together what would be a drama with some comidic elements.Every episode has someone getting murdered at the beginning which would normally make it an immediate crime-drama but, Monk's obessive compulsive behavior makes this show one of the most funny that I have ever seen.Tony Shalhoub is brilliant in the way that he makes Monk behave.All of the other characters never fail to make me laugh either.With the way that Captain acts when Monk is starting to drive him crazy, is just hilarious.And Natalie too.I think that everyone should at least give this show a chance and I hope that it stays for a few more seasons at least.
  • OK i admit i thought it would be not that great of a show but i guess i'm wrong. It's ok i guess.

    The show is about Monk a cop that got suspended from being a cop because of his candition he has OCD. Its where you have to do stuff perfect.It's a show that just isn't your favorite but when you see it on you have to watch it. The is funny I was so surprised. I was elated when it got signed for a new season it has comedy that isn't stupid like some shows. I just hope they aren't larthgic when they make the new episodes. Sometimes the plot line can get tanget but its an overall good show. Some of the stuff he does is so perilous and that keeps it good. I'm always estatic when it comes on. I hope it has a great new season it has won many emmys but i just hope they stay on track.
  • Favourite show on TV currently

    I personally think Monk is the best TV show on right now. Great characters and weekly good mystery story makes a perfect mix. Adrian Monk is the best character on television and Tony Shalhoub plays him perfectly and very deserving for his Emmy wins. The character is an amazing mixture of humor and very sympathetic.

    Some controversy arose when Monk's first assistant/nurse Sharona left the show during the third season and replaced by Natalie. I am a fan of both women but I personally like Natalie just a little more.

    The TV show Monk is on cable TV and might not get the exposer of a big network show, but did get notice as Tony Shalhoub has won Emmy awards on multiple occasions for his role as Monk.
  • Monk is USA's darling. It seems like it had been somewhat under the radar for the first few seasons, but I think a lot more people are starting to realize what a wonderfully entertaining show this is. And how great an actor Tony Shaloub is.

    "Monk" is one of the best shows to come along in years. It is a modern interpretation of the detective show in the style of "Columbo." Tony Shaloub really outdoes himself in the role of Adrian Monk. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has never been so entertaining as it is on this show. Though I like a series where it is imperative to watch each and every episode in order to not get lost with what is going on with the plot, I like the fact that each new "Monk" episode basically stands alone and is not dependent on preceding episodes for understanding and/or enjoying the characters. But I won't likely be missing any episodes anyway. If I ever needed a detective to solve a baffling mystery of who done it, it would be nice if I could call on Mr. Monk.
  • one of the funniest and coolest shows

    so adrian monk is a private detective who lost his wife trudy in 1997 to a car bomb
    he is one of the greatest detectives anyone has ever had because he solves every crime
    as he solves crimes he also works on finding trudy's murderer/s
    he has an assistant natalie who has a daughter who is thirteen i believe
    monk also is obseesive compulsive so he is always trying to fiz one thing or another to look perfect
    this show is one the best and funniest detective show s i have ever seen
    it is always so fun to watch and it leaves you feeling very entertained
    so those of you who have never seen this: watch it!
  • Monk is an ex-police officer with a photographic memory, and many phobias.

    This show is great!!

    Tony Shaloub plays Adrian Monk, a consultant with the San Francisco Police Department. He is what is classified as an obsessive compulsive. He is obssessed about everything being perfect. His house is spotless, and he brushes his teeth many times per day. There is always a murder to solve. Whenever the police get a big one that they cannot solve, they bring in Monk. He can always solve the crime, and do it relatively fast. He doesn't focus on money, and he has his assistant take care of that. Monk's main goal at this point is to solve his wife's murder. She was blown up in a car bomb. He could never solve it, and he is always getting clues to help him solve the murder.

    This show is amazing and one I love to watch!!
  • Hahaha, comedy and again creepy in some way.

    This show is really special. Many reasons why. For first, it might just look like a detective-type show, but this show is definitely funny.

    When I first read the summary of this show, I thought it was just a regular show. That night, there was nothing good left on TV, so I decided to watch one episode of this show.

    And I was amazed, this show is really special, and yet so funny! Monk is a very special type of person, he always wants everything to be in it's own-regular way. Flowers must be properly set in the vase, his hair must be perfect, ... actually his whole house is somehow set perfectly... tables in that place, chairs there, pictures there...

    I really like this show now.
  • this series is excellent

    this is definitley one of my favourites.

    Monk is such an unique character that u can't help but loving him.

    His habits make him such a funny and interesting character, you would think that he isn't very witty, but he is indeed. The stories are awesome too, because each ones fits with Monk and makes him even funnier.

    I also love Tony's performance is just awesome. He knows how to show every characteristic of Monk.

    Monk's way of solving cases is very similar to Holmes way of solving them, which makes me love this show even more.

    I think that if you love detective shows and comic shows this is the show for you
  • I will try to share with you my opinion about this fabulous show...

    MONK...comedy, detective, great TV show...
    It\'s very funny...I laughed so many times when I was wathing this show...
    The main character Adrian Monk is a little bit strange...but I loved it after I have seen few episodes if MONK.
    Adrian Monk is not a hero...he has so many problems...He needs help...but for me is better hero than big man with huge muscles and without brain.
    After I started watch MONK I have liked cleanness everywhere...Just like MONK but not in such degree.
    It is one of the best shows ever...Everybody should like Adrian Monk...strange detective with a lot of problems...
    be happy and watch this show...
  • The life of a Obsessive Compulsive detective is an excellent idea of an immensely funny television show!

    I like Monk a lot, it a fantastic show to watch if you have problems of your own. Monk's ability to solve crimes that are seemingly impossible to solve. I like the fact that Monk's disorder nearly always gets in the way of a case. Out of the two nurses that Monk had my personal favorite was Sharona, her readiness to always be there for Monk and at the same time be a single parent looking after her son is what really drew her to me. I always like the fact that Monk always has to wash his hands after shaking hands with someone and his nurse having to explain why. It is full of good hearted laughs and the fact that I always feel sorry for his mentally stressed out psychiatrist who sometimes tries to run away from him. All in all a fantastic show.
  • This is a show about a germophobic detective who sees the smallest details in every case and peices them together solving the case.

    This is a funny, entertaining, and educational show about adrian monk, a germaphobic dectective solves homicides wherever he goes. He has a very keen eye that picks up all the smallest details (such as in another USA TV show pysch which I also enjoy watching) and at the end of the show peices a bunch of random information into a story about how the crime happened. I like the way the storylines are thought out and how the ideas for crimes are made up. If USA keeps coming up with these great TV shows like monk and pysch, they have a secured future in television.
  • Tony Shalhuob plays Adrian Monk, a character so real and likeable that you almost have to connect with him. Combining comedy with the real-feeling depression of the OCD detective and the care of his friends creates a show so real you're bound to love it.

    Another one of my three personal favorites. Monk combines both dry and warm humour with Monk's antics and his depression to create a truly flowing, connectable show. Monk's nurse Natalie and his former captain Leland Stottlemeyer, along with other characters accentuate both Monk's downsides, and victories over his disorder to help his friends and solve crimes, providing a tight-knit relationship within the show that makes it easy to connect with the characters. You'll cheer at the defective detective's victories and feel his defeats too when you watch this real hit of the twenty-first century. This is one of the best shows on TV today.
  • great show. it is timeless.

    Former police detective Adrian Monk , whose photographic memory and amazing ability to piece together tiny clues who suffers from intensified obsessive-compulsive disorder and a variety of phobias since the unsolved murder of his wife, Trudy, in 1997. works as a freelance detective on difficult cases is an amzing detective.
    i love all the episodes of monk and tony deserves those emmys i also like the supporting cast. i liked sharona but natalie too is quite a character i love the season finale of season four when monk gets jury duty that scene with the id/idea conversation was hillarious. it truely gets better every season. i hope it goes on for along time.
  • I know I'm not supposed to laugh at people with problems, but I can't help it, LOL.

    After Tony Shalhoub won an Emmy for best lead actor in a comedy series again, I told myself I had to watch his show. After the pilot I was hooked, it was funny, Tony Shalhoub was THE MAN for Mr Monk, and the storyline was pretty good too, one clue led to another, the story went smoothly, and unlike other crime drama, this show put a hilarious spin on it. But after the pilot, the whodunits and howdunits were pretty obvious, and in most episodes, I already knew the whodunits and howdunits half way through the show, I was a little disappointed, however, I still liked it, especially the bizarre behaviors that Tony Shalhoub brought to his character, and of course Lt. Randall Disher and Captain Leland Stottlemeyer were fantastic too, their dumb detecting skills spiced up the story, and last but not least, Sharona Fleming, she and Mr Monk had a great thing going on, and she and Lt. Randall Disher had a thing going on too, a chemical thing, too bad they took Bitty Schram off the show, I really liked her, she was a badass with a good heart, and her son Benji was adorable, but now Natalie and her daughter seemed detached from other characters, it was just not the same without Bitty Schram.
  • .

    I used to watch Murder She Wrote with my parents, but I never really got into the stories. Mysteries just weren't my thing back then. Then, a few weeks ago, my parents introduced me to this show on USA network about a neurotic detective. So I watched it and after one episode I had a new favorite show.

    Adrian Monk is a detective with an obsessive compulsive disorder that apparently enhances his perception skills. Most of his friends at the station think he's just weird.

    Tony Shalhoub portrays the nutty sleuth. Before this, I did not know that Tony could act...well. I had only ever seen him in Men in Black as Jeeves. But a role like Monk proves to me that Tony can carry a story.

    But it's the humor in the show that keeps makes the show entertaining. If the jokes and zingers weren't there, Monk would probably be just another boring mystery where I'm trying, futilely, to solve the case before the hero. So, thank you Tony Shalhoub for making mysteries fun.

    If you're a mystery fan, a comedy fan, or a combination of the two, you will love Adrian Monk.
  • Ever since Sharona left, this show hhas been going downhill.

    This episode was one of the worst ones that I have ever seen on Monk. The first half hour was sheer torture as Monk tried to survive a rock concert, engaging in his usual humor. Then there is the whole stupid porta-potty thing where the camera just focused on the portapotty for a whole minute untill monk emerged. The mystery was lame, and was written poorly. The whole father son thing that the episode was about was horribly cheesy. The crime was stupid, and easily solved througha series of improbable hints. The guitar string thing, the whole thing was just stupid. Whatever happened to High profile cases. Like last week was a good episode. But this one focused way too much on his tired-phobia humor, and not enough on the mystery. They really need some new writers, or a new direction, because its got tired fast. I remember one of the first episodes ever, perhaps the series premeire, that was high profile, and challenged him as a detective. it involved us with the trudy thing, and had some amazingly great moments, such as the funeral scene with his keys. That was good original humor and mystery, but now its just gotten tired.
  • It's a nice change to see a character that's not perfect.

    I've been watching this show since the very first episode and have been enjoying it ever since. At first I really really missed Sharona because I thought she worked so well with Shaloub, but I'm slowly forgetting what she looked like.
    I think Monk is such a great character because he can identify with just about everyone at least a little. Now, whenever I straighten up a picture from or even out my knick knacks, I think of Monk. I'm not saying I'm crazy about cleaning as he is on the show, but I think everyone has a little Monk in him.
    The only problem that I find with the show is that it doesn't last long enough.
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