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  • Monk: the best show on usa

    Monk is a very funny show. It is not always meant to be funny but it is and there is no complaining coming from me. When I heard that "Sharona" was leaving I thought the show was over but I was wrong and I am happy I was. They amde "Natalie" fit right in. And she is a good actor I dare say. The only thing I think is needed now is a love interest on the show. Monk will hopefully last a lot more seasons and continue to brighten my day:) I would definently mention this show for anyone to watch who has a sense of humor.
  • Monk: A very funny show

    I am a psych student so I have extensively studied OCD which the main character, Monk, suffers from. I enjoy relating everything that I have learned from school to the behavoirs exhibit by Monk. This disorder is characterised in a humorous way, but does not, under estimate the heartaches those with the disorder suffer from. In a way, I feel that this show builds tolerance for the disorder through a pathway of information and understanding, however ridiculous it is represented. Thankyou.
  • humor and mysteries... what more could you ask for?!?

    this show is so funny! i mean i cant belive how they could combine humor with mysteries so well! this show makes me go "snap! so that's how it happend!" so anyway this is one of my most favorite shows, and alot would agree that this is one of the best! the mysteries are so great... and monk is so funny....! uhm if theres a bad thing about this show i would say it kinda made me oc like monk!
  • Best

    This show is the best detective show out there. It's funny and has drama, it mixes. I one of my top favorites. I first seen this show when I was about ten and have watched it ever since, now I'm fifteen. It has a great cast. With Tony Shaloub, he makes the show best, what they should do is have an episode where Sherona visits and meets Natalia, now that would be a show. I hope this show stays on for a long time. When you think that they done it all, they surprise you with a nice one, Best Show
  • A funny procedural show.

    This is a cool show, it's sort of like murder she wrote. Adrian Monk is a cool detective, he might be a germaphobe but his a cool guy. Tony Shalob's acting makes this detective a really lovable character. It's a procedural show just like murder she wrote with a funny plotline. Monk's quirky behavior and unique detective talents are shown giving this show an entertaining pace. It never bores you, the pace picks up in an average speed but it doesn't have to be so fast since comedia scenes help tell the episode's story. This show is really entertaining but also funny.
  • Obsessive Compulsive to a fault, yet profficient, detective Adrian Monk manages to use his OCD to his advantage to solve cases that nobody else can solve, often with the help of his assistant Sharona, and later Natalie, and other allies of his.

    This is my first review, and, as you can tell, based on my comments and my rating, I\'m unbeliveably generous when giving ratiings to programs. For a program to recieve anything lower than a 4, it has to be as awful, if not more, than that godawful HeadOn (apply directly to the forehead!) commercial. The review might look a bit ameteurish and cliched, so bear with me, it\'s my first.

    Anyways, getting to the review. Tony Shalloub wonderfully and accurately portrays the characther of Adrian Monk, who is a loveable, sometimes bumbling detective with OCD. Ever since his wife, Trudy, died in a car crash, his OCD has kicked in rendering him in some ways almost helpless. He has a hard time living life since everything needs to be exact and ordered, and not to mention CLEAN, 100% germ free, for Monk, often distracting him from being able to solve the case. Infact one time during a garbage strike, he went so insnae that he suggested that Alice Cooper was the culprit in the case (which was humurously absurd). He hires assistants to help him cope with his life and OCD, first Sharona (Bitty Schram), and then Natalie (Traylor Howard). Ted Levine plays Captain Leland Stottlemeier, who is another one of Monk\'s friends, but at times has a hard time being patient with Monk\'s quirks. Jason Gray-Stanford is the humorously irritating and immature Lt. Randall Disher.

    A nice touch in the series is that continuity is preserved heavily, as an example one time Natalie recieved a call for Sharona. However, the minor flaws are the gross exaggeration of Monk\'s OCD, to the point that the first episode I saw almost turned me off until I saw the humor/parody aspect of it. I\'m by no means suggesting an elimination of humor or Monk\'s quirkiness, but sometimes it\'s portrayed in a way that it makes OCD sufferers appear to be childlike, very rarely is that true. However, the humor is balanced enough with Monk\'s cleverness to form a perfect blend creating an entertaining detective show with comedy elements. A nice touch is that the humor is there without the laugh track. My other minor complaint is that the series mostly runs new shows during the summer, forcing one to break out the VCR and TiVo since normally summer is spent outdoors rather than by the TV. Those are my only two complaints, and they are minor.

    The way Monk solves the cases is often clever and creative, unlike many detective shows, sometimes you DON\'T see the right answer coming. Sometimes Monk comes to a wrong conclusion once or even two or more times, but he always solves it in the end. He had a near miss in one episode, but in the last two minutes he managed to win. Monk\'s perfect record as a detective is not unlike Perry Mason\'s perfect record as a defense attorney, there is bound to be one case that Monk won\'t solve in the future. But the question is, when will that be? In this day and age, it\'s often hard to shock the audience, but a case that Monk doesn\'t solve will do it, the question is if and when.

    Bonus!: There are no morally offensive leanings of this program, despite its setting in San Francisco. Often, the moralality is on the positive side, and if not, neutral.

    Note for future reference: If a program has positive moral content I have a \"Bonus!:\" bit at the end, followed by a comment, if it has neutral moral leaning instead I have \"Nobonus:\", if it promotes immorality I have \"Immorality factor:\", followed by an explanation. A \"Bonus!\" gains one or two whole points on the ratings scale, up to 10.0, a \"Nobonus\" doesn\'t affect it either way, and an \"Immorality factor\" can lower the score from one to six whole points, all the way down to 0 if need be, but that is unlikely to happen, since, as I said, I am a VERY generous grader. Once in awhile I\'ll leave notes if there\'s something I say that needs an explanation about it.
  • Even in the middle of its fifth season it stays hilarious and interesting.

    Almost everybody has something obsessive that they do, but it's great to relax on a Friday night while being entertained by someone even worse off then you are. It’s part drama and gets personal enough to make you fall in love with the characters, but if you miss an episode you won’t fall behind at all. Each week a tough case must be solved, but the OC detective, and his friends and colleagues keep the mood light and enjoyable. Whether it's solving a murder in the middle of a garbage strike, on jury duty, or while coaching a basketball game Monk is sure to make you laugh. The show is the perfect combination of mystery, drama, and comedy.
  • The Best Dramatic and Comical detective show Ever!

    Monk a dective withh is unique pesonality and his immense collection of phobias says it all. The show just gets funnier ever season in every episode. Hope they continue with many more seasons.This is one of the shows that i love forward to on fridays to soothe me from a hard week of work. Monk is an A++++ a 10 out of 10. A classic!
  • It's always nice to have friends

    At first, when I watched this show with my mom, I thought \"what the heck?\" and asked some questions. Monk captured my heart quickly for a realistic show where the people weren\'t two-dimensional. I don\'t watch it on a regular basis because I never bothered to figure out when it was on. This may sound bad but really for it to still have my attention is an amazing thing in itself. Usually when I miss an episode or two of my shows my interest begins to fade but with Monk whenever my mom turns on the TV and Monk\'s on a sense of excitement begins to stir. I tip my hat to our favorite obsessive-compulsive detective Adrien Monk.
  • It just keeps getting better!

    Monk is probably the most unique show I know of on T.V., it is the story of an Obsessive Compulsive detective who solves crimes like a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Every episode is funnier and has a better, more complicated mystery than the last one, it is the one of the few shows that just does not stop getting better, I don't think I have miised a single episode of Monk and I'd just go crazy if I did, because the show is just sooo good, plus it is actually decent when it coomes to comedy, I can't think of any show that even comes close to Monk, it's just that awesome. If you were trying to decide whether or not to watch it, then do, you won't regret it!
  • Adrian Monk is an unlikely hero. He solves murders and battles with severe OCD all the time.

    Monk is a very educational show. I have learned a lot from it and I personally have OCD, so I understand a little what it is like, though in my case it is not nearly as severe. He notices every thing that is out of place at a crime scene and remembers everything that happens, no matter how subtle and unnoticable it might be. With Natalie by his side, he is working to make the world a better (and cleaner) place to live. The only crime he has never solved is the closest to him, the murder of his beloved wife, Trudy.
  • I Love This show!

    This show is hilarious! My brother is just like him in solving cases cuz he's like the school detective. He solved the missing letter in the school sign. I've watched almost all episodes of this show! It's the awesomenest!

    It's so original! I mean an OCD detective! Who would've thought! Well who ever did think of this show is a genius! I love it!

    Two thumbs way way up for MONK!
  • Monk is a show for everyone.

    Monk is intriging and hilarious at times. it is about a obseeive- compulsive private detective solving crimes or mysteries the Seatle police need help on. the show has humor, inteligence, and great guest stars at times. Tony Shaloub(Monk) has been in a couple of movies, quick change for one, but this so far is his best work. i have been watching this series since the beginning and havent gotten tired of it yet. the show keeps coming up with great story lines and you are almost completely baffled every episode. this show has many great writers. this is one of the few great TV shows on cable. hopefully, this show will last. i still wish though that the show could have held onto the first assitant that monk had. que lastima!
  • I love MONK! its the best show ever!!! Mr.Monk is sooo funny! he never know whats hes gonna due next cause everything has to be perfect and even.. i just love this show.. i love watching it and it becomes better every season!! its such an amazing show!!!!

    I love MONK! its the best show ever!!! Mr.Monk is sooo funny! he never know whats hes gonna due next cause everything has to be perfect and even.. i just love this show.. i love watching it and it becomes better every season!! its such an amazing show!!!! this show is so cutting edge and i love how they all firgure out the cases.. monk is soo good.. i love his hands thing too! its soo amazing!! I love MONK! its the best show ever!!! Mr.Monk is sooo funny! he never know whats hes gonna due next cause everything has to be perfect and even.. i just love this show.. i love watching it and it becomes better every season!! its such an amazing show!!!!
  • Shaloub is Superb

    Tony Shaloub is absolutely brilliant as the obsessive compulisve detective Adrian Monk. Mr. Shaloub takes what could be a real one-note character and adds layers and depth. The supporting cast is great including Ted Levine who plays straight man to Monk's quirky behavior as the police captain, both Bitty Schram and Traylor Howard as his suffering assistants and Jason Gray-Staford as the ditzy Lt. Disher. The show takes place in San Francisco and each week the captain calls in Monk to help solve tough cases. Monk is also obsessed with finding the person who killed his beloved wife Trudy. Monk is a comedy by category, but it includes crime and drama as well.
  • Monk stars an obsessive-complusive detective who's just trying to make it through the day without having a breakdown. Aided by an assistant, he is able to pull his talents and solve crimes that the police department can't. It is a gift and

    Tony Shalhoub is a wonderful actor. His ability to bring to life the OCD behaviors and mix them into the role of a detective is simply a sight to see. Originally Bitty Schram was the nurse, but Traylor Howard has taken over and she is doing a fantastic job. Ted Levine, with all of the experience he has, plays a believable captain for the San Fran police department.

    Most of the episodes have the following order: murder happens, Monk arrives on the scene, phobias come out, tendencies get in the way, bad guy gets caught. While all of the shows use a similar formula, they all have a way of pulling you in and never letting go.

    It is a great show to get into.
  • Interesting concept

    Who would\'ve ever thought theyd make a show about a guy with OCD solving crimes? Now that innovative. I love the plot, and Tony Shaloub pulls this character off really well. He basically steals the show, which is a good thing. They need to make Monk a detective again in in the show.
  • It's original, funny and has great mystery in every episode.

    I still remember the first time I saw this. It was an instant classic.

    The very fact that he has OCD, which causes him to notice everything at crime scenes, is very funny . . . and yes a little sad.

    Monk knows he’s odd, sad and a bit pathetic and he just doesn’t care . . . or can’t do anything about it.

    I really like how the story has developed over the past few years, with him getting better then worse, Sharona leaving then Natalie coming in, along with the continuing unfolding mystery behind Trudy’s death. It’s a great show that so far has not gotten old.

    I watch this show every week and I’m always entertained by the Defective Detective
  • Monk is a television show about an obsessive-compulsive detective named Adrian Monk (played by actor Tony Shalhoub). The show, which has recently finished its fourth season and has just entered its fifth season.

    Adrian Monk, graduate of University of California, Berkeley, was originally a detective of the San Francisco Police Department. Due to an unusual upbringing (the scope of which is being slowly revealed both in flashbacks and the present), Monk grew up with a variety of quirks and tics. After the murder of his wife, Trudy, and his inability to solve it (the only case in his career Monk has never been able to solve), Monk suffered a nervous breakdown, and his eccentricities manifested as an extreme case of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). (Although he suffered from OCD his whole life, while Trudy was still living, his symptoms were largely under control.) After Trudy's death, Monk's life spun out of control and he ended up losing his badge. He refused to leave his house for three years. After these three years in seclusion, Monk began to perform consulting work for the department, helping the police solve difficult cases. Police Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) and Lieutenant Randall "Randy" Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford), call on and spar with Monk when they have a case they can't crack. Stottlemeyer is often infuriated with Monk's disorder, but respects Monk's amazing observational abilities, as does Disher. Monk continues to search for information about his wife's death as he works on other cases with both Leland and Randy aiding him.

    Monk's personal nurse, Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram), helped get him back on his feet. Once, Sharona's son Benjy (Kane Ritchotte) helped Monk with a case, albeit unintentionally. Bitty Schram left the show during the third season due to a contract dispute. Traylor Howard plays Monk's new assistant, Natalie Teeger. Much like Sharona, Natalie is a single mother and has a daughter about the same age as Benjy named Julie (Emmy Clarke
  • Amazingly hilarious.

    Monk is a great show. An obsessive compulsive detective helps the police solve some of their cases. Finally, something original, interesting and entertaining.

    Some people complain that the loss of Sharona (Bitty Schram) took of the edge on the show. I think the complete opposite. I find that Natalie (Traylor Howard) has more of a character then Sharona ever had as Monks nurse. Much more unresolving and even, a little funnier. It would be interesting to see what happened if the two of them met.

    I have been with the show for as long as I can remember and I am absolutely in love with it. Shalhoub is a great actor that displays the Characteristics of Monk perfectly. I highly recommend this show.
  • One of the most origional on tv

    I didn't get into Monk until the second season on the recommendation of a friend. After watching just one episode I was completely hooked. I was amazed that a character, who for all intents and purposes should be horribly annoying, could be so enjoyable to watch. With so many crime shows severely lacking in humor, it is great that there is one out there that can mix drama with comedy so successfully. I will say that I miss Sharona a great deal, but the new girl has gotten better over time. My favorite moment of the show is Monk's wife's last words when she died "Bread and butter". So excited for the new season tonight!
  • This Show is Great its funny to see all of his phoebias and also its intresting to see how he solves crime.

    This Show is very good, and very original. This is the first show that has a detective with OCD and Its hilarious. This show never gets boreing and with the new season starting on July 10, Its going to get even better. Tony S. Plays the detective Adrian Monk very well and his supporting actors are good as well. This Show is sure to last a long time. The re-runs never get old, theyre always as funny as it was the first time. This Show is Great and will not be cancelled any time in the near future. Very Good!!!
  • It started slipping before Sharona left.

    I started watching Monk in 2003. I'm not usually the type to watch detective shows, but this one was special. Tony Shaloub is great as Monk (even now) and he was one of the reasons I was drawn into the show. The supporting characters - Sharona, Stottlemeyer and Disher were always fun to watch as well. The other reason was obvious - the writing was good. The show was consistently better on into 2004. The episode with John Turturro as Monk's brother Ambrose really stood out for me, and I consider the second season to be the show's peak.

    It was around the third season that some of the plots started becoming predictable and I began losing interest. By the time Sharona left, I had already tuned out. Occasionally I'll come back and watch a newer episode, only to be disappointed by the outcome. I don't dislike Natalie - the new assistant, it's the stories that are nowhere near as good. It's a shame, because for a period of time Monk was a show I made sure not to miss every Friday night, but that's in the past now.

    I give the show an 8 for its first two seasons, but don't let my rating mislead you - the quality is not what it once was.
  • This show is about Adrian Monk. Monk is an obsessive compulsive police detective who solves various cases for the San Francisco Police Department while constantly thinking about his wife's unsolved murder.

    This show is about Adrian Monk. Monk is an obsessive compulsive police detective who solves various cases for the San Francisco Police Department while constantly thinking about his wife's unsolved murder. It's a great show. It's filled with drama while integrating comedy, and at times, it's truly touching. Tony Shalhoub does an amazing job playing Monk, and fellow co-stars, Traylor Howard, Ted Levine, and Jason-Gray Stanford are wonderful as well. Howard plays Natalie, Monk's assistant; Levine plays Captain Stottlemeyer, the head of the Police Deptartment; and Standford plays Lieutenant Randall Disher. Altogether, it's an interesting show. Very well-done. Definitely worth watching.
  • Monk First Aired: ******* Monk is about a detective whose wife recently died, so he has obbsesive compulsive disorder. It's a gift... and a curse

    Monk is ahead of its time. No crime shows these days have a detective who is weird. While the stories can get a bit preditcbale after 4 seasons it's wtill fun to tune in and watch Monk deal with his disorder. It seems amazing that the Police still don't trust Monk when he says he hasd solved a case. The show is dramatic, exiciting, but above all it is hilarious. When his assistant left in Season 3, it was a very sad time for the show, but I am starting to like Natalie now. Well Done, Tony Shalhoup- the funiest detective ever!!!!!!!!
  • A new and fresh show.

    I love Monk one of a new and fresh show. But theres one thing I must say bring back Sherona!!!! The show is not as funny without Sherona. Natalie is just Blah. She is not funny and dresses too plain. Just pay what Sheronas want and bring her back PLEASE!
  • Bring back Sherona!!!! The show is not as funny or eccentric without Sherona. Natalie is to Blah. She is not funny and dresses too plain. Regardless of Sheronas pay issues, pay her what she wants and bring her back.

    Bring Sherona back!! She was so much better than Natalie. Natalie is bland! She is not funny! Sherona was fantastic. She was eccentric and funny. She interacted with Adrian much better than Natalie. Sherona was distinct and a very identifiable personality. She made Monk look more obsessive compulsive. Natalie is so vanilla and Monk does not seem so obssessive compulsive. Her looks are even vanilla and she does not interact with the captain and the quirky detective as well as Sherona. Sherona had a strong personality. Natalies personality is bland. Although Sherona had a salary issue, pay her what she wants and bring her back.
  • Very entertaining and Sherlock Holmes' ish...

    This show has consitently been one of my favorites. I enjoy trying to catch the clues or storyline before Monk goes... and I don't always. The introduction of Traylor brings a fresh, young point of view to the series. Although I enjoyed Bitty, I like the interaction with Traylor much better. More west coast (the setting) than east coast.

    Tony Shalhoub is the perfect actor for this series; much like Dennis Haysbert is for The Unit. After watching him through several shows; it would be hard to picture anyone else in that part.

    Great show.
  • A great show that needs a bigger audience!

    Tony Shaloub is wonderful as Adrian Monk, playing the nuances of a compulsive disorder could come across as pandering and insensitive but Shaloub take great care to play Adrian very real and very honest.

    This show is very much in the vain of "Columbo" where clues and some fumbling finally come together in the end to solve the crime.

    What is fun to watch is Shaloub...plain and simple. The writing on this show is 1st rate, the acting is great and the supporting cast is fantastic.

    I missed Sharona when she was replaced but have grown to really like her replacement. I think she's a better actress as well.

    This show should be watched and appreciated as really good television. It also brings back memories of some of the great shows like Mannix and Barnaby Jones.
  • Monk is a show where an absessive compulsive detective solves murders that know one could solve he will notice the sloghtest thing possible he is a legend in his town of San Fransicsco Callifornia.

    Monk is a show where an absessive compulsive detective solves murders that know one could solve he will notice the sloghtest thing possible he is a legend in his town of San Fransicsco Callifornia.He also gets help from his nurse Natalie Teeger and His Friend who is the police captain Leeland Stotemyer and with the help of Lutenent Randy Disher. This is my favorite sho because you always wonder who murdered the person its a tv thriller that makes you jump out of your seat you cant wait to see hat happens next Monk is on tv on Fridays at 10:00Pm on usa Channel 38 for cable and 105 for Dish Network and there is also a monk 4th of July Marathon on usa 6:00am to 10:00pm The New Season Starts Friday July 7 at 10:00pm Watch monk its a great show you will love it.
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