The Monkees

Season 2 Episode 4

Monkee Mayor

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Oct 02, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

As The Monkees are preparing for dinner, their elderly neighbors, Mr. Swezey, Mrs. Filchok and Mrs. Homer each barge in the pad to take back their chairs, dishes and the table that they lent to the guys. They claim that they're all being evicted from their homes because they're being torn down to make way for a parking lot. Michael tries to convince them that they can't be evicted because it violates every zoning regulation, but soon they hear the sound of a wrecking ball as parts of the roof comes down.

"Private Citizen" Michael goes to the Mayor's office to complain about his neighbors' eviction but his first two attempts to see the Mayor are thwarted by the secretary until Mayor Motley arrives and Michael makes his complaints which unfortunately fall on deaf ears. It turns out the Mayor is being paid by Wilbur Zeckenbush, a corrupt construction tycoon bent on tearing down the whole city for parking lots, so that no one may enter or exit without paying them a toll. Meanwhile, the guys have invited their neighbors to stay with them until the find other places to live. The guys convince Michael run for Mayor (he's the only one with a hat to throw in the ring) and Micky selects himself his campaign manager. Michael searches for a public image, trying out as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon Baines Johnson, but finally settles on his own little wool hat. Then Micky, David and Peter act as campaign manager, campy aide, and aide-de-camp, respectively, as they launch an outrageous campaign singing "No Time," where the guys deal with violent beauty pageant contestants, an umbrella attacking elderly woman, kissing a grown man in baby stroller. Unfortunately, all their little political tricks go wrong because Zeckenbush pays everybody off; to make matters worse, the boys return home to find their pad completely ransacked and photos of Mike with a beard drawn on it. Their neighbors tells them two men did the deeds; suspecting the perpetrators responsible were goons from Mayor Motley's office, and that he's hiding something, The Monkees realize their only chance is to get evidence of dishonesty, and they set out for City Hall.

Dressed in suits, the guys break into the Mayor's office where they find a skeleton in the closet (literally!!) and retrieve a key from its coat pocket to open the file cabinet. They find some of the Mayor's files that reveal a Master Plan to turn the city into parking lots, and Peter snaps a picture of the files as evidence. Soon they hear voices and hide in the closet just as Zeckenbush and Mayor Motley enter. The Mayor wants to show Zeckenbush the files and opens the closet where he amazingly takes no notice of Micky, who's now in the skeleton's place as he gets the keys. He soon spots the camera on a tripod in the room and figures that The Monkees were behind it. He swears he'll play dirty with Nesmith as well and break him in two, just as the guys make their hasty exit unseen. Back at the pad, Peter processes the photos in their secret darkroom, but they find the photos are not of The Master Plan but of the file cabinet from which they came! Meanwhile, Zeckenbush thinks Michael's cleverly playing a waiting game when they don't hear of the evidence, and does a background check on Michael can't find anything on him, (he even brushes his teeth thrice a day!) so he decides to use Plan W to handle him instead.

With 2 days left until election, The Monkees are ready to give up for lack of funds and evidence when Micky arrives with a sackful of mail each containing a $100 check. Micky, David and Peter use it to finance a headline in The Typesetters' Union newspaper, skywriting, and a TV broadcast for Michael exposing the whole racket. Then Zeckenbush appears at their pad, revealing the money came from his employees and warns of the consequences should Michael continue with his campaign and not withdraw. At the WXIU-TV studio, the others try to convince Michael not to back down but when he goes on air Michael makes a moving speech about his intentions of only wanting to help the little people like his neighbors who have no power to be heard. Then, admitting to being tricked into taking money from improper sources to finance everything, announces his withdrawal from the race, but Mayor Motley is impressed by Michael's honesty and decides against Zeckenbush's plans by promising to follow his example in making things right again, and they all jump for joy.Back at their pad, Swezey, Homer, and Filchok move back to their own homes, and The Monkees feel everything is perfect, what with Zeckenbush behind bars, the people back in their homes, and the Mayor's pledge not to build a parking lot. Then to their surprise, their roof falls in and a wrecking ball appears! The Monkees finish by singing "Pleasant Valley Sunday."