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NBC (ended 1968)





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  • The world as it should be

    When “The Monkees” first came on television, I disdained it as being juvenile and beneath my dignity to watch. I was ten at the time. It wasn’t until a dozen years later that I started watching the show in reruns at the urging of friends, and by then I was hooked. Of course, part of the appeal was the plethora of in-jokes, the topical references, the parodies of various kinds of television stories, the at-times manic pace, and the catchy music. And naturally, the winning personalities of the four Monkees, Davy, Micky, Michael, and Peter, made the show enjoyable. But I think the thing to me that made the show special was the sense of these four young guys, friends to the end, living together, working together, looking out for each other’s best interests, no matter what outrageous predicament they found themselves in. I know now that there were artistic conflicts and the inevitable egos that come from a group of strong personalities attempting to work together, and that many times they didn’t get along with each other at all, but in the idealized world of “The Monkees,” things were as they should be, not as they were, and these four guys were the kinds of friends we all wish for. And that, to me, made the show special and one I will always have a special place in my heart for.