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The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 2

Monkee See, Monkee Die

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Sep 19, 1966 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Monkee See, Monkee Die

The Monkees are behind in their rent and face eviction until they are told that a millionaire has written them into his will. The only problem is that they have to spend one night in a haunted house to collect. And, there are others who are after the inheritance too.

Monkee Music Includes:

Last Train To Clarksville

Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day


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  • When the Monkees are asked to attend the reading of the will for the late John Cunningham, the boys think that they hit the jackpot. However, their luck soon changes when they are forced to spend a night in the "haunted" Cunningham manor.moreless

    The poor Monkees are behind on their rent and are threatened to be evicted if they don't come up with the money. Luckly for them, the late John Cunningham's lawyer shows up and tells the four boys that they have been lefted something by Mr. Cunningham. Even though it is only an organ, the Monkees still think their luck has changed until they are forced to stay the night in the haunted mansion.

    I absoultely love this episode and the boys being in their pajamas makes it that much better. All of Mike's different plans to get help are hilarious, especially the random notes he finds on the pigeon and the dog. One of my favorite parts is the séance scene where Madame Roselle keeps getting every ghost except John Cunningham. A murder mystery and comedy rolled into one; making this a great episode. And of course, Davy falls in love for the first time that day! ;)moreless
Mark Harris

Mark Harris

Harris Kingsley

Guest Star

Lea Marmer

Lea Marmer

Madame Roselle

Guest Star

Oliver McGowan

Oliver McGowan


Guest Star

Henry Corden

Henry Corden


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (26)

    • When Micky starts talking about ghost, he points his right hand toward Davy, but when they cut away to Davy, who is standing beside Micky, Micky's right arm can be seen down at his side.

    • When Peter walks past the boys swirling his "finger gun", Micky puts his left arm on Mike's shoulder, but in the next shot his hands are back down at his sides.

    • Madame Roselle has different color fingernail polish at the end of the episode then she did at the beginning.

    • When Mike is passing around the match to see who is still all there the amount of match burnt changes between shots.

    • When Micky and Davy are trying to figure out if the murder is a man or a woman, Micky puts the pipe in his mouth, but in the next shot it is no longer in his mouth.

    • When Peter is wearing his t.v. repairman outfit, he has no shirt underneath it, but when he takes it off he now has a shirt on.

    • When Micky come up with the idea of how to get the telephone to work you can hear him speak, but his lips don't move.

    • When Davy begins to get stars in his eyes, Micky and Mike's hands are at their sides. In the next shot Micky's hands are behind him and Mike's on his hips.

    • When Ralph scares the four boys, Peter puts his hand on Micky's shoulder. However, in the next shot it is no longer there.

    • In the opening scene, Micky is sitting behind his drum set. However, when Mike answers the door he is now standing behind the keyboard.

    • The number of knives stuck in the wall keep changing from shot to shot.

    • When the boys are playing "Last Train to Clarksville", Davy's mouth and the words being heard do not match up.

    • Mike's hair changes as he walks from the entrance to the study.

    • When the Monkees are taking the piano outside the mansion Mike is not carrying his guitar. However, in the next shot he already has the strap around himself.

    • The order the boys come down the staircase does not make sense. Upstairs, Davy was right behind Micky and Peter was the last one. However, when they come down the stairs Peter is the second one down and know Davy is the last one.

    • When the Monkees are listening to the record of the late Mr. Cunningham's will they keep moving from shot to shot.

    • When the boys are trying to decide who will stay up and keep watch the monster's hand can be seen at Micky's side before the boys see it.

    • When Mike goes to answer the door, he begins to take off his guitar, but a second later he is no longer wearing the guitar and he is half way across the room already.

    • Right before the lights go out, Davy takes his hand out of Peter's hand, but in the next shot they are once again holding hands.

    • When Madame Roselle is trying to contact the spirit of John Cunningham, everyone is holding hands. However, when there is a close-up shot of Madame Roselle Mike's other hand is clearly visable and it is not holding Peter's.

    • When Micky tells the gang that he has a solution to their problem his arms are folded over one another. However, in the long shot when he goes to stand up his hand is now up by his face.

    • This episode has the first "he/she/it's gone" line, which was used in many other episodes.

    • Nitpick: The table on the landing is later used in "Monkees Chow Mein".

    • This is more of a nitpick.... everyone jumps to the conclusion that people are being murdered when there are no bodies and no blood to be found. I know that the Madame wanted to put this thought into people's minds, but you think someone would have thought of it.

    • The boys arrive at the mansion without any luggage and not planning to stay the night- but yet somehow they had their pajamas handy when told the ferry was too fogged in to take them back to the mainland that night.

    • Peter's button at the end of the episode goes from unbuttoned to buttoned between shots.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • John Cunningham: (voice on the record) And now the moment you all have been waiting for. I leave my mansion and everything contained within it to Miss Ellie Reynolds.
      Kingsley: Ellie Reynolds?!
      John Cunningham: Shut up, Kingsley!

    • Madame Roselle: John Cunningham…if you are within the sound of my voice come to us. I feel a spirit is among us. Are you a friendly spirit? Knock two times for yes, four times for no.
      Ghost: Knock how many times for yes?

    • (gun shots are heard)
      Davy: Hey, what was that?
      Mike: (sleepy) It was just a car… just a car back… backfiring.
      Davy: Car backfiring?
      Mike: Mmm, hmm.
      Davy: Well, where did it come from?
      Mike: The next room.
      Davy: (laying back down) Oh!
      (all four Monkees sit up in panic)
      Davy: The next room!
      Mike: Wait a minute…wait a minute. We're probably…we're probably just…just hearing things. Be very cool…just don't panic. Don't, don't panic.
      Micky: Right, right.
      Mike: Don't, don't panic. (the Monkees lay down, but hear gunshots again) Panic!

    • Mike: (laying out bones) Here, boy! Come on, big fella! Here, boy! Here, boy!
      Peter: Hey, where did you get the bones?
      Mike: Oh, I found them in a closest.
      Micky: What are they supposed to do?
      Mike: Well, I figured they would attract a Saint Bernard, man, and then we can get him to deliver the message.
      Micky: Uh huh. I'll believe it when I see it.
      (a Saint Bernard walks in)
      Micky: I believe it.
      Mike: Now, see, all we have to do is, uh, is, uh, put a message around his neck and we can get him to del…um, he's already got a message around his neck.
      Davy: Hey, what does it say?
      Mike: (opens the note) 'There is a message for you on the pigeon.'

    • Micky: Hey, what are you doing, Mike?
      Mike: I'm putting out a few bread crumbs here on the windowsill. Um, I figure it would attract a carrier pigeon and then we can get a message out.
      Micky: Uh, huh. Okay.
      (a pigeon lands on the windowsill)
      Mike: Now then, let's see. All we gotta do is strap a message to its leg and we…um, there's already a message here strapped to its leg.
      Peter: What does it say?
      Mike: It says, 'Please don't strap a message to my leg. I am not a carrier pigeon.'

    • Mike: Davy?
      Micky: Davy?
      Mike: (whistles) Davy! Uh, look, statistics prove that 2 out of 3 teenage marriages end in divorce.
      Micky: 3 out of 3!
      Mike: 4 out of 3!

    • Mike: (talking about the phone) The wires have been cut.
      Peter: They've been tied in a bow.
      Micky: Well, at least we know the murderers are neat.

    • Mr. Cunningham: (from the record player) This is a recording. I'm sorry I can't be with you, but I'm dead and well what can I say except… wish you were here!

    • Micky: The lights! The lights! Where did they go?
      Peter: Someone turned on the dark!

    • Madame Roselle: I must warn Mr. Kingsley. I just had a vision he is going to be shot in ten minutes.
      Peter: Hey, we just heard shots!
      Madame Roselle: Oh, yeah!? My watch must be slow.

    • Micky: (into the telephone) Hello? Hello…hello. Hello?
      Sea Captain: (into the telephone) Yeah, yeah, yeah!
      Micky: Do you speak our language?
      Sea Captain: Yes, I do!
      Micky: Thank goodness. Do you know how to send a S.O.S.?
      Sea Captain: Yes, I do!
      Micky: Wow! Great! What's your location?
      Sea Captain: Yes, I do!

    • Ellie: (offstage) No!
      Davy: What was that?!
      Micky: A, uh, C sharp.

    • Ralph: Ladies and gentleman, I should like to play the will.
      Davy: Play the will?
      Ralph: The late Mr. Cunningham recorded his will on a phonograph record.
      Mike: It will never sell.
      Micky: What about the flip side?

    • Micky: It's no use… he's in love.
      Mike: Yeah, for the very first time today.

    • Mike: You want to read my palm?
      Micky: No, I'll wait until they make it into a movie.

    • Mike: Uh, excuse me, Ralph, you know, we really don't know why we're here. I don't even think we every met the late Mr. John Cunningham. I mean even when he was early.
      Ralph: Oh, but you did, sir. A long time ago, you returned a wallet to Mr. Cunningham containing 600 dollars. He always appreciated that.
      Micky: Ah, because it showed our honesty.
      Ralph: Oh, no, sir. Because it wasn't his wallet.

    • Mike: (talking about the mansion) Well, uh, it's a little gloomy, but, uh, we could probably work wonders with just a few geraniums.
      Micky: Uh, huh! You decorate…I'm leaving!

    • Peter: (as a repairman) Uh, your TV's working, mister.
      Mike: (as a old man) Is the TV working?
      Peter: It's working so hard it's tired!

    • Babbit: Hey you guys! Let me in there or I'll break down the door!
      Mike: Gee, he's got a way with words.

    • Micky: (as the doorman) Taxi, sir?
      Lawyer: Who are you?
      Micky: I'm the 23 hour doorman.
      Lawyer: What?!
      Micky: I use to be the 24 hour doorman, but I couldn't take the long hours.

    • Mike: Well, uh, look I hate to inherit and run, but, uh…
      Ralph: I'm sorry, gentlemen, but no one can leave the island before morning. The last ferry has been cancelled due to the fog. It's the middle of our foggy season.
      Mike: Foggy season? What do ya… foggy season? When is that?
      Ralph: It's hard to estimate, sir. I say approximately from 1820 to 1975.

  • NOTES (9)