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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Here Come the Monkees

      The Monkees' unaired pilot episode Here Comes The Monkees was shot on 16mm black and white film and features segments of screen tests with Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones from October 1965, which, as series creator Robert Rafelson describes in a voice-over, are "spontaneous and unrehearsed." At the end of these interviews, Rafelson says, "Well, those are some of The Monkees. And you never know when they'll turn up next."

      The storyline footage would be reused in Episode #10 Here Comes The Monkees with the screen test segments moved to the end. The songs included in this pilot were demo recordings made by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart and none of The Monkees participated in their recording.

      Songs include:
      Theme (Boyce and Hart demo)
      I Wanna Be Free (Boyce and Hart demo)
      Let's Dance On (Boyce and Hart demo)

    • The Royal Flush
      The Royal Flush
      Episode 1

      The Monkees get hip to a plot endangering the life of The Princess Bettina (Katherine Walsh), Duchess of Harmonica by her evil uncle Archduke Otto (Theodore Marcuse).

      Monkee Music Includes:

      This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day

      Take A Giant Step

    • Monkee See, Monkee Die

      The Monkees are behind in their rent and face eviction until they are told that a millionaire has written them into his will. The only problem is that they have to spend one night in a haunted house to collect. And, there are others who are after the inheritance too.

      Monkee Music Includes:
      Last Train To Clarksville
      Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day

    • Monkee vs. Machine

      The Monkees need money to pay their rent, so Peter applies for a job with a toy company but is not hired. Mike steps in and gets the job but soon discovers that an elderly toy maker (Walter Janovitz) is about to be replaced by a computer and schemes to prevent it.

      Monkee Music Includes:

      Saturday's Child

      Last Train To Clarksville

    • Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers

      The Monkees reach the finals of a contest for a recording deal. Their performance is interrupted by another group's manager, who promises to help them through the use of various publicity stunts, which are designed to actually help his other band.

      Monkee Music Includes:

      Let's Dance On

      (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone

      Last Train To Clarksville

    • The Spy Who Came in From the Cool

      The Monkees are drawn into the world of espionage when Davy accidentally buys a new set of maracas, which have a roll of microfilm hidden inside. The spies who had the film and the Central Intelligence Service each try to use the Monkees to retrieve the film, only to be thwarted by the usually Monkee music and mayhem.

      Monkee Music includes:

      (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
      The Kind of Girl I Could Love
      Saturday's Child
      All the King's Horses

    • The Success Story

      Davy is afraid to meet his grandfather (Ben Wright), who is flying in from England, because he's told him through letters that he's a rich and important man in America. The Monkees set out to convince grandfather that Davy is indeed a wealthy man.

      Monkee Music Includes:

      I Wanna Be Free
      Sweet Young Thing

    • The Monkees in a Ghost Town

      On the way to a concert date, the Monkees take a wrong turn and end up out of gas in a ghost town somewhere in the desert. They soon find out that the town is not as deserted as it first seemed.

      Monkee Music Includes:
      Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day

      Papa Gene's Blues

    • Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth (a.k.a. Gift Horse)

      Davy gets stuck watching a young boy's pet horse and soon discovers that unless they can come up with a way to help pay for the horse's upkeep, the young man's father will sell the horse. The Monkees set out to become farm hands to raise money which quickly turns disastrous.

      Monkee Music includes:
      Papa Gene's Blues

      All The King's Horses

    • The Chaperone
      The Chaperone
      Episode 9

      Davy has fallen for a beautiful woman, only to find out that her father is a retired Army General who will only let her go to events with a chaperon. The Monkees plot how to convince the General that she will have a chaperon to an upcoming party so Davy can meet her.

      Monkee Music Includes:
      This Just Doesn't Seem to be My Day

      Take a Giant Step
      You May Just Be the One.

    • The Monkees (a.k.a. Here Come the Monkees)
      Davy falls in love with the daughter of a man who has hired The Monkees to play at a sweet sixteen party. But she is so distracted by her love; she flunks a history test in school. Davy feels responsible and The Monkees set out to help the girl pass her makeup exam, only to find out they will be fired if she doesn't pass.

      Monkee Music Includes: I Wanna Be Free and Let's Dance Onmoreless
    • Monkees A La Carte
      Monkees A La Carte
      Episode 11
      While The Monkees are chowing down on a rather large sandwich, their favorite eatery is taken over by the mob. The boys have a meeting with the express purpose of coming up with a plot to get the restaurant back for its ousted owner, Pop. Of course nothing goes as planned.

      Monkee Music Includes: Steppin' Stone and She.moreless
    • I've Got A Little Song Here
      Mike gets a letter promising him that he can be a rich man by selling his songs. The owner of the music company, who is really a two bit swindler, takes his song but also his money for "fees". The Monkees rush to Mike's aid with an elaborate plot to get the song sold to the right person.

      Monkee Music Includes: Gonna Buy Me A Dog and Mary, Mary.moreless
    • One Man Shy (a.k.a. Peter and the Debutante)
      Bashful Peter gets help from his fellow Monkees when he tries to win the heart of a pretty debutante. Songs: "You Just May be the One" and "I'm A Believer."
    • Dance, Monkees, Dance
      In answering a trivia contest with the right answer, Peter "wins" a free dance lesson, only to sign a lifetime contract that threatens to drain his finances for the rest of his life.
      The Monkees attempt to get Peter's contract voided, only to end up signing contracts themselves. The only answer is to cause so much havoc at the dance studio, the owner will tear up the papers.
      Monkee music includes I'll Be Back Up On My Feet and I'm A Believer.moreless
    • Too Many Girls (a.k.a. Davy and Fern)
      David is going through a girl crazy phase. Everywhere he looks, there's a girl, and it's causing problems during the band's rehearsals.
      The Monkees take Davy to see a tea reader for a cure but the gypsy sees the lovesick Monkee as the perfect match for her daughter. She sets up a scam to trick him into leaving the band and marrying her daughter.
      The other Monkees come to Davy's rescue by exposing the scam.
      Monkee Music: "I'm a Believer." Also listen for Mike to perform a very short version of "Different Drum," a song he penned that was covered by Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys.
    • The Son Of A Gypsy
      The Son Of A Gypsy
      Episode 16
      When the Monkees beat out a gypsy group for a gig at Madame Rantha's mansion, the outraged gypsies trick the Monkees into being their friends, only to threaten their lives if they don't steal a valuable statuette from the mansion. Monkee Music: "I'm a Believer."
    • The Case of the Missing Monkee
      When Peter and a famous scientist get kidnapped, it's up to the other 3 Monkees to rescue them. Monkee Music: "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone."
    • I Was a Teenage Monster
      A mad scientist tries to steal the Monkees' musical prowess and put it into the body of his Frankenstein monster. Monkee Music: "Your Auntie Grizelda."
    • Find The Monkees! (a.k.a. The Audition)
      Every local group in the neighborhood--including The Four Martians, The Foreign Agents, and The Jolly Green Giants--get invitations to try out for a new television series. When the Monkees don't recieve one they decide to take matters into their own hands and go see Hubble Benson themselves, unbeknowst to them Benson is looking for them as well. Monkee Music: "Sweet Young Thing" and "Papa Gene's Blues."moreless
    • The Monkees in the Ring
      Davy gets talked into becoming a professinal boxer by a shady racketeer. Monkee Music: "Laugh," "I'll Be Back Upon My Feet" (the early version for TV).
    • The Prince and the Paupers
      Davy switches places with a young prince who's a dead ringer for him, so that a conspiracy against the prince can be uncovered. Monkee Music: "Mary, Mary."
    • The Monkees at the Circus
      The Monkees invade Pop Arcade's small circus and fool around with its equipment, until Victor, a maniacal knife thrower, sadistically uses Davy as a target and orders the boys to leave. The boys soon learn that Pop's circus is about to fold because he can't pay the performers. Davy falls in love with Susan, Pop's young daughter. He persuades all of the acts to stay, except Victor, who broods that the rock-and-roll discotheques are the major contribution to the circus' downfall, and the boys don't disclose their identity to Susan, presenting themselves as brain surgeons. In a dream sequence, Peter, Micky, Mike and Davy don the guise of, respectively, a ringleader, a lion tamer and his lion, and an acrobat as they take part in a wacky circus scene; after which they overhear Victor declaring that he has persuaded the troupe to sign an ultimatum threatening to quit unless they receive their back pay. The Monkees break in, clad as aerialists. Posing as Amazing, Incredible, Colossal, and Stupendous, The Mutzarella Brothers, the toast of Paris, they announce they are joining the troupe. Impressed, Victor and the others decide to stay on. Susan, aware of The Monkees' deception, reports the evening show is a sell out and wonders how they can amuse the crowd. Having seen the boys, inexperienced as aerialists, botch every part of their high wire routine, she asks Davy for the truth. Overhearing his admission that they are rock-and-roll singers, Victor reports this to the rest of the troupe and they all decide to leave, but change their minds upon seeing The Monkees' clown act, singing "Sometime in the Morning." On the night of the performance, Victor refuses to go on with his knife throwing act, until he hears Davy introducing himself as The Invincible Victor. Horrified by Davy's near-misses as a knife thrower, Victor changes his mind and takes over the ring. Discovering his young friends are The Monkees, Pop insists they do their own act, and the Cool Quartet goes on to delight the crowd with their rendition of "She." While Susan smooches Davy, the troupe, as a token of their appreciation for saving their circus, each give Micky, Mike and Peter one of their equipment.moreless
    • Captain Crocodile
      Captain Crocodile
      Episode 23
      Appearing on "The Captain Crocodile Show," The Monkees get cream pies in the face and refuse to perform. They decide to take it up with Junior Pinter, the 12 year-old executive in charge, who wants them to appear on "The Captain Crocodile Show" on a regular basis. Having put through a call to his father, the network president (who gave him the show for his birthday!), vacationing in Sidney, Australia, Junior guarantees The Monkees there'll be no more pies in the face and will be given the chance to perform. Having received a memo from Junior, Captain Crocodile fears the competition, and instructs his yes-man, Howard Needleman, to spring into action and make sure The Monkees' second appearance is a disaster. On the show, The Monkees are prevented from singing at every turn by a wavy camera, a fish net, and an explosive-laced bass drum. To worsen matters, when Mike threatens to quit, The Monkees finally get the go-ahead to perform—"Valleri"—and learn to their dismay that the show had been off the air for the entire five minutes of their performance. Micky, Mike and Davy cheer up a bereaved Peter by engaging in a fantasy sequence parodying every type of TV show from news (The Huntley-Brinkley Report) to quiz (What's My Line, To Tell The Truth), to crime (Batman). The Croc arranges for a deluge of mail panning The Monkees, which prompts a director's meeting called by the president J.J. Pontoon, to discuss The Monkees' future on "The Captain Crocodile Show." Micky, as a rating's expert from the Nielsen Polling Service, Mike, as an elderly building janitor, and Davy and Peter as six year-olds convince the directors that The Monkees are the most popular performers on TV. Crocodile orders his fan club, The Crocodile Corps, to tear the boys apart, setting off a mad chase all over the Screen Gems lot from set to set to the tune of "Your Auntie Grizelda." The chase ends on the "Captain Crocodile" set, where The Monkees gets The Corps to listen to a story, winning them over. When The Captain angrily berates them for ruining his master plan, his own fans turn on him, and the show is changed to "Monkee Menagerie." As they prepare to go on, Howard appears, and, dousing the boys with seltzer, he takes over.moreless
    • Monkees a'La Mode
      Monkees a'La Mode
      Episode 24
      Madame Quagmeyer, editor of Chic Magazine, selects The Monkees as the subjects of the annual Young America issue. The next morning, The Monkees, at home during breakfast, read an issue of Chic which they received in the mail and its adjoining letter which says they've been chosen as The Typical Young Americans Of The Year; not long after, Rob Roy Fingerhead, an aesthetic photographer, and Toby Willis, a young editorial assistant, both sent by Madame Q, arrives. Rob Roy views Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter and their surroundings with extreme distaste; Davy and Micky, with a hatchet and a lantern, respectively, proceed to demonstrate that the pad contains artifacts of great historical significance. The boys, since they believe young people aren't at all typical, don't feel they are right for the magazine article, but Toby persuades them that this is their chance to become famous. At the Chic magazine offices, the boys are greeted by Madame Q and interviewed by three sophisticated college girls — Ms. Collins, Ms. Osborne, and Ms. Dilessips — and then initiated into the world of high fashion by Rob Roy, who considers his job hopeless. In the studio, Peter is prodded to improve his posture, Davy is taught how to properly pose, and Micky is coached in combining colors in the things that people wear. The Monkees go into a musical romp, toying around with stuffed animals, fabric and cameras, and singing "Laugh." Toby writes a factual story on The Monkees, but Mme. Q discards it and substitutes a wild exaggeration by Rob Roy, picturing our troupe as madcap snobs, which antagonizes all their friends. Toby quits her job and goes to The Monkees' pad to show them Rob Roy's alteration. Because they can't live up to the image as so inaccurately depicted in the article, the boys hatch a plan to alert the sponsors in attendance of their awards ceremony just what kind of junk their money has been financing. At the advertisers' banquet, The Monkees appear to receive the Chic trophy for grace, chic and gentility—but, swaggering, shambling and oafishly clowning, the boys mortify Madame Quagmeyer with their usual rash of hi-jinks: Peter, the "picture of grace," trips and stumbles into Mme. Q's podium. Davy, the "embodiment of the Chic coiffure," rips of a wig to reveal an immaculately shaven head. And Micky, the "paragon of quiet gentility," knocks Mme. Q aside to shriek into her microphone. As if this weren't enough, Mike, the recipient of the award, shocks everyone by giving Rob Roy all the credit. Trying to escape, Rob Roy stumbles into his chair and crushes his camera. An infuriated Madame Q is restrained from tearing The Monkees to shreds as they display their Monkeeshines to the audience. Later, when The Monkees go to the Style office to demand a retraction, they find that Toby is now the ruthless editor, with Madame Quagmeyer and Rob Roy as her assistants. The Monkees end with their performance of "You Just May be the One."moreless
    • Alias Micky Dolenz
      Alias Micky Dolenz
      Episode 25
      When Micky is beaten up by a hood named Tony Ferano, Mike persuades him to report it to the police. The Captain is stunned by Mick's resemblance to Baby Face Morales, the most vicious killer in America, who's in jail. Because they neither captured Baby Face's mob nor did they recover the loot, The Captain asks Micky to help capture both by impersonating Baby Face. Micky refuses at first, but changes his mind when he narrowly escapes a drive-by shooting triggered by Tony and his gangster mob. After Micky goes to Baby Face's cell to learn all of his "mannerisms" (and, in the process, nearly gets strangled by B.F. for accidentally hitting him!), The Captain orders Micky to contact Baby Face's friends at The Purple Pelican, a local dive, and learn where they hide. There at The Pelican, Ruby, an aging showgirl who doubles as Baby Face's moll, thinks Micky is Baby Face and promises to help him, but Tony, the new boss, along with his associates Mugsy (who is called Vince by Tony and Micky) and an unnamed man, insists that Baby Face won't get back in the mob, calling him a "has-been." Mick replies, "No, Tony, I was a has-been; now I'm an am-is!", and a bar fight erupts, while "The Kind Of Girl I Could Love" is sung. The brawl ends up with a pile of barflies all over the floor, either unconscious or badly bruised, and "Baby Face" Micky getting in the mob. In the back room, Micky tells Tony and the others that they're going after the DeWitt diamonds, dividing them, and going undercover, and he's rounding up a few specialists to help them. Tony gets suspicious when Micky doesn't know the meeting place (and behaves in other strange ways), and decides to tail him. Back at the pad, Micky declines Mike and Peter's offer to help him as the specialists—until Tony and the mob show up at their front door and browbeat Micky into picking up the diamonds right away. Thinking Mike and Peter are specialists, they drag them along, too. When the real Baby Face breaks jail, The Captain is unable to warn Micky by phone, because everyone is at the site of the jewelry stash. At the Pelican, B.F. greets Ruby, who tells him he should be out with Tony picking up the diamonds. Concerned for his ill-gotten gains, he rushes out in pursuit of his mob. At the DeWitt house, Mike and Peter plant dynamite in the fireplace, but they blow up the piano instead. Annoyed, Tony commands Mugsy to drill through the rubble. They are halted when a policeman shows up, and everyone hides. Mike allays the cop, who gives him tickets for a Policeman's Ball for $20. After they leave, the hoods continue taking apart the fireplace, and just as the gang finds the gems, Baby Face arrives. Peter unwittingly reveals Micky's identity and a fight erupts. Just as Micky, Mike and Peter overcome the mobsters, the police arrive, and The Captain gives each of them a share of the jewels as their reward. But, at the station, he tells Mike "there's only one loose end": he can't tell Micky and Baby Face apart! At the pad, The Monkees finish this set with "Mary, Mary."moreless
    • Monkee Chow Mein
      Monkee Chow Mein
      Episode 26
      The Monkees dine in Dragonman's China Boy Club Chinese restaurant, a front for spies who hide messages in fortune cookies. Peter takes fortune cookies and puts them in a doggy bag, and he takes a cookie containing part of the formula for a "Doomsday Bug," a vicious green-spotted, hairy-legged, 200-eyed germ cell! The boys, having eluded pursuit of Asian Triad agents, are quickly apprehended by CIS operative Agent Modell for picking up stolen security info. At CIS HQ, Modell interrogates the boys until Inspector Blount, impressed with his obtaining the formula Peter picked up, lets the boys off. He reports The Doomsday Bug is the CIS' warfare branch's most powerful chemical, and they have been trying to learn the ID of the master of the spy ring (the #2 man being The Dragonman), but the boys refuse to help catch the spies, despite the Inspector's warning of impending danger. Coming for Peter, Toto and Chang abduct Mr. Schnieder, the toy dummy. They come back for Peter, but this time abducts Micky. Micky's abduction finally scares Peter, Mike and Davy into helping Blount and Modell. Feeling responsible for Micky's plight, Peter goes to the restaurant, where he orders "Plan C"—and is clunked unconscious by Chang. Having read a note by Peter, Davy and Mike try to rescue their friend, who, with Micky, is threatened by Dragonman with ants and The Chinese Ice Torture. After their disguises as inspectors from the Food and Drug Administration and Italian restaurateurs fail, the two resort to using a phone booth to change into superhero costumes. When they emerge from the booth as bespectacled Monkeemen, they are observed by an old lady. Meanwhile, at The China Boy Club, The Dragonman gives Micky and Peter a minute to choose which one of 4 doors (3 of which marked for death!) will lead to freedom. After the first 3 tries prove to be futile, Micky and Peter choose one final door, convinced it's the one to freedom; unfortunately, instead the whole gaggle of Triad spies are waiting on the other end, and they emerge, with the ringleader, The Dragonman, ordering their death. Suddenly, Mike and Davy, The Monkeemen, cometh, and their methods of psychological warfare (insults) digress to a diversionary ploy of bluffing Chang and Toto into believing they have The Doomsday Bug as a means of sneaking away, which fails. In the musical chase set to "Your Auntie Grizelda" that ensues, The Monkees take on all comers, including gorillas, mobs of teenage fans, and chickens. The boys stuff cotton in their ears and use a gong in self-defense, and when the CIS arrives all combatants are shaking to the vibrations from the gong. The spies are rounded up and Blount expresses the country's gratitude. However, when Peter opens a fortune cookie and reads a secret note—in homage to Mission: Impossible (CBS, 1966–73)—Micky, Mike and Davy drag him away.moreless
    • Monkee Mother
      Monkee Mother
      Episode 27
      Mr. Babbitt, the landlord, tells The Monkees, who are far behind in their rent, that a new tenant is moving in. The boys realize he isn't fooling when Milly Rudnick arrives with suitcases, a parrot and a poodle, both stuffed. When the boys protest Milly's presence, she asks them to stay on as boarders. Larry, a moving man, delivers Milly's furniture and she sets the boys to work helping him. Milly settles down in The Monkees' pad, making a sweater for Mike (whom she mistakenly refers to as Micky), urging Micky to fix the kitchen sink, and preparing gourmet meals for the boys. The Monkees later sing "Sometime in the Morning" to convince Millie's notion that all modern music isn't music. As The Monkees represent the fall of Southeast Asia with dominoes, Milly, a born matchmaker, meets Clarisse Rawlings at the supermarket and brings her home for Davy. Just then, Judy, Milly's sister, and her husband Arthur arrive with their four children, dressed as GIs and playing "army." When Micky tries to keep them out, the kids break down the door with a toy bazooka and chase The Monkees. Babbitt is stunned by the mob who has invaded the apartment. As everyone else goes out to the beach, The Monkees are bound and gagged. After three days, The Monkees feel the only way out is to marry Milly off. When Larry arrives with a lamp he forgot, the boys realize they have their man. The boys convince Larry and Milly they are in love, although Milly almost drives Larry away with an unending monologue about her late husband. The boys get rent money playing for Milly's wedding—where they perform "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)"—and feel their troubles are over. Then Milly announces she has moved on the same block and will visit them often.moreless
    • The Monkees on the Line

      The Monkees can't figure out why they are not booking more gigs, so they decide to enlist the help of a messaging service.

    • The Monkees Get Out More Dirt

      Competition runs high as each of the Monkees vie for the affections of April, a pretty lass who runs a laundromat.

    • The Monkees in Manhattan (a.k.a. The Monkees Manhattan Style)

      The Monkees travel to New York City to become stars in a new Broadway musical. However, when they arrive they must help their backer by keeping the hotel staff from throwing them out, while he goes to collect the money to produce the show.

    • The Monkees at the Movies (a.k.a. The Monkees in the Movies)

      The Monkees become extras in a new sure fired hit movie I Married A Creature From Out Of Town. Davy soon takes over as the leading man after Frankie Catalina (Bobby Sherman) quits when he becomes furious with the Monkees. However, Davy's taste of fame goes to his head forcing Mike, Micky and Peter to bring him back to the real world.

      Monkee Music Includes:

      A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You

      Last Train To Clarksville


    • The Monkees on Tour

      The Season 1 finale features interviews, behind the scenes looks at the lives of each Monkee, and highlights from a concert.

  • Season 2
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