The Monkees - Season 2

NBC (ended 1968)



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Episode Guide

  • The Devil and Peter Tork
    At a sleazy pawn shop, Peter unwittingly sells his soul to a devilish character in order to purchase a golden harp.
  • Art, For Monkee's Sake
    At an art museum, Peter copies an old painting for 2 guards who are really thieves bent on snatching the real painting.
  • The Monstrous Monkee Mash
    The Monkees attempt to rescue David from Dracula, Wolfman, Mummyman, and Frankenstein's monster in a creepy castle.
  • Mijacogeo (a.k.a. The Frodis Caper)
    The Monkees match wits with an insane wizard who is out to control the minds of TV viewers worldwide.
  • The Monkee's Paw
    The Monkee's Paw
    Episode 19
    A broken-down magaician's magical monkey's paw starts to bring the equally broken Monkees luck-unfortunately all bad!
  • The Picture Frame (a.k.a. The Bank Robbery)
    It's up to Peter to prove The Monkees' innocence when they unwittingly rob a bank in the pretext of making a movie.
  • The Monkees On The Wheel
    The Monkees invade Las Vegas where, mistaken for crooked gamblers, they try their luck at exposing the real gang.
  • Fairy Tale
    Fairy Tale
    Episode 16
    A Monkee romp through Fairy Tale Land sees Peter rescuing a haughty princess (Michael) from death by her fiendish fiancee.
  • I Was A 99-lb. Weakling (a.k.a. Physical Culture)
    To win a beautiful girl, Micky starts a health program under the guidance of a physical cultist-otherise known as a fraud.
  • Hillbilly Honeymoon (a.k.a. Double Barrel Shotgun Wedding)
    The Monkees are caught in a hillbilly feud in Swineville with David staring down the barrel of a shotgun wedding!
  • Monkees Marooned
    Monkees Marooned
    Episode 8
    On a desert island, The Monkees go hunting for treasure-and are hunted by a mad Australian and his man Thursday!
  • The Monkees Christmas Show
    The Monkees try to instill the spirit of Christmas in a cynical little boy who's soured on the whole idea.
  • Some Like it Lukewarm (a.k.a. The Band Contest)
    To enter and win a band contest, David poses as a girl and falls in love with Daphne, posing as a boy.
  • Monkees Blow Their Minds
    The Monkees swing to the rescue when a mentalist gains control of Peter's mind to use him in a nightclub act.
  • Monkee Mayor
    Monkee Mayor
    Episode 4
    Michael casts his wool hat into the ring to stop a crooked construction tycoon from turning the city into parking lots.
  • Head
    Episode 27
    A strange "trip" of a film. The Monkees make fun of their pre-manufactured image and many other bizarre things occur.
  • The Monkees Mind Their Manor
    David inherits an English manor but must first win a tournament with lances, swords, and vocal chords.
  • It's A Nice Place To Visit...
    In El Monotono, Mexico, David is captured by a bandito and his minions for being captivated by the bandito's girlfriend.
  • Hey, Hey It's The Monkees
    It's thirty years later and the guys are in search of a workable plot line. Meanwhile, they try to get ready for a big gig at a country club.
  • The Monkees In Texas
    In The Lone Star State, The Monkees outwit Black Bart and his gang to save Michael's Aunt Kate's ranch!
  • The Wild Monkees
    The Wild Monkees
    Episode 10
    The Monkees turn chicken-figuratively and literally-when they unwittingly befriend the girlfriends of a tough motorcycle gang.
  • Hitting the High Seas
    Thoughts of mutiny are bountiful as The Monkees founder the hijack of a cargo ship by their vengeful sea captain!
  • A Coffin Too Frequent
    A sinister scientist, his goony cousin and his kooky aunt use The Monkees' pad for a séance to summon a relative from beyond.
  • The Monkees Watch Their Feet
    A documented film report by The Dept. of UFO Information of The Monkees foiling an invasion from Planet Zlotnick is shown.
  • Everywhere a Sheik, Sheik
    It's a harem-scare 'em scene as David faces the prospect of marriage to a lovely Nehudian princess.
  • The Card-Carrying Red Shoes
    Peter is the target of a romantic prima ballerina - and of a dastardly plot choreographed by the ballet company.
  • The Monkees Race Again (a.k.a. "Leave The Driving To Us")
    David drives The Monkeemobile in an auto race when the British entry is sabotaged by The Baron and his Klutzmobile.
  • Thirty-Three and One-Third Revolutions per Monkee
    Charles Darwin the famous evolutionist takes The Monkees through various stages of evolution until they are ready to brainwash the world via commercial exploitation. Hatched in giant test tubes, the four are stripped of all personal identity and names: Micky Dolenz becomes Monkee #1, Peter Tork becomes Monkee #2, Mike Nesmith Monkee #3, and Davy Jones Monkee #4. Each Monkee attempts to regain his stripped personal identity by thinking his way out of captivity into his own world of fantasies. Monkee #1 (Micky) performs an R&B up-tempo duet remake of "I'm A Believer" with Julie Driscoll; Monkee #2 (Peter) reclines on a giant cushion in eastern garb and, to the lilting backing of sitar and tabla, performs "I Prithee (Do Not Ask For Love)," a gentle number concerning spiritual values. Monkee #3 (Mike), in an inventive split screen number, sings a country tune, "Naked Persimmon (The Only Thing I Believe Is True)"; and Monkee #4 (Davy) capers about in short pants and frill collar in fairytale land, singing and dancing to the tune of "Goldilocks Sometime." But Darwin is alarmed by their fantasies and tries breaking them down by his own hypnotism via "Only The Fittest Shall Survive," a slab of swirling psychedelia laden with congas, drums, jungle noises, cyclonic winds, explosions and heavy breathing. After The Monkees perform "Wind Up Man" in the stiff-legged form of robots, and "I Go Ape" disguised in white gorilla costumes, they are regenerated to Darwin's taste and, hypnotized, plasticized, psychoanalyzed, and sterilized, they make their debut at the Paramount Theater on December 7, 1956, dubbed "the greatest rock 'n' roll singers in the world." The four, dressed in outlandish 1950s vocal group gear, are then immediately launched into a classic '50s rock medley: "At The Hop," "Little Darlin'," "Peppermint Twist," and more. Backing them up are Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, The Buddy Miles Express, and The Clara Ward Singers. Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll interrupts the proceedings and announces they have decided to give Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter complete and total freedom, resulting in a brief snippet of Davy Jones' "String For My Kite," Peter Tork's harpsichord rendition of "Solfeggietto" by C.P.E. Bach and all four Monkees performing "Listen To The Band," with Mike on Black Beauty (Gibson Les Paul Custom), Peter on keyboards, Micky on drums, and Davy on tambourine as an affectionate swan song performance by all four Monkees. As the song progresses, they are joined by hippies and all of 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee's guest musicians from The Trinity to The Buddy Miles Express, resulting in a climactic frantic cacophony until Darwin literally closes the book on them; the book's title is, prophetically, The Beginning Of The End. As Peter Tork performs "California Here It Comes" (his very last Monkees recording!), 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee's end credits superimpose over footage of Southern California being the hapless victim of an A-bomb blast.moreless
  • The Monkees In Paris (a.k.a. The Paris Show)
    The Monkees take a vacation from the studio grind and are chased all over The French Capital by girls and gendarmes.
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