The Monkees

Season 2 Episode 11

A Coffin Too Frequent

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Nov 20, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

As The Monkees prepare for bed, they are frightened by the sound of laughter downstairs. The thought that it might be a burglar sends them scurrying downstairs with weapons and a net, which they clumsily catch themselves in when Peter sneezes. They find Henry Weatherspoon preparing for a séance in their living room. He tells them that they have three minutes to leave before the guests arrive and within seconds the guys race back upstairs, get dressed, pack their bags and a trunk and head back downstairs until Michael objects to Henry using their pad for a séance! Henry explains that their lease states that on this night they have to vacant the pad by midnight till sunrise and even shows them the lease. The guys are about to leave when Henry's aunt, old Mildred Weatherspoon appears at the door insisting they stay as witnesses for the return of Elmer Weatherspoon from the dead!

The guys are unwilling to stay to bear witnesses to such an event, but they try to leave only to be foiled by Mrs. Weatherspoon and Henry's cousin Boris Weatherspoon, a giant Frankenstein's monsteresque goon who is totally under his control. Boris barges in the pad with the coffin containing Elmer's corpse knocking the door compleetly down off of its hinges. The boys quickly make up their minds and stay to witness Elmer Weatherspoon's return form the dead, and they imagine a courtroom, with Michael as The Witness and Micky, David, and Peter as the barrister, the defendant, and the judge, respectively. Peter sneezes and Mrs. Weatherspoon convinced it's a cold rushes him upstairs for tea while Henry sends Boris to fetch their luggage. Henry then reveals to the others that Elmer will return at dawn, heralded by a trumpet (with which he was buried!), after which, he will leave; frightened once more, The Monkees' make up their minds again and reattempt to escape but are once again stopped by Boris, bearing enormous suitcases full of his lunch. Meanwhile, upstairs, Mrs. Weatherspoon has Peter in bed giving him several cups of tea to drink for his cold.

Henry shows Micky and Michael a bottle of aspirin claiming he invented it in order to bring Elmer back from the dead but Michael accuses him of trying to use it on them in order to make them believe they're seeing Elmer rise. While David chats with Boris about a High and Low act he once did with a tall person, they wind up doing a "Tea for Two" tap dancing act dressed in vaudeville clothes when they're halted by disapproving Henry. Soon they all hear Peter crying for help upstairs and everyone heads up there to find that Mrs. Weatherspoon has placed an oxygen tent on Peter for his cold, piling him with all sorts of remedies. David tries talk with Mrs. Weatherspoon about the matter but is stopped by Henry who declares The Monkees are disbelievers and will drive Elmer away. David calls Henry a fraud and Boris begins choking him; Mildred halts Boris and orders him and Henry out of the room. As the two plotters secretly listen on the other side of the door, David learns Mildred will give all of her money to Henry's foundation should he succeed in bringing Elmer back, as it is the only way to protect her interests. David opens the door and Henry and Boris come crashing down to the floor and Mildred disappears. Everyone finds her bashing Micky with her umbrella to keep him from disturbing Elmer in his coffin until the proper time.

Mildred learns that the boys are trying to protect them, she calls them angels, and they imagine bouncing on a cloud in sweat socks, extra–large white togas, and fake wings. Micky's determined not to stand around and allow the old lady see her money stolen, but everyone's afraid that Henry will sick Boris on them if they interfere. Both of Micky's attempts to subdue Boris, first by ramming into his stomach then by trying to use judo on him, fail miserably, he gets a migraine. Mildred offers to remedy his headache with an Egyptian Head Banging Cure by having Micky cover his eyes and then stomp hard on his foot so he'll forget about his head problem. Micky does indeed forget about it, as he cowers in pain from his foot! Later, The Monkees and The Weatherspoons prepare for the séance as they all take hands. Henry declares that Elmer will be amongst them in a few moments, and when a few elements shake and rattle as he draws nearer, Michael thinks it's his teeth. Henry attempts to summon Elmer and suddenly the sound of a trumpet playing is heard. When Henry commands Elmer to speak, a ghostly voice calls Henry a crook, cheating the dead and running off with his aunt's money, and declares that he must pay, driving the frightened Henry to confess. The voice demands he try pleading and begging for mercy; Henry does so on his knees, and soon Micky pops out of the coffin to everyone's surprise. It had all been just a clever Monkee ploy to lure Henry into confessing his diabolical scheme. Outraged, the former sics Boris on the boys, triggering a wild chase from the pad to the fantasy courtroom to the fantasy cloud set to "Goin' Down". The chase ends as Henry and Boris are shut up inside the coffin by Mildred and the boys.

Mrs. Weatherspoon thanks the guys for their help thwarting her scheming nephew and leaves. recieve a call by the Boy Scouts who want to offer Micky an officer's commission. Mike and Peter compliment him on his groovy trumpet and suggest that he tries it with a group, but Micky replies that he doesn't play the trumpet! The boys turn and suddenly they see the coffin opening as Elmer Weatherspoon's hand rises playing the trumpet in which all the guys begin coughing in fear.


Tag Sequence:

The boys finish with a rendition of "Daydream Believer".