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The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 22

The Monkees at the Circus

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Feb 13, 1967 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Monkees at the Circus
The Monkees invade Pop Arcade's small circus and fool around with its equipment, until Victor, a maniacal knife thrower, sadistically uses Davy as a target and orders the boys to leave. The boys soon learn that Pop's circus is about to fold because he can't pay the performers. Davy falls in love with Susan, Pop's young daughter. He persuades all of the acts to stay, except Victor, who broods that the rock-and-roll discotheques are the major contribution to the circus' downfall, and the boys don't disclose their identity to Susan, presenting themselves as brain surgeons. In a dream sequence, Peter, Micky, Mike and Davy don the guise of, respectively, a ringleader, a lion tamer and his lion, and an acrobat as they take part in a wacky circus scene; after which they overhear Victor declaring that he has persuaded the troupe to sign an ultimatum threatening to quit unless they receive their back pay. The Monkees break in, clad as aerialists. Posing as Amazing, Incredible, Colossal, and Stupendous, The Mutzarella Brothers, the toast of Paris, they announce they are joining the troupe. Impressed, Victor and the others decide to stay on. Susan, aware of The Monkees' deception, reports the evening show is a sell out and wonders how they can amuse the crowd. Having seen the boys, inexperienced as aerialists, botch every part of their high wire routine, she asks Davy for the truth. Overhearing his admission that they are rock-and-roll singers, Victor reports this to the rest of the troupe and they all decide to leave, but change their minds upon seeing The Monkees' clown act, singing "Sometime in the Morning." On the night of the performance, Victor refuses to go on with his knife throwing act, until he hears Davy introducing himself as The Invincible Victor. Horrified by Davy's near-misses as a knife thrower, Victor changes his mind and takes over the ring. Discovering his young friends are The Monkees, Pop insists they do their own act, and the Cool Quartet goes on to delight the crowd with their rendition of "She." While Susan smooches Davy, the troupe, as a token of their appreciation for saving their circus, each give Micky, Mike and Peter one of their equipment.moreless

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  • the beatles and the monkees. what do they have in common. one was made up and the other sold millions of albums. still confused well so am i. the only thing different was that the monkees were actors turned into musicians. now we see musicians turning tomoreless

    one of the best episodes and you think of the marx brothers go to the circus. musicains who are made into actors and they could sing. these songs are among the hits of that era. i grew up watching the monkees and saw this one when it first came out.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At the end of the episode, the Strong-Man tells Peter that he's "Amazing." Peter then says, "No, I'm Fantastic- he's Amazing." (referring to the Mutzarella Bros. names given earlier). However, Fantastic was not one of the original names given for the Bros. The Bros. were Amazing, Colossal, Incredible, and Stupendous.

    • Throughout the entire episode, the circus people act as though they think the Mutzarella Bros. are totally different people from the Monkees. However, when Victor overhears them say that they are musicians, he announces to everyone that "these boys are rock-n-rollers" and "not trapeze artists." All of the circus people seemed shocked to find this out. Why were they so surprised when they were the ones telling the Monkees that everything would be saved since the Mutzarella Bros. were coming?

    • At the very beginning of the episode, Victor walks in and finds the Monkees playing around with the circus props. He picks up three knives and throws one at Davy. When the camera goes back to him a second later, he still has three knives in his hand.

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  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode marks a return to the big top for Micky, once Corky on TV's Circus Boy (NBC, 1956–58), the theme song for which he happily hums to Michael ("It's great! It's terrific!/It's the best show on earth!"); and, by coincidence, aired on Peter Tork's 25th birthday! (Interesting footnote: Irving "Lippy" Lippman, The Monkees TV series' chief cameraman, previously worked with Micky Dolenz [nee Braddock] on the set of Circus Boy as cameraman as well!)

    • Features the songs: "Sometime in the Morning" and "She."