The Monkees

NBC (ended 1968)





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  • The Monkees are AWESOME!!!

    I am totally obsessed with The Monkees. Their TV show is absolutely hilarious, and their music is wonderful!!! If you haven't seen this show yet, you just have to go out and buy it! My mom gave me both seasons for Christmas last year, and now I'm totally obsessed. Then, I mentioned it at school, and the reaction that I got from my friend Emily was "It does exist!!" Apparently, she had seen an episode once when she was little on a rerun on MTV or something of the sorts. Now, she comes over to my house and we watch the episodes, the specials, and their amazing movie, Head. I suggest this to anyone who wants a good laugh!

    PS My favorite is, and will always be the ever-so lovely Micky Dolenz!!

    PPS not really related, but Ringo is my favorite Beatle....just thought that was worth mentioning because everyone I now like Paul better.