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  • Obsessive. Compulsive. Awesome. Detective.

    While it's hard to find half-decent shows on TV when you're flipping through the channels, occasionally there's a show that seems to stand out--the one that sticks in your head, the one that you wait every Friday night for, the one that you would sorely miss when it ends. It goes without saying that Monk is one of these few.

    Monk is one of the most-watched cable television shows for a reason. Not just because it's charming or interesting, because it is original. I can't recall the last time I saw a series involving an obsessive-compulsive detective that solved murder mysteries with the help of a loyal assistant by his side. Similar to Sherlock Holmes, Adrian Monk is a quirky detective with an intriguing past and a brilliant twist. Monk's beloved wife, Trudy, was killed in a car bomb, a case that Monk hasn't seemed to be able to solve for twelve years. It also put Monk in a terrible catatonic state until he was helped by a nurse and assistant, Sharona Fleming. Eventually, Monk came out of his catatonic state, yet still had a severe case of OCD. Monk decided to go back to doing what he did best--solving crimes, like he did on the police force before he was psychologically discharged. With a new assistant, Natalie Teeger, twelve years go by and Monk has evolved--he shook off a couple of his phobias, found love again a couple times, and even made more friends than other disabled people could ever manage to make. And with this long-lasting television series about to say its farewell in the finale, (not to mention give closure to the Trudy case) a loyal viewer such as I will truly miss the obsessively compulsively brilliant show, 'Monk.'