The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 13

One Man Shy (a.k.a. Peter and the Debutante)

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Dec 05, 1966 on NBC
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One Man Shy (a.k.a. Peter and the Debutante)
Bashful Peter gets help from his fellow Monkees when he tries to win the heart of a pretty debutante. Songs: "You Just May be the One" and "I'm A Believer."

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  • Peter as leading man

    This episode is notable for two reasons. The first is the guest appearance by actor/playwright George Furth, who went on to write the books for the Stephen Sondheim musicals "Company" and "Merrily We Roll Along," as well as the play "Twigs," which was a minor Broadway success in the ealry 1970s. But the bigger reason is that for once Peter was the love interest on the show rather than Davy. Although Davy was exploited as "the cute one," Peter was certainly an attractive young man, and it is a shame his good looks weren't taken advantage of more often on the show. In "One Man Shy," both Peter's appeal and his character's innocence were used to good effect, especially in the competition between him and Ronnie for Valerie's affections. Because of this, "One Man Shy" stands as one of the stronger episodes of the first season.moreless
George Furth

George Furth

Ronnie Farnsworth

Guest Star

Lisa James

Lisa James

Valerie Cartwright

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • When Micky is pretending to be Freud, he goes from wearing two rings, one on each hand, in the close-up shots to only wearing one ring in the far away shots.

    • As they are playing spin the bottle, Davy has both knees bent in the far away shots, but in the close up shots he only has one knee bent.

    • A stage light can be seen in the mirror that Davy hands to Mike to cover up the picture.

    • When Micky is giving Peter advice as Freud, he keeps going from wearing glasses to not wearing glasses between shots.

    • While watching Micky playing against Ronnie, Peter's hands are down at his sides. However, the last shot of the four watching the game, Peter's hands are now behind him.

    • During the scenes where Peter is sitting on the steps, there is a few shots where Valerie's picture is not sitting beside him.

    • After getting punched, Peter puts ice on his jaw. In one shot he is holding the ice with one hand, but in another shot he is holding it with two.

    • When Ronnie is trying to talk Valerie out of hiring The Monkees, she folds her arms, but in the next shot they are no longer foled.

    • The scene where Ronnie is sprayed by the fountain is shown twice, once far away and once close up.

    • The boom mike shadow can be seen above Mike's head when Mike, Davy, and Micky are talking about how they do not like Ronnie.

    • Mike announces the song as "You May Just Be the One", when it is his own song "You just may be the one"(Peter is also seen dancing and playing at the same time, but I figured that was typical of Monkees).

    • Peter moves toward the girl during the spin the bottle scene, but then is moved back to his original position in the next shot.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Peter: Well, when I was very young I use to be embarrassed about kissing. But now I can talk very openingly about...(looks around and then whispers)... S-E-X.

    • Ronnie: They are just fifth rate musicians.
      Micky: Third rate musicans!

    • Micky: You've heard of the New York Stock Exchange.
      Valerie: Why yes.
      Micky: Oh, well he owns the New Tork Stock Exchange.

    • Micky: (dressed as a stock broker)Oh, hello. I'm looking for Peter Tork. I'm his stock broker. I have to tell him to sell short before Short changes his mind.
      Valerie: But, I just thought he was a musician. Is he very wealthy?
      Micky: W...Wea...Wealthy! He smokes ten cigars a day and lights them with 100 dollar bills.
      Valerie: That's an expensive habit.
      Micky: Well, not really. He gets his cigars whole sale.

    • Davy: Hey, Peter. Didn't you ever have a crush on anybody?
      Peter: Yeah, once.
      Davy: So what did you do about it?
      Peter: I took her to a cub scout meeting.
      Micky: Well, didn't anybody ever have a crush on you or nothing.
      Peter: I once got some threatening Valentines.

    • Ronnie: I'm going to contact the authorities!
      Micky: You do and I'll be sorry!

    • Mike is combing his hair in the mirror
      Ronnie: You really get a big kick out of yourself, don't ya?
      Mike: Yeah, well, I'm all I have.

    • Ronnie: Look at that lamp! Look at that table. (Looks at Davy) Look at that person.

    • talking about Ronnie
      Mike: I don't like him at all!
      Davy: I don't like him either.
      Micky: I don't even like him that much.

    • Micky, Mike and Davy do a Cyrano de Bergerac routine to help Peter woo the debutante.
      Davy: I love you more every day of the week.
      Micky: I love you twice as much on Friday because I want the weekend off!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Features the songs: "You May Just be the One" and "I'm a Believer." An August 14, 1967 repeat of "One Man Shy" featured "Forget That Girl" in lieu of "I'm a Believer."


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