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  • Absolutley Brilliant

    I recently watched this entire show from first to last episode. After all these years I can still see why it was such a huge hit in America,. It was pure unadulterated innocence and fun. Nothing hurtful, hateful or angry. Just good clean American fun with awesome music and stars.
  • The Monkees are AWESOME!!!

    I am totally obsessed with The Monkees. Their TV show is absolutely hilarious, and their music is wonderful!!! If you haven't seen this show yet, you just have to go out and buy it! My mom gave me both seasons for Christmas last year, and now I'm totally obsessed. Then, I mentioned it at school, and the reaction that I got from my friend Emily was "It does exist!!" Apparently, she had seen an episode once when she was little on a rerun on MTV or something of the sorts. Now, she comes over to my house and we watch the episodes, the specials, and their amazing movie, Head. I suggest this to anyone who wants a good laugh!

    PS My favorite is, and will always be the ever-so lovely Micky Dolenz!!

    PPS not really related, but Ringo is my favorite Beatle....just thought that was worth mentioning because everyone I now like Paul better.
  • "The Monkees" television show was an entertaining escape from the troubled late sixties. Only lasting two seasons, the series left the world the gift of some of the best pop music of the era, not to mention the first regular use of the music video clip.

    It is easy to undervalue the significance of "The Monkees" television series. Even though both the show and the band were "made-up" and heavily promoted indirectly as America's Beatles, the series stands out as a well crafted mix of comedy and music. "The Monkees" lasting contribution was in their music, which sold in the millions. Every show featured a "musical romp," which was a mix of Monkee shenanigans and video performances by the quartet. "The Monkees" should be recognized as pioneers of the mainstream music video and rightly take their place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Keeping in mind that when I watched these when they originally aired I was just a 12-14 year old girl . . .

    I LOVED this show! I LOVED the Monkees! Do you realize how difficult it is for me to confess this now?

    I knew even back then that they were a "put together" group, but that didn't matter to me. The group and the show was just what I needed at this time of my life.

    My favorite Monkee was Mike Nesmith. I loved his guitar playing talents and adored that accent of his. Maybe that's one of the reasons I love Country Music today.

    Looking back at the show 40 years later it's easy to say it was just fluff and contrived. But think about it. Those shows were "Music Videos" way before MTV was even a twinkle in anyone's eye.

    I can remember taking pop bottles back to stores for money (recycling 60s style) and using any birthday money I received to buy every vinyl album they put out. One time I even splurged and got one of their albums in STEREO. Yes that's how music was available back then, vinyl and either Mono or Stereo. And also back then (for some strange reason the eludes me now) you were either a Beatles fan or a Monkees fan.

    To this day I'm grateful for this TV show getting me through this turbulent time in my life, especially the assassination of another idol of mine back then, Bobby Kennedy.
  • The Monkees...the classic sitcom which gave not only television, but popular music a great, big breath of fresh air.

    I remember first seeing The Monkees TV show in a marathon on MTV back in late February 1986 (to coincide with the group's 20th anniversary) along with my sister @ our grandmother's. Those live-action cartoon SFX, those musical numbers...boy, they sure had a profound effect on me. (I remember thinking to myself, "I could swear I'd seen this before"!) They virtually (and still do!) got rich off me, as, in the 14+ years since, I squandered the lot purchasing and collecting LPs, audiocassettes, CDs, books, cards, videocassettes, magazine articles and TV Guide listings of original firstrun episodes of The Monkees on NBC (the last 2 items in the form of xeroxed photocopies). I also have been a proud subscriber to The Monkee Business Fanzine for its last 8 years. My favorite Monkees album is Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd.. My favorite Monkees songs are "Randy Scouse Git", "For Pete's Sake", "Star Collector," "She Hangs Out" (Part 2), "Tear The Top Right Off Of My Head," "Tear Drop City," and "I Don't Think You Know Me". My favorite episodes of The Monkees are "Mijacogeo" (a.k.a. "The Frodis Caper"), "The Monkees On The Wheel", "Art For Monkee's Sake", "I've Got A Little Song Here", "The Monkees Mind Their Manor", "The Monkees In Paris" (a.k.a. "The Paris Show"), "Monkee Chow Mein", "Monkees Marooned", "The Monkees In Manhattan" (a.k.a "The Monkees Manhattan Style") and "It's A Nice Place To Visit...". Years of collecting film and TV data on The Monkees led to my 1997 creation of The Monkees Film & TV Vault @ , a web site which pays strict, specific attention to facts and figures of The Monkees' original unaired 1965 pilot episode, all 58 episodes of their 1966-68 NBC-TV series (right down to the original summer repeats!), their 1968 Columbia Picture HEAD, their 1969 NBC-TV special 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee, and their 1997 ABC-TV special, Hey, Hey It's The Monkees, and it includes a listing of all 4 seasons of The Monkees' repeats on CBS and ABC Saturday Afternoon from 1969-73, transcripts to original Monkees episode interview segments (which I liberated via cached copies from the late, unlamented Monkees Pad page off Internet Archives), transcripts and WAV soundfiles to The Monkees' commercial sponsor tags for Kellogg's, Yardley Of London and Kool-Aid, and a transcript of the 1995 Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza commercial with ex-Beatle Ringo Starr. Check it out! In any case, MONKEEMANIA!
  • The Monkees kept me out of trouble in those days. Yes I watched the Monkees when they were new. They were supported by the talents of Boyce and Hart,I hate to admit it but the Monkees were one of the reasons I continued on to become a Musician in my life.

    In those days I was very effected by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Country Joe and the Fish, and many other bands of the 60's. BUT! The Monkees were the icon of the pop world. Without them pop music would have remained a boring genre of music, they brought vibrancy and life to the meaning of pop. Regardless of the fact that they were a fabricated band and that only two of the members were actually musicians and not actors (Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork)the band was skyrocketed to stardom status by the the writing talents of Boyce and Hart. At times it was a bit camp and zany but the musical moments redeemed the show. Of the four members only one of them continued on to become a successful Musican/Producer, Michael Nesmith who still remains one of my favorite artists.

    (thanks to K.C. Fahel on the correction about Peter Tork)
  • A sign of the times and of things to come.

    The show's main premise is about a struggling band of musical misfits just trying to make ends meet. Overall, the show was just a sign of the times, as with some of the other pop cult shows of its day, such as The Adams Family and The Monsters, the plots merely served as a windup that would set the stage and put the predictable characters in motion to predestined conclusion. What did make those shows enjoyable was just watching the colorful characters and their silly situations.

    What really set "The Monkeys" ahead of its time though, was its use of entertainment as a promotional tool. The band's songs served as either musical numbers that were intertwined within the plot or as separate unrelated "videos" that were interspersed throughout the show itself. This was in the age before "music videos", where most bands promotions were just of the group performing live on stage. The Monkeys' videos, on the other hand, are clearly distinguishable now as pre-modern music videos. For fans of music history, this is probably more important than the show itself.
  • The Monkees is my all time favorite tv show. The Monkees however were more than just a great tv show, they were a awesome band. The show was funny clever and innovative. It is well worth the time, you never know, you may become a Monkeesfanatic like me!!!

    The Monkees is my all time favorite tv show. The Monkees however were more than just a great tv show, they were a awesome band. The show was funny, clever and innovative. It was like no other shows of its time. The producers, Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider, wanted to make a show that connected with all the young people of its time, so what better to do the job then a one about a rock group. The outcome and the shows success was more than imagined. So for everyone wondering if the show is worth watching, I would give them a big YES!!! Its well worth your time.
  • What can I say about the Monkees? Good music, funny actors, great lines. This show was before its time and didn't get the credit it deserved.

    Most people remember the Monkees as the "pre-fab 4". What a misconception! True, they were "cast" as a band, but they were a talented group of actors and musicians. Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones were the actors of the group- both child stars. They were great- I have to be honest, I love Micky! He was so funny, and cute- although I like Davy, too. I guess I have a thing for drummers. Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork were the musicians. I think it was blatantly unfair for this group to get the knocks that it did- Peter played with Crosby, Stills and Nash, for goodness sake! When you look at bands from the recent past, Spice Girls, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys- all put together by producers, it's interesting to compare them to the Monkees- who could all play instruments, by the way! This is one of my all-time favorite shows!
  • This show was the first of its kind. Long before MTV or VH1 we got to watch our favorite group sing on TV while doing wild and crazy things. The life and loves of 4 young men trying to make it in the music business.

    I loved this show! It was really fun to watch and see what crazy thing they were going to do next. Living with your 3 best friend in a beach house, trying to find a gig each week, which one was having girl problems this week. How they were going to pay their bills with crazy jobs. Davy's uncle trying to take Davy back to England and how the boys talked him out of it. I loved their music, a Monkee album was the first I ever owned. I have a number of albums (yes, albums) and would like to get CDs of more of their music so I can listen to it again. I recently saw Mickey in concert at the Western Washington State Fair and it was wonderful in hear the music live again. Mickey is a truely talented man and very funny! When I hear the Monkees I feel like a kid again.
  • Innovative and Entertaining!

    To be honest, I was never a big Beatle fan, but if they were more like Mikey, Davy, Peter and Michael, I could have tolerated them. First off, I loved the Monkees more for their slipshod, improvisational, Benny Hill-type comedy than their music. They seemed to barely stick to a script as they just had fun, and a lot of their guest stars seemed to share the fun. Some of whom were John Hoyt and the timeless Marla Martel. Most of the music was great, and their songs very infectious, but I loved their comedy routines best. Mickey was the funniest with Michael as his straight man. Peter, the shy one, was funny when he did the dumb guy thing who got his buddies in trouble, but Davy also did the same thing as the cute one with girls chasing him down. My favorite episodes are the ones with the reading of the will, the mad scientist and the fairy tale. I didn't mind much that they weren't allowed to play their instruments, but I was shocked to hear in recent years they smoked pott. I thought they would have known better, but then looking at ""Head," I guess they know now.
  • Some of the greatest music of all time. Plus, towards the middle of the second season it was actually very funny.

    The first season is great for the music and I think Micky Dolenz is gorgeous. Then in the middle of the second season you can tell the guys got ahold of the show and were doing whatever they want- which made it hilarious. There are funny little hidden drug references- like frodis- and the humor just catches you off-guard because, well, it's actually funny!
  • Hey,hey,it was the Monkees!

    I loved this show!
    Who doesn't know the words to the theme song? Thanks to movies like Shrek, I think a whole new generation can appreciate the light,fun lyrics from "I'm a Believer" and the music from the show.
    I loved their house on the beach and the goofy things that decorated it.As an adult I can appreciate the off-beat humor.
    I think this was the first program to introduce music videos to a television audience and was a precurser for MTV.
    Intertwined with slapstick comedy were sketches set around the group singing songs.This was a happy,feel-good show with not much point to it,other than to entertain.The Monkees did it well!
  • The world as it should be

    When “The Monkees” first came on television, I disdained it as being juvenile and beneath my dignity to watch. I was ten at the time. It wasn’t until a dozen years later that I started watching the show in reruns at the urging of friends, and by then I was hooked. Of course, part of the appeal was the plethora of in-jokes, the topical references, the parodies of various kinds of television stories, the at-times manic pace, and the catchy music. And naturally, the winning personalities of the four Monkees, Davy, Micky, Michael, and Peter, made the show enjoyable. But I think the thing to me that made the show special was the sense of these four young guys, friends to the end, living together, working together, looking out for each other’s best interests, no matter what outrageous predicament they found themselves in. I know now that there were artistic conflicts and the inevitable egos that come from a group of strong personalities attempting to work together, and that many times they didn’t get along with each other at all, but in the idealized world of “The Monkees,” things were as they should be, not as they were, and these four guys were the kinds of friends we all wish for. And that, to me, made the show special and one I will always have a special place in my heart for.
  • Crazy fun that only serves the purpose of giving the viewer a 30min break from the reality of every day life.

    I love just about everything about this 60's show. Music and hijinx follow the four struggling musicians into the many different situations and troubles they get themselves into. From Davies various starcrossed loves to Peters battle with the devil the laughs,silliness and fun are non-stop.Each show has one or two of the groups many hits and the style of the show with quick gags and scene switches keeps the show moving in a fast paced manner. The cast along with the many oft seen tv "special geusts" of the 60's make the Monkees a welcome half-hour of fun and enjoyable escape.
  • Trendsetting Sitcom

    NBC was trying to get rock & roll onto the television to capitalize on the success of the Beatles. The Monkees were created and debuted in 1966. Despite the flack they took for their music (which stands up as great 60's pop music), the show was innovative with its camera work and fast-paced editing. Its style lead the way for other classic shows like Laugh-In. The show took home the Emmy in 1967 for Outstanding Comedy Series.
  • The Monkees Was The American Verison Of The Beatles,as each week Mike,Micky,Peter and Davy has wild and crazy adventures.Making every day a Plasant Valley Sunday!

    As a true Monkee fan,I fall in love wth this series,every episode I hope to make a reveiw of.
    I really think each episode is pretty good, with only a few flaws.
    Almost a failure of sorts(only 2 seasons),it was one of the better series that come out of the 1960's.
  • i love this show, and the band. and i've only seen the show 5 times. but i own their CD's. it gives you something to laugh about, even if it is stupid, but it's the 60's, what do you expect?

    i'm not good at writing reviews, but this band that put a show together is awesome! whenever i have a chance to watch it, i do. everytime you see it, well it's hard to explain, but it's so funny and yet sometimes it's like a normal show, it varies, but it's still cool!