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  • Loved it.

    This was a very unique show, just about as unique as it's main character, Monk.

    At times you wanted to slap him, but most of the time you couldn't help but love him.

    The cast with all its suporting characters was awesome.

    It seems most people liked Sharona better, I am one of those that disagree. I believe Natalie suffered only because she wasn't cast first as Monk's assistant.

    While Sharona had some attitude and spunk as some said, Natalie had geniune love for Monk.

    I just melted when I saw Monk doing something ground breaking (for him), and I saw Natalie behind him all smiles, jumping where she stood and claping her hands. It was so cute and so refreshing to see how she felt about Monk.

    Sharona was Monk's assistant, Natalie was his babysiter, guardian, and more.

    I also love cpt Stottlemeyer and his "side kick" lieutenant Disher. They made an awesome (and funny) pair. I only regret they didn't have more time. I felt the show could do so much more with them and that it felt short on their exposure. They could have been more important or have even more funny scenes, alas they remained side characters until the end.

    All characters were great. Monk's brothers were just perfect, Krenshaw was always great, even the funny dude with his glasses that couldn't stop talking... They were all great.

    I recommend it to just about anybody. While not everyone will find it "great" as I do, I believe it is one of those show that everyone will enjoy.