The Monkees

NBC (ended 1968)





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  • This show was the first of its kind. Long before MTV or VH1 we got to watch our favorite group sing on TV while doing wild and crazy things. The life and loves of 4 young men trying to make it in the music business.

    I loved this show! It was really fun to watch and see what crazy thing they were going to do next. Living with your 3 best friend in a beach house, trying to find a gig each week, which one was having girl problems this week. How they were going to pay their bills with crazy jobs. Davy's uncle trying to take Davy back to England and how the boys talked him out of it. I loved their music, a Monkee album was the first I ever owned. I have a number of albums (yes, albums) and would like to get CDs of more of their music so I can listen to it again. I recently saw Mickey in concert at the Western Washington State Fair and it was wonderful in hear the music live again. Mickey is a truely talented man and very funny! When I hear the Monkees I feel like a kid again.