The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 11

Monkees A La Carte

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Nov 21, 1966 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When everyone is shooting at each other, Micky stops them by saying that five people should be able to get along, however there are six people shooting at one another.

    • When Micky pulls the napkin out of his shirt he uses his right hand, but when he stands up to walk away it is now is left hand.

    • When Micky sits down to eat with the other three boys, he is holding his napkin, but in the next shot the napkin is tucked in his shirt.

    • When Davy, Micky, and Mike are watching Peter make his way to the kitchen with the heavy tray they are standing in front of the drum set. However, when Peter is stumbling around the room you can see the drum set with no Monkees around it.

    • When Davy and Mike are playing tic-tac-toe, Mike's mustache is about to fall off.

    • When the boys explode the desk by accident, Peter's hat falls off his head, but in the next shot it is once again on his head.

    • When Mr. Fuselli is counting his money he puts the money down, but when Peter and Davy hand him a cup of wine he has the money again.

    • Peter's hair changes between the scene where he is slapped by Micky to the very next shot.

    • When Micky, Davy, and Mike give three cheers for Peter who made it safely to the kitchen with the tray, you can see the strings holding up the tray when Peter lets go of it.

    • When the boys are eating the very large sandwich, there is a close up shot of the sandwich moving down to Peter so he can take a bite. The next shot is the exact same thing except te shot is further away.

    • This is the first of only two episodes of the show in which a character actually dies (the other is "Everywhere a Sheik Sheik").

    • The footage of Mike with the spaghetti dumped all over him is the exact same as was used in Episode 6: "Success Story."

  • Quotes

    • Fuselli tells the boys to get lost and they put up a fight before leaving
      Fuselli: I'm gonna kill that little one!

    • Micky: We got to contact the Inspector.
      Davy: Sure, but how? Fuselli won't let us out in the middle of the meeting!
      Mike: Yeah, Rocco guarding the front door.
      Peter: And the food will get cold.

    • Micky shuts off the tape recorder
      Micky: Come here guys, I think I got something hot.
      All the boys sit around the tape recorder
      Micky: Now listen to this!
      Micky turns the tape recorder back on
      Micky:(on the tape recorder) Come here guys, I think I got something hot. Now listen to this!

    • Inspector: But, I must warn you, you will be dealing with dangerous vicious men.
      Micky: Gee, you don't look vicious, inspector.

    • Fuselli: You got any funny ideas about the law, I want ya should know how we treat people we don't like.
      (Rocco slaps Peter across the face)
      Fuselli: Do I make myself clear?
      Micky: Oh, yeah? Then maybe we should make something clear. This is the way we treat people that we don't like!
      (Micky turns Rocco, then to Peter and slaps him across the face)
      Peter: What did I do?
      Mike: I don't know, man, but don't do it again.

    • Fuselli: What do you want?
      Mike: Well, Mr. Fuselli, we thought we come and reapply for our job.
      Fuselli: I don't need no musicians.
      Mike: Yeah, but people like us!
      Fuselli: But, I don't like ya!
      Mike: We work cheap.
      Fuselli: I'm beginning to like ya!

    • Mike: We have a motion to deal with Mr. Fuselli. Can I have suggestions from the floor?
      Peter:(his ear on the floor)The floor has nothing to say.

    • Davy: Now I'm telling ya that guys tough. He even wears a pin striped suit.
      Micky: What's so tough about that?
      Davy: It's got real pins in it.

    • Davy: Now wait a minute! You can't push us around.
      Peter: Davy!
      Davy: Your pretty tough with an old man how about trying someone your own size?
      Rocco: There ain't nobody here my size.

    • Pop: Mr. Fuselli, I told you my restaurant is not for sale.
      Fuselli: Hey, Pop! Would you like to see your mother roughed up?
      Pop: My mother's been dead for the last twenty years.
      Rocco: Do you think that'll stop me?

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