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  • Original and funny show about a former detective with the San Francisco Police who has lost his way due to his wife's death and extreme OCD. Mr. Shalhoub conveys rare insight and charm as Monk, which is humorous but not insulting to those who may s

    Monk was once one of the best shows on television. Original and funny with great characters. The mental illness was handled with rare insight and didn't insult people with mental illness.

    Then someone made the stupid decision to let Bitty Schram go and the show began to lose its way. Now we have to have Monk constantly irritating us with maudlin memories of the dead wife. I just lose interest when that tired and boring story line is inserted once again into the episode. The other main characters are now reduced to mere walk ons. And worse of all, Sharona is gone and replaced with a talentless girl who is as boring as she is pointless to the story.

    If only the writers would pull out a DVD of the first season of Monk and watch the excellent show that Monk used to be. Watch the interplay of Monk and Sharona and Stottlemyer. Watch Monk's reaction to the world of germs and children and everything. Leave out Trudy (the dead wife).

    Write some good scripts. No more dead wife memories, better treatment for the established characters, and no more Natalie. Please. If Monk has to have some women around, can't the man date once in a while? That seems to open up some funny possibilites. And we wouldn't have to hear about Trudy ever again.

    It is really sad to write all this because I used to love this show. I miss the charm of the first season. I miss Sharona. I miss Monk. The way he used to be.