The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 12

I've Got A Little Song Here

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Nov 28, 1966 on NBC
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Episode Summary

I've Got A Little Song Here
Mike gets a letter promising him that he can be a rich man by selling his songs. The owner of the music company, who is really a two bit swindler, takes his song but also his money for "fees". The Monkees rush to Mike's aid with an elaborate plot to get the song sold to the right person.

Monkee Music Includes: Gonna Buy Me A Dog and Mary, Mary.moreless

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    • Micky: Take a memo. Going into production for my new film, The First Ten Days of Pompeii. Have the ads read, "You've read the book, now see the movie."
      Bernard: MD!
      Micky: Take another memo! Have somebody write a book called The First Ten Days of Pompeii.

    • Davy: Did I hear what I thought I heard? Is it possible he doesn't know who you are?
      Micky: (pretending to be a movie executive) Please, no names. It will only embarras him and naturally make an amusing anecdote for my book.
      Producer: Your book?
      Micky: Yes! My book. My new exposé of Hollywood. The false values, the phoniness, the fakery.
      Producer: Is it taking you long to write?
      Micky: I don't know. I'm having it ghost written.

    • Micky: (pretending to be a movie executive) Oh, baby, it's gonna be my biggest one yet. Three years in the making, 740 cast members, 350 crew members, and 22,000 extras.
      Guard: What was your greatest expense?
      Micky: Coffee and doughnuts.

    • Peter: Hey, Mike?
      Mike: What?
      Peter: (clear throat) Um, Mike?
      Mike: What, Peter?
      Peter: My mother says have the posture of anyone she knows.

    • Micky: Man, I wish we could have told him. What a crummy way to find out.
      Peter: He's sure taking it hard
      (Davy opens the door)
      Davy: Hey, Mike! Do you want to go bowling?
      Mike: No.
      (Davy closes the door)
      (Micky opens the door)
      Micky: Hey, Mike, want to go swimming?
      Mike: No.
      (Micky closes the door)
      (Peter opens the door)
      Peter: Hey, Mike! Would you like to go to the movies?
      Mike: I don't know, what's playing?
      Peter: With a Song in My Heart.
      (Mike throws a book at him)

    • Micky: We've come to tune the piano, Charlie.
      Bernard : Three guys to tune one piano?
      Micky: Yeah, uh, well he does the black keys, and, uh, he does the white keys, and uh, I do the cracks.
      Davy: It's a very tough union.

    • Mike: Okay, you guys go ahead and laugh. Song writing is a million dollar business, you'll see.
      (knock at the door)
      Bobby: Uh, Mike I forgot to tell ya, there's six cents due on that letter.

    • Micky: Through the years, my partner and I have written many of the songs that kept America tapping it's feet. In 1952, all America was humming this never to be forgotten hit. What was the name of that hit?

    • Mike: It says, 'Congratulations. Because of your unusual taste and achievements, you've been selected for this exclusive offer.'
      Micky: That's for you, Mike?!
      Mike: Well, yeah, it's dear occupant.

    • Mike: Hey, there's a free booklet to Mr. Peter Tork from the Hercules body building school.
      Peter: Body building? Who needs that?
      (Mike throws the booklet to Peter who catches it and is knocked over)

    • Davy: Hey, man, will you remember us when you're rich and famous?
      Mike: Aw, you know I will, Danny.
      Davy: Davy!

  • NOTES (5)


    • When the boys change into the Monkee Men, Davy puts his hands over his ears, Micky puts his hands over his eyes, and Peter puts his hands over his mouth. It is suppose to represent the three wise monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

    • When the boys change from their Monkee Men outfits to their street clothes they change in a telephone booth, just like Superman. Peter even wears glasses like Clark Kent.