The Monkees

Season 2 Episode 3

Everywhere a Sheik, Sheik

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Sep 25, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

Somewhere in a lavish hotel, oil-rich King Hassar Yaduin of Nehudi informs his beautiful young daughter Princess Colette that Vidaru, his sinister prime minister, has consulted the stars, and they say she must marry at once; otherwise, no one will inherit the throne should he die before she marries. The Princess doesn't know who to marry and when her father suggests Vidaru, she rejects him in repulsion and then picks David out of a teen magazine as her groom-to-be. The King's two servants Abdul and Shazar show up at the pad and weigh David in gold, and then Abdul puts him in a sack and carries him off on his shoulder while Shazar hands Michael an invitation. The guys are shocked when the invitation is of a wedding for The Princess and David!

After bringing David to the hotel, Shazar informs him that he's going to marry the Princess and when a reluctant David questions him if the Princess ever wanted to marry someone else before, Shazar tells him about a boy who rejected her and that now she visits him every week and puts a wreath on his grave! Now dressed a Sheik and Nehudian wardrobe, David is greeted by The King Hassar. Elsewhere, Michael, Micky and Peter now in suits attempts to see David are stopped by the guard Abdul. The King fetches Princess Colette and both are smitten at the sight of each other as they display their affections and fantasize of dancing romantically together but David quickly recovers and explains to Colette that he can't marry her. But she insists that he marries her or she'll be forced to marry Vidaru, who then interrupts claiming their ancient laws forbid excessive contact on the first meeting before escorting David out. Michael, Micky and Peter arrive again in disguises claiming to be bomb experts and manage to get rid of Abdul with a bomb scare as they enter David's room. After David explains to them about the marriage plans, the King shows up concerned about David not wanting to marry his daughter. Soon the King explains what will be in store for him and presents a miniature of the royal palace which he says contains 700 bedrooms, 22 swimming pools and an indoor polo team. Davy discusses the decision with his friends don't think that David should marry Colette until the King informs them that David can select each of his fellow Monkees as cabinet ministers of the Nehudian government and a year of weight in diamonds. They still balk but are won over when The King offers them a choice of a dozen wives and presents a harem of beautiful women.

Meanwhile, the menacing Vidaru informs his aid Curad that The Monkees won't survive the night. The guys indulge in their new royal lifestyle being surrounded by harem of women eating grapes as David assigns Micky, Michael and Peter to positions as ministers in his shiek cabinet: respectively, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, and the Director of Forests. Vidaru secretly plots their demise by sending Curad to kill each Monkee by a different means, so that the murders won't be connected. When each of the guys are alone with a beautiful woman at their side, Curad unsuccessfully tries to kill Michael by a falling paper weight that luckily misses him, Peter by poisoned food which Shazar ends up eating to check if it's safe and expires, and Micky by a flying knife which barely misses him as well. Meanwhile, Princess Colette places a locket on David as a symbol of luck…which saves his life when a dart Curad fires at him barely misses his heart, which David mistakes as an Arabian Cupid. Now aware of someone's plans of their deaths, The Monkees want to plan an escape. However, Micky doesn't believe they need a plan and tries to subdue Abdul who's on guard outside their room with a lamp and when that fails, he relents. As a last resort, Vidaru informs Curad on his latest plan on disposing The Monkees by rigging golden goblets with explosives that will explode when they clink glasses for a toast that night at the banquet which is overheard by one of the maidens. The maiden then warns the Princess of Vidaru's deadly plot, but since she is prohibited by law to see her groom on the eve of her wedding, rendering her unable to give a warning herself, Colette sends a warning that "Golden Grecian goblets gaurantee graves."

That night at the banquet, the maiden gives the message to Peter just before she's grabbed by a guard and dragged away. Peter not understanding the message passes it on to Micky who thinks it's a tongue twister and Michael who thinks it's a song for David's wedding. When he tries to give the message to David, he's interrupted by King Hassar who gives a toast but each time they're about to clink glasses, the King keeps interrupting to give another speech. Soon an overjoyed Peter accidentally drops one of the glasses which explodes on contact with a wall. Vidaru tries to distract everybody by insisting on clinking glasses in toast but when a suspicious David tries to get Vidaru to clink glasses with him Vidaru is reluctant confirming his suspicion. When David throws his glass into the wall and it explodes as well and the King reprimands the villain for trying to kill his future son-in-law and betraying the land of his birth. Then Vidaru announces he's just an oil baron from Innas, Oklahoma who's only interested in getting the King's oil and sends his henchman to seize them. A mad chase set to "Love Is Only Sleeping" ensues with Vidaru's gang winning in a scimitar duel, but The Monkees and The King are saved by the exploding goblets.

To show his gratitude for The Monkees saving the day, King Hassar offers to grant them any wish and David wishes for them to have their freedom. Unfortunately for Colette, this also means him calling off their wedding. He explains to the Princess that he's too young to get married and she doesn't have to worry anymore about Vidaru anyway. The Princess agrees and David tells Colette she might find someone else she likes better than him to marry, but she admits that she's already has and points out Peter who is suddenly placed on a gold weight for weighing!

Tag Sequence:

Clad in Vaudevilian gear, The Monkees sing "Cuddly Toy", which features David dancing with a lady, and, flaunting new psychedelic-'60s duds, are interviewed about their summer activities.