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  • A must watch and an instant classic, you'll thank me later.

    Mr. Monk is perhaps one of the greatest detectives on the face of the earth. Despite his many fears (heights, germs, crowds, birds, wind, milk and more) tendencies, and perfectionist nature, he is undoubtedly one of the greatest characters on television. Plus he is surrounded by other characters that are just about as likable and as fun as Monk himself. From the dense Lieutenant Randy Disher (Jason-Gray-Stanford) to the hot tempered Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine), to the lovely Sharona Flemming (Bitty Schram). Everyone is well thought out and very likable.

    There is never a story repeated in Monk, every episode is fresh and new, no cookie cutter stories here! And every little detail in every little episode could be the piece of evidence that cracks the case, this keeps you constantly paying attention to every detail, as insignificant as it may seem.

    The dialog is just plain awesome, everyone is believable and funny at the same time. Randy Disher by himself is a riot with his stupid names for criminals and lame puns, or Monks' arguments with Sharona Flemming. Even after the funnier moments you can truly feel for the characters, and you WANT the culprits who Monk is tracking to be thwarted. In fact the various villains of the show are so convincing it makes you actually hate their character.

    Overall, Monk is full of emotion, it's fun but sad at the same time. Eight seasons later, the show may be gone but the seasons of it are worth buying, and will continue to pull at your heart strings after seeing it for the hundredth time.

    This is a must watch and an instant classic, you'll thank me later.