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  • The Monkees kept me out of trouble in those days. Yes I watched the Monkees when they were new. They were supported by the talents of Boyce and Hart,I hate to admit it but the Monkees were one of the reasons I continued on to become a Musician in my life.

    In those days I was very effected by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Country Joe and the Fish, and many other bands of the 60's. BUT! The Monkees were the icon of the pop world. Without them pop music would have remained a boring genre of music, they brought vibrancy and life to the meaning of pop. Regardless of the fact that they were a fabricated band and that only two of the members were actually musicians and not actors (Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork)the band was skyrocketed to stardom status by the the writing talents of Boyce and Hart. At times it was a bit camp and zany but the musical moments redeemed the show. Of the four members only one of them continued on to become a successful Musican/Producer, Michael Nesmith who still remains one of my favorite artists.

    (thanks to K.C. Fahel on the correction about Peter Tork)