The Monkees

Season 2 Episode 4

Monkee Mayor

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Oct 02, 1967 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This was one of the last Monkees episodes to date to be released on VHS, along with Episode No. 11, "Monkees A La Carte", in 2000.

    • "Monkee Mayor" is one of two episodes of The Monkees which sees a Monkee disguised as George Washington. A fantasy sequence in Episode No. 24, "Monkees A La Mode", finds Peter as "young" George and Michael as his dad ("George...who chopped up my new table?" "Search me!").

    • The gag of an off-camera peon tossing Michael his wool hat seen in "Monkee Mayor" replicates a similar gag previously seen nin Episode No. 28, "The Monkees On The Line".

    • In the scene where The Monkees storm the Mayor's office at City Hall, they appear in dark navy blue business suits. They were previously seen wearing only the jackets of these suits in Episode No. 32, "The Monkees On Tour", onstage at The Coliseum in Phoenix, AZ, and David Jones can be seen wearing his dark navy blue suit in No. 55, "The Monkees Mind Their Manor".

    • This is the last of 11 episodes in which The Monkees appear in grey business suits, following the series premiere, "The Royal Flush", No. 2, "Monkee See, Monkee Die" (David and Micky, under their guises as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson), No. 5, "The Spy Who Came In From The Cool" , No. 6, "The Success Story" (David only), No. 12, "I've Got A Little Song Here" (David and Peter only), No. 23, "Captain Crocodile" (in the Huntley-Brinkley Report lampoon), No. 24, "Monkees A La Mode" (wearing different colored shirts), No. 32, "The Monkees On Tour" (Peter only, in its teaser sequence), "The Picture Frame" (a.k.a. "The Bank Robbery"), and the previous episode, "Everywhere A Sheik Sheik" (Micky, Michael and Peter). They can also be seen wearing them in the first-season musical numbers for "Papa Gene's Blues" and "She."

    • "The little people" are mentioned for the second time on The Monkees, following Episode No. 12, "I've Got A Little Song Here".

    • This is the first episode in which The Monkees drop out of "character" intentionally. They will do it again in Episode No. 44, "Hitting The High Seas", and No. 46, "The Monkees On The Wheel".

    • Samuel Yorty was Mayor of Los Angeles, California at the time of production of "Monkee Mayor"; he served from 1961 to 1973.

    • The studio where Michael delivers his speech to the public, WXIU-TV, is the same taping location as The Ho Ho The Clown Show, the subject of a January 12, 1967 episode of Bewitched (ABC, 1964-72), in which Darrin (Dick York) is fired when Tabatha (Erin Murphy) wins all the prizes on the show. An earlier episode of Bewitched, "Remember The Main" (aired 5/20/65), found WXIU-TV airing a debate concerning legal fund allocations for a new drainage system. Both episodes of Bewitched featured Monkee guest actors Joey Forman ("Captain Crocodile", "Monkee Chow Mein") and Stuart Nisbet ("The Monkees In Texas"), respectively.

    • Also, when Peter irreparably botches that attempt to snap the photo which would have made Michael mayor, the other Monkees put his hands over his eyes -- for the second time. The first such occurrence happened at the end of Episode No. 28, "The Monkees On The Line".

    • The camera that Peter uses to snap a photo of Wilbur Zeckenbush's Master Plan is the same one that Micky used to snap a publicity shot of Michael, David, J.L. (Cliff Norton) and Harvey (Jonathan G. Harper) in Episode No. 34, "The Picture Frame" (a.k.a. "The Bank Robbery"). A similar-looking camera was employed in the premiere episode, "The Royal Flush".

    • Monkee stand-in David Pearl cameos as the cameraman who is coached by David Jones. Another stand-in, David Price, has a brief cameo in the "No Time" musical romp. Also in the romp, the prop used by Peter as a bazooka to mug David (prior to being foiled by candidate Michael) also appears briefly in Episode No. 58, "Mijacogeo" (a.k.a. "The Frodis Caper").

    • Peter says to the airplane pilot "On second thought, get me Rickenbacker! His penmanship is better." He is referring to early-20th century aviation hero Eddie Rickenbacker. (Rickenbacker is also the name of a brand of guitars.)

    • After the "No Time" musical romp, when the boys return from their futile campaign and find their house in complete disarray, it is stated by Micky that the cleaning lady (having ruled her out as a suspect) comes the second Thursday of every month with an "R" in it. What Mick's seemed to have forgotten was that the cleaning lady (Ms. Weefers, played by Diana Chesney in Episode No. 9, "The Chaperone") actually came to clean the second Tuesday of every month with an "R" in it! Also, Micky says to Mayor Motley, "we'll be seeing you at the polls, Thursday!" even though elections take place on Tuesdays, providing the second misuse of Thursdays in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Micky: It's two days to election! We can blow this town wide open! (stock footage of a building destruction is shown)
      Mike: Micky, the town already is wide open, man. That's what we're trying to change!
      Micky: It's two days to election! We can blow this town wide closed! (same footage shown, only reversed)

    • Davy: It's a master plan to turn the city into parking lots.
      Mike: Hey, they're gonna tear down a stadium and build a parking lot.
      Micky: They're gonna tear down a hospital to build a parking lot.
      Peter: And here's the kicker...
      Monkees: They're gonna tear down a parking lot to build a parking lot.
      Peter: How did you guys know?
      Mike: Well, that's the oldest joke in the world.

    • Davy: You know, you'd think at three in the afternoon there'd be somebody at City Hall.
      Micky: Maybe they're on their coffee break.
      Peter: How long is their coffee break?
      Mike: From nine to five.

    • Peter: I bet it was political saba-tooge.
      Davy: How do you know that?
      Peter: I'm not a campy aide for nothing.

    • Mayor Motley: (speaking of Mike's candidacy) Do you think he's got a chance?
      Zeckenbush: According to the democratic system of this city, anybody's got a chance... if I own him. Do I own him?
      Mayor Motley: No, you own me.
      Zeckenbush: Then he hasn't got a chance.

  • Notes

    • A shot of Peter sitting on the living room table in his suit would be used in the second season title sequence, which would also be used in later syndicated versions of the series.

    • Micky states "It wasn't the cleaning lady; she only comes the second Thursday of every month with an "r" in it". This is kept constant from "The Chaperone".

    • Features the songs: "No Time" and "Pleasant Valley Sunday."

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