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  • I loved this show ever since I started watching it!....

    I've loved this show ever since I started watching it! I randomly turn to USA Network Channel and I saw a show coming on so I decided to watch it! And it turned out to be one of my favorite shows ever. :D

    The shows really really funny and I like how its about crimes since I like watching crime shows.(:.

    Tony is absolutely fabulous at playing Adrian Monk. I would never be able to act like that at all! To sum it all up, this show is absolutely my favoritee! Its very funny and entertaining! Believe me! xoxoxoxo, miharu hatake :]
  • Adrian Monk is an odd, somewhat quirky super crime solver.

    The Monk character may be strange and have an extra load of “issues” to deal with but what makes him great is that all of us have a few of these same issues. (maybe less severe, maybe more under control) so when something that bugs you inflicts Adrian, you can really relate. I, for one, am afraid of heights. I just enjoy seeing this represented on TV.

    Tony Shaloub is excellent and his performance is always first rate. Ted Levine as Capt. Stottlemeyer is a perfect counterpoint to Monk. Levine portrays Stottlemeyer’s anger, frustration, admiration and friendship felt toward Monk without obvious shifting of gears from one emotion to another.
  • Monk!! The title itself makes you laugh. Its hilarious to see a detective show that doesn’t “harp” on the bad stuff. The drama and comedy play off each other so well , at times it doesn’t even seem like a police drama. I would let my children watch.

    There couldn't be any body better to play "Monk" than Tony Shaloub. he plays the part so well. Hopefully this show will keep go strong. Monk combines drama and comedy to make a great show for an entire family to sit together and watch. I give the show an A+ for that.
  • Best Detective Show

    It's such a shame Monk had to end, Monk is definitely my favourite detective show of all time with Psych following it. Tony Shalhoub, easily the best actor out of all the cast members, his portrayal of a person with OCD was excellent and outstanding.
  • A show about a guy who has OCD and how this man uses his OCD to solve cases that local police can't solve. Watch him as he investigates and discovers the murderer and the motive behind the murder!

    I love Monk. It's definitely one of the greatest shows around. I like the fact that the show is lighthearted and funny. And Tony portrays the character well. I love Lieutenant Disher as well, that guy is a hoot! A great show. None of the episodes have ever disappoint me. I hope that Monk will keep on running for a long time around! I used to like the old nurse, but Natalie is great in her own way. This show always make me laugh like a crazy banshee. I also like the fact that they don't show how the police forensic team tries to examine pieces of evidence, but focuses on Monk investigation instead.
  • As with all shows Monk comes with ups and downs, but it is a well thought out-dramedy like no other. Monk is one of the best TV Shows ever.

    Monk is great TV show with many more ups then downs. Although it appeals to limited groups of people it has gotten attention worldwide for its great Cable performance on USA Network. However, Monk is meant to stay on cable as it has tested poorly on NBC broadcasts. This show will only appeal to you if: you have patience, you laugh at aspects of the show that are funny not JOKES that are made and can relate/or connect with Adrian Monk. Personally, this is my favorite TV Show and unlike other I do not believe this show is 'going down hill' whatsoever. Sometimes ideas are overlapped but all in all this is a fantastic show! The only negative i've encountered while watching this show is that the episodes are lengthy and can be hard to watch again without getting a little bored. Other then that, good job USA, good job NBC and good job MONK!
  • bring monk back

    Monk is the best detective show anyone has ever did and i think they should do another series.... i love watching monk episodes back to back but we need new ones please bring it back...
  • The Show Summary is Incorrect

    The show summary is incorrect. It states that Monk did not suffer from OCD and the various phobias until after his wife was murdered. However, in at least two episodes this is proved to be incorrect, episode 815, Mr. Monk and the End Part 1, and Episode 109, Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man. In Episode 815, in the very beginning, it shows Monk as a detective, before Trudy's death. He is at a maternity clinic investigating a murder of one of their midwives. There is a fake newborn baby model, with the umbilical cord still attached. As you may know no umbilical cord is straight, so of course this one isn't, but Monk is trying to straighten it. In Episode 109, we find out that Mr. Monk was on a track team in high school. He quit after an 'incident', in which his shoelaces are uneven. He loses the meet because, instead of running, he is trying to make his shoelaces even. This is the best show ever. I'm addicted, and I may be developing OCD because of it!
  • A detective show unlike any others

    Monk is a detective show unlike any others. Monk is a great show with hilarious moments and great mysteries.
  • Adrian Monk is an obsessive compulsive detective. he solves crimes, but the show also deals with him dealing with his OCD, which is often hilarious.

    Adrian Monk is one of the most hilarious detectives of all time. he can't look at certain things, and he can't touch anything, but he notices more than everyone else. he has a certain way of solving most crimes, and that often involves some hand motions that are pretty hilarious. some of the stuff he says is also hilaroius, especially when he's talking to his psychologist, or when he's talking to his clients. he can't let other people use his eating utensils and when he doesn't like something he starts rocking back and forth and making faces. needless to say it's great and a favorite of mine - i would gladly recommend watching it.
  • Loved it.

    This was a very unique show, just about as unique as it's main character, Monk.

    At times you wanted to slap him, but most of the time you couldn't help but love him.

    The cast with all its suporting characters was awesome.

    It seems most people liked Sharona better, I am one of those that disagree. I believe Natalie suffered only because she wasn't cast first as Monk's assistant.

    While Sharona had some attitude and spunk as some said, Natalie had geniune love for Monk.

    I just melted when I saw Monk doing something ground breaking (for him), and I saw Natalie behind him all smiles, jumping where she stood and claping her hands. It was so cute and so refreshing to see how she felt about Monk.

    Sharona was Monk's assistant, Natalie was his babysiter, guardian, and more.

    I also love cpt Stottlemeyer and his "side kick" lieutenant Disher. They made an awesome (and funny) pair. I only regret they didn't have more time. I felt the show could do so much more with them and that it felt short on their exposure. They could have been more important or have even more funny scenes, alas they remained side characters until the end.

    All characters were great. Monk's brothers were just perfect, Krenshaw was always great, even the funny dude with his glasses that couldn't stop talking... They were all great.

    I recommend it to just about anybody. While not everyone will find it "great" as I do, I believe it is one of those show that everyone will enjoy.
  • Obsessive. Compulsive. Awesome. Detective.

    While it's hard to find half-decent shows on TV when you're flipping through the channels, occasionally there's a show that seems to stand out--the one that sticks in your head, the one that you wait every Friday night for, the one that you would sorely miss when it ends. It goes without saying that Monk is one of these few.

    Monk is one of the most-watched cable television shows for a reason. Not just because it's charming or interesting, because it is original. I can't recall the last time I saw a series involving an obsessive-compulsive detective that solved murder mysteries with the help of a loyal assistant by his side. Similar to Sherlock Holmes, Adrian Monk is a quirky detective with an intriguing past and a brilliant twist. Monk's beloved wife, Trudy, was killed in a car bomb, a case that Monk hasn't seemed to be able to solve for twelve years. It also put Monk in a terrible catatonic state until he was helped by a nurse and assistant, Sharona Fleming. Eventually, Monk came out of his catatonic state, yet still had a severe case of OCD. Monk decided to go back to doing what he did best--solving crimes, like he did on the police force before he was psychologically discharged. With a new assistant, Natalie Teeger, twelve years go by and Monk has evolved--he shook off a couple of his phobias, found love again a couple times, and even made more friends than other disabled people could ever manage to make. And with this long-lasting television series about to say its farewell in the finale, (not to mention give closure to the Trudy case) a loyal viewer such as I will truly miss the obsessively compulsively brilliant show, 'Monk.'
  • Fear of hand-shakes; Fear of milk; Fear of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING...

    What can I say? Those of you who have watched Monk have probably found yourself laughing at His many insane phobias; found yourself "boo-ing" at the less than graphic, and sometimes just plain generic murder scenes; and almost 100% of the time found yourself yelling at the t.v. screen. Monk is Monk, it's as simple as that; he's cheap, selfish, and Psychotic. But you gotta love him. He truly is one hilarious detective who hasn't failed to solve a crime yet (except his wife Trudy's murder of course) and always rises to the ocassion. Well, almost always - we'll give him a break considering his condition, and the fact that he is, and always will be, MONK.
  • OCD and crime solving never looked so easy.

    Monk's crime solving capabilities never cease to amaze me. Despite being handicapped by obsessive compulsive disorder Monk continues to find condemning evidence against both the opportunistic as well as the intellectually superior. Monk's disorder has both prevented and helped in his quest to solve each case that comes his way. Comedy mixes in with drama as each case comes to life and is solved before you. The increasingly confusing case that Monk has yet to solve is one which affects Monk at a deeply emotional level. His wife. His wife was murdered and he has yet solved the case but case by case he sometimes gets a little hint as to who murdered her and until that case is solved I will continue to watch and wait.
  • Sorry its ending

    Monk it one of the funniest and most origional shows on television. i have watched it since season two and have seen most of the episodes more than once. he is the kind of character that everyone can relate to. it is such a shame that the show decided to end as i feel it could have gone on for several more seasons. at least though we will now find out who killed monks wife trudy!! i cant wait to see how it ends and yet i hope it never does. at least it will always live on in reruns!
  • Monk is probably the most original show I have ever seen.

    Monk is a detective is San Fransico who has an extreme case of OCD and many phobias. When has a show even been remotely like that!? It is so original. Monk solves just about every crime he is put up against except the most important one...The car bombing of his late wife, Trudy.
    Now yes, some episodes can be very unrealistic and Monk in its eight seasons has lost some of its touch, but that doesn't stop it from being a great show still.
    The acting is very good. Tony Shaloub does an extremely excellent job in protraying Monk. Ted Levine, Traylor Howard, Jason Grey-Stanford, and the late Stanley Kamel also do a fine job.
    I consider Monk a drama with a lot of quirky and comedic elements. The writing is fine, directing is very good, and, even though I said it's lost some of its touch, an all-around grat show.
  • Loved and Remembered.

    This was one of my favorite shows. I cried watching the Finale. It was a good ending but it deserves to have many more people watching it. If Trudy hadn't died would Monk just be a regular person. Before she died he didn't have as much mouth wash or all that hand wash. If you havent seen the finale go to then you will be able to see what happens. I can't believe Monk never saw that there was something going on with his wife. Through out all 8 seasons this one had the most surprises. If there was another season I would probably stop watching it because this show has gone on for a while and there would be no point of having another season.

    i have been watching monk for alot of years , and was excited for the new season to start .. and it has been great .. and i like the direction the show is going .and i think the idea to bring back a new shrink was good. it wouldn't have been the same . monk is a great show and i love the web site . i hope monk will be on for alot more years . it seems like there just isn't to much good tv any more . thank you usa net work for keeping a great show going .
  • His OCD improves with every case he solves.He still mourns his wife after six years, and after a few episodes you mourn her passing as if she were your only friend. His progression through the show is a hopeful and inspiring aspect to his amazing show.

    I love this show. This might just be my favourite show as of now, and I am not one to be known to watch TV at all. My heart blongs to Mr. Monk now, and I plan my day around his shows. I wish he were real, I honestly do. This show has begun a spark in me that a television show has not induced in a very long time. I love every character. Even mr. rubs-the-lotion-on-it's-skin guy from Hannibal Lector. I love it. All of it. My heart beats for Monk. The best detective show I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot.
  • monk rocks

    best show in usa( the channel) monk is about a man named adrian monk who is really smart but has ridiculous phobias, over the edge hygiene, and wants everything to be even monk is a detective that and the finest in the bay area however all the phobias ans etc. can complicate solving it ( for example monk blamed a nudist for a murder because he does not like to see anything nude) however eventually solves the case.... anyways my review monk is a mix of csi for the action and drama and the other half a mixture of comedy that's straight out original monk is a must see
  • Great Show

    One of the best shows on tv.It is hilarious.Tony Shaloub is great.Other than the lady that replaced Sharona it is perfect.No other show on tv does such a good job of mixing comedy, drama, action, and mystery.Definetly will be a classic.It already has won emmys and many more will be coming.This show is one of the 100 of all time and the best show on USA.
  • I think there is a little Adrian Monk in every one of us-this show just brings it out!

    The first time I watched the show, I was nearly rolling in the floor laughing at this man who clearly is brillant but has a psychological problem. Tony S. is the perfect actor to play this part. So many people I have discussed the show with ask me "Do you think he really IS like that because if he isnt, he plays it very well."

    We have 2 saying in our house..."Its a Monk thing, you wouldnt understand" and " WWMD" (What Would Monk Do?). Watching this show has made me more aware of my own sloppiness, making me want to make sure things are lined up correctly, size wise, color sorted, etc. That is why I say, if you watch the program regularly, you will agree when I say "There is a little Adrian Monk in every one of us-this show just brings it out!"
  • Monk matches wits with a super brain chestmaster. Who relishes keeping his rivals off balance and frustrated. He knows your next move; so Monk has to think like him; to defeat him.

    It is great that this episode has someone who is super brillant; and can test the mental toughness of Monk. Would be nice to see this character back in a future episode; where Monk has a problem with a case, and is thinking about going to see the grand chestmaster in prison; so he can talk to him about this very difficult case he is currently working on. But the chestmaster wants to know whats in it for him, if he helps out Monk. I hope the producers of this terrific show, think about my idea for a future show. Keep watching Monk; you will learn alot about life.
  • Obsessive.Compulsive.Detective. Adrian Monk fights his fears to solve the murders that no one else can.

    Monk is one of the best shows on television. It takes a format that has been done a million times and reinvents it.

    Solving murders has long been a popular plot for television. Whether it is Law & Order or Murder,She Wrote, solving murders is something that interests all of us.

    Monk has taken this format and made it its own. The obsessive compulsive Adrian Monk is one of the most intriguing characters on television today. Adrian is played to perfection by Tony Shaloub. Shaloub is incredible in each and every episode of Monk.

    Murder, mystery, comedy? Monk has it all.
  • A great show is ending in Summer of 09. Why?

    This was a great show to watch, and very challenging to figure out whodunit. Monk having OCD just made the show better. "Oh my gosh, get that harmonica away from me!" "Ah! There is a ladybug on my finger!" "Look there is milk!" I will most likely miss this great show and wished I started watching this years earlier when it was better. I guess 8 seasons was good enough anyways. This was a show within a show itself and I found it funny and heartwarming at the same time. People don't watch this because they say it is hard to understand. My 9 year old son can understand it.
  • A great detective show , good comedy and fun - exciting for sure.

    I love watching Mr.Monk ... we don't have that many good detective stories nowadays ... what we have is all hi-tech crime busting , forensics and / or fantasy based shows. Mr.Monk is very much down to earth and human character - even though with extreme oddities. The characters do not have any glamor - nor the main character , neither the supporting ones - the heroes, villains or the episodes and yet , we get to watch some nice detective work enacted by a great actor and comdedian - Tony Shaloub. I have not followed all the seasons / episodes dedicatedly , but I have watched many of them. Most certainly i like watching the curious habits the character has, as well the episode wise plots as well the longer storyline. Definitely watchable and lovable show .
  • About the series

    It had great acting for Tony Shalhoub in season 1, 3-4 and Main Title Theme Music in season 1-2.
  • More Seasons For Monk!

    I know that it must take a lot of time and effort to make 8 whole seasons , but just stopping the best detective show on tv. , when I felt like I was really getting to know the characters is unacceptable . They should go to at least season 10 ! I have watched all the seasons , and even though they revealed who killed Trudy does not mean they have to stop there , the network really had something going for them there !
  • I love MONK!!!

    I just discovered Monk in January of 2012, crazy right, before I don't know were I've been, I love the way Monk is, he is so funny and amazing, I fell in love with the Captain, I love the way he acts and those beautiful eyes, well I love him, I like Natalie better then Sharona any day and Randy he's a great sidekick for the Captain, all in all Monk, Captain, Randy & Natalie are the best cast together and I wish they'd all come back together!!!
  • This. Show. IS. AWESOME.

    Monk is the awesomist guy with OCD!
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