The Monkees

Season 2 Episode 7

Hillbilly Honeymoon (a.k.a. Double Barrel Shotgun Wedding)

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Oct 23, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Monkees drive to a hick town called Swineville, where a white line on the road divides The Weskitts and The Chubbers, who have been feuding for generations. As the guys get out of their car to ask where Highway 101 is (Micky states they actually missed it by only two blocks!), the feuding clans draw their weapons and force the quartet to stand on the line. Each clan swears they'll shoot member of the other who crosses the white line. Hearing this, The Monkees think they're off the hook since they're neither Weskitts nor Chubbers, until both parties announce they both hate strangers. Michael sends David to find some help so David walks nervously down the street on the white line as all guns are on him. Then Ella Mae Chubber, a 15 year-old pretty boy-crazy teenager, quickly grabs David, yanks him into a haystack, and kisses him. David fears the townsfolk will kill him if he doesn't get back on the line but Ella Mae explains that if boyfriend Judd Weskitt catches them together he'll kill him anyway! Just then Paw Chubber, Ella Mae's father points a gun to David's head declaring him his future son-in-law. David's refuses and heads back on the white line where Judd Weskitt points a gun at him too for kissing Ella Mae.

As both Paw and Judd begin to quarrel, David cries for help and Micky coming to his aid tries to convince the two men to end their feuding but when both points their guns at him he backs off and soon guns starts blazing from each side and The Monkees take cover. 155 year-old Maw Weskitt, Judd's mom, asks David to help her cross the street and asks he escorts her across the white line, Judd appears holding him at gunpoint pleased with his Maw for helping him capture him. David tries to explain that he's just an innocent bystander but they tell him they're the ones they kill first just before taking him back with them. Meanwhile, Ella Mae grabs Micky and starts kissing him now as Paw catches him and declares him his future son-in-law. Michael and Peter come to Micky's aid and Paw Chubber explains he doesn't care who Ella Mae marries because she's going to be 16 the next day and he doesn't want anyone calling her an old maid. When they ask about David's whereabouts, he tells them he's been taking by Judd and Maw Weskitt but they needn't worry since he's probably dead already just as he marches them off at gunpoint. At the Weskitt's shack, Judd still pointing a gun at David starts berating him for being a city slicker and when David tries to explain he's British, Maw accuses The Redcoats of returning (since she was born the time The War Of 1812 started and hate and vengeance are the reasons for her longevity) as Judd make plans to have David put in a vat to grind in sour mash, and keeps him tied up in a gunnysack until that time.

Meanwhile at the Chubber's shack, Paw asks the guys which one of them will marry Ella Mae and the guys select David and are prepared to risk their lives rescuing him from The Weskitts. Paw allows Michael and Micky to go rescue David, but keeps Peter as a last-minute bridesgroom should they fail to return. Disguised as hillbillies, Micky and Michael head for the Weskitts' place with a pig just as Judd is prepared to throw David into a boiling vat. When they hear someone coming, Judd hides David in the sack and confronts Michael and Micky who claim they're cousins Roland and Clem who come with a pig for dinner. Meanwhile at the Chubbers' place, Ella Mae starts flirting with Peter at the Chubbers place. The Weskitts wanting to be sure they're kinsfolk ask the guys to play their noses, and soon they allay The Weskitts' suspicions by playing on washboards, noses and pigs and singing "Papa Gene's Blues" to prove they are hillbilly cousins. After the song, Michael explains how he plays his nose and then signals Micky create a diversion by freeing the pig. When Judd and Maw go after it, Michael and Micky search for David. They end up with the wrong sack filled with oats and convinced it's David they start bawling; when David appears still in his sack, he wails along with them. They quickly stop their act as Michael takes out the script for this episode and reads their next plan, which is to return to The Chubbers for Peter and as they rehearse their lines.

Micky, Michael and David return to The Chubbers cabin, where the three squeal pig calls which lure Paw and Elly Mae outside. But as Micky and Michael rush inside the cabin, David catches his pants on a nail, and Ella Mae spots him again. By the time Micky and Michael have freed Peter, Paw has forced David to propose at double-barrel shotgunpoint. While Paw dirties up David for the wedding, Michael and Micky alert Judd that Ella Mae is getting married to David. When Judd angrily reaches for his gun, Michael calms him down and persuades him that he could win Ella Mae if he were a real gentleman. Micky introduces Peter, dressed as a Davy Crockett-type trapper, as Uncle Raccoon; the three then start giving Judd lessons in etiquette, good manners and the proper way to eat. Meanwhile the wedding as Paw holds Davy at gunpoint with Ella Mae before the minister. Luckily proceedings are interrupted by Gentleman Judd Weskitt, who appears in formal attire declaring his intentions to marry Ella Mae along with the rest of the Chubbers clan carrying shotguns with Michael, Micky and Peter in tow. When Paw takes aim at Judd and pronounces him dead and gone, Micky tries to again be the voice of reason and declares they've been "feudin' in this town too long," but he changes his mind when the gun is pointed at him, and the feud is on again! During the raging feud David lends Judd two bucks-seventeen shillings and six pence in English currency-for the preacher, and Judd and Ella Mae secretly get married, with David as best man.

Paw shows up with a gun but upon learning they've married he proudly welcomes his son-in-law and he announces to both feuding families that The Big Feud is over and "the House of Chubber and the House of Weskitt has bin joined!" Then everybody stops fighting and commences with a wedding hoedown along with The Monkees.