The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 19

Find The Monkees! (a.k.a. The Audition)

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Jan 23, 1967 on NBC
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Find The Monkees! (a.k.a. The Audition)
Every local group in the neighborhood--including The Four Martians, The Foreign Agents, and The Jolly Green Giants--get invitations to try out for a new television series. When the Monkees don't recieve one they decide to take matters into their own hands and go see Hubble Benson themselves, unbeknowst to them Benson is looking for them as well. Monkee Music: "Sweet Young Thing" and "Papa Gene's Blues."moreless

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    Carl Ballantine

    Carl Ballantine

    Hubbell Benson

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    Joe Higgins

    Joe Higgins


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    Bobo Lewis

    Bobo Lewis

    Irene Chomsky

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (20)

      • Micky tells Mike that he has twenty one when they are playing blackjack, but actually he doesn't. In his hands, he has a face card and a four. When he gets his next card it is a six, which means he has twenty not twenty one.

      • As Davy is in the phone booth trying to explain to the operator what the boys are doing, he messes up his line. However, he is able to save it by saying the correct line.

      • When Davy realizes that Hubble Benson just went by, he uses his left hand to point at him, but in the next shot he is using his right hand.

      • When the Foreign Agents come to the house, Davy hands Micky the mail who then hands it off to Mike. However, in one shot, Davy is still holding the mail.

      • When Mike, Micky, and Davy are trying to figure out how to get rid of Peter's hiccups, Micky's top button is unbuttoned. However, in the next shot all of Micky's buttons are buttoned.

      • As the boys get into the elevator, the board with the names and room numbers on it has a familiar name on it. James Frawley, the director of many Monkees episodes, is listed on the board of names.

      • When Benson rides out on his motorized bed, wires can be seen pulling the bed out the door.

      • Mike's hair keeps changing between shots during the scene when the Monkees are auditioning in the phone booth.

      • When Mike hands Davy the phone, he turns around to allow Davy to get in the phone booth. However, in the next shot Mike is no longer turned around.

      • When the boys dress up as hillbillies, Peter appears on the bandstand without holding an instrument, but when Mike appears Peter is now holding a jug.

      • Davy gets his hand caught in the phone booth door and Peter helps him by trying to pull the door shut. In the next scene, however, Peter's hand is no longer by the door rather it is inside the phone booth trying to untangle the phone.

      • As Davy gets into the phone booth, Peter is leaning against the phone booth, but then stands up straight. However, in the next shot, he is once again leaning against the phone booth.

      • When Mike realizes he called the wrong number, Peter is looking away from the other three boys, but in the next shot he is looking at them again.

      • When Benson runs into the Monkees for the first time his overcoat that is on his shoulder changes positions.

      • While Micky is running around the apartment terrified, Peter walks out of the closet holding something, but when he grabs Micky to stop him he is no longer holding anything.

      • The Jolly Green Giants are wearing the same head caps that the Monkees will wear during the Captain Crocodile episode.

      • Hmmmm.... apparently none of the bands in the Monkees world needs an amp for their electric guitars. When the bands are waiting to audition at the office, none of them are using amps and yet (again) everything is loud and clear.

      • The Monkees are able to audition from the phone booth without any amps and and yet their music still sounds loud and clear.

      • When the boys are auditioning from the phone booth, Mike and Davy are seen trying to make faces at each other.

      • When the boys are trying to get into the building to audition, Micky's shirt goes from tucked to untucked between shots.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Mike: I would like to see all the kids in the country wearing their hair like they'd like to wear it.

      • Foreign Agent: Hi, men. Did you get your invitations?
        Davy: Uh, see...our mail doesn't come until late Monday.
        Peter: Like Thursday.

      • Davy: What's happening in the morning papers, Peter?
        Peter: Lil Abner, Peanuts... (begins to laugh) Oh, ho! Say, this is funny. This little guy hits the big guy over the head with a club and the big guy hits the little guy in the jaw.
        Davy(grinning) What comic strip is that?
        Peter: What comic strip? This is the editorial page.

      • Peter: (hopping on one leg to get rid of his hiccups) Six...eight...ten...twelve...
        Benson: (to Davy) When he hits twenty eight, kid, you better sell fast.

      • Peter: I'm sorry about this, fellas. But, I always get the hiccups hic when we perform for a big producer. HIC.
        Mike: But, I thought this was the first time we ever performed for a big producer.
        Peter: Well, it's 100% so far.

      • Mike: I would like to see all the kids in America wearing their hair the way they would like to wear it.

    • NOTES (3)

      • The green martian outfits are worn by the aliens in "The Monkees Watch Their Feet", and "The Monkees at the Circus".

      • Features the songs: "Papa Gene's Blues," "Sweet Young Thing," and "Mary, Mary." An alternate print of this episode features The Monkees performing "I'm a Believer" (from Episode No. 15, "Too Many Girls") replacing the interview segment.

      • Tag: The Monkees discuss the clashes of youth demonstrators with the LAPD over curfew issues outside a popular teenage nightspot, Pandora's Box, inciting a riot that led to its ultimate annihilation - a catastrophic event which would become the cryptic inspiration for the Mike Nesmith tune "Daily Nightly."

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