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  • Sharona and Natalie

    I love Monk, however the episodes feature Natalie much more than Sharona. Please equal the episodes----------------
  • About the series

    It had great acting for Tony Shalhoub in season 1, 3-4 and Main Title Theme Music in season 1-2.
  • Not so good!

    Appropriately, "Monk" is USA's lead-in for the highly superior dramedy The two shows are both billed as mystery comedies, but that's about all the similarities between them. While "Psych" is a clever and original show that does fresh and funny things every week, "Monk" is an unintelligent show that ran out of fresh and funny things after the first few episodes. You have Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk, the "defective detective," who is far too OCD for his own good. You have Bitty Schram (older episodes) and Traylor Howard (newer episodes) as his assistants, who put up with the worst out of him just because of his intelligence (as far as IQ goes; not emotional intelligence). Then you have the cases every week, which I think are always murder investigations. The point is, there's only so many things you can do with that when you refuse originality. The same holds true for the obsessive-compulsive jokes that come pouring out of this show like moviegoers from a Rob Zombie flick. Moments are funny (some in scattered episodes even verge on hilarious), but if you want a terrific show, stick with
  • More Seasons For Monk!

    I know that it must take a lot of time and effort to make 8 whole seasons , but just stopping the best detective show on tv. , when I felt like I was really getting to know the characters is unacceptable . They should go to at least season 10 ! I have watched all the seasons , and even though they revealed who killed Trudy does not mean they have to stop there , the network really had something going for them there !
  • bring monk back

    Monk is the best detective show anyone has ever did and i think they should do another series.... i love watching monk episodes back to back but we need new ones please bring it back...
  • A detective show unlike any others

    Monk is a detective show unlike any others. Monk is a great show with hilarious moments and great mysteries.
  • The Show Summary is Incorrect

    The show summary is incorrect. It states that Monk did not suffer from OCD and the various phobias until after his wife was murdered. However, in at least two episodes this is proved to be incorrect, episode 815, Mr. Monk and the End Part 1, and Episode 109, Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man. In Episode 815, in the very beginning, it shows Monk as a detective, before Trudy's death. He is at a maternity clinic investigating a murder of one of their midwives. There is a fake newborn baby model, with the umbilical cord still attached. As you may know no umbilical cord is straight, so of course this one isn't, but Monk is trying to straighten it. In Episode 109, we find out that Mr. Monk was on a track team in high school. He quit after an 'incident', in which his shoelaces are uneven. He loses the meet because, instead of running, he is trying to make his shoelaces even. This is the best show ever. I'm addicted, and I may be developing OCD because of it!
  • i was "Monked"

    I was waiting to take a couple of doctors to the laboratory to do research. While waiting, I casually aligned the verticle file of papers on the admin assistants desk and aligned the box of tissues, then used my palm to adjust the alignment of the two. Suddenly, the secretary laughed, "You should watch Monk! you'll have to see it on NetFlix, though, cause it's been Yep, i'm hooked!
  • Best Detective Show

    It's such a shame Monk had to end, Monk is definitely my favourite detective show of all time with Psych following it. Tony Shalhoub, easily the best actor out of all the cast members, his portrayal of a person with OCD was excellent and outstanding.
  • Something for all kinds of people.

    I'm not as bad as Monk, to which my wife says "Thank God!" But I can see how a person could get that way. I know that's why I loved this show even though detective shows don't usually interest me. I empathize with him a great deal. No. I would never be that good of a detective, but maybe that's why I was that good of a draftsman. This show had so many things to offer a viewer. If you liked comedies, or detectives, or dysfunctional comic situations, this show had it all. Even the catchy theme song was brilliant. I sadly expect it will be many years before another show this good comes back to television. I had two thoughts. Has anyone every listed all the things Monk was afraid of? Has anyone ever listed all the methods used to murder in this series?
  • I love MONK!!!

    I just discovered Monk in January of 2012, crazy right, before I don't know were I've been, I love the way Monk is, he is so funny and amazing, I fell in love with the Captain, I love the way he acts and those beautiful eyes, well I love him, I like Natalie better then Sharona any day and Randy he's a great sidekick for the Captain, all in all Monk, Captain, Randy & Natalie are the best cast together and I wish they'd all come back together!!!
  • This. Show. IS. AWESOME.

    Monk is the awesomist guy with OCD!
  • Mr. Monk is good, but getting a little old

    I like Monk, its a great show in the first couple of seasons. Its original, funny and creative but later on it gets bad. Mr. Monk first took a step down when they got rid of Sharona and replaced her with Natalie. I wouldn't mind it if Natalie had a different personality but she acts exactly like Sharona. The fact is, that later on the episodes become more predictable. Also, none of the characters have changed or grown, its all still the same. Its just going downhill. I believe that they need to pick this show up again, and why is it always murder can you be a little creative
  • Loved it.

    This was a very unique show, just about as unique as it's main character, Monk.

    At times you wanted to slap him, but most of the time you couldn't help but love him.

    The cast with all its suporting characters was awesome.

    It seems most people liked Sharona better, I am one of those that disagree. I believe Natalie suffered only because she wasn't cast first as Monk's assistant.

    While Sharona had some attitude and spunk as some said, Natalie had geniune love for Monk.

    I just melted when I saw Monk doing something ground breaking (for him), and I saw Natalie behind him all smiles, jumping where she stood and claping her hands. It was so cute and so refreshing to see how she felt about Monk.

    Sharona was Monk's assistant, Natalie was his babysiter, guardian, and more.

    I also love cpt Stottlemeyer and his "side kick" lieutenant Disher. They made an awesome (and funny) pair. I only regret they didn't have more time. I felt the show could do so much more with them and that it felt short on their exposure. They could have been more important or have even more funny scenes, alas they remained side characters until the end.

    All characters were great. Monk's brothers were just perfect, Krenshaw was always great, even the funny dude with his glasses that couldn't stop talking... They were all great.

    I recommend it to just about anybody. While not everyone will find it "great" as I do, I believe it is one of those show that everyone will enjoy.
  • Nan Scott

    Unfortunately for me, I just stumbled on to Monk last year, and quickly became addicted. I can watch that show and laugh out loud at the nuiances, and am amazed by the character development, and sheer comic genious of Adrian Monk( Tony Shaloub). Since it's difficult to find in the reruns, I often channel surf around with dedicated, hungry eyes for a glimpse of this captivating program. It seems that truly original programs are doomed; my other fav of all times was Northern Exposure, it didn't last as longas Monk did!
  • Monk was a great show, but it lost much of its original charm with time.

    Monk was a great show, but it lost much of its original charm with time.
    Monk is a policial show with some touches of comedy. I don´t think drama as a show quality as presented in the summary. That said I have to say that Monk started as a great show, but nowadays it´s just a good and fun show.
    It has good acting and the acting didn't change at all. What changed for worst was the episode plot. It was extemely fun and imaginative before, but now it only gets the job done. Nothing really memorable now which is a real pity.
    In the past, Monk was one of my favorite shows. Today I still watch it but I prefer watching other shows instead.
  • My all time favorite tv show may monk live forever and forver it will be charished every season is wondeful from begining to end i love this show so much

    Monk is the best and will always be the best show no matter what happens i can honistly say i have not missed a episode not 1 i have watched it since its premere and now its mid way in season 4 i just cant wait for seasons 5 and 6 to start
  • Shaloub is a comic genius.

    The performance of Tony Shaloub is what makes Monk a landmark show and a true original. No other show that I have seen is so willing to annoy the viewer when necessary just to stay committed to the joke. At times as he acts out his obsessions, Monk does just that, but it translates to true comic genius and provides a really true window into the psychiatric disorders from which Monk suffers.

    Every episode, though, makes me question why Captain Stottlemeyer and his bumbling Lieutenant Disher still have jobs. Clearly, they can't solve a case without Monk's help, and he gets paid on a case-by-case basis. His assistance costs the city a lot of money, so why haven't Tweedles Dee and Dum (in that order) been fired? Of course, the answer is that it's comic, but when the logical mind kicks in . . .
  • One of the best detective shows of all time! It was well written, funny and very enjoyable. A true classic.

    What made this show such a hit was the main fact it was about a detective who has OCD and has alot of bizarre quirks. I mean, who didn't love watching Monk getting all bent out of shape at times due to his phobias and speaking his lingo. It was just a riot!

    The supporting characters were top notch as well. From Sharona Fleming, Captain Stottlemeyer, Randy Disher, Natalie Teager and Trudy Monk.

    The show sadly never was the same after Sharona was replaced by Natalie. While Natalie did a decent job, she just didn't have that spunk and attitude as Monk's first assistant that you just couldn't help but love.

    Stottlemeyer to me is what you would think of when trying to describe a cop. Tough and all business. Randy Disher on the other hand is what you call a suck up, trying to impress the Captain by any means necessary. His crazy theories for how a murder was committed was just hilarious.

    Anyway, as for the stories, I for one thought they were very well written. The writers were very creative on how to show the "who done it" theory. Just about every episode I watched the first time had enough intrigue and mystery to keep you interested and try to figure it out.

    All in all, this show is definitely worth watching if you need a good laugh and mystery.
  • Why did this show end?

    Monk's intellectual capacity is astronomical. I always used to love how he would put together the tiniest things to solve cases, along with having "in my opinion severe" OCD. It was cool how he managed to do all of his case solvings or whatever with his OCD and Trudy's Death.

    It's also sad that he couldn't be a police detective anymore, and I remember the episode where he couldn't do the test because of his pencil, and shading in the circles.

    Monk deserves to be Honored with one of the best TV Show awards possible.

    I used to TiVo this all the time aswell

    Monk forevs!
  • Adrian Monk is a former policeman turned private detective. The change came after the murder of his wife, which left him devastated and suffering from severe OCD. He's brilliant though and can solve the most difficult crimes before the police can.

    I love this show because I can relate to it having some Obsessive Compulsive disorders myself. Of course, I am not in any way as bad off as the shows main character lol! I believe everyone in someway, shape, or form has a bit of OCD and that's what makes us love Monk so much. He's a bit crazy, and makes me laugh, but he also pulls out a lot a sympathy from me. This character intrigues me, and I love the way he solves crimes both that the police haven't been able to, or the crimes they didn't even know existed yet. It's an awesome show that has entertained me for years, and I hope it will continue too.
  • Original and funny show about a former detective with the San Francisco Police who has lost his way due to his wife's death and extreme OCD. Mr. Shalhoub conveys rare insight and charm as Monk, which is humorous but not insulting to those who may s

    Monk was once one of the best shows on television. Original and funny with great characters. The mental illness was handled with rare insight and didn't insult people with mental illness.

    Then someone made the stupid decision to let Bitty Schram go and the show began to lose its way. Now we have to have Monk constantly irritating us with maudlin memories of the dead wife. I just lose interest when that tired and boring story line is inserted once again into the episode. The other main characters are now reduced to mere walk ons. And worse of all, Sharona is gone and replaced with a talentless girl who is as boring as she is pointless to the story.

    If only the writers would pull out a DVD of the first season of Monk and watch the excellent show that Monk used to be. Watch the interplay of Monk and Sharona and Stottlemyer. Watch Monk's reaction to the world of germs and children and everything. Leave out Trudy (the dead wife).

    Write some good scripts. No more dead wife memories, better treatment for the established characters, and no more Natalie. Please. If Monk has to have some women around, can't the man date once in a while? That seems to open up some funny possibilites. And we wouldn't have to hear about Trudy ever again.

    It is really sad to write all this because I used to love this show. I miss the charm of the first season. I miss Sharona. I miss Monk. The way he used to be.
  • After the murder of his wife, Detective Adrian Monk turns obsessive-compulsive and picks up a whole lot of phobias as well. His condition, however, allows him to pick up details others can't.

    The first time I watched Monk, I fell in love with the series. Well, who wouldn't? As far as I recall, no detective has ever declined to give chase to a villain for fear of dirtying his shoes, or asking another detective to retreive some piece of evidence because he might get grease on his hands. And of course, it's just as amusing when his condition actually helps him to solve murders and catch crooks and stuff. However, after some time(about a few months) the novelty began to wear off. There wasn't anything new to keep me watching it. Soon, I stopped watching altogether. This may happen to you a lot later or earlier depending on how much you liked the show at first sight. Watching a detective cringe at such things like dust or dirt at the crime scene may, at first, but soon there's just too much of Monk's obsessive-compulsiveness to actually get the detective part of the story underway. About 50% of the show is mostly Monk being...well, Monk. In my opinion, that's just too much. I would recommend this show to my friends, of course, and I know they'll love it, but soon they'll probably going to start switching channels-sooner or later.

    Bottom line is that anybody who loves a good whodunnit would eat Monk up, but probably won't stick to it any longer than two seasons. Three on the outside.
  • Not just a detective show, Monk is about the mystery of life. A true gem, with one of the best characters I've seen in a long time.

    This show is about so much more than solving murders. Monk is my favorite TV character to come along in the last ten years, at least. Each week he uses his brilliant mind and talents to solve crimes that no one else can decipher, but he also has to deal with much more difficult issues. How do you live with all the bad things that happen in this world? When even the smallest, simplest things are terrifying to you, how do you keep going? As someone with a severe phobia myself, I can testify how difficult that is. That Monk constantly overcomes his fears and makes great, awe-inspiring discoveries in spite of them, is truly wonderful.

    It's one of those shows that can make you laugh, cry, and think deeply in the space of a few minutes. I would recommend this show to anyone.
  • this was a really good detective show that brought me back to the days of watching columbo

    this was a really show .its called monk who was a cop in the city but when his wife was murderd he became more excessive compolive and had alot of anixity and then had to be removed from the force till his phycy doctor said he could go back on the force. so he still works for the police just as the person that helps solves the crimes its a good show and iloved it from the beging it has alot of funny moments and like he hates shaking peoples hand and some thoguht he was racsit which was funny. and he is afraid of alot of things like hights which is funny he some times lets people get away. all in all its a really good showand its a must watch show i think if you lked columbo.
  • Obsessive. Compulsive. Awesome. Detective.

    While it's hard to find half-decent shows on TV when you're flipping through the channels, occasionally there's a show that seems to stand out--the one that sticks in your head, the one that you wait every Friday night for, the one that you would sorely miss when it ends. It goes without saying that Monk is one of these few.

    Monk is one of the most-watched cable television shows for a reason. Not just because it's charming or interesting, because it is original. I can't recall the last time I saw a series involving an obsessive-compulsive detective that solved murder mysteries with the help of a loyal assistant by his side. Similar to Sherlock Holmes, Adrian Monk is a quirky detective with an intriguing past and a brilliant twist. Monk's beloved wife, Trudy, was killed in a car bomb, a case that Monk hasn't seemed to be able to solve for twelve years. It also put Monk in a terrible catatonic state until he was helped by a nurse and assistant, Sharona Fleming. Eventually, Monk came out of his catatonic state, yet still had a severe case of OCD. Monk decided to go back to doing what he did best--solving crimes, like he did on the police force before he was psychologically discharged. With a new assistant, Natalie Teeger, twelve years go by and Monk has evolved--he shook off a couple of his phobias, found love again a couple times, and even made more friends than other disabled people could ever manage to make. And with this long-lasting television series about to say its farewell in the finale, (not to mention give closure to the Trudy case) a loyal viewer such as I will truly miss the obsessively compulsively brilliant show, 'Monk.'
  • Sorry its ending

    Monk it one of the funniest and most origional shows on television. i have watched it since season two and have seen most of the episodes more than once. he is the kind of character that everyone can relate to. it is such a shame that the show decided to end as i feel it could have gone on for several more seasons. at least though we will now find out who killed monks wife trudy!! i cant wait to see how it ends and yet i hope it never does. at least it will always live on in reruns!
  • Monk is probably the most original show I have ever seen.

    Monk is a detective is San Fransico who has an extreme case of OCD and many phobias. When has a show even been remotely like that!? It is so original. Monk solves just about every crime he is put up against except the most important one...The car bombing of his late wife, Trudy.
    Now yes, some episodes can be very unrealistic and Monk in its eight seasons has lost some of its touch, but that doesn't stop it from being a great show still.
    The acting is very good. Tony Shaloub does an extremely excellent job in protraying Monk. Ted Levine, Traylor Howard, Jason Grey-Stanford, and the late Stanley Kamel also do a fine job.
    I consider Monk a drama with a lot of quirky and comedic elements. The writing is fine, directing is very good, and, even though I said it's lost some of its touch, an all-around grat show.
  • A must watch and an instant classic, you'll thank me later.

    Mr. Monk is perhaps one of the greatest detectives on the face of the earth. Despite his many fears (heights, germs, crowds, birds, wind, milk and more) tendencies, and perfectionist nature, he is undoubtedly one of the greatest characters on television. Plus he is surrounded by other characters that are just about as likable and as fun as Monk himself. From the dense Lieutenant Randy Disher (Jason-Gray-Stanford) to the hot tempered Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine), to the lovely Sharona Flemming (Bitty Schram). Everyone is well thought out and very likable.

    There is never a story repeated in Monk, every episode is fresh and new, no cookie cutter stories here! And every little detail in every little episode could be the piece of evidence that cracks the case, this keeps you constantly paying attention to every detail, as insignificant as it may seem.

    The dialog is just plain awesome, everyone is believable and funny at the same time. Randy Disher by himself is a riot with his stupid names for criminals and lame puns, or Monks' arguments with Sharona Flemming. Even after the funnier moments you can truly feel for the characters, and you WANT the culprits who Monk is tracking to be thwarted. In fact the various villains of the show are so convincing it makes you actually hate their character.

    Overall, Monk is full of emotion, it's fun but sad at the same time. Eight seasons later, the show may be gone but the seasons of it are worth buying, and will continue to pull at your heart strings after seeing it for the hundredth time.

    This is a must watch and an instant classic, you'll thank me later.
  • Loved and Remembered.

    This was one of my favorite shows. I cried watching the Finale. It was a good ending but it deserves to have many more people watching it. If Trudy hadn't died would Monk just be a regular person. Before she died he didn't have as much mouth wash or all that hand wash. If you havent seen the finale go to then you will be able to see what happens. I can't believe Monk never saw that there was something going on with his wife. Through out all 8 seasons this one had the most surprises. If there was another season I would probably stop watching it because this show has gone on for a while and there would be no point of having another season.