The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 11

Monkees A La Carte

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Nov 21, 1966 on NBC

Episode Recap

While The Monkees are eating a foot long at Pop's Restaurant, Fuselli, a gang boss, and Rocco, his torpedo, take over the place. At a meeting, Mike, Micky, Peter and Davy determine to get the restaurant back for Pop. They apply for jobs as musicians, but Fuselli instead sets them to work at everything from waiting on tables to cooking spaghetti and acting as hatcheck girls. Having no experience whatsoever in any of them, the boys wreck the entire soup kitchen in a hilarious musical sequence set to "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone." They approach a police inspector who agrees to help them and mentions that the only syndicate members captured so far is all four members of The Purple Flower Gang. But all of The Monkees' attempts to link Fuselli to the syndicate miserably fail, from fingerprinting, to recording a conversation by telephone, to attaching explosives to a safe in his office.

Fuselli plans to entertain his friends, all members of the syndicate and orders The Monkees to wait on tables. At the dinner, the members of the syndicate have never seen each other before, for self-protection reasons, and they introduce themselves: Red O'Leary, (bank robbery-protection), Big Flora (fraud-extortion), Paddy the Fix (drugs-diamond smuggling) and Benny the Book (bookmaking-numbers). The Monkees see this as an opportunity to employ a little quick-change magic, and they pose as The Purple Flower Gang. When Flora inquires about their wearing white carnations, Micky replies, "Y'know how tough it is t'get poiple flowahs, baby?!" Micky, Mike and Davy stay at the dinner, while Peter overcomes Rocco the torpedo to escape to Police HQ, where, since he is dressed as a member of the PFG, the inspector holds him for questioning.

Fuselli starts divvying up the crime operations of the city among the mobsters. Davy and Mike think the split is unfair, and, with black paint, divvies up different crime operations to the mob in a tic-tac-toe pattern, while Micky whispers in each mobster's ear about suspicions of a double-cross. The dispute that ensues erupts violently into a gunfight. When the fusillade begins Micky, Mike and Davy hide under the table; Micky stops the deadly slaughters long enough to allow a pretty girl to enter, smile, and exit. Despite Micky's efforts to temper them, the entire syndicate knocks off each other; Fuselli himself is also killed when Benny the Book raises his slumped head long enough to shoot him ("You d-d-d-dirty rat!"). Peter arrives with the police who arrests the other Monkees, thinking they are Purple Flower Gangsters and they are responsible for the lifeless mobsters strewn all over the room; a romp set to a reprise of "Steppin' Stone" concludes with the boys moaningly pacing in their cell. When Pop returns, the boys end with a musical number: "She."