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  • After the murder of his wife, Detective Adrian Monk turns obsessive-compulsive and picks up a whole lot of phobias as well. His condition, however, allows him to pick up details others can't.

    The first time I watched Monk, I fell in love with the series. Well, who wouldn't? As far as I recall, no detective has ever declined to give chase to a villain for fear of dirtying his shoes, or asking another detective to retreive some piece of evidence because he might get grease on his hands. And of course, it's just as amusing when his condition actually helps him to solve murders and catch crooks and stuff. However, after some time(about a few months) the novelty began to wear off. There wasn't anything new to keep me watching it. Soon, I stopped watching altogether. This may happen to you a lot later or earlier depending on how much you liked the show at first sight. Watching a detective cringe at such things like dust or dirt at the crime scene may, at first, but soon there's just too much of Monk's obsessive-compulsiveness to actually get the detective part of the story underway. About 50% of the show is mostly Monk being...well, Monk. In my opinion, that's just too much. I would recommend this show to my friends, of course, and I know they'll love it, but soon they'll probably going to start switching channels-sooner or later.

    Bottom line is that anybody who loves a good whodunnit would eat Monk up, but probably won't stick to it any longer than two seasons. Three on the outside.
  • Monk bumps his head while trying to get more evidence pertaining to his late wifes trudys murder. He than wakes up a day later in a small town in wyoming and can not remember who he is and how he got there.

    This episode was truely disappointing and is a fine example as to why i can not stand Natalie. First of all why would natalie even leave him alone in tne first place? shes suppose to be his assistant and with him every second no matter what he says or does. Remember in the season 2 episode mr monk and the missing granny how when Monk was suppose to meet someone alone in the library sharona showed up and told him that was as alone as he was gonna get? Thats what Natalie should have done, and to make it worse she tried and failed miserable to try to make it seem as if she was terrible ahsamed at the fact that she left Monk alone but yet freaked out when the cpt. wouldnt tell her it was not her fault....of course it was her fault she should not have left him alone....The episode on a whole was bland...i mean why would cora pretend to be his wife out of nowhere....and wouldnt people be suspicious of the fact that cora is not wearing a ring yet monk is(his wedding band he always wears)?The end was just thrown at you and made no sense! Bottom Line bring back sharona(Bitty)and save the show.
  • This show is retarted.

    I get crime dramas are popular with your CSI's and Law & Orders; but this is just painfully a bad show with horrible actors in it. Monk is about a man thats a detective that solves cases. I'd love to know who in the world is Tony Shalhoub which plays the detective this stupid show.
  • This show is so dry and slow I don't see how they put it on the air to start with. Who wants to watch some nut who is nuts

    This show is for the dogs. I can't stand it when he starts into his little act when something is not to his liking. He acts like he is insecure to deal with the problem of life and things that are going on around him. The way he acts I don't see how he makes it to the bath room, if he was in a coma from an accident then they should rein duce it and put him in a room all by his self. The program is so back I can't write the min. words for the review. Know what I mean Vern
  • Not so good!

    Appropriately, "Monk" is USA's lead-in for the highly superior dramedy The two shows are both billed as mystery comedies, but that's about all the similarities between them. While "Psych" is a clever and original show that does fresh and funny things every week, "Monk" is an unintelligent show that ran out of fresh and funny things after the first few episodes. You have Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk, the "defective detective," who is far too OCD for his own good. You have Bitty Schram (older episodes) and Traylor Howard (newer episodes) as his assistants, who put up with the worst out of him just because of his intelligence (as far as IQ goes; not emotional intelligence). Then you have the cases every week, which I think are always murder investigations. The point is, there's only so many things you can do with that when you refuse originality. The same holds true for the obsessive-compulsive jokes that come pouring out of this show like moviegoers from a Rob Zombie flick. Moments are funny (some in scattered episodes even verge on hilarious), but if you want a terrific show, stick with
  • This episode deals with Monk attempting to save the parking garage where his wife was murdered years earlier.

    I am guessing the uncritical reviews are due to the fact that only the hard core fans are left watching the show. It pains me to watch this once great show abandon the qualities that had made it what it was, character development, quality plots, and the abilities of its actors. The show now relies on cheap jokes and 5 minute scenes of Monk's OCD. The Stottlemeyer and Disher characters are basically props and add nothing to the episodes. I only watch Monk because I am waiting for Psych which has more character development, funny lines, and creativity in 15 mins than Monk has for a whole episode.
  • This show doesn\'t quite add up. Most of the time the main character Monk is solving these casing with guesses that are irrational and impossible.The humor in Monk is understandable, but watching an ocd detective just isn\'t funny.

    This show doesn\'t quite add up. Most of the time the main character Monk is solving these casing with guesses that are irrational and impossible.The humor in Monk is understandable, but watching an ocd detective just isn\'t funny.
    I would not reccomend this show becuase it just isn't funny and makes no sense. It also is quite annoying and unexplainable. Watching this show is wasting your time.
  • A disappointing plotline

    Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Monk. That said. . .
    An evil twin? An evil TWIN? Please!!! Is this daytime TV or an emmy-award-winning show?
    As always, the quality of the acting was superb. But I had some problems with aspects of the plot. First, of course, the basic premise. Second, do you really think that a husband could be tricked also? I would think that there would be something that would strike a person as strange if someone else were impersonating his wife. Third, why did the good twin just sit there in the tub and allow the evil twin to drown her? Finally, who would wear high, spiked heels to drag a drugged woman into a bathroom and then haul her into a tub? Your sensible murderess wears flats!
  • i just dont get it

    this show has no plot to it.i try watching it and getting into it but i just cant.something about that guy just doesnt agree with me.they could have @ least made him cute.after all thats what hollywood is all about these days.fake boobs and fake acting.i\\\\\\\'m sorry but im just not up to watchin something that doesnt spark my personal interests.
  • I love Monk, BUT! I was really disappointed with tonights episode. It was not funny nor cute. I don't understand why they had to show so much nudity; really disgusting.

    The episode for Fri. July 27th was disgusting. The show has been pretty good until tonight. I don't understand why television has gotten so disgusting. Why does there have to be so much sex and nudity. I thought that it was a family show, but not anymore! Won't be watching it anymore. There is so little decency in television anymore. There are also so many shows that are really stupid and shouldn't even be on tv. I have really enjoyed watching Monk until this epsiode and I was really disappointed that it was so disgusting. I can remember when you would never see a mans butt on tv, very little of a woman's, but never ever a man unless it was R rated or above. I think that it is disgusting that there could be kids watching Monk and they are subjecting to the nudity that was on this episode. I won't be watching it anymore.
  • this show is so stupid...

    I hate this show. It's so dumb and predictable. And why does it seem like his stupid "phobias" or "obessive compusive" problems happen with the lamest consequenses?? At least make them funny (they're not) or make them a serious issue! The way it is now, the show just makes Monk look like a moron. I have no idea why this show is so popular. I think it's for stupid people. And the world is over run with them so...
  • What?!

    Personally, I'm pissed. But, in truth, the blame lies with USA. I haven't been a regular Monk viewer since Sharona left but I was really amped by the idea that progress would be made in Trudy's case. And that is what every commercial I saaw for this episode led me to believe would happen. Yes, the murder cases were interesting enough but, come on! Give us something! And since when is Harold that much of a dick. No, I never liked him, but having him act as if he'd dance on Trudy's grave just to aggravate Monk is damn near ridiculous.
  • Cute show, but not a steady diet

    I can watch this show occasionally, but not seriously for every episode. If you need a filler show that's not too heavy, and might tickly your funny bone, then this is a nice diversion. The first season seemed to be the best, but it's pretty good, still. Try it, you might like it.
  • Original and funny show about a former detective with the San Francisco Police who has lost his way due to his wife's death and extreme OCD. Mr. Shalhoub conveys rare insight and charm as Monk, which is humorous but not insulting to those who may s

    Monk was once one of the best shows on television. Original and funny with great characters. The mental illness was handled with rare insight and didn't insult people with mental illness.

    Then someone made the stupid decision to let Bitty Schram go and the show began to lose its way. Now we have to have Monk constantly irritating us with maudlin memories of the dead wife. I just lose interest when that tired and boring story line is inserted once again into the episode. The other main characters are now reduced to mere walk ons. And worse of all, Sharona is gone and replaced with a talentless girl who is as boring as she is pointless to the story.

    If only the writers would pull out a DVD of the first season of Monk and watch the excellent show that Monk used to be. Watch the interplay of Monk and Sharona and Stottlemyer. Watch Monk's reaction to the world of germs and children and everything. Leave out Trudy (the dead wife).

    Write some good scripts. No more dead wife memories, better treatment for the established characters, and no more Natalie. Please. If Monk has to have some women around, can't the man date once in a while? That seems to open up some funny possibilites. And we wouldn't have to hear about Trudy ever again.

    It is really sad to write all this because I used to love this show. I miss the charm of the first season. I miss Sharona. I miss Monk. The way he used to be.
  • Ever since Sharona left, this show hhas been going downhill.

    This episode was one of the worst ones that I have ever seen on Monk. The first half hour was sheer torture as Monk tried to survive a rock concert, engaging in his usual humor. Then there is the whole stupid porta-potty thing where the camera just focused on the portapotty for a whole minute untill monk emerged. The mystery was lame, and was written poorly. The whole father son thing that the episode was about was horribly cheesy. The crime was stupid, and easily solved througha series of improbable hints. The guitar string thing, the whole thing was just stupid. Whatever happened to High profile cases. Like last week was a good episode. But this one focused way too much on his tired-phobia humor, and not enough on the mystery. They really need some new writers, or a new direction, because its got tired fast. I remember one of the first episodes ever, perhaps the series premeire, that was high profile, and challenged him as a detective. it involved us with the trudy thing, and had some amazingly great moments, such as the funeral scene with his keys. That was good original humor and mystery, but now its just gotten tired.
  • Mr. Monk is good, but getting a little old

    I like Monk, its a great show in the first couple of seasons. Its original, funny and creative but later on it gets bad. Mr. Monk first took a step down when they got rid of Sharona and replaced her with Natalie. I wouldn't mind it if Natalie had a different personality but she acts exactly like Sharona. The fact is, that later on the episodes become more predictable. Also, none of the characters have changed or grown, its all still the same. Its just going downhill. I believe that they need to pick this show up again, and why is it always murder can you be a little creative
  • Bring back SHARONA!!!!!

    impresive season 1, and even more amusing for season 2...Monk with all the quirks and all his weirdness... sharona with her witty, offensive and tease comment about monk made the show more interesting... then there's season 3 when all of sudden... sharona disappear with reason that really really not make any sense for me... and here come natalie trigger that much less "funny" in so many ways....the show is still good but it will be much more perfect if sharona still the assistant.... make an episode that bring sharona back... maybe compete with natalie for monk.... or throw monk to each other so he won't be her responsibility.... i don't care.... just BRING BACK SHARONA!!!
  • Monk is a crime investigator show with a wierd twist.

    Monk is about a man named Adrian Monk who was dismissed from the force. Adrian traumitized from his wife's murder he became a private detective. With the help of his friends Natalie Teager his nurse, loutinant Randy Disher, and Captain Leeland Stauturlmire Monk tries to find his wife's killer. Monk is an outstanding show to go up against these other crime tv shows. Monk has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder). Monk is one of the best crime investigation tv shows out there. This show is comical and sad at the same time. Monk can be serious one moment then go to the comedy side another.
  • It was good for the first season But...

    It was good for the first season but after about the third one it just went downhill fast. Its still pretty good theres a little action NO romance NO suspense its kinda a given that the bad guy is not going to winn but if you bored i guess its the show to watch
  • Awkward.

    I have to say this show has some decent acting, but at times can be a bit on the awkward. The drama on the show is good, but I find myself a bit bored at times. Watching Monk is a trip in its own right. I think it is rather unique in the fact that you don't see as many quarky characters like Monk. The storylines are a little out there, but for the most part, it is fun. The one thing I do not like at all is the fact that it can be compelling one week and then really slow the next. Oh well. Thank you.
  • Good show.

    One of the few live action shows I enjoy. It is a good idea for a show: an OCE detective tries to solve his wife's murder in a car bomb while solving murders. The show has a perfect mix of comedy with Monk and the people he meets, tragedy with dealing with Monk's loss and how sad his friends and brother act, and of course myster with gow he always solves murders. I do like most of the few episodes, but those few ones where they reveal the killer in the first scene are a bit stupid. I'll be sad when this season ends.
  • It started slipping before Sharona left.

    I started watching Monk in 2003. I'm not usually the type to watch detective shows, but this one was special. Tony Shaloub is great as Monk (even now) and he was one of the reasons I was drawn into the show. The supporting characters - Sharona, Stottlemeyer and Disher were always fun to watch as well. The other reason was obvious - the writing was good. The show was consistently better on into 2004. The episode with John Turturro as Monk's brother Ambrose really stood out for me, and I consider the second season to be the show's peak.

    It was around the third season that some of the plots started becoming predictable and I began losing interest. By the time Sharona left, I had already tuned out. Occasionally I'll come back and watch a newer episode, only to be disappointed by the outcome. I don't dislike Natalie - the new assistant, it's the stories that are nowhere near as good. It's a shame, because for a period of time Monk was a show I made sure not to miss every Friday night, but that's in the past now.

    I give the show an 8 for its first two seasons, but don't let my rating mislead you - the quality is not what it once was.
  • It would have gotten a 10 out of 10 if this review was one and a half years old...

    Monk is in theory a brilliant show. The characters are quirky and fun and the mysteries are complex and well thought out. Sadly things have slowly been declining. The mysteries have begun to get very predictable and vets of the Monk TV show may even start to notice that the "how it happens" in the newer episodes sometimes are almost repeats of older episodes. They also stopped the search for Trudy's murderer which was frustrating and pointless considering there was no reason for doing so. Monk could improve if they put more effort into making really original mysteries like they used to...
  • OCD comedy!

    Monk is a comedy on USA about a OCD detective. He does work for the cops and tries to find killers. Monk has an assistant Natalie which does every thing for him. What is funny about the show is that Monk can't really touch anything at the risk of gettin dirty. This adds some comedy to the show because you can see that his reactions are funny. Now for the review: The show is funny and never getting boring at all. The show isn't that graphic other that the ocanional blood. But other than that the show is pretty much perfect in my opinion.
  • bound to be classic

    this year on the 4 of July I came down with strip throat, lucky for my sanity USA was running a all day monk marathon.

    monk is a smart comedy that I could spend hour watching, and did. I don't want to give to much praise but I think that might be my generations mattock or murder she wrote, except for the excessive compulsive disorder.

    this is one of the best smart comedies that I’ve seen in a long time.
  • Solving crimes with OCD, is very funny concept to me.

    I sit and watch this show and think 'Wow he's kind of a germ freak detective, who solves crimes'. This show would not be as great if Adrian Monk didn't have obsessive-compulsive disorder. I have been told I have some obsessive-compulsive disorder tendencies with may be part of the reason that I find Monk such an interesting show. I just love to see what he's frightened by because of his obsessive-compulsive disorder, his ways of keeping clean and his 'germ-free' state of mind. The idea for the protagonist to be suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder was a brilliant one, making for a very humours show.
  • Something for all kinds of people.

    I'm not as bad as Monk, to which my wife says "Thank God!" But I can see how a person could get that way. I know that's why I loved this show even though detective shows don't usually interest me. I empathize with him a great deal. No. I would never be that good of a detective, but maybe that's why I was that good of a draftsman. This show had so many things to offer a viewer. If you liked comedies, or detectives, or dysfunctional comic situations, this show had it all. Even the catchy theme song was brilliant. I sadly expect it will be many years before another show this good comes back to television. I had two thoughts. Has anyone every listed all the things Monk was afraid of? Has anyone ever listed all the methods used to murder in this series?
  • It's basically about this former police man who losted his job due to his wifes death causin him to have O.C.D. now he works as a detecive. he always solves every crime, usually just randomly!

    I really enjoy this. its the things that his O.C.D drives him to do that will make you laugh. It's not the kind of thing that you would watch on out of your own choice but once you see it you can't wait till the next one. its a family kinda of thing, i watch it with my mother. i think its a kind of modern-ish dectective programme. he's a good actoe and plays the part well. i won't miss it too much when its over, its just something to watch during the week day afternoon. i think i just got addicted to it! :s
  • Sharona, come back!

    I liked Sharona because she was no nonsense. You never thought that there was a chance she and Monk were going to hook up, so where they would torment eachother, they each gave as good as they got. With this Natalie person, you see where this is going and it seems needlessly cruel when Monk behaves selfishly. Also, Stottlemeyer and Randy used to be more than just Monk's stooges. Now neither of them have much of a personality. Whenever anything happens, they don't try to do anything themselves, they just call Monk. I know the show is all about him (His name is the title, for goodness sakes!), but he is much less interesting because the people around him are not interacting with him and forcing him into uncomfortable situations. I really don't like the show anymore. At least Sharona provided some kick.
  • The show without Sharona Fleming is not as good. I like Traylor Howard, but not the Natalie character. I watched every episode & gave her a chance. The show is just not as good.

    Monk is one of my favorite shows, but the show has declined since the exit of Bitty Schram.
    Mr. Monk and the kid is a prime example.
    The lovable character of Adrian Monk would NEVER roll around in the grass with a child. The writers seemed to forget the main character has OCD.
    Without Bitty, the writers are going to great lenghts to make the show "different", and ruining it in the process.
    Once a show i'd stay home for, it's just not anymore.
    Sorry Tony Shaloub, when you lost Bitty, the dynamics of the show suffered.
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