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  • Excellent episode: clever, funny, different, consistent with Monk's character and style.

    I liked it a lot. Oddly, the humor didn't come so much from the regular cast as it did from the guest stars. Funny were: the recollections of the jailed criminals Monk put away, the stewardess from the "Airplane" ep who couldn't fly anymore after encountering Monk, and Randy's actress girlfriend. The best part was how they interwove the documentary making (Eric McCormack was very good) and the production party together -- the clever way Monk finished solving the case by viewing the documentary. The crime plot and detection were clever. There was no way to know beforehand McCormack's involvement.... .... It is terrific the way the show successfully takes chance with new approaches and never "jumps the shark." Bravo!

    The title of the episode is " Mr. Monk's 100th Case," and IMHO it is a good title. It's the series 100th episode, which is a big deal in TV-land. It's a special show, and they wanted to trumpet it. But they didn't want to call it "Mr Monk and the 100th Episode" because all the titles of the episodes refer to the story -- some crime or dramatic incident in the episode; none of the titles refer to production issues. I have to laugh at the earlier reviews where they harp on the number 100 being incorrect. Not that it is important, but it happens that it could very well be his 100th case as they present it. It is his 100th case, counting, as McCormack states in the documentary narration:
    ¶ only consultant cases (after Trudy died).
    ¶ only those cases he worked on for the San Francisco P.D (presumably in an official contract capacity).
    ¶ only cases he solved.
    Thus you can eliminate all the freebie cases he solved outside of San Francisco, like while on Vacation or in a Traffic Jam, for example. Also the show is not in "real time" -- there could be numerous cases that have not made their way to episodes.