The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 8

Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth (a.k.a. Gift Horse)

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Oct 31, 1966 on NBC
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Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth (a.k.a. Gift Horse)
Davy gets stuck watching a young boy's pet horse and soon discovers that unless they can come up with a way to help pay for the horse's upkeep, the young man's father will sell the horse. The Monkees set out to become farm hands to raise money which quickly turns disastrous.

Monkee Music Includes: Papa Gene's Blues and All The King's Horsesmoreless

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  • When the Monkees agree to watch a boy's pet horse they soon realize that they have gotten themselves into quite a jam. In order to help the boy keep his horse, the foursome agrees to work at the boy's dad's farm, but things don't go according to plan.moreless

    This episode was the first series episode filmed since their pilot episode, which had been shot back in November of '65. Even though the boys haven't filmed an episode together for over six months, you certainly cannot tell. I loved how the boys try their best to complete their chores to the best of their ability, but once a "city slicker" always a "city slicker". In this episode, you can really see the boys' comedic genius come alive with their quirky ways of doing their chores around the farm and their endless explainations to Mr. Babbit on what he was hearing in the apartment. While this is not one of their best episodes from the first season, it sure takes the audience on a wild adventure with those lovable Monkees.moreless
Jim Boles

Jim Boles

Farmer Fisher

Guest Star

Jerry Colonna

Jerry Colonna

Dr. Mann

Guest Star

Jesslyn Fax

Jesslyn Fax

Mrs. Purdy

Guest Star

Henry Corden

Henry Corden


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (29)

    • During the Papa Gene's Blues segment, Davy's maracas change position based on the color of them.

    • During the race scene, there is a large boat that can be seen in some shot, but not in others.

    • When Micky trips and spills the water for Mrs. Purdy he gets up and goes to retrieve some more. In the very next shot he has already returned with water in hand.

    • When Micky sits in the chair in the living room he is sitting back, but in the next shot he is leaning forward.

    • When Mr. Babbit comes back for the second time his vest is blue. However, when he walks in the door it is brown.

    • When the boys are watching Mike milk the cow, Micky has a band-aid on his right hand index finger, but when the three boys are in their madator outfits he no longer has it. However, when they change back to their farm clothes he once again has the band-aid on.

    • When the boys begin tossing the bucket around there is a long shot of Davy tossing it to Peter over Mike's head. In the next shot it is the exact same thing except this time it is a close up shot.

    • When Mr. Babbit knocks on the door after hearing Micky's werewolf impression, his vest is open, but when Mike answers the door it is now buttoned.

    • When Mike finishes milking the cow, he comes back to the fence where the other three are standing, looks at them and then at the cow. The next shot is the same thing except it is just a close shot of Mike.

    • When the boys are talking about how much the horse cost with Farmer Fisher, Peter is standing far away, but a second later he is standing with the other guys.

    • When Davy asks the guys if they are willing to bet their guitar in a race, birds can be heard chirping. However, when the boys nod their head yes the birds are no longer chirping, but a few seconds later the birds are chirping again.

    • When the boys are trying to catch the chickens, Davy is wearing his cowboy hat, but in one shot he isn't. However, for the rest of the scene the cowboy hat is back on his head.

    • When Micky is helping Peter with the hog call, Micky's right sleeve is unbuttoned, but in the next shot it was buttoned.

    • When the boys are trying to hide Dr. Mann in the closet the door to the downstairs bedroom is open. In the next shot, when Micky tells Mike he will throw down a smoke bomb if he needs help the door is closed.

    • When Davy is explaining how he got the horse to the other guys, Peter is sitting on a unicycle in the corner. The next shot he is in the middle of the room pedaling the unicycle, but in the next shot he is once again just sitting on it in the corner.

    • When Mr. Babbitt is talking to Micky about hearing a dog in the apartment, Mike's arm is around one of the staircase posts. However, in one scene is not up there. Instead, we see him leaning against the staircase and then putting his arm around one of the posts.

    • During the Papa Gene's Blues sequence, Micky throws the bucket to Davy, but in the next shot Davy is catching the bucket from Peter and Micky is rolling an old tire.

    • When Davy and Mike are watching Micky call for the pigs, Mike is sitting while Davy is standing on his right. A few shots later, Davy is sitting and Mike is standing to his right.

    • When the boys are leaving the barn in the morning Micky puts on his hat and leads the way. In the next shot, Mike is in front and Micky hasn't put his hat on yet.

    • When the Monkees are talking to the farmer, Mike has his coat over his shoulder, but in the next shot he is holding it in his arms.

    • When the horse falls from eating the soup, Mike is holding the bowl with two hands, but in the next shot he is only holding the bowl with one hand.

    • When Davy an Mike are watching Micky call the pigs, their arms are crossed then uncrossed then crossed again.

    • When Davy is talking to Jonathan on the beach, his hands keep changing position from shot to shot.

    • The original ending of this episode had Mike, Micky, and Peter stoppring Davy from watching a baby elephant.

    • Peter cooks Rootbeer Soup which "turns" Micky into a "werewolf".

    • Midway during "Papa Gene's Blues," the music changes to a seemingly Mexican score as Mike dressed as a bull fighter tries to get the milk from a cow. The sequence has bits of a real bull fight inserted within, in addition the other Monkees are dressed in costumes looking on.

    • When the horse gets sick, Mike somehow has the number to the vet memorized.

    • Davy acquires a horse from a little boy on the beach by his apartment. Later we see that the boy lives on a farm- miles away from Davy. One has to wonder how a little boy like that could find his way to and from the beach where he left the horse.

    • Mike's head changes position between shots while the Monkees are working in the barn.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Farmer Fisher: See if you can't do this right. Go milk the cow. See that you fill this.
      Micky: Boy that just proves how far out in the country we are.
      Farmer Fisher: What do you mean?
      Micky: The milkman doesn't even deliver here.

    • Peter: It's just as well the pigs didn't come.
      Micky: Why's that?
      Peter: I forgot their food.

    • Davy: How about we pay the original investment? Would you let him keep him then?
      Micky: Hey, that's a great idea!
      Farmer Fisher: Fair enough. That animal cost me $100.
      Micky: That's a terrible idea!

    • Dr. Mann: You have a very sick horse here.
      Mike: Oh, eh, Dr. Mann, you don't understand.
      Dr. Mann: Please don't explain, there's no time to waste, I may have to operate.
      Peter: (dressed as the front end of a horse) You can't operate. I'm not a horse, I'm a Monkee.
      Dr. Mann: Ha ha ha, a likely story. I suppose you sing, too?
      Davy: (dressed as the back end of a horse) Yeah, both of us in here do.
      Dr. Mann: Egad, it's even worse than I thought. This horse not only has delusions of singing it has a split personality.

    • Mike: Hi, I'm the fella that called before.
      Dr Mann: Where's the monkey?
      Mike: Oh, I'm the Monkee.
      Dr. Mann: You're the monkey? You don't need a vet, young man, you need a psychiatrist!
      Mike: No, wait a minute, you don't, you don't understand. I'm not a real monkey; I'm the kind of Monkee that sings!

    • (Micky is acting like a Werewolf when there is a knock at the door)
      Mike: (taps Micky) It's probably the villagers with their torches.

    • Peter: Soup's on. Come and get it! Okay, try it. My own recipe.
      Mike: (looks at the soup) Oh, cream of root beer.
      Peter: Mmhmm.
      (Mike tries the soup and makes a disgusted look)
      Mike: Well Peter, you reach a new low.

    • Mike: (feeding soup to a horse) Hey, I think he likes it.
      Peter: At least somebody appreciates good soup.
      Micky: Hey, wait till you see a horse change into a werewolf.

    • Micky: Horses don't eat salami!

    • Mike: Davy, you and Peter go hide in the bedroom.
      Davy: He already knows about us, it's the horse we got to hide.

  • NOTES (7)

    • 9,060,000 viewers watched this episode.

    • The Monkees' first single, Last Train To Clarksville, is #1 on Billboard's Top 100 during the week this episode is shown. It was #2 last week.

    • On the first day of shooting, the crew found the gate to the farm they were using locked and no farmer around. While Rafelson sent someone to find the farmer, he used the production trucks to bust down the gate so they could start filming.

    • Davy Jones was actually trained to be a jockey when he was a teenager, but instead decided to pursue a career in acting.

    • This episode was the second episode shot and it was filmed between May 31 and June 3 1966.

    • During the first CBS Saturday Afternoon repeat of this episode, the song "All The King's Horses" was replace by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart's "I Never Thought It Peculiar".

    • Features the songs: "Papa Gene's Blues" and "All the King's Men". The song "All the King's Men" was unreleased and both songs were written by Michael Nesmith.