The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 9

The Chaperone

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Nov 07, 1966 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Before General Vandenberg walks over to the boys, who are standing at attention, Micky's fan is open, but when he stands by Micky the fan is now closed.

    • After Micky's wig comes off, his natural hair keeps changing between shots.

    • When Davy looks over his shoulder to watch Micky come down the stairs he looks over his right shoulder. However, the close up of Peter, Davy, and Mike, Davy is looking over his left shoulder.

    • Before and after the musical romp where the boys decorate, Davy's shirt is unbuttoned. However, during the musical romp it is buttoned.

    • When the boys are looking at Leslie with binoculars, Davy is not holding a clipboard, but when he gets up to walk over to Leslie, he is no carrying one.

    • When all the party guests are marching out of the room, Micky is pointing his fan at them, but in the next scene the fan is down and in front of him.

    • Micky's wig keeps changing positions between shots.

    • Micky has a cut on the right side of his lower lip in the entire episode.

    • In the beginning scene, Micky's head changes positions between shots.

    • When Mrs. Weefers comes down with the candle sticks all three candles are lit, but have way through the scene one is suddenly not lit any more.

    • The boys are standing up straight when they come in to see Mrs. Weefers sitting stiffly on the bed. When she falls over, the boys are now leaning over her.

    • When Mike is holding the fan he has it closed, but in the next shot it is opened slightly.

    • When the boys are watching Leslie on her porch, Mike has a clipboard and pencil in his hands, but a second later he no longer has it.

    • When the party guests march past the boys, Peter's arms are behind him, but in the shot with just the four boys his arms are down.

    • When General Vandenberg is getting Mike Davy, Peter, Cynthia, and Leslie into a group there is a large crowd over in the kitchen area. However, when General Vandenberg makes them march over to the kitchen, no one is the kitchen.

    • In one scene, the girl with the dark blue tanktop is standing on the stairs, but in the next shot she is over by the jukebox.

    • When Micky comes down the stairs, the boys are standing in order from left to right Mike, Davy, Peter, but when Micky finally makes it down the stairs the boys are standing in order from left to right Peter, Mike, Davy.

    • Peter's hand is on Davy's shoulder when they turn around to see Micky dressed in drag, but on the close up shot his hand is no longer there.

    • When Micky is on the phone with General Vandenberg, Davy's shirt is unbuttoned. However, during the entire musical romp where the boys are decorating it is buttoned, but it is once again unbuttoned when the boys are standing around the punch bowl.

    • There is a string connected to the juicer.

    • When Peter tries to take the binoculars from Micky, they are strung around Micky's neck. In the next shot, Peter is holding the binoculars and they are no longer strung around Micky's neck. However, when the boys run up to meet Davy, Micky has the binoculars around his again.

    • Micky invites the general's daugther and her friend to the party but does not give an address.

    • Davy can be seen laughing and trying to make the others laugh during the last song sequence.

  • Quotes

    • Mike: Well, I guess all's well that ends well.
      Micky: There's only one thing that bothers me though.
      Mike: What?
      Micky: Do I have to give back the ring?

    • (General Vandenberg has just found out that Micky is a guy and takes off his wig)
      Babbit: I went back to my apartment, but I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't get you out of my mind. Did you dye your hair?
      Micky: Get out of here.

    • Babbit: Say, tell me, do you like this apartment? You know I could kick the boys out.
      Micky: (dressed in drag) Oh, I couldn't stand living in a place like this. And you really wouldn't want to do that to the boys. They think the world of you. Why they were just talking about you before you came in.
      Babbit: Really?
      Micky: Yes! What's a blood sucker?

    • General Vandenberg: Where's she going?
      Mike: I give up! Where?

    • Micky: (dressed in drag) I've had it! I'm through!
      Mike: Ah, man, keep your dress on. What's the matter?
      Micky: He's getting fresh!
      Mike: Okay, so he's getting fresh. It's for a pal, anyway. Davy's in love with his daughter.
      Micky: Yeah, and I'm going to be his mother-in-law.
      Mike: If you play your cards right.

    • Micky: (dressed in drag) Oh! My late husband won a ribbon like this for doing something to help shorten the war.
      General Vandenberg: Oh, what'd he do?
      Micky: He deserted!

    • (Tarzan swings down and carries off a girl)
      Peter: (to the camera) He gets more girls that way!

    • General Vandenberg: You know, I can't help thinking I know you from some place.
      Micky: (dressed in drag) Have you ever been to Palm Beach?
      General Vandenberg: Yes!
      Micky: Is it nice?

    • Davy: Look, Micky, will you calm down.
      Micky:(dressed in drag) Calm down? How can I calm down?
      Davy: He'll be gone any minute. Hey, Micky. Your lovely.

    • Mike: Uh, she's one of the first families of Philadelphia.
      General Vandenberg: Oh!
      Micky: (dressed in drag) As you go into town my house is the first house on the right.

    • Mrs. Weefers: (drunk) Hello, boys.
      Davy: Oh, hello Mrs. Weefers. Is this your day to clean?
      Mrs. Weefers: Of course! You remember. Second Tuesday of the month with an "r" in it.
      Davy: That's right.
      Mrs. Weefers: Of course, I'd been here earlier, only I had to clean up after a cocktail party.
      Davy: Oh, was there a lot to clean up?
      Mrs. Weefers: Only about half a quart.

    • Micky: (acting like General Dolenz on the phone) Um, the party will be chaperoned, of course. And, uh...what?
      General Vandenberg: She has a friend staying with her.
      Micky: Her friend. Well, uh... (clears his throat) is she of military family? Custer's grandniece. Well, I suppose that will be all right. There won't be any Indians here.

    • General Vandenberg: Yes?!
      Micky: Well, we've come to inspect your bomb shelter.
      General Vandenberg: Well what bomb shelter? I don't have any bomb shelter.
      Micky: Oh, you don't want to share it with your neighbors, huh.

    • General Vandenberg: I buy the magazines in this house and I'm not interested in any new ones!
      Davy: OH! Well that's different 'cause these aren't new ones. These are old issues. Now look, Popular Machines. Now, this magazine shows you how to invent the wheel.

    • General Vandenberg: Yes?
      Davy: Oh, hello. Um, I'm selling magazine subscriptions.
      General Vandenberg: Oh, working your way through college, aye.
      Davy: No, I'm working my way down the block.

    • Peter: Come on, Davy! Quit fooling around. What t.v. show was she watching?
      Micky: Ours, I hope.

  • Notes

    • A week after this episode finished, The Monkees would finish sessions for their first album, which would be release some time in October of '66. Also, in less than a month from this episode being filmed, The Monkees first single Last Train To Clarksville will be released.

    • This episode was the eighth episode shot and it was filmed between July 18 and July 22 1966.

    • The Monkees' first single, Last Train To Clarksville, is #2 on Billboard's Top 100 during the week this episode is shown. It was #1 last week.

    • 9,770,000 viewers watched this episode.

    • Features the songs: "This Just Doesn't Seem to be My Day," "Take a Giant Step" and "You May Just Be the One." "The Chaperone" was planned for rebroadcast on August 7, 1967 with its soundtrack revised to include the The Monkees' Headquarters' remake of "You Just May Be The One" in the place of the original, but these plans never came to fruition.

    • The song "Midnight Train" replaced "This Just Doesn't Seem to be My Day" when the series was rerun Saturdays on CBS and ABC in the early 1970's.

  • Allusions

    • The man that walks into the apartment and starts cleaning is suppose to be Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean is an advertising character that sells cleaning supplies.

    • When Peter and Davy are trainning Mrs. Weefers to become a sophisticated lady, it is very similar to the story line of the movie My Fair Lady.

    • Micky: Her friend. Well, uh... (clears his throat) is she of military family? Custer's grandniece. Well, I suppose that will be all right. There won't be any Indians here.

      General George Custer was killed by Indians at the Battle of Little Bighorn. This battle is often refered to as Custer's Last Stand.

    • As Tarzan comes into the party, the opening sequence of "The Tarzan" TV series appears.

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