The Monkees

Season 2 Episode 20

The Devil and Peter Tork

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Feb 05, 1968 on NBC

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  • While visiting a pawn shop owned by a man named Mr. Zero, Peter spots a harp which he wants to buy, but has no money. Mr. Zero has Peter sign a contract for the harp. Peter does not realize that he just sold his soul to Satan himself.

    The second and final season of "The Monkees" produced two of the best episodes of the series. The first being "The Christmas Show" and the second being "The Devil and Peter Tork." In this episode we see something not seen in any previous episode: Peter giving a dramatic performace and playing the straight man. In doing so, he gives his best performance of the series. Michael Nesmith also gives his best performance of the series. Michael's cross examination of Mr. Zero is his crowning achievement. The final courtroom scene of Peter playing the harp will tug at your heart strings.