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  • An obsessive compulsive detective uses his cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitary issues to catch the bad guy. What's not to love?

    I don't know why this isn't as popular as CSI or something. This show is brilliant! Very funny. Tony Shaloub is the perfect guy for the role of Adrian Monk. Each episode is unique and facetious. Seldom do we see mystery/detective shows that are in the comedy genre, and Monk seems effortlessly clever, whimsical, sharp, slick, and thrilling. Touching too sometimes, but mostly brainy humor and surprising turns of events.
  • Masterpiece!

    This show is just amazing. Not only does Tony ( the man who plays monk ) play out the role of a detective with obsessive compulsive disorder great, but each new crime has such a complex solution to it sometimes you cant even figure it out yourself. Also Monks \\\"disorder\\\" is hilarious and all the things he does make you laugh out load. One of the best shows out there!
  • One of the best shows on television!

    Monk is a series about a detective with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD]. He is deathly afraid of heights, the dentist, and even milk. Using his various disorders to his advantage, he is able to solve crimes other top detectives cannot solves in a matter of seconds! He tags along with his assistant Natalie [or in seasons 1 - 1 1/2, Sharona] where he constantly gets them in financial troubles and is consistantly bugging them about wipes to wipe his hands down after he's been some place dirty or shook someones hand.

    There is absolutely nothing not to like about this series - it provides a Colombo-like atmosphere where no one has any idea how he solves it until he explains. Unfortunately for me, this series runs on USA which is a cable channed and I don't have cable, so I have to buy the DVD's when they come out. Another downside which I know many of you will disagree on is the switch from Sharona to Natalie. Sharona is such a more pronounced and passionate character than Natalie and my opinion.

    Keep up the great work, guys!
  • this is a sweet show,i only wished it was on a better network cuz then they would make more shows in a season, but the USA network, they only show like 14 episodes in a season.I hope they keep it going 4 a long time

    THIS is the bong, no other show is as good as this, they don\'t cut people up, there is killing, but real enough not to make u sick,the actors are really great,I liked sharona cuz she was HOTT!!!Monk deserved his Emmy Award cuz he acts the part really well. i only hope they don\'t cancel the show. captain stottlemeyer is really good as well,he has a big funny mustache. I like the fact that the newer episodes are filmed in san francisco, they stories he gets into are hilarious. This show would be even more popular if it was advertised more
  • Great show!! Entertaining, written to perfection, and funny!

    I have to be honest, I've only seen like 2 episodes of MONK, but that has been enough to hook me for life! This guy is so smart! Whenever he's gonna solve the case I always try to imagine what it is that really hapenned, but I never come even close!! Seriously, the person who came up with this is a pure genius. I really love it when Mr. Monk is debating with others because of his, dare I say it, "issues". He's so funny! And I really like the fact that he's still in love with his dead wife... how did she die anyways?
  • Its Not On Nearly Enough

    Here in the UK Monk is not on nearly enough. But when it is i must say it is one of the most entertaining shows to watch.
    The scripts are so well written and unlike most police based TV shows it envoles the viewer in the investigations, which i love, being able to figure out what happened without the show correcting you every 5 miniutes with zany plots you dont understand is annoying. But this show steers away from this and this is why i love it so much.
  • Why do I get sucked into every Monk Marathon?

    Tony Shalhoub is a genius in inhabiting the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of this character. I myself am an obsessive-compulsive, and he gets the experience of suffering from this disease exactly. I watch this show regularly. It's therapeutic (partly because I get all the OCD jokes and get to laugh at myself) - and HILARIOUS, even if you don't know anything about OCD! Shalhoub completely deserves the Best Actor Emmy and SAG Awards he's won for this role. Shalhoub's sweet, anxious genius, Adrian Monk, is dead-on. And Bitty Schram as his nurse is also hilarious and so marvelous! I highly recommend you watch this show!
  • Monk is so incredibly funny.

    I love this show so much. Tony Shalhoub is perfect as Monk. Originally, they had cast Michael Richards of "Seinfeld" fame as Monk. I cannot imagine anyone but Tony Shalhoub playing Adrian Monk. I am also obsessive compulsive and I think the show is very true to the disorder. It helps me to laugh at myself.
  • Monk is one of my favourite shows along with house.

    Monk reminds me of columbo but as its set in modern time its in tune with todays society. The other good thing about monk is that its a comedy which is great because adrian monk is portrayled as a hygene freek which makes the show all that much better than others in the same category i mean murder she wrote is terrible but this is supayb!
  • I love Monk. You feel like a detective in the show. When you make your first real life discrete observation, while not watching the show, it makes you feel good. You start to observe little clues daily, even if it’s not murder. Monk is inspiring, even if

    I’m in college and I learn things that Monk talks about on his shows all the time. The show feels more real and factual than many other popular shows, and I think that’s what people want. Monk seems more real than Survivor and more factual than Law and Order, which are many people’s favorites. Monk gives these many types of people what they want in shows. Plus the awesome comedy that ties things together, this is a must when a show has such serious matters involved, like murder. I do not like TV these days and I think that it is just going off into the deep end. I do not own cable; I wait for the DVDs to come out. Monk is the only reason I would even consider paying for cable, and possibly the history and wildlife shows too, but other wise I despise T.V., with Monk and a few other shows are the exception. I still have hope with shows like Monk out there. I hope Monk never ends, but I guess he has to find his wife’s killer some time.
  • i just dont get it

    this show has no plot to it.i try watching it and getting into it but i just cant.something about that guy just doesnt agree with me.they could have @ least made him cute.after all thats what hollywood is all about these days.fake boobs and fake acting.i\\\\\\\'m sorry but im just not up to watchin something that doesnt spark my personal interests.
  • This show doesn\'t quite add up. Most of the time the main character Monk is solving these casing with guesses that are irrational and impossible.The humor in Monk is understandable, but watching an ocd detective just isn\'t funny.

    This show doesn\'t quite add up. Most of the time the main character Monk is solving these casing with guesses that are irrational and impossible.The humor in Monk is understandable, but watching an ocd detective just isn\'t funny.
    I would not reccomend this show becuase it just isn't funny and makes no sense. It also is quite annoying and unexplainable. Watching this show is wasting your time.
  • A clever and addicting show about a former detective who's somewhat mental due to his wife's death 7 years ago. You'll love this show because everyone can relate to Monk in their own way. It's not just your everyday murder show, it's unique and entertai

    Wether he's solving a murder, or cleaning his house, Monk will entertain. Tony Shalhoub brilliantly portrays a character of interest that everyone can relate to in one way or another. Monk always manages to deliver amazing wit in discovering murders, always surprising and never varying from his character. You get attached and feel as if you're their helping him solve the case. Just when you think you've figured it out, it'll take another swerve. Just when you think that the show will run out of idea's, Monk will be there in another embarassing situation, all for the sake of solving the case. With an excellent supporting cast, and amazing character development and wit, Monk will capture you within minutes, and will quickly become one of your favorite shows.
  • Probably the most original show on television. Hilarious at all times!

    Okay, let's see. Adrian Monk is a former detective who lost his wife (to murder) seven years ago. He has such great attention to detail that he solves nearly every case - but it seems the only one he can't solve is the murder of Trudy, his wife. Oh wait - he also had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. How great is that? It's so unbelievably original, and illustrated perfectly by Tony Shalhoub. There are many characters that even out a perfect cast as well, featuring the talented Ted Levine as Captain Stottlemeyer, Jason Gray-Stanford as Lt. Disher, and new recruit Traylor Howard as Monk's faithful assistant, Natalie.
    Now, before Howard, Bitty Schram played the part of Sharona, Monk's first assistant. I'm not going to lie to you - I much preferred Sharona (Schram) to Natalie (Howard). But either way the show is a must see. Watch it if you haven't, you'll like it for sure.
  • It's basically about this former police man who losted his job due to his wifes death causin him to have O.C.D. now he works as a detecive. he always solves every crime, usually just randomly!

    I really enjoy this. its the things that his O.C.D drives him to do that will make you laugh. It's not the kind of thing that you would watch on out of your own choice but once you see it you can't wait till the next one. its a family kinda of thing, i watch it with my mother. i think its a kind of modern-ish dectective programme. he's a good actoe and plays the part well. i won't miss it too much when its over, its just something to watch during the week day afternoon. i think i just got addicted to it! :s
  • Adrian Monk is a obsessive-compulsive dective who lost his wife 7 years ago in a carbomb accident. Now he copes with daily issues (like shaking hands) with wipes at his side, and solves some of San Fransisco's biggest murder mysteries.

    My dad always watches Monk. So inevitably I got sucked into the show. Now it's one of my favorites.
    Monk suffers from an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder that was hightened when his wife was murdered by a carbomb. Now, he's terrified of germs, hights, needles, death, snakes and many other things.
    Every time I watch Monk- it helps me get over my own obsessive-compulsive disorder. Even if it's a character in a TV show, seeing someone else cope with the same problems helps me forget about my own for a while. (ok...way off topic of review!)
    I'm sad that Sharona left but I think Natalie's a great addition. I felt like Sharona babied Monk a little too much at time, where as Natalie doesn't baby him enough at other times. But no matter what- Monk is still a great show!!!
  • restored my faith in detective shows.

    I am a huge Columbo fan and was not impressed by shows such as CSI, MIT (UK show like CSI) so my cousin suggested Monk and it is superb. Very funny and clever as it makes you think at the start. Best example is a man is killed on a ferris wheel and Monk has to prove it wasnt the person travelling with him at the time.

    A brilliant show and I recommend it to everyone.
  • Monk is about an obsessive-compulsive detective who has an uncanny ability to solve crime. It may seem duh he is a detective he better be able to solve crime, if you thought that you have never seen Monk. Monk has too many problems to describe including a

    I can't wait to see what this detective is afraid of next, it is unbelievable that he is still able to fight crime with all of his problems. Compared to Monk everyone else (including Randy) seems normal. This show is pretty good although it has the same time slot as Numb3rs I never miss an episode. This obsessive-compulsive detective is more than obsessive-compulsive, he can’t drink milk, has to organize his trash (he throws out dirty liquids), and he hates going to the dentist (although this is a pretty common fear). These are just a few of the many things that Monk doesn’t like, I can’t wait to see what they think of next for Mr. Monk. This show is a must see for everyone.
  • Ok new assistant isn't that good but still good show.

    Not as good as before. Sharona Fleming(I don't know her real name) was much better then the other assistant. Also you can see that they are running out of ideas. Sometimes it is really predictable what they are going to do but it's still fun to watch. Adrian Monk never gets old. Captain Stottlemyer (however you spell it) is still cool. Natalie Teeger I don't like so much. Randy Disher, my favorite of all, is one of the funniest guys there. I personally think they should stop making seasons like only 2 or 3 episodes long. It should be more like 5 or 6 episodes at least.

    ~Priest Ohm~
  • One of the better detective shows that has ever come onto the small screen. Tony has given us a very different and entertaining performance in the lead role of the Monk.

    Monk is going to end up a legend in the small screen detective role. Right up there with Mannix, Columbo, Rockford Files and Magnum as a
    unique detective. What's surprising about the Monk is - that he did this on a non major broadcast channel. The USA channel has one and
    one only true long running series on the air - that being Monk. If the Monk show continues to
    be made and aired on USA (and it should, given its ratings) the Monk will be known as the second
    most famous detective never to have carried a gun. One can only wonder what the ratings would be like if had the Monk first appearred on one of the major commercial channels.
  • obsessive-compulsive adrian monk has a penchant for solving highly complicated cases.

    great show! i'm kicking myself for not tuning into this show earlier. anyway, i love, love tony shaloub's portrayal of the much-loved detective. and i can't decide who i prefer as monk's assistant, whether it would be the dependable sharona or the refreshing natalie. a highlight of the show is always when monk "connects" the events leading to the murder.
  • You have to watch this show! "You'll thank me later."

    How can anyone not love Adrian Monk? Who of us doesn't have our own idiosyncrasies ... at least who will admit they do?

    Adrian Monk has more hang-ups than some one getting crank phone calls from a fraternity pledge drive. He has more baggage than Grand Central Station's Lost and Found. Monk can take claim to more phobias that ever crossed the desk of Sigmund Freud. All in all, Adrian Monk is one messed up guy.

    But messed up or not, Monk is a lovable, loyal and honest (to a fault most of the time). While you can't be sure you can depend on him in your hour of need, as a phobia may crop up at the most inopportune time, you can be assured that he will devote himself to you as much as he possibly can. He will always be willing to give 110% of himself, even if that really equals about 25% for the average person. It's all genuine and sincere.

    The show takes us through the cases that the San Francisco police department can't seem to get a handle on ... on several occasions, it seems they don't even try since they know that a few hours, or at most a few days, with Monk on the case will solve it with no lose strings left hanging. Adrian will take a few moments to look over the crime scene, holding his hands near his face as if he's running through a Tai Chi exercise, and pick out nuances that several police squads would have overlooked.

    But the most fun of how Mr. Monk solves his cases is in the way that they seem to just "come" to him. Overhearing someone say a word, seeing a misplaced object, a photo or any other obscure and non-related tidbit will suddenly cause the missing piece to fall into place and he will utter one of his catch phrases, "I think I just solved the case."

    Friday nights would not be the same if Monk were cancelled. It's a show that has heart and a main character, along with a wonderful collection of supporting characters, that feel as real as the people we know in our every day lives. If you haven't seen it ... by all means do so. And as Mr. Monk would say, "You'll thank me later."
  • Monk is another one of those "can't live without"

    The show is classic in many ways, the characters are cast wonderfully and have a really nice chemistry on scene in looks like. The humor is good, and generally the show is smart from top to bottom, another great show that is acclaimed but not 'nelson heavy'; thank god it's somewhere that it wont be taken away from us soon (hopefully)Thanks USA network! and not on a channel that doesn't know what it's got or what do to with what it does have ... *cough-Fox-*cough.
  • I love this show! Monk is so funny and smart. We can only hope that this show sticks around for a long time.

    This show is awesome. I absolutely love it. During the active season my family gathers every Friday night to watch the new Monk episode. Although I was disappointed when Sharona was replaced, as, I imagine, most of the Monk fans out there were, the show is still mainly the same and still wonderful, funny, and intelligent. I sincerely hope that USA is smart and keeps it on the air for a long, long time. One of my favorite episodes is "Mr. Monk and the Airplane" in which Monk goes on an airplane for the first time and finds murder as usual. It's an old one, but a great one. Anyway, I think Monk is one of the best shows of all time.
  • Outstanding show!

    Although I don't get to watch this show as often as I would like, I would have to say that this is one of the better shows on today. Monk is a hilarious character and the story lines aren't bad either. Anyone who hasn't ever watched Monk should definately give it a try.
  • It was good for the first season But...

    It was good for the first season but after about the third one it just went downhill fast. Its still pretty good theres a little action NO romance NO suspense its kinda a given that the bad guy is not going to winn but if you bored i guess its the show to watch
  • Best show

    Love this show as he is true to the character.I know.He probably could teach Dr's as they haven't got a clue.I relate so way to go Tony.It is entertaining and funny good cast although I miss Sharona but nat caught up.Excellent acting on behalf of all actor's.Please don't ever go off.
  • When I first saw the previews of the show...I had questions....I guess it was because I say myself in Mr. Monk. and though...with my could this be is GREAT

    Tonight I watched Mr. Monk and the Kid... I thought I had other favorites...but..this is MINE... He loved that boy.... but he saw something.... If you ever saw the Phantom of the Opera.... there is no greater love than to let go of the person you love....because you know it would be the best for the one you love, no matter HOW much it HURT you...that is what Mr. Monk did with that little boy... Kudo to the writer of this episode, and to the wonderful acting of Tony Shalhoub!! I won't forget this one.
    One took me over an hour just to write this.....because of all the website stuff, sign on...long on.... be simple.... Monk is a great show... it is so much better than all the other.... murder,.ect....ect... real life, real personalities working at making it in life.....and there being humor.....We have no more humor in life, on entertainment....all kill, ect. Thank you Mr. Monk...I relate to you, and can FINIALLY laugh at myself.......that is important.. and Tony, you are great at your acting... I just hope you get to read this....with all it took to finially write deserve to read it... Cheryl Anne Greere, partly Ms. Monk.... Great show tonight...will never forget it.....watching you play on the ground with that little boy.... Keep up the great work.....all of you.... figured you'd never know where this came from.... HA! And I clean my keyboard everyday..... ah...just joking....every other day!!
  • Didn't give this show a chance at first but now I love it.

    The show stars Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk a former police dective who suffers from intensified obsessive-compulsive disorder. He has to have everything perfect, he only drinks one type of water and he can solve any case. Tony Shalhoub is perfect for the part I liked him on wings, and this part is great for him, I also like who they replaced Bitty Schram with, Traylor Howard is a great choice, alot of people don't like her, I do. This show is funny, well-written, and has a great cast, I'm hooked on Monk.
  • Cleverly written

    I just got started watching this show at the end of last year? Who knew that obsessive-compulsive people could turn out to be great detectives? Either way, Tony Shaloub does a great job portraying Monk and comes across as very funny. No one should try to mess with this guy, because he will figure it out.
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